Friday, August 6, 2010

Prop 8(4)

The angle at which we see a rainbow is 42 degrees. A rainbow/42 is generally associated to a semicircle band of color. A full circle can then be interpreted as Double Rainbow or 84.

Just read a comment by O.G sync blogger Micheal from Gosporn over at Look at All the Happy Creatures, Never Doubt Synchronicity. The post mentions Jim's Double Rainbow as 84 idea which sparks this comment from Michael.


Wow. Interesting that today, 8/4, we see California Prop. 8 overturned in Federal District Court as unconstitutional. While the "coronal ejection" AKA crown seminal fluid baths the planet.

Micheal associates the Courts dessication to overturn Prop 8 (which made gay marriage illegal) to August 4 or 8/4 resonating Double Rainbow.

Micheal is a gay man who has always incorporated that theme into his work so it makes total sense he would pick this up...
The Rainbow is a symbol used by the Gay and Lesbian community and we see Winnipeg's Gay Bar Gio's using it above.
Perfectly in sync we find that Gio's resides on Winnipeg's Route 42.
A bunch of 'N Sync stuff happens along Route 42 like the Masonic Memorial Temple at 420 Corydon which is directly opposite my pay job.
The Gay Pride parade in Winnipeg always sees the floats start their trip through the streets of The Peg at the Manitoba Legislature.
Perfect as this replica of Solomon's Temple is central to the cosmology of Winnipeg as the Heart of The Continent and Keystone of Consciousness Awakening on Earth. Indeed Jim calls it the Jupiter Temple. The Rainbow/42/Jupiter Gay Pride Parade starts susynctly then at the Temple of Jupiter/Joy/42.

Jupiter relates to words Jovian/Jovial thus Joy or Gay.

Here is a Sync Whole post about Gay Pride and the Temple as Jupiter from last year, Jovian Pride.

Above is Funny or Die's clip called Prop 8 - The Musical starring Jack Black and John C. Reilly.
Perfectly in Sync with Hey Zeus! (short sync video by me and Jim below) JC Reilly associates with Jesus even saying "Jesus Christ!"

I like how the Tiger striped dude strange attracts a Double Rainbow seen above.
Tiger is the Chinese Zodiac animal of 2010 and the year Prop 8 is overturned.
Hey Zeus sees JC Reilly wearing this 84 Double Rainbow shirt with a Tiger jumping out of his heart area (originally from the film Step Brothers).
Will Ferrel also strange attracts Rainbows in Hey Zeus!
Here is Ferrel riding a rainbow on a unicorn alongside Christina Appelgate also seen in Hey Zeus! (originally from the film Anchorman). We see behind them another rainbow thus Double Rainbow.
Here is Christina Applegate in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead with the Tiger jumping towards her.
In Little Nicky Adam Sandler is the son of Satan who travels to NY via portal from hell that opens onto Grand Central Station's 42nd St platform.
We see Adam Sandler shoot rainbows from both hands and eyes in Little Nicky.
Jupiter/42/Rainbow is called Lucifer in the 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Nicky is the child of Lucifer aka Second Sun/Son.
Double Rainbow is the Second Sun/Son aka Jupiter.
Strangeye mentions a great entrainment about the timing of this post in the comments. Today is the 65th anniversary of the first atomic bomb, to be used in war, dropped on Hiroshima, on 6th August 1945 by the B-29 Enola Gay.


  1. Some dubious connections...

    A PROP-ellor (of an aircraft or boat or submarine) made of 4 arms is an 8 bladed PROPellor.

    The Pool of the Black Star contains a depiction of an 8 bladed PROP-ellor (PROP 8), in the form of the STAR.

    Re: The Jupiter, Jovial, Gay, Happy, Joy link in the words
    Jake, that certainly adds insight as to why they start their parade at the MB LEG (although it seems EVERYTHING starts at the MB LEG!)

    "A PRIDE" is also what you call a group of LIONs or LEOs.

    Which gets even more fascinating when looking at the Tribe of Judah whose symbol was the LION.
    In English we have the bpd spinner/reflector which then makes it "JUPAH" not a far stretch to "JU-PATER"

    Which etymologically is also not a far cry from "HU - PATER"

    On Wikipedia, you can see the LION OF JUDAH used on a rainbow in the symbol of the FLAG of Ethiopia .


  2. I also found it interesting that you made this post on August 6th.

    August 6th 2010 is the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima (HeRo-SHE-MA).

    On August 6th, 1945 The "Little Boy" atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan from the "ENOLA GAY", a Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

    On August 9th, 1945 the "FAT MAN" (kinda like Yosemite Bear! "WHOA.... DuhBell Rain Bow") atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan


  3. From Wikipedia link
    Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    " The 393d Bombardment Squadron B-29 Enola Gay, piloted and commanded by 509th Composite Group commander Colonel Paul Tibbets, was launched from North Field airbase on Tinian in the West Pacific, about six hours flight time from Japan. The Enola Gay (named after Colonel Tibbets' mother) was accompanied by two other B-29s. The Great Artiste, commanded by Major Charles W. Sweeney, carried instrumentation; and a then-nameless aircraft later called Necessary Evil (the photography aircraft) was commanded by Captain George Marquardt.[25]

    After leaving Tinian the aircraft made their way separately to Iwo Jima where they rendezvoused at 2,440 meters (8,010 ft) and set course for Japan"

    2,440 m
    3x93 = 279 (729)


  4. Nice one! I’m looking forward to the workshop tonight. I was looking at the Route 42 syncs earlier this week as I realized I drive up Route 42 twice a day to get to and from work. I also park on level P2 or pb or db or 42 of the Winnipeg Millenium Library parking lot. Oh wow as I’m typing this I realized my licence plate starts with DB nice. Also the old Masonic temple is at the southeast corner of Ellice and Donald (Route 42).

    This rainbow post also ties in with a major sync hole I fell into this week about Elvis. Remember that one comment I made a few posts back about the Technicolor Dreamcoat production at RAINBOW stage with Elvis as a Pharaoh? (

    Well I started to read Elvis’s Wikipedia page and it’s sync gold. I don’t have a blog at all but was thinking of making one and the first post being about him. For instance:

    • Elvis died at the age of 42 on August 16, 1977. Check out this picture of the front page of the SUN newspaper:
    • August 16, 2010 is the 33rd anniversary of his death. Jesus died at the age of 33.
    • Elvis died in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is the 1st of the nomes (provinces) of lower Egypt and the 22nd of the nomes of Upper Egypt (There are a total of 42 nomes in all of Egypt). Memphis was also the place that marked the boundary between Upper and Lower Egypt. So this brings it full circle back to the Elvis as Pharaoh in the Rainbow stage production.
    • Memphis, Tennessee. Tennessee sounds like 10C. 10th letter of the alphabet? J! So Tennessee could be 10C or JC.
    • Graceland, Elvis’s home and now themepark is just south of Memphis Tennessee. I did an anagram search of Graceland and got Arc Angled so I did a search of Elvis and archangel. Check out this eagle cape from a concert in Hawaii:,%20Jewelry%20and%20Junk/American%20Eagle%20Cape.jpg
    • Elvis was on the label SUN records.
    • Elvis’ 1st wife was Priscilla Beaulieu. PB. Spins to db. 42.
    • Elvis is known as the King of Rock and Roll. King of particle and wave? King of vibration? Shake those hips!
    • In Frank’s forbidden knowledge class yesterday we were talking about the Masonic layout of Washington DC and he mentioned that on August 16th, 3 stars rise over 3 of the monuments but never really explained the meaning of it. I’ve got to ask about that next time. The August 16th date pinged immediately as Elvis’ death date so I came home and tried to find out what that alignment was. Anyways, I haven’t been able to confirm this yet but apparently there was a grand cross alignment on the day Elvis died (August 16, 1977). So potentially Elvis died on the cross. That’s pretty crazy! See here:

    This makes me want to watch 3000 Miles to Graceland and all of Elvis’ movies to see what else this might spawn.

    On a sidenote in Frank’s class we also got on the topic of Tie Creek and I asked Frank how I could get formal, proper access to visit the site and he pointed me in your direction.


  5. Awesome Stephen. I feel a blog coming out of you. See you tonight. And yes I can be the gatekeeper for tie creek. i will make a trip there soon and you are welcome to join me.


  6. Thanks Will...
    not to get too far off the subject, but it can get even STRANGER!


    which, in certain circles (and the 1984 movie "The Philadelphia Experiment", starring Michael Paré) was believed to have opened the door, so to speak, on Teleportation (StarG8s) and Time Travel.

    Which the other half of J-Squared (JIM) reminded me of yesterday with his twitpic of the Back to the Future poster and uncovering of 88 Miles per Hour = 142 Kilometers per Hour

    Excellent vid on the subject...
    Youtube - The True Story of the Philadephia Experiment"


  7. That was the most straight forward written post I've seen from this Gay fan club.

  8. Sorry, should've added for anyone wondering about the connections between Atomic Bomb project (also known as Manhattan/Man ATEN Project) and Project RAINBOW and Philadelphia experiment...

    It is believed that all the same high level physicists worked on both.
    names like Einstein, and Tesla, ...

    One of the best documentary series that names the names behind the scenes is "PHENOMENON: The Lost Archives", coincidentally starring QUANTUM LEAP's (an old time travel TV Series) Dean Stockwell, as host.

    The WATCHMEN graphic novel/comic and movie has a big blue Dr. Manhattan, an ex-physicist with god-like,Djinn-Like (Jupiter/Zeus like) powers who is also able to teleport and move forward and backward in time.

    @Chris K,
    that from a sycophant/SYNC-O-Phant who put his time into making a blog called the "The Stynk Hole"?
    and while I'm personally not gay, I'm certainly no homophobe and I fully respect each individual's right to love whomever they choose from any gender!

    And whether syncs come from straight or gay is irrelevant, we're all "humans being".

    As to Cali's Prop 8, if gays and lesbians want to get married and be as unhappy as the majority of those in straight marriage, I say let them! (LOL!)


  9. I had the most vivid and strange and wonderful dream last night where I met versions of all of you and Michael from Gosporn. We had to climb up to this elevated rooftop and the only way up was this tiny ladder that buckled whenever I felt panic that I was too high. So, the way up was to overcome fear.
    I have to run to work, but I had to check in and find us all in the same place. Amazing.
    You're all wonderful.

  10. has anyone note, (i'm sure they have) that Obama's bday is 8/4--that like the queen, he too is a double rainbow?

  11. Yes Doug. That is why the diagram I did has the double rainbow ring with the blackstar in the middle. obama is the blackstar. remember that 42 jupiter blackstar graphic i did awhile back.

    manitoba + manitoba = manitOBAMAnitoba
    42 + 42 = 84

    manitoba is "tin obama"

    silly stuff bro

  12. I did this massive comment that google promptly ate, so now just a thanks for the shout out and much love to the Syncho's out there. Hope to meet y'all on the roof someday, after climbing Jacob's rickety ladder. --M

  13. Masterful punmanship...Mr. Kirkpatrick called us Gay and straight all in the same breath.

  14. How 'bout that...

    for the first time in 65 years a US representative attended the annual Hiroshima memorial in Japan...

    The attendee was US ambasador to Japan, John Victor Roos... who was born on 2/14/55 (of course!!)

    Here's the AP's story on Youtube of the event. Lots of relevant syncs in the images!


  15. 2010 year we make contact is born in 19>84<

  16. Fidel Castro, age 84 on 13 august
    Fidel Castro back in Cuban parliament, gives speech after 4 years

  17. A Musing on Enola Gay...

    ENOLA = E(ast) New Orleans, LA

    ENOLA = opposite of "ALL ONE"


  18. Don't know if it has been noted here before...
    but, since I mentioned The Watchmen movie earlier:
    I noted another 24/42 appearance...

    When Dr.Manhattan is "made" in the Intrinsic Field Lab in the movie, the time lock clock on the wall as the door closes is at 24.xx seconds (somewhere about 24.50 seconds to be exact)

    and if we use 24 hour time, all the clocks in the scene and the watch are at 2400 hrs.

    and that SYNC came because I was reading an article on Mary Roach's new book "PACKING FOR MARS". Immediately after completing the article I turned on the tv - which happened to be tuned to a movie channel, and the very first image that appears on the screen was Dr. Manhattan on MARS!

    having seen that, and knowing from past experience how SYNCs unfold information, I continued to watch the movie to see what else would might stand out to me.


  19. and the SYNCs continue...
    right after posting the above comment I thought I should check out Red Ice Creations for Henrik Palmgren's latest updates to end my weekend and
    low and behold, there's a link and lead story titled:

    Mars’s remarkable Bull’s-Eye Crater
    This unusual crater was photographed from 190 miles up by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

    and the top story in the lower section:

    Mars active industrial site located by remote viewing, JPL photos, corroborating Mars whistleblowers


  20. is this in sync?

    See the rainbow logo of old amiga compunter

    1985-2010 amiga still return with new amigaone X1000

  21. IO is the key, you mention Gios, the singer Dio was born in 1942 from the band rainbow, if you add up RIO=42. I keep getting IO syncs, by jove.

  22. then the captcha code was rtIOrtypatebro !!!

  23. I/O = Input/Output in computer speak.