Saturday, August 7, 2010

TJ 2010

Earlier on tonight I was thinking about the syncnificance of the year 2010 and decided to convert the numbers into letters. It was just one of those moments of madness that I'm sure other sync-heads out there can relate to! :)

I worked out that the year 2010 equates to the letters TJ.

T = 20th letter in the alphabet
J = 10th

TJ therefore entrains with the year 2010.

While thinking about an actor or actress who has the initials TJ the first one who came to mind was Thomas Jane.

A quick look at his IMDB profile revealed that he was a shark wrangler in the movie Deep Blue Sea.

The initials DB can be converted to 42, a number associated with the Rainbow, Jupiter and The Meaning of Life, so I figured that I must be on the right track with the whole TJ = 2010 thing.

So far so good.

Next I noticed that (TJ) Thomas Jane and (TJ) Tommy [Lee] Jones share an interesting symmetry as both actors have played the role of Two-face.

Thomas Jane played Two-face in this years Jonah Hex while Tommy Jones played the character in Batman Forever.

The Punisher poster also places emphasis on the Two-face connection. I like how actor (JT) John Travolta plays the other half of (TJ) Thomas Janes twin head.

JT is simply TJ reversed.

For more Two-face/Jupiter syncage check out this Janus post.

While digging a little deeper into (TJ) Thomas Janes career I noticed that he starred in a Stephen King movie called Dreamcatcher.

In the poster we see a figure sitting in the lotus position with two car headlights creating a Twin Sun halo. Notice that the person is aligned with the sNOW.

With the recent release of the movie Inception I think it's fair to say that Dreams seem to be a key theme for the year 2010.

Here we see (TJ) The Joker and Leo "The Dream is Real" DiCaprio striking similar poses.

A quick google search brought up an old TV show called T.J. Hooker which starred William Shatner.

I like how T.J. Hooker (the Boy in Blue) syncs with Captain J.T. Kirk (Gold).

While tweeting about these TJ syncs Will pointed out that JusTIN Timberlake is known as Mr. JT.

Will also mentioned that JT is scarred on one side of his face, kind of like Two-face, in the movie Southland Tales.

When I looked at JT's logo I was instantly reminded of the symbol for Pi.

Pi is basically a T and a reversed J combined.

2010 - the Year of Pi

Another famous TJ that came to mind was singer Tom Jones.

His album called 24 Horus seems to fit into this pattern quite nicely.

In the Chinese zodiac the year 2010 is attributed to the Year of the Tiger.

TJ Houshmandzadeh is a player for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The letters TJ connect with the Double Rainbow via the number 84.

Check out the previous post for more on this.

To sum up everything so far we can say that the initials TJ entrain with 2010: The Year We Make Contact, the Tiger-striped planet Jupiter, the Double Rainbow, Dreams and the Pi symbol.

It's funny how I chose to have this 'random' 2010/TJ thought on the very same day that I completed this new video involving the K9.

Here it is for anyone interested:

*Note that (TJ) The Joker makes an appearance throughout. That was completely and unintentionally intentional!

Peace out. :)

Beyond Rangoon is a 1995 drama film directed by John Boorman about Laura Bowman (played by Patricia Arquette), an American tourist who vacations in Burma (Myanmar) in 1988, the year in which the 8888 Uprising takes place.

The 8888 Popular Uprising was a series of marches, demonstrations, protests[2], and riots[3] in the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma (today commonly known as Burma or Myanmar). Key events occurred on August 8, 1988, and from this (1988-08-08), it is known as the "8888 Uprising"

Today is the 22 anniversary of the 8888 Uprising.

Catching True Romance today. Patricia entrains again with today as she talks about Pie just like Richard.
I like that today, 8/8, is DusTIN Hoffman's birthday. He is AWEtistic, like all good sync heads, in Rain Man.
He plays Captain Hook resonating TJ Hooker.
Hooks H looks allot like the TJ or Pi symbol, upside down.. At least it does when your AWEtistic.
Later in True Romance lovebirds Clarence (Christian Slater) and Alabama or on the run in Hollywood and visiting Dick Richie (Micheal Rapaport).
Dick: I had this really, really good audition
for TJ Hooker the other day.

Alabama: You're gonna be on TJ Hooker?

Dick: Yeah. It's the new TJ Hooker.
Knock on wood.

Clarence: You get to meet Captain Kirk?

Dick: Well, you don't get
to meet him in the audition.
But if I get the part--
Hope, hope.

Clarence: Meeting Captain Kirk,
that would be cool.


  1. I just noticed that the dog in the K9:PI poster highlights the letters PO with his ear.

    Po is the Dogon name for Sirius B.

    PO Box

  2. TJ Hooker and JT Kirk is just f'in gold.

    Your ridiculous. You spit out videos like you spit out post...

  3. TJ sounds like... TGI. TGI Fridays. Well, you probably don't have that restaurant chain in the UK (count your blessings) Anyhoo, TGIF = Thank god it's Friday. Which, according to wikipedia, could mean thank god it's Venus.

  4. Great video and post.

    Couple of random side notes/questions unrelated to the post:

    1) What software program do you use to cut, edit and make the videos?

    2) In the new movie Dinner For Schmucks, one of character's Jupiter fingers is cut off/dismembered and stolen by a vulture. In one of the scenes in the end credits the finger is golden and standing upright as a monument similar to an obelisk which entrains with the myth of Isis and Osiris where Isis had to fashion a phallus to recreate and complete Osiris. This leads to potential connections in the James Bond movie Goldfinger and the Austin Powers movie Goldmember.

  5. Also 22/7 = PI. 22 = V, and 7 = G. So 22/7 = Pi = V/G

  6. I suspect, many days that the real π greek is a hidden relationship with the 42 and not by 3.14159265 ... My mind leads me to this.

  7. any one help me :)

    circumference = 2*π*radius(in italy raggio=solar illumination) = 84

    what is the relationship?
    how much measure π?

  8. video was awesome.

    All the way.

  9. Richard, you just turned Hollywood excrement into Gold.

  10. hello again, today i was re-playng the most beautifull adventure-game of all time

    Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge

    a faithful re-make of the adventure game from 1992.

    Monkey Island
    he have inspired Films like the Pirates of the Caribbean series
    and Lost!!

    i think the game is entirly a sync-subliminar infringement of the Veil of Maya.
    ->Guy<-brush Threepwood a mighty pirate is searching from islands to islands the BigWhoop!

  11. Thanks Shaman. The reason I'm so quick is that I block out all distractions while I'm 'in the zone'. I tend to sideline everything until the job is complete, a habit I developed when I used to paint. I turn into a hermit whenever I get absorbed in something. For me Seclusion = Speed

    Michael, here in the UK it's more commonly known as TFI Friday. Thank fook it's Friday. :)

    Shaun, thanks for checking it out. I use a free program called Avi Splitter to cut up the movie files but it sometimes gets a little glitchy (does anyone know of a reliable splitter?).

    To make the video I use plain old Windows Movie Maker. It's a simple program with very few frills attached but it gets the job done. If I do any more videos I'm going to try something new. I'd love to be able to overlay images on top of video, something which Movie Maker can't handle. Any recommendations?

    I'll keep the Osiris/Isis/Finger/Phallus thing in mind Shaun. Cheers.

    AmonPke, I'm not sure what all the Pi stuff means but I interpret it as a sign that everything is about to come fool circle.

    The name TJ Thomas Jefferson popped into my head last night while drifting off to sleep. 3rd President. An accomplished Architect. Died on Independence Day. His head is on Mount Rushmore. ?

  12. The Blood on Justin Two Face Timberlake's shirt is like the Why so Serious smile.

    Also dreamcatchers are starting to make frequent appearances. Dunno why yet but JONah HEX connecting might mean something. As it always does. But it hits home for me anyways.

  13. Just noticed the new comments. Thanks Jon and CK. Much appreciated.

  14. You're right Jon. Justins blood stain does resemble the Jokers smile. He's even wearing Dog tags!

    I've been interested in Jonah Hex since learning that Megan Fox starred in it. Your avatar also keeps reminding me to check it out. Maybe tonight.

  15. What does it Mean?!?! Wow RA! Soul Food @ the Whole, tastes grreeeaaat! Awe-Sum additions as well Jake <3 <3 <3

  16. Had a dream with Justin Timberlake the other night and he was a DJ. hmmm
    Great Post, love the picture of the full rainbow, it's beautiful

  17. many radio amateur capting this segnal in this days from all word

  18. excited to watch this video tonight, luv u all <3

  19. wow that video fooked me up!

  20. Excellent blog, a lot of stuff here that I need to get my head around, the video was especially interesting.
    I've always wondered about the constant references to 'pie' in the American main-stream movies. I know about 'apple pie' americana, but the over-use of the term made me a little suspicious. Your post has now answered my question!


  21. Google logo of today ... Wizard of oz!!!!

  22. Awesome Richard. Just watched the video finally. A total Cherry Bomb! I am itching to edit. Waiting for you to come visit the Peg.


  23. It's going to happen Jim. A video collaboration is definitely on the cards. Can't wait!

  24. P.S. If you check out the latest promos for Harry Poter movie 'no. 7' released in '100 days', there is an interesting use of fonts with the logo resonating...guess what... pi !!


  25. this was a great post jt PIE!
    sooo... i kind of took a gamble
    by sort of promoting you guys just a tiny bit.

    in berlin (germany) they did something cool called 'put a poster in berlin' now im not from there im from NL but i thought the idea was kinda neat.

    u know if only one person reads it ill be happy. you syncers i just cant keep to myself. its to great.

    what i did is besides stuff of my own-
    one of the things i send in was
    check it out here, and also dont be shy to send something in yourselfs. also put the blogadress below the pic if you will. that way other ppl who've seen the blog can follow you

    ONE <3

  26. Danke sehr schön!
    Die Zietgleich im Ganze lebt dich!
    (vie sollen wir diese sagen? Ich mag "zeitgleich". Das beschriebt uns gut, denke ich, oder was wir machen, oder wie wir leben. . . )
    Du bist ein tolle freund. Einmal wir nach deutchland zusammen kommen, hoffentlicht.

    vollständig Ausrichtung!
    Willkommen im jetzt.

    -hope you can make sense of this smelly. . . .

  27. Ola Cats ))
    Synch, 'why' swim ?? -))
    Go with the F L O W or, BE E-at-e-n
    by the W O L F.
    Just about to watch the Video
    ... couldn't help but notice,
    42 = rainbow, 84 = rainbow grid,
    84 = HD (aka, High Def-in-it-I-on)
    ... just saying ))

    Peace Love Light Truth
    (- ;
    ; -)

  28. a Greb Bear = 84 as HD is awesome! so good and meaningful. Sometimes I am amazed how deep I connect and look, but yet miss what seems so obvious. But that is why have each other is it not? Going to riff on HD as Double Rainbow for sure!