Friday, August 20, 2010

K2 StarCup (Blackbird singing in the dead of night)

Pyramids and Mountains look like teeth, no?

Ralph Ellis writes book with theory of Great Pyramid as map that highlights K2. We see the Jupiter index fingers pointing at the top of this mountain.

See StarMummy 1

I like how it starts with Keanu Reeves who climbs the KaraKoram (mountain range including K2) in The Day The Earth Stood Still.

6 August 2010 Skier Fredrik Ericsson dies in accident on K2

Roughly the same time window mass media attention starts heavily shifting towards the 2010 Floods in Pakistan.

The 2010 Pakistan floods began in July 2010 after heavy monsoon rains

The United Nations estimates over 20 million people are suffering[4][5] with over 160,000 square kilometers[6] affected as a result of the flooding,[4][5] exceeding the combined total of the affected of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Monsoon can be interpreted as Moon Sun aka StarCup. Moon = Cup and Star = Sun.

The first serious attempt to climb K2 was undertaken in 1902 by Oscar Eckenstein and Aleister Crowley, via the Northeast Ridge. In those days, the modern transportation that we take for granted did not exist: It took "fourteen days just to reach the foot of the mountain". [14] After five serious and costly attempts, the team reached 6,525 metres (21,407 ft)
Wiki K2
Flag of Pakistan with the StarCup.

The syncs we pick up in our environment are clues as to the process and progress of Self Being Realized aka Consciousness moving into form. The StarCup theme, the Signal (Star) and Receiver (Cup) aligning, is now being expressed dramatically in the theater of the 'real world' via the Pakistan Flood.
The Star of Aquarius and the Moon. Thoth/Tooth is a Moon God.

Nut, goddess of Kosmic Konciousness, pouring her StarCup on Crowley's Thoth deck Star Trump.

Been seeing the return of K2 syncs.

Shaman writes this:

Now Boarding Flight 23 Pt 1

Jimbo just tweeted this...
Same day I post the 11 11 from the movie The Big Empty we have a Crop Circle appear
with 11 11
as well. K2 - Reaching the top of the mountain.

Anyway, just saying.

Peace and Love.
Noticed 3 of the major releases this week highlight Teeth.
Tooth is Thoth the Pyramid builder.
The flooding in the land of K2 (Pakistan) resonates the Nile's annual rise which leads to great fertility.

Wikipedia page on Dental Implant headed by this picture.
Met a friend at this little place on Osbourne yesterday. Kawaii Crepe/KK.
Seemed to resonate all the above, displaying a sign reading "Sweet Tooth"


Yep. K2 is popping up again everywhere.

For instance my new fascination with Leo DiCaprio has led me to realize that his birthday is 11/11/1974. He is a K2 baby. ( 1974 increasingly seems to be a syncnificant year. It was a Tiger Year of course, but also the Year that PK Dick had his VALIS visions. )

Leo gravitates towards 11.

Leo's Birthday is 11/11.

He also narrates the 11th Hour.

... and in the movie The Beach, Leo has ROOM 11 at the hostel where he is given the map by Daffy to find the beach.

Jake:The Day The Earth Stood Still opens with the Moon forming one 0 of Stood and eclipsing another. This forms two overlapping circles causing a Vesica.

(Excuse the bad telesync copy of DESS)
Here are other examples of the Moon attracting the Vesica Portal. Remember that Thoth is Moon God and that we are seeing this Moon high in the KaraKoram/KK Mountain range.

Thoth builds Pyramid, Pyramid points towards K2...
Keanu, Neo, Buddha is our mounTINeer.
We see Jaden's star title as Keanu melts snow..
Jaden Smith of KK The Karate Kid..
Then John Cleese...
Fredrik Ericsson reverse birthed attop K2 6 August 2010.

The given name Eric is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr. The first element, ei- is derived either from the older Proto-Norse *aina(z) meaning "one" or "alone"[1] or from Proto-Norse *aiwa(z) meaning "ever" or "eternal"[2].

Wikipedia Eric

Aiwass is the name of the being who Aleister Crowley claimed dictated The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema, to him on April 8, 9, and 10th in 1904.
Aiwass Wikipedia

This was days after Crowley (who sometimes called himself Khaled Khan) spent an evening inside of the Great Pyramid (right?) and two years after attempting to scale K2 in 1902.

Richard: As the month of August has progressed I've been keeping tabs on a developing pattern which involves the Crow/Raven/Black Bird.

It started off with the August 13th release of Sly Stallones The Expendables.

The animal totem for this movie is quite clearly the Black Bird.

On August 17th this one sheet for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan appeared over at Imp Awards.

Again we see emphasis placed on the Black Bird.

Next up we have Nanny McPhee released on August 20th.

The Black Bird is one of her animal familiars.

For some reason August seems to be the month of the Black Bird.

Don't ask me why!

In the post actor Josh Hartnett 'randomly' made an appearance on this blog.

A quick look at Harnetts career shows that he resonates with the month of August...

...and the Black Hawk aka Black Bird.

Josh Harnett also starred in a basketball flick called "O".

The guy holding the O (a character named Odin James...note the Viking connect) happens to be a Black Hawk.

Hartnett therefore connects with the Black Bird in 2 different ways.

Everything Comes Full Circle in August

Both these Hartnett posters show a figure inside the O.

The same pattern repeats with Black Bird resonating Sly Stallone.

In the Cliffhanger poster we see Sly leaping over a K2-resembling mountain.

This reminds me of the connection between K2 and Aleister CROW-ley.

For me the Black Bird, like the Crow and Raven, always brings to mind themes involving Sacrifice or Death.

August, a month which shares a strange relationship with the Black Bird, started off with a death on K2 and was followed by over 1500 reported deaths as a result of Pakistans worst-ever monsoon. Very few animals survived the flooding. Death has certainly been the flavor of the month.

On a personal note this last week saw the death of my friends father.

He had been travelling home from a family holiday when he came off his motorbike in a serious accident. He was rushed to hospital but by the time they got him on life support his mind was no longer functioning properly. His family then had to make the difficult decision of turning off the machine. He was only 45 years old so you can imagine that it came as a complete shock to everyone involved.

Today I opened the local newspaper and read a front page article about the mans tragic death. In the opening paragraph it mentioned that he had lived in a house on RAVENSbROOK Road.

For some reason the Black Bird and Death go hand in hand. Synchronicity can often be a subtle affair but sometimes, like in this case, it can scream at you from the rafters. I think I'm starting to get it now. Black Bird. Death. Things coming full circle.

Now comes the Rebirth.

Dicaprio & Crow(e) - From the director of Black Hawk Down

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?

Bill and Ted watch TV as J. T. Kirk desperately fights the evil alien lizard. A classic David Icke nut ball episode. Bill and Ted find themselves in the same spot as evil robots from the future try to kill him. The image above shows the subtle resonator the letters TJ seem to have on the year 2010. J T KirK.Our K 2 resonator Keanu is consistently defeating death in his acting career. Neo, Devils Advocate, Constantine and of course Bill and Ted.Mr Reeves beats death by the hands of Sandra Bullock. She writes a letter keeping him from doing something in her future therefore saving him from death.Sandra Bullock helped out run death once before.... Lots of interest here. They could not go below 55 which would be numerically EE, sense E is the 5th letter. Or you could see the 2 Es in SPEED.SPEED is enforced upon Keanu by Dennis Hopper who if you'll excuse the crazies resonates next year due to it being the year of the white rabbit. Dennis is also the K2 in King Koopa.Billy and Mandy is an American cartoon that started in 2002. The movie accents 2 kids that befriend death. If you take the simple cartoon features as a broad stroke to symbolize "every man". Meaning the more simplified you make a cartoon the more people it symbolizes. A smiley then becomes everyone. So you could then project that starting in 2002 after the twin towers were King Koopafied. Everyone was walking with death. He's seen above wearing the E's of SPEED.Billy is seen here running from death in front of Mt. Rushmore. A mountain of the gods if you will.Through a New York skyline minus twin towers.All around the world in fact.... As if this were the Day The Earth Stood Still.Until he is recognized by the president of his United States Abe Lincoln AKA Obama AKA Jupiter.Death in this case was out ran in 1994. 1994 is a weird year... Lots of activity. And 1+9+9+4 equals 23. 23 seeming to have something to do with the overriding of death. We're looking at the Crow circa 1994.

The Black Bird resonates the Edgar Allen Poe poem the Raven and Eric Draven of the Crow.

The Black Bird is seen as the host of the spirit.

We have time traveling Erics as well... Boy oh do we.Eric Bana was hampered, schedule wise, on the filming of 2 simultaneously Death defying movies. Featuring J T KirK.... As well.Erica finds Being passing through doors like Neo... She rewrites her history changing fate. Beating death.

Thoughts are Birds. Sense we have the Viking thing going, Odin had 2 Birds.... Named Thought and Memory.
I have been staring at this ANTHONY HOPKINS poster for the movie AUGUST that he stars in. A different August than the one Josh Hartnett is in.

I had just been working on this wacked out collage of Anthony Hopkins when I notice Richard Arrowsmith brings up Josh Hartnett's sync relationship with a Black Hawk named ODIN.

ODIN is the God of Asgard and the Rainbow Bridge, and the Father of Thor.

Thor the movie comes out in 2011, the Year of the Rabbit.

Anthony HOPkins plays Odin in the movie. Rabbits hop.

I also thought it interesting that we have Anthony HOPkins as ODIN and also in a movie with the number 84, which resonates The Rainbow Bridge. Double Rainbow Bridge that is! 84 also resonates 8/4, or August 4th which was touted as Double Rainbow Day here at the Whole.

HOPkins stars in the movie 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD.

The Rainbow Bridge that we use to crossover. The 84 cross road. (I like how cHARIng has HAIR and therefore HARE/RABBIT embedded in the word as well).

In the movie The Edge, Anthony HOPkins is asked by the Wilderness Lodge Keeper if he knows what is on the back of a paddle that on one side has a Black Panther.

HOPkins guesses right. A Rabbit smoking a Pipe.

Something is brewing with Hopkins, 2011 and Rabbits. We shall see where this one goes...

On another note in relation to Blackbirds, Helen Mirren, our Queen of Heaven/Juno/42 resonator stars in the soon to be released THE TEMPEST. The Poster has Blackbirds flying about her head.

She also starred in the the movie THE HAWK which is written in black therefore resonating Blackbirds once again.

Been syncing with hair as it is a focus of a video me and Jim are making.
Hair sounds like Hare/Rabbit. Christ is resurrected on Easter, the day of the rabbit. We see JC Reilly and Liam Neeson backed by dead rabbits as they themselves are the "Dead Rabbits" gang in Gangs of New York.
Neeson has big hair as Lion Aslan/Jesus in Narnia. How cool is it that he is LEO DiCaprio's pop in Gangs?
Dead Rabbit/Hair Neeson holds the Crosshair or X of Christ...
The Hawk and the 13 of Christ. Christ has his 12 apostles surrounding him as the 13th, fractal of the sun at the center of the 12 houses of the Zodiac.
The Star Lady has awesome coiling hair. Her head in the Heavens is connected to the Earth via the coil of her hair, perfect Stairway to Heaven.
The Barber pole signifies hair and associates it with a spiraling red coil.
The origin of the red and white barber pole is associated with the service of bloodletting and was historically a representation of bloody bandages wrapped around a pole.[2] During medieval times, barbers performed surgery on customers, as well as tooth extractions.
Wiki Barber's Pole

Flowing hair resonates the wave and coil of the helix, the cosmic ladder/mounTIN we climb to realize Khrist/Rabbit Konsciousness.
Hair and Music can sync together quite well. An entire genre exist for it, Hair Metal. Bon Jovi can be considered Bon Jupiter as:


1. endowed with or characterized by a joyous humor or a spirit of a jovial host.

2.pertaining to the god Jove, or Jupiter Jupiter.
Scott Pilgrim is currently highlighting Music and the Guitar.

On Thursday someone committed suicide jumping from a roof and landing on the stage in front of an entire audience watching the band The Swell Season.

Strangely when I was trying to find the link I noticed a similar thing had happened the very next day. A British Pop singer climbed a mast a a rock festival and jumped to his death.
The Swell Season became well know when they appeared in the acclaimed indie film once. The Red C/See in once is also the DNA/Ladder. The walk on the neck of a Guitar, kinda resonating a ladder/DNA. The Guitar Neck Ladder is coming out of the Red C of unity/once.
The Swell Season's latest album is Strict Joy/Jupiter highlighting hair. It looks like their hair is joining them and reminds me of this image Richard posted with a Seeing Red Eye Bindi.
666 posts, Rock 'n' Roll!

Further research reveals that Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren have been rumoured to star together in an upcoming movie about Alfred Hitchcock who we know as the creator of the movie THE BIRDS. The quintessential movie about Black birds. (All I can find are stories about this from 2007, so we shall see.)

The King & Queen together. That would be powerful.

I have been swirling around RUSSEL CROWE alot lately as well. What got me onto CROWE was the 1994 movie THE QUICK AND THE DEAD that also stars LEOnardo DiCaprio who came screaming big back onto the sync scene with the release of Inception that coincided with the 1994 same date (July 16th) impact of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet on Jupiter and lasting until July 22, the Day Cancer ended and the Sun entered its own sign of Leo.

The Black Bird Russell Crowe stars with Odin Anthony Hopkins in THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT also known as SPOTSWOOD. The King below holds the Champagne Star Cup ready to give cheers.

Spotswood is an anagram for Stops Doom. The King of Love is Dead Man/Black Bird.

There is a syncergy between Crowe and Hopkins. Hopkins has been quoted as saying he sees Crowe as a younger self. Crowe also just recently (12/04/2010) got his Star on the Walk of Fame. It was right beside Hopkin's star.

Crowe knows how to make good use of his Jupiter Finger to make a good POint. I like the big 5 beside the 5 pointed star. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun and Leo is the 5th House of the Zodiac. The word WOOD/DOOM is also just above the guy that stars in SPOTSWOOD/STOPS DOOM.

Russel CROWE stars also in the Western 3:10 YUMA with the Dark Knight himself, CHRISTian Baal. Crowe's name is written in Black as to highlight the colour of the Crow.

3:10 can be 3:X or XXX/101010 = binary for the number 42.

In January 2009 I wrote a post over at Centreportal about Manitobama: The Black Eagle Rises.

Before he was elected, Obama was given a spirit name by the CROW NATION of Wisconsin. His name was BLACK EAGLE.

Black Eagle uses his Jupiter Finger to make the POint.

Sync Waves of Consciousness just mentioned in the comments section that The Swell Season played on July 9th, 2010, at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

The Swell Season is the Monsoon. There are some strong Tidal Forces at play.


More research into these weird concert deaths brings up strange sync that continues to tear at the heart. Death might not be real but it still hurts. This world is a world of pain and suffering, especially now as we all deal with the Leo Twin Sunburn thing going on.

Turns out Charlie Haddon, lead singer of OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL jumped to his death from a Satellite Antenna right after his performance at a British Music Festival.

Haddon and his band are about to release in October 2010 their first album CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SYNTHS. (Christ Died For Our Syncs?).

This article about about Charlie's suicide refers to the concert as a sort of Bermuda Triangle.

Below is the music video for their hit DANCE THE WAY I FEEL. Very Double Rainbow.

Haddon made the final jump into the Black Pool of Death/Life & Eternal Transformation.

He will be back to live again and keep learning what he needs to learn here on Earth. His Spirit is always learning and advancing as we all are. (Advice against suicide is that it is much easier and way more enjoyable to awaken to one's immortality while "alive". Kill your ego, not yourself is the message.)

Ou Est Le Black Pool/looP?

A the same concert that Charlie killed himself at, Michael Ben, the frontman for the band The Call died of a Heart Attack. In 1997 The Call released an album called TO HEAVEN AND BACK.


There are a number of very compelling things in this post, so naturally I want to talk about myself. . .

someone get me a train. . .

get me out of this whale. . .

Did you know that my middle name is Eric? No, interesting eh, because the emphasis on "alone" has been the second half of the this tiger for me. I'm feelng the bite. My life is trying to blow up. The train's name is disfunction, and I'm beginning to wonder if it has infected me or if I have infected it. (And the infection is upon all the levels of the dream, micro to macro) Can I jump off like the dirty rat I am? I'm starting to feel like the black bird w/ the broken wing in the dead of the night. What the fuck do I do?

My biggest problem is that I've got about 3 or 4 sync posts in my head. They really don't want to stay there. They hurt and want to come out. . . but "The Dream" is fighting with "reality", and within my current set of responsibilities, "sync" is the red-headed stepchild. No love for poor sync. Did I mention these posts hurt. How does one convey to a loved one that an endeavor that yields no cash flow is as important as a job, or scientific research, or art school, or the peace corp, etc,?

Nonetheless, in 1974 I moved from Tucson, AZ to Osburn, ID. I love that Tucson, an Indian word I think, is pronounced Two sohn. (Two Sun/Son)
The English name Tucson derives from the Spanish name of the city, Tucsón [tukˈson], which was borrowed from the O'odham name Cuk Ṣon [tʃʊk ʂɔːn], meaning "(at the) base of the black [hill]", a reference to an adjacent volcanic mountain. Tucson is sometimes referred to as "The Old Pueblo".

I wrote some notes as I was reading this post. Lately I have been challenging things. I'm about half way through the book Black Swan, in which the author shows the faith of humanity in the routine which then shows why the black swan event is so destructive. Of course he ends up sucking all the magic out of the world with his POV. There is some fascinating stuff in there though. . . stuff relevant to Mothermen. The interesting stuff has to do with the idea of the pattern recognition, story telling, and the functions of the different hemispheres of the brain (mom & dad). Can you get em together in the middle? I think that may be what sync is doing to us and us to the world. tryin' to get ma and pa back together. We are rewiring our brains from a patriarchal/left brain world view and bringing in some mom and spirituality putting them on an even keel as they say. . .

File:Segeln Gewichtsstabilitaet.jpg


starcup: can't forget the scene where Jaden climbs to the top of the mountain to drink from the fountain. The starcup, and he dove in.

The moon I always read as ovum and the star is the seed. The magic. Venus is the star in the cup. She is the virgin and the tramp. SHe is Jesus and Satan.

The Sun symbol, our star is the tip of the god's dick head on.

The Vesica smells fishy!

Odin is Jupiter's father. (Look for Liam and Anthony together.)

Apollo was the son of Zeus and once took the form of a Blackbird to flee an enemy (his father took the form of a Ram--in Ovid somewhere)

the "O" in the Hartnett film refers to Othello, he's the blackbird in all this. Maybe I should go sync in at the Shakespere fest next week?

Richard: In the poster for The Tempest we see actor Djimon Hounsou in association with the Black Bird.

The word TEMPEST can become SEPTEM which makes me think that all these recent Black Bird syncs are going to spill over into the month of September as well.

Djimon Hounsou played the role of a character named Horus in the original Stargate movie.

Here we see Djimon (on the left) as the Black Hawk Horus aka Christ:

Djimon starred alongside King Leo and (JC) Jennifer Connelly in Blood Diamond.

Djimon and Diamond sound similar IMO.

Blood Djimon.

Djimon is linked to the Black Bird in The Tempest and Horus the Hawk in Stargate so it makes sense that he was genetically chained to the Crowe in Gladiator:

In Amistad the Black Hawk starred alongside Odin himself:

The Norse God Odin had two Raven who were often depicted perched on his shoulders. The pair of Black Birds were called Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory).

I like how the Amistad poster shows two Black actors, Djimon Hounsou and Morgan Freeman, perched on Odins shoulders.

In The Island Djimon Hounsou (Horus/Christ/Son) is hired by Sean Bean (Father Zeus) to hunt down some escaped convicts.

Zeus hires Djimon to hunt down Ewan McGregor, an actor who starred in the movie Black Hawk Down alongside Josh Hartnett.

In The Island Djimon works for a company called Black Hawk Security.

Here's two of the Black Hawks that he uses to track down the escapees:

In the movie Djimon reveals his highlighted palm, emphasizing his relationship with Horus/Christ.

His All-Seeing Eye of Horus also aligns with the Rainbow.

And later in the movie he walks past the Chevrons (reminding me of the K2 mounTIN) before making Contact with the number 42.

Be 42.


Watched The Edge in full last night. Great movie. HOPkins is the Rabbit that outsmarts BALDwin that is the Panther trying to get him. But he outsmarts him through wisdom, heart and faith. Smart Rabbit.

Below we have a fade from HOPkins covering a now dead BALDwin to the Black Wooden Eagle that hovers above the wilderness lodge from where they started their Wilderness adventure. I like how the Black Wings highlight his One Eye.

Look UP UP & AWAY!

2011 will be a smart year. Don't worry you have time to smoke your pipe.

This is the third time in only 13 months that amateur astronomers have detected signs of impact on Jupiter. The earlier events occured on July 19, 2009, and June 3, 2010. Jupiter is getting hit more often than conventional wisdom would suggest, leading many researchers to call for a global network of telescopes to monitor Jupiter 24/7 and measure the impact rate.

"Like the event of June 3rd, this fireball did not produce any visible debris,"

Just learned that 20 August, this past Friday, saw a Jupiter impact. Jupiter is 42 and the ruling planet of synchronicity. When its physical aspect - what we know as Planet Jupiter - is hit, we have a potent marker.

This paticular Sync Whole started on the same Jupiter impact date and contains lots of references to hair and music bands.
Someone committed suicide at a The Swell Season (band featured in film "once") concert on Thursday 19 August. Another singer from band OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL committed suicide on Friday. Twin Rock Concert suicides.

This is what happened on twitter when I tweeted the Jupiter Space Weather article. At the same time Milla Jovovich is talking about a "singer" and "rock", E! Online mentions Lindsay and Miley's Hair Extensions, True talks about Bands.
What occurs to me about this is Jupiter's iconic cloud bands, which have been hit allot more then usual in 2010. Jupiter's surface is totally made up of huge bands encircling and comprising the surface.

Jupiter's stripes and whorls/knots make it resemble a giant flowing sphere of wood.
a company of persons or, sometimes, animals or things, joined, acting, or functioning together; aggregation; party; troop: a band of protesters.
The red eye'd band of Piranha with there accentuated teeth. Red Eye's resonate the Red Eye/Storm of Jupiter and the Red Sea Portal that Moses Parts.
"So long, and thanks for all the blood"

Piranha 3D opened on 20 August, same date as Jupiter impact, starring Elizabeth Shue. Shue resonates the most famous Jupiter impact that of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.
Other bands in the global consciousness as vivified via pop-culture are the Seven Evil Exes (Plus 2 heroes Scott Pillgrim and Ramona Flowers) and the 9 Expendables further entraining via the EX/X or Crosshair. Both these 9 resonating films were released on the same day 13 August.
Hair and Teeth go together as we see Old Rose from Titanic's Teethed comb. Our hair and our teeth similarly sprout from our head like plants.
In The Fountain we see the tree central to the narrative, and the Fountain of Youth, is numbered 82-A46. That middle bit contains the Jupiter code 214 (if you make A=1) aka the word BAD.

BAnD is Bad and DNA combined.
Micheal Cera, already seen above in band film Scott Pilgrim attracts BAD. Word BAD hits him on SuperBAD and he wears a Be Bad pin on Youth in Revolt resonating the Fountain of Youth.

Youth is a word which probably has the same origins as the word the Juno. Both derived perhaps from the proto-european root word "yeu" which means "vital force." Hence the words Juvenile and Rejuvenate. Jim from post about Cera's BAD attraction Juno Temple

I like Cera's stripes or bands on his T-Shirt on Youth in Revolt. Volt resonates electricity.
Hairless Jackman gives himself bands like tree-rings marking his age extension via the Fountain of Youth aka 214/Jupiter.
He talks to the tree, the essence of his wife, and reaches for its hair dancing with static electricity/volts.
"Don't worry we're almost there"
The top most tweet in that image posted earlier also entrains then with its mention of a collapsing 150 year old tree which Anne Frank wrote about..

Also just noticed Lohan's extensions are considered BAD.
Loved noticing the Titanic which hit an iceberg on 14 April 1912 (Jupiter numbers) is fronted by 42. Leo as Jack points at Dolphins with his Jupiter finger. We have seen name Jack (like Hugh Jackman) and Dolphins connected to Jupiter before.
We see Roy Scheider has Dolphins in his home before traveling to Jupiter in 2010.

The 4th Hitchhikers Guide Book is called "So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish". These are the words of the Dolphins centrel to the plot in a book series who popularized 42 as "The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything."
The book was released in 1984 the same year as 2010: The Year We Make Contact. As Rainbow (with its colored bands) is 42 we have explored that 84 resonates Double Rainbow. 84 (42 times 2) is also the number of years after the Titanic syncs that Rose has to revisit her memories and tell K2 Mountaineer (with Robin Tunney in Vertical Limit) Bill Paxton the story of her and Jack.

Peace in = Peace Out

As persecutions of the Jewish population increased in July 1942, the family went into hiding in the hidden rooms of her father Otto Frank's office building.
Wiki Anne Frank

I visited the Anne Frank Museum and hiding space in January. 1942 was certainly the most prominent date throughout the museum.


In my searches of Anthony HOPkins I downloaded the movie FREEJACK starring Emilio Estevez, Mick Jagger, Rene Russo and Hopkins. It is about an rich and jealous Hopkins as McCandless trying to highjack the soul of Emilio as Alex FURLONG.

Jack has been often connected to Jupiter here at the Sync Whole. The Jupiter Jack a commercial product that acts as a perfect non -local verification of this resonance between Jack & Jupiter. I write about this relationship here at The Swan Song of Jupiter Jack and his Hydrogen Bomb.

Think Jack and the Beanstalk. Black Jack. Jack from Lost. Jack-O-Lantern. Jack-in-a-Box. etc...

Jack is also a name for a Rabbit. A Jack Rabbit.

In the movie Pulp Fiction the business Jack Rabbit Slims has the slogan "The Next best Thing to a Time Machine."

A Jack Rabbit is like a Time Machine, or a Time Hopper that jumps right out of the Black Top Hat.

Why do I feel like movies are a tool of the Jack Rabbit to jump through time. Movie are the Black Top Hat. The tool necessary for the magic trick to work.

Cinema is the Magic Hat of God.

I finally watched FREEJACK this morning and lo and behold the Black Bird is singing loud and clear.

In Freejack, Estevez is a Race Car driver. (The Miller sign below tells me Furlong is about to make a Miller's Crossing, another term for death or being Jacked from On High.)

His Race Car is not only Pink but is called THE BLACK SWAN.

His Formula ONE Human Race Car is number 8.

8 resonates the symbol for infinity. H is the 8th letter. The Pool/loop of the Black Star is a 8 rayed star.

H is also the symbol for Hydrogen which is the First Element or 1. This is my Formula of The One. H = 8 = 1.

The Pool of the Black Star at the Manitoba Legislative building is where Jake and I had our silly Blue Swan Event at the beginning of the summer. )Perhaps this is a time to put out there that Blue and Black are really the same colour.) The image below is Me/We seeing the Blue Sun in the Black Star Pool. For us Peggers this was a big moment of nosis.

Furlong is a Race Care driver and I like this shot above where we see the PIT PASS for one of his Pit Crew. The Pit is the Tip. This shot happens moments before he crosses from the Pit to the Tip through the Death portal.

In Freejack, McCandless is from the future with a suspended mind as he had cheated death, and he wants Furlong's body so he can put his own consciousness into it ultimately so he can be alive and with the woman he loves - Redlund.

Furlong is supposed to die in an accident at the race and McCandless holds the technology to highjack his body just before death and bring it into the future for his own use.

Mick Jagger (MJ/13+10 = 23) is the Bone Collector who orchestrates the Time Jacking.

This is perfect that Mick Jagger is Time Jump Jacking as one of his hits as part of the Rolling Stones is JUMPING JACK FLASH.

Jumping Jack Flash was also the name of a WHOOPI GOLDBERG movie. Check out the CROSS HAIRS on the poster. They are almost aiming at her Hair, or Dreadlocks.

Deadlocked in the Cross Hair. Whoopi!

Jagger has to move his operation to the exact spot where Furlong dies in 1991.

Jagger then has his team create a computer generated model of Furlong and his car where they isolate his body and just before he is about to crash and die they extract him into the future. He is reverse-birthed in 2009.

Jagger's technician is One-Eyed. The One-Eyed Point Man.

Mr One Eye aligns the to the target of Furlong. He gets him in the Cross Hairs.

I like how Furlong is Blue here. He has reached his Blue State and is about to ascend or be Freejacked.

The One Eyed technician must align the original crash from 1991 with their virtual crash being orchestrated for 2009.

Two Circles with Cross Hairs start to cross each other as this moment arrives.

How perfectly that the Two Targets slowly unite revealing a Vesica Piscis. The Jesus Fish Portal. Perhaps something a Rabbit can jump out of.

This image below is what Two Ages look like when they cross-over. It can also be witnessed in The Blue Swan Event video. Notice when I mention the vesica. So in the movie Freejack, Furlong drives a Black Swan car that crashes (Black Swan Event) and his highjack to the Future reveals a Vesica Piscis Fish Portal just like my Blue Swan Event moment in the Pool of the Blackstar. Cool.

Blue Swan Event from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

In the future, there are Time Jacking technicians ready to receive a reverse birthed Furlong.

Contact is made. The Two Times are locked. He is in the Cross Hairs. The Jack is done.

Before the car explodes Furlong has disappeared into the Future.

Below we have McCandless with Furlong and Rene Russo as Julie Redlund.

McCandless finds feigns sympathy for Redlund and Furlong pretending he realizes he will never win the love of Redlund and so he uses his SPIRITUAL SWITCHBOARD, the source of the Soul Jacking, to allow Furlong to become McCandless, but with Furlong in control. This turns out to be a ruse, but in the end Furlong still retains his own consciousness yet he must act like his McCandless.

This scene below looks a lot like it could be Odin (to be played by Hopkins in 2011) giving his son Thor his power. Replace that with Zeus and Mercury as well.

Freejack Furlong now has Hair that Flows. He is Furry.

Odin means Fury. The Furry Fury.

Funny thing is that Hopkins is to play Odin in the 2011 (year of the Jack rabbit) alongside Rene Russo as Frigga, Odin's Wife Goddess. (Maybe McCandless still wins over Redlund, just not in 2009, but in 2011 and in a different movie. Hey there is an idea. Time travel between movies. Weird.)

Russo stars also in THE LINE OF FIRE. That would be the HAIRLINES that CROSS.

She stars in TIN CUP with Kevin Costner. Tin shares the same alchemical symbol with Jupiter. She is the Star Cup for Kevin's Water World.

Estevez, our Time Hopper is also in JUDGEMENT NIGHT which seems to go hand in hand with a Time Jumping Jesus and the time we are in now.

And of course he is in D2/42, our Jupiter number and the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.

Estevez is also the original rePO MAN.
Anyways, I am off to meet Jake and we are going to check out THE SWITCH. This movie was released the same day as the last Jupiter Impact, Aug 20, 2010.
The Switch was also part of the story of Freejack.

The Spiritual Switchboard of God.

I think we have plugged into the electrical Jack and we are about to turn on the Light Switch.

Peace ON.



  1. ooooh...

    i was just looking for a bootleg of The Karate Kid for my own analysis... i love the mini-theme of modern myth mashed up with 'reality' around Jaden Smith... he plays his 'real life' father's sOn in Happyness, a movie based on a 'real life' story of a fallen-resurrected black star...

    love the k2 kandy :]

  2. haven't watched all of starmummy for a long while.
    so nice.

    I wanted to create a ti69er shirt/ banner art work, but my photoshop skills are so bad.

    The idea is two tigers running up the k2 with an X at the top. Each tiger would have a black "K" on it's side 2K = 2000 + X = 2010. The X was to mark the spot and thus I imagined that fabulous Tigger buble art work floating atop the "X".

    I've probably attempted this work at times since before May. I suppose this is my understanding now of the K2 sync. it pointed to the Ti69er.

  3. Inspired mountain climbing going on. "Black bird" = raven in native American myth. The "black bird" was a high speed reconnaissance airplane, the Lockheed SR-71, or 17 backwards.

  4. The Swell Season played the Winnipeg Folk Festival's main stage on July 9, 2010 at BIRD'S Hill Provincial Park.

    Another avenue to explore is the rainbow sync with Levar Burton who "reads the rainbow"

  5. Wow, my sister's boyfriend brother's best friend also died riding his motorcycle this august.
    It's a really tragic story.
    It was while the husband was on his way to work. A teenage girl wasn't paying attention and hit him from behind.
    what makes it really sad is that their new born son had just received good news that he was recovering from bacteria or parasites that were in his heart.
    When friends heard that something terrible occurred to their family their initial thought was that the child was the victim. And were shocked to find out that it was the husband that died...

  6. Really beutiful stuff everyone, im immersed finishing a short video right now but hope to ad soon, love you all alot :)

  7. I really like the textures of this post... Doug yours were astouding in my view. Richard can simply not be stopped.

    Every movie I see with Matthew McConaughey is over ridden with syncs... Just so everyone knows.

  8. Very interesting stuff. You really got me thinking, I'm sorry for your friends loss, I know exactly how the family feel. My brother was killed under strange circumstances at 1.00pm on Fri. Sept. 9th 1994, I was the only one still able to function and had to make the decision to turn off the life-support. (Sorry to write about it here but it syncs with what you're saying in a weird way). Me and my brother were really into movies back then and when we heard that Antony Hopkins was filming for 'Remains of the Day' in our county we went on a search to find the film crew etc...we had a sort of adventure...anyway, Hopkins and his movies obviously are triggers for me now and its even weirder because years later I was 'into' Russell Crowe for a while and always thought that he 'mirrored' Hopkins acting style...the two are definitely linked and well I guess I sound like a movie bimbo freak to you now, but what I would like to know more about is the year 1994 and the links with death as you mention in your you have any pointers, apart from your great blog that is!?


  9. We/Me are all writing things now that I could only dream of years ago on psychedelics, "the dream is real(yall <3 <3 <3

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