Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Roar of the Sun Room.

On August 1st, the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupted in a tumult of activity.
Space Weather

On August 1, 2010, scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), using images taken from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, observed a series of four large CMEs emanating from the earth-facing hemisphere. They were expected to strike the earth's geomagnetic field sometime between August 4 and early August 5. As of 05:00 UTC August 4
Wikipedia Coronal Mass Ejection August 2010
I enjoyed the entrainment of the Leonardo DiCaprio and Inception with the sign of Leo. Inception has been out for 3 weeks since July 16 and Top of the Box Office for the whole time we have been in Leo since 22 July.

This shows the powerful relationship between film Star resonators and the actual Stars. As above so below.
Inception also has actor Cillian Murphy as The Mark. "The Mark" is another name for The Number of the Beast aka 666.

Jim tells me that 999 becomes 729 as 9*9*9=729. 999 is just 666 upside down. 666 resonates 729

Jim wrote in The Beginning of Something Big:

729 for some is the number of the Sun. This being Leo, then this date seems to resonate the Sun within the Sun. Twin Sun date.

"729 is the number of the Sun, the square of 27, the number of the Moon, and the cube of 9, the number of the Earth"

"The (philosopher) king lives 729 times more pleasantly..." - Plato's Republic

Then on the date resonating that number July 29 or 7/27 this happened also noted in the Something Big post.

Yesterday, 28 July 2010, the above simple & elegant circle dot, symbol of the sun, formation was reported.

Today this eye-popping stunner gives us a powerful sync KicK, moving us up (or down, same..same) a level.

(Do you see the 3D effect I'm talking about?)
Its like the 28th prepared us to make the jump from the old level and ready us to be able to recognize the New Dimension of 7/29.

Jim says above that 729 is the number of the sun and this circle on 7/29 is more then enough for me to get on-board!
I dig how it got a third tier the next day.

Another teaching about this circle is that it is generally considered as having been man made. The synchromystic has no bias towards what the chain of events that lead to or from a phenomena are. All chains and trains of sync ultimately start and end in the mystery of ultimate Being.
During a trip last week with Jim to the Manitoba Legislature we noticed the Lion heads all over the main entrance.
This room, seeing the Grand Staircase flanked by two Bison, is a perfect square measuring 66.6 feet on each side.

Within the main entrance is the Grand Staircase. This is a perfectly square room measuring 66.6 feet (20.3 m) on each side, which is meant to represent the numerological number 666, which are all the numbers added from one to 36, which is the square of 6, in mathematics, geometry, and arithmetic.
Wikipedia Manitoba Legislative Building

The grand staircase is situated in the grand staircase hall.
The room equates to the outer chamber of King Solomon's Temple.
The room is also known as the Room of Protection.
Frank Albo from Virtual Tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building

The Bison (resonating the Twin Sun), the lions and other figures are used to "banish/dispel evil and to 'cleanse' the inhabitants of the building" (again Frank from the website above).

The room has a big sunroof or skylight that allows the rays of the sun in to hit the sculptures (Frank says on his tour "to activate them") and purify those who enter.
I think this depiction of the purification process at the entrance of Solomon's (Sol/Sun) Temple is a fractal what we are going through right now as a species. We must let go of all doubts, fears, attachments, resentments etc before we can penetrate the rest of the temple mysteries.

Just as the sun purifies those enter the temple (model of the universe) the sun's Coronal Mass Ejection is bathing us in sun/star energy.

Many, most (all?) I encounter are going through intense purging periods in their lives.. Including me. Lots of tension which makes me look at what I am holding on to. I feel I can see so much better because of all this Leo/Sun light.
I love that Cillian Murphy, The Mark 666, is also in Sunlight by Danny Boyle (DB/42) who made The Beach.

We can associate 666 to the Sun/Son and Christ (HeyZeus/Jupiter) for various reasons including the 729 thing noted above and this Murphy/Sun sync.
It is verified by Sunburn with Cillian Murphy where he is crowned by 2140.

214 is BAD and the number of Jupiter/Lucifer Sun of the Morning.
Jim made this diagram showing double rainbow as 84 or a Circle Rainbow.

Today is August 4 or 84 aka Double Rainbow.
We see the circle Rainbow or 84 behind Cillian Murphy on the Breakfast on Pluto poster. In this film Liam Neeson (Zeus/Jupiter in Clash of the Titans) is his father.

The rainbow hits the exact spot on the poster that sees Liam Neeson's (NeeSUN) name. Appropriate as he is Zeus/Jupiter whose number is 42 the angle at which we can see a rainbow.


As Jake is writing this post about the Sun Room of Purification I was taking the bus to meet him so we could visit the Manitoba Legislative Building aka King Solomon's Temple.

I get off the bus at the stop near the Temple and I notice the bus I am on has an ad for an August 7th concert with THE STONE TEMPLE PILOTS.

Of course there will be 14 bands and 2 Stages. 142 winks at me.

Then I see Jake and he shows me his post written today on 8/4/2010, or Double Rainbow Day as I like to put it.

As the thunder rumbles outside we head to the Temple and I notice the security guard write down my pass number as 214. How perfect! Here we are in the Sun Cleansing room of Leo and our visitor pass has the same numbers as Cillian Murphy does above his head in the poster for the movie SUNBURN.

The Sun Room (Beach) is guarded by 2 big BISONS.

TWIN SUNS. Twin Sun Burn. Bison Burns.


I did this. And I don't know why. Maybe the devil made me do it. I changed the image and name of the blog to a tiny goat. It was a sacrilege in fact. Tye's beautiful sync kick artwork was one of the best banners we've had (and we've had some good ones). It just popped in my head, and for no reason, and with no second guessing I put up a tiny goat. And I don't think it means anything, (but of course I'm going to try. . .)

This is Pan. He's an earthy fellow who likes a good romp now and again. Of course it's his free-wheeling, natural living that earned him the reputation of being a devil of a sort.

I don't hold it against him. One man's devil is another man's god. . . A number of very good sync post have recently been written about this fellow by the likes of The Blob here at The Whole as well as by Arrowsmith at BlackDogStar. (link up to sync up)

This is also Pan. He's a pretty scary guy actually. What in the hell is he doing with that young girl, and just what exactly does he want?

The Labyrinth is The Underworld. It is dark and terrifying and ruled by one with a special number:

". . . so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666" (Rev. 13)

Dr. Jonathan Crane

The Scarecrow

What's fun about all this is how loose everything is getting, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. . . it's all the same. . . it's all spinning. In one way Inception is about the healing of Robert Fischer. He's tricked into an adventure that grants him atonement with his father and makes him whole.

I sometimes feel this way about The Sync Whole. That I'm reluctantly being carried away by an adventure that is actually making me more whole; healing me. Interesting thing about the name Fischer. There's actually a pretty famous story about a King named Fischer. . . (Heal The King!)

Heal The King!


Grand Cardinal Cross happening this weekend seems to be giving a strong signal.


  1. It's odd that you mention you can see things more clearly lately. I too have felt like I can see things more clearly. Somehow the energy shift we're in is making everything visible. Evil can't do evil deeds anymore because we'll catch them in the act.

    When the energy is predominantly dark, evil gets away with a lot. It's like our consciousness chooses not to see things, because it's their turn in the cycle.

    I just watched the movie The Order with Heath Ledger the other day and it has something similar to the 84 double rainbow symbol you have there. When Heath (spoilers lol) kills the sin eater he falls on what looks like jupiter with a star over it. It's hard to see in the movie, they only show a small portion of it. Tried to find a pic of it in Google but had no luck. Anyways, check that movie out if you haven't seen it.


  2. Saturn(666) squaring Jupiter (42)

    ying and yang two parts of the whole

    heavy purging for sure!!!

  3. i just stumbled upon this book cover this morning, the artwork seems all too fitting:

  4. beautifully done, Jake.
    simple, elegant. Like good math.

  5. You guys may or may not know that I was watching August 1st as a Solar event. I'm so glad that the event leads to the 8/4 double rainbow.

  6. Beutiful stuff fellas. Awe-Gust is totally the time of the Sun. Astrologically Leo is the Father of the Zodiac and the Firiest of the Fire Signs, definatly a purifying time. Glad to share the light of the awe-gust Beast with you all!

    <3 <3

  7. I am amazed at you Winn-i-peg syncromystics. You have such plant wisdom. I for one continue to seek your gnosis. What an amazing flight of Gnosis you all contain. Spot on! Freaking spot on! Be carefull of the many multifarious webs of ignorant want to bee's. Thank you all for your profund heart! Dennis from up-river.

  8. Love it J^2!

    Here's a great Sacred Geometry link to go with that 66.6 Sun Room...

    "a Christ circle by calculation is “666” units"

    And then Rev. 22:16 says:

    16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

    Parzival, Parsifal, Percival, Percy...

    The Fisher King, Anfortas, Alchemy and Al-Khemy, all so dear to mine own hEart!

    Great job guys!


  9. August 4, 2010 archive

    A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field on August 3rd at 1740 UT. The impact sparked a G2-class geomagnetic storm that lasted nearly 12 hours--time enough for auroras to spread all the way from Europe to North America. Travis Novitsky sends this picture from Grand Portage, Minnesota:

    as I tweeted late on August 3, 1740 UT (Universal Time) is 12:40 PM Central Daylight Time/ Winnipeg Time...

    The CME first made CONTACT with the eartH at 1240 CDT ( so appropriate! )


    P.'.S.'. Had to come back and edit because the Word Verification on this post was "heart" !

  10. 'The remains of US-born chess champion Bobby Fischer have been exhumed in Iceland to establish a paternity claim.'

    Bobby = Robert

    A Fischer Grandmaster has a paternity claim in the same month that this movie comes out, at the site of the Volcanic eruption.

  11. Haha I was watching Frequency on Tuesday, in which aurora caused by CME from the Sun bend time somewhow allow a son to talk on the radio to his dead father.

  12. just downloaded the film Searching For Bobby Fischer. Gotta watch that tonight. more father-sun entrainment from what i remember...

    man, this 'father' thing is so pervasive. modern patriarchy laid bare, i suppose...

  13. beautiful stuff! syncing in heavily. i've gained some VERY significant info on 36, which i'm still working on. many thanks.. i've seen your little goat somewhere down under ;)