Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"There's a Light in the Center of the Island"

Lost S5 E16 What They Died For
Jacob sits our hero's down and spills the beans. They have been called to the Island to replace him as a keeper of the light.
Winnipeg Manitoba is the most centrel city or heart of the North American Continent.

Jack: "I'll do it"
"Is that a question Jack?"


Jacob explains the location of the Light at the Center as being past the field of Bamboo. Network overlay entrains right at this moment and tells us "More Lost behind the scenes" suggesting there is more to Lost if we read this as sync. "Canada Trust" helps us realize that this Light is connected to "Canada" and that we can "Trust" this.

The Red C/Red Sea is present - it being colorless for most of the show just coming alive to mark certain moments, like this one - to help us realize that there is a parting portal being unveiled here.
Jack says yes and the Red C entrains with him acknowledging the field of Bamboo.

"Beyond that field, across the ridge, is the heart of the Island. That's where the light is"
Jim made this more then a year ago to highlight how MANITOBA contains OBAMA and TIN. At the time I was thinking about how OBAMA is also BAMBOO as I was having PANda syncs.

Thus MANITOBA is also TIN BAMBOO which re-occurred to me as this mention of a center and heart came up as associated to BAMBOO.

The universal non-local meta-mind of WE/ME responds...
Jacob asks Jack if he has a cup, who proceeds to produce this TIN one.

Jacob kneels down saying mysterious words as he scoops water from a stream.

"Drink this".
Jacob: "Now you are like me"
Tin and Jupiter are interchangeable as they share the same symbol. This image is from wikipedia.

Jacob passes the power to protect the heart with a Tin Cup.
The Jupiter Cup!

That's the entire Map to Winnipeg MANITOBA aka TIN BAMBOO perfectly highlighted in this key scene from Lost.
Winnipeg contains the Manitoba Legislative building (aka Peg Leg), an intentional replica of Solomon's Temple and one of the most profound Talisman on the planET.

This is where the radiating healing light of the heart spreads out to the rest of the earth activating the heart inside of all.

Trying to get CBC: Winnipeg's Secret Code (Manitoba's Masonic Legislature building) to embed but having problems. (Click the link until I figure it out..) This is the Canadian Broadcasting Corperation interviewing Frank Albo about the building. Groovy.

Jim's video of Shaman Juan Flore singing in the building entrains perfectly with its name "Light to the World from the Centre"

At one point in the video we dissolve from Juan to a shot of the blue dome above. For a split second Juan is inside of the Blue Mandala Star.
This syncs with the discovery (below) of the Blue Sun/Swan reflection.

Blue Swan Event from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

Opening the StarG8 ViA Kevin Costner

roBIn hood/I Born Pooh (note him and his Merry Men's thing for Honey and Bees in the new version with Russel Crowe)
The Bodyguard protects with a Thin Red Line resonating 93 (Love/Will in Thelema)

The first use of the expression referred to the Scottish resistance by the red-coated 93rd (Highland) Regiment of the United Kingdom in the Crimean War; other uses are discussed in the article

The Thin Red Line was a famous military action by the British Army's red-coated 93rd (Highland) Regiment at the Battle of Balaclava on October 25, 1854, during the Crimean War.

Postman is Mercury/Hermes or the Torch carrying Golden Boy. Note Jacob's Torch in Lost and Robin Hoods flaming arrow.
Goldenboy who crowns the Peg Leg has Goldeyes.
Seeing Red with Red Eyes above and below.

Dragon/Kundalini with a X Crossing of roads. X=24=42 and is the Cross of Christ.

Goldeneye of the Fish Man Kevin Costner in Waterworld.

Goldeyes is our Fishy W/Trident Baseball Team (with 'Fish Man' logo) who champion the Field of Dreams Foundation.
The Fields resonate with Goldenboy's wheat. Manitoba is also called the Bread Basket owing to all its wheat farming. The Bread is the Body of Christ made from the Golden wheat.
Winnipeg is the Field of Dreams.


  1. Last night was the first episode I miss this season and that all happens. Closing in are we now? Thanks for your humble and clear work Jake.

    Peace yall


  2. Tye recently left a comment on the Stag Nation post and mentioned Bambi.
    Bambi, released 1942.

    Now the Bamboo...

    It reminded me that Il Bambino is the name given in art to the image of the infant Jesus.

    Silly thought: Have you noticed that BATMAN is found within MANiToBA.

    Actor Ken WATANABE played the Ra's al Ghul/Nesson/Zeus decoy in Batman Begins.


    Tye made the Batman/Obama connect in Horus as Heresy: Legends of The Fallen Lie.

    To the Batmobile Robin! --->

  3. @RA,

    Silly thought: Have you noticed that BATMAN is found within MANiToBA.

    Not so silly RA...
    the leftover letters are IO !


  4. Yes, beutiful guys, cant wait to meet you in the Cup/Grail/Heart of our Continent! :) <3

  5. King Helix, I type that as it is said on the audio tape of VALIS. VALIS is the bible in real time. For me anyhow.

    Felix means perfect. I work with an old man name Felix. He is a perfectionist. Its to the point of creepy.