Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Warning synchronicity can lead to misunderstanding!

40 Days and 40 Nights Staring Josh Hartnett. 30 Days of Night Staring Josh Hartnett.

I says: "What did you watch?"
Co Worker: "We watched 40 Days and 40 Nights."
Then I says: "Oh, I like movies that start like that. Just opens and then a few minutes in all hell brakes loose!"
Co Worker: "That doesn't sound like the one I watched".
Then I says: "With Josh Hartnett?"
Co Worker: "Yeah, that's the one!"
I says: "Yeah, its kinda scary"
Co Worker: "Not sleeping with a woman for 40 days?"
I says: "?!"

(Something resembling an encounter I just had)


I'm a show and tell kinda guy. So if you'll please excuse the vulgarity I'll tell you my experience with the warning read above.Someone up in Winnipeg mentioned that Josh Hartnett stars in both the movies 40 Days and 40 Nights and 30 Days of Night. Both titles are interesting outside mere coincidence due to the simultaneous mention of the words Night and Day. My eye in a state of relaxation noticed something odd with the title 40 Days.... Mainly that it's a penis.Or at least that it can be seen as one. The 40 Days is flesh colored.... And the Nights part just more darkly so. The tip of 4 gives the usual curved appearance of a erection. They basically did the creative unthinkable. They showed a dick in the way that only about 30 percent of people would pick up... At least on the first view. Someone laughed at this I'm sure because we are helped by the word sex a lot. Interesting is this one as well because it has the solar symbol as the 0 in 30. Once again sol is the extended symbol of the all masculine.... The BIG penis if you would. The moon is undeniably the feminine... Vaginal...

The sun?

Well you get the picture.

Maybe the Sol symbol is just the over head view of the Penis in 40 Days.
The axe can not be ignored in it's placement. Jake or Jim or some damn illuminated soul in Winnipeg put these side by side, perhaps because they looked best this way.

However mixing the pictures give the illusion of Josh castrating his own penis. Even with blood involved.

It's fast, brutal, and totally unstoppable but he's about to do the unthinkable.
The images of 911, play in my head. Maybe, who knows? Maybe I still have something to learn from it? I hope I'm not the only one. Although the thought of castration in the form of the twin towers escape me.... I register that 40 Days was a year after.... Made in 2002. As if a weird time loop connects the two movies. August and then everything after. However the hand in the alternate movie poster for August bugs me.The use of cigarettes in advertising to symbolize the penis is well documented. The stranger thing is that when looking this poster up on IMP Movie Awards an unusual amount of comments showed animosity towards this particular one. If the animosity was a product of a vulgar subliminal is a discussion of opinion, of course. Only thing I can be a witness to is my own nervous systems reaction. Most commented their favoritism of this poster. Twin towers of course visible. One person mentions the similarities with another flick's poster. That of Hamlet with Ethan Hawke.

To paraphrase, Hartnett just takes Ethan's place in comparison.

Many things could cause a head scratch here. The interesting thing need comment by me however is that I understand clearly the translation of Castration in Shakespeare's Hamlet to begin with.

Not to be nefarious by any means. Just a loop whole worthy of temporary consideration.


  1. Article subtitle:
    "Caught in the Hart Net"


  2. money and blood don't mix like two dicks, you'll find yourself in some serious shit.

  3. Damn regal eagle just busted it... Holy shit.

  4. Thats like a Hamlet ryme... Fulkin perfect.

  5. Your post got me thinking about Celtic's Geomancy ideas, and I made a picture on facebook.


  6. For some reason this post just showed up in my RSS feed, so there. Interesting that August is also the name of Mark Twain's protagonist in No. 44, the Mysterious Stranger.

    Curiously, Tantric sex is all about "holding back the flood" of orgasm, sorta like Moses.