Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dead Woman

Made a short and simple video over the weekend, starring muse Robin Tunney, with the message that death in general and of the mind in particular resonates enlightenment.

Dead Woman is more then a little inspired by Jim's The King of Love is Dead Man.


  1. Beutiful work as always Jake, I always look forward to it and Im excited about Hair Peace! Peach way in

  2. This really resonates with my strange synchs this week. Watched the season finale of House, and there's a moment he's closing the door to an ambulance and he gives a long look. Inside is a woman he is trying to save, but she ends up dying anyway. And her death is the catalyst for his change. Then I came to texas and this guy from puerto rico showed me a movie he had made about a healer, and there was the exact same scene with the rear ambulance door, the dead woman, the look from the healer.

    If death is rebirth, then the feminine is alive?