Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BEAveR Contact

"Those that studied the stars became the stars."

"There has been a divine order. The stars are lowering."

-Maestro Juan Flores

On Saturday the 11th of December I went over to Jim's to watch Ransom with Mel Gibson. He had rented it from Blockbuster after going through a list of Mel Gibson and Leslie Nielson movies, finding Ransom the only one on the list, available in the store. Mel Gibson came up because of his new film The Beaver and Nielson had died on 28 November.

After arriving home with Mel Gibson's Ransom Jim realized Ransom is a remake of the Leslie Nielson starring Ransom!
Jim proceeded to show me a video from TMZ explaining the mysterious Leslie Nielson Beaver Connection.
The video explains that 3 people from the film Airplane! (like the "!" just like Ransom!) have died in 2010 and that all three have a "Beaver connection".
Peter Graves, Captain Clarence Oveur in Airplane!, died on 14 March.
He did a voice in The Angry Beavers S2 E10 "The Day the Earth Got Really Screwed Up".
"Oh Stewardess, I speak Jive"

Above is Barbara Billingsley aka Jive Lady who died on October 16. It's her Birthday today, 22 December, which prompted me to compile the recent Beaver syncs.
Barbara was June Cleaver on the long running Leave it to Beaver, a 50's-60's TV family comedy. June relates to Juno, wife of Jupiter.
Nielson himself encounters the Beaver in The Naked Gun.
Tron opened on 17 December and had Micheal Sheen play Zuse/Castor. Castor is Beaver fascinatingly connected to Zeus/Jupiter as we already saw with June Cleaver mother of Beaver in Leave it to Beaver.

While thinking about the Mel Gibson Beaver connect I realized that the word BRAVE can be rearranged to become BEAVER.

HEART contains the word ART.

In the movie Music Within actor Michael Sheen (Castor/Zuse in Tron) plays a character named ART.

Coincidentally the late Leslie Nielsen also starred in this movie.

Brave Art. Brave Heart. Beaver Heart.

Actor Ray Winston did the voice of Mr. Beaver in the first Narnia movie.

Ray Winston also starred alongside Beaverheart Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness.

While browsing through Ray Winstons Impawards page I noticed that he played the role of Soldier Sam (member of the StArmy) in The Magic Roundabout.

Earlier on we saw Jake mention Castor so I love the fact that the French title for The Magic Roundabout contains the word Pollux.

In greek mythology the goddess Leda was impregnated by Jupiter (who took the form of a Swan) who then gave birth to her son Pollux.

Here we see Leda embracing Jupiter as she looks down at her Twin Suns.

Jim (@synwinnipeg) tweets the above image with these words:
Captured a screen still of this tweet from last Saturday. First glance I saw Starmy instead of "Star Amy". Perfect that @ sees The Fighter on the day the Starmy is signed into effect.
I did indeed go to the theater today and watched The Fighter with Amy Adams aka Star Amy/StARMy.

The StARMy is a recent word Jim and I have been using for folks who are becoming Real Self Conscious via sync.
I like that the boxing G-Love gives The Fighter a severed hand.

See Severed Fist of the North Star for severed hands.
Kate B. O'Brien (sister of Conan O'Brien) is Beaver in The Fighter

The Fighter sees Mark Whalberg and girlfriend Amy Adams say the word, and talk to, "Beaver", as this is the nickname of one of Whalberg's sisters. This stands out as today is June Cleaver's, mom of Leave it to Beaver, Birthday and also today we should be working on a Beaver post.
I went looking for the above image of Amy Adams encountering Jupiter in Night of the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and found it in Sync Whole post hEARt.

We see her as Amelia EARhart in Night at the Museum, with whipping red hair hitting the red Southern Equatorial Belt region of Jupiter, as Ben Stiller trails behind.
Discovery writes on 10 December, Amelia Earhart's Finger Bone Recovered?
A tiny bone fragment collected on a remote tropical island could be turtle -- or it could belong to the legendary pilot, researchers say
The post hEARt focused on the heart shape looking like ears and echoing Janus the Doorway God, a version of Jupiter. It included Face/Off as echoing the two-faced Janus and showed Jupiter hitting Nicholas Cage in Knowing (screen grab above).
Perfect, utterly and totally perfect, as both these Stars take turns playing Castor (Beaver) & Archer (Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter).

Arrowsmith points out that Leda is the mother of the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux.

Wiki on Leda in Mythology reads:
Leda was admired by Zeus, who seduced her in the guise of a swan. As a swan, Zeus fell into her arms for protection from a pursuing eagle. Their consummation, on the same night as Leda lay with her husband Tyndareus, resulted in two eggs from which hatched Helen — later known as the beautiful "Helen of Troy" — Clytemnestra, and Castor and Pollux
That a film with a Swan theme would be in theaters as we discuss Castor seems to be highly suggestive of Black Swan echoing the Zeus/Jupiter impregnation of Leda, mother of Castor/Beaver.
The Black Swan website contains the Jupiter run 12 & 4 on its opening page.
Jim has noted that Ransom! talks about the Ring while Mel Gibson wears a prominent golden wedding ring. This fits with The Fighter as being all about the boxing ring and with this time period of the returning Southern Equatorial Belt or Ring of Jupiter.
Beavers have pelts and pelt is belt (ring) when we flip the p/d.
Another thing in hEARt post that aligns is mention of Valentines Day opening on February 12. This is the day after the birth of Leslie Nielson on 2/11 and the date February 12 is one I can clearly remember from posters in Black Swan (stills pending).
The Eclipse on the December Solstice was echoed by Black Swan as both sun and moon occupied the same position in the Swan Lake set over the course of Natalie Portman's key opening night performance.

Natalie echoes Jupiter/Zeus/Sagittarius again (she does so as a Swan) in Your Highness with her Bow and Arrow.
Again funny celestial shenanigans at work when we see the trailer and its two moons.
The coloring and relative sizes of the two spheres (the color just flipped) is exactly the same as Darcy J. Watts new image!

BEAveR contains BEAR.
Oso Blanco y Pachamama

This piece, Oso Blanco y Pachamama, is another joint creation with ayahuasquero, Jim Sanders, who also wrote an accompanying icaro (medicine song) for it. Our first was the Cosmic Tigger piece. In this instance Jim’s teacher, renowned Asháninka healer Maestro Juan Flores, passed his vision of the White Bear and Mother Earth on to Jim in Peru in order that I might interpret it artistically.

This union of creative effort has only just begun – this is the second – but is evolving rapidly. In the realm of spirit I’ve experienced the inseparability of our song and art. Neither came first. They are one and the same and not so much creations of ours as they are a glimpse at Creation itself.

Happy Solstice…


The poster for JCarpenter's (wasn't christ a carpenter?) stARMan seems to higlight the ARMS and HANDS catching the Falling Star.
It was while watching Starman that I thought of the word STARMY. With thoughts of ARMS swirling in my head already, the name Starmy seemed to encapsulate loads of charged sync.

This came to me as I was watching the ARMY encircle Jeff Bridges, the Starman, before he is reunited with his ship to go home. I watched this movie the night of Friday Dec. 17th, same day that I had just seen Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy.

I like how in Starman he needs to return to the meteor crater to be picked up.

The Starmy idea actually arose in conversation on our way to a ceremony with dirtywett at his house in Boissevain, Manitoba. A town beside Turtle Mountain.

Myself, Jake and another friend drove out 3 hours on the night of December 18th to Boissevain to do an Ayahuasca ceremony. A ceremony very much in honour of the newest image by dirtywett Oso Blanco y Pachamama.

December 18th was the day that I saw the "Star Amy Adams" and thought Starmy.

You could say we where doing a ceremony in honour of the White Bear on the central Turtle Mountain.

Turtle Mountain is a park in the centre of North America that is home to the international Peace Garden.

The moon as seen through the towers at the Peace Garden.

Pieces of the World Trade Towers are part of a 9/11 memorial at the Peace Gardens.

The Peace Gardens are actually built on top of a ancient Dakota sacred site. The Dakota have a myth of the Turtle and the Serpent.

The morning after the ceremony Darcy shows me his sketch pre-coloring. I tweet it.

In the picture the White Bear is kneeling on a centre mountain that is encircled by four other mountains. The vines are like serpents.

A few minutes later I go take a picture of sketches on the fridge with a Bear doing Yoga themed notepad. I tweet "Yogi Bear" because I knew that Yogi Bear just opened in theatres two days before on Dec. 17. It opened same day as Tron Legacy.

Then before we leave Boissevain we go by Tommy the Turtle and of course once again there is the Bear (bottom right corner) The Turtle Bear. The Slow & Steady Bear. The Yogi Bear

Turtle Mountain/Island (Earth) is Pachamama.

The Starmy is her Army. It is the St. Army. The Army of Saints. Santa's Army. Army is Mary.

StArmy = St. Mary = Mother of Christ. Mother of the White Bear.

We got Bears, we got turtles, we got snakes but where are the beavers?

Now the interesting thing about Boissevain, Turtle Mountain and the International Peace Garden, there is a significant presence of freemasons in the area.

Masons have LODGES just like beavers do.

The freemasons even have a building there at the International Peace Gardens that is shaped like a Square and Compass as seen from the sky. Check out the photo areal shot of it.

Looks like a Beaver Lodge is waiting to make contact.

Beavers are carpenters as well aren't they. More about wood/doom/knots later.

The Airplane was knotted now we untangle it.

More later



Watching Amazon Women on the Moon, because, oh never mind why... (Had nothing to with beavers, I swear.)
The title shot entrains with Airplane!
Just a couple of minutes in, a man, overlooked by a swan, is watching TV. Guess what's on?
Leave it to Beaver...
Over at Wiki this morning..
Notice Today, 23 Dec, is the day van Gogh cut of his ear in 1888.
The hEARt post contained the self portrait of van Gogh with his bandaged ear.

I like how @satoriallme noticed recently that EAR is another variation on the versatile set of susynct words deriving from MAR(S).


MARS is the WARS planet of the StARMy ruled by the RAMS. In WARS we take up ARMS and hEAR the battle drums.
MARS/WARS needs StarMummy aka St. Mary to bring peace and alignment. Seth Green is Milo above who opens the door and sees the Space Ship of ET or Chariot to Cosmic Nosis of StarMummy.

Seth Green is FloWman in StarMummy 2

StarMummy 2: FloWman from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.


The movie poster for AIRPLANE has the aircraft in a KNOT.
I read this as we need to untangle our knots in order to reach the (H)Air Plain here on Earth, or to make Heaven on Earth.

Knots are found in not only hair, but also in WOOD (DOOM).

It is the knots in our consciousness and relationships with ourselves and others that make us see and live through DOOM.

As Santa will tell us, it is best not to be KNOTTY/NAUGHTY, but rather be nice. Better to flow than get tangled.

Interesting how most people tie their presents for others with bows which are also knots. Untie the knots and find the gift of the present moment where one may flow freely.

Untie your knots and find Joy!

Back to the Air Plain.

When we traveled to Boissevain to do the Ayahuasca ceremony on Saturday Dec. 18, we traveled to the 100th Meridian. This is considered the line where The Great Plains begin and home to Turtle Mountain/International Peace Garden.

The Great Plains are also home to the Dakota, otherwise known as the Buffalo People.

Buffalo = Bison - Twin Sun

The Great Air Plains where the Twin Suns roam.

Airplane got me thinking of Snakes on a Plane starring Samuel Jackson.

I know to keep following this sync lead as Jackson just celebrated his birthday on the Solstice, or December 21 - same day that Darcy from Boissevain dropped the Oso Blanco y Pachamama image as well as the reason for our visit to Turtle Mountain and the Great Plains.

Snakes on a Plane = Ayahuasca/Rising Kundalini arriving at the Great Air Plain.

Later G8ors


Kevin: Beutiful stuff here everyone! Im amazed to share some photos that I took at an art gallery, which strongly connects a few narratives together.

So my bandmate tipped me off to some interesting Rope syncs he had been having, and told me to go check out the art gallery downtown. The installment is called "ROPES Reconfigured". By John BRIDGES resonating with Jeff Bridges, also mentioned above.

Lots of Knots along the walls, this perfectly entrains with the Knots mentioned above, there.

Then we can see what apear to be Masonic Motifs of Handshakes and Ropes connecting, as well as pyramids.

Yep, there it is, The Compass and Square tying their knots in the Dark!

Then theres an interesting peice on the floor of the Gallery in a glass box, it has an evidence bag labeled "Left Hand Small Finger Missing" with 4 fingers printed, but what else sticks out of the Evidence bag but a burned symbol of the Masonic Compass and Square.

What appears to be a severed Deer Hoof and more Knots shown in another glass box.

Thats all I have time for now, more later, much love all <3>

Today, 24 Dec, is Capricorn Ava Gardner's Birthday. She appeared on TV's Knots Landing.
I thought Capricorn's tail and symbol looked kinda like a swirly knot.
Found one that actually is a knot.
Perfect that we would pick up the knot resonance right as we enter the sign of the knotted tail Sea-Goat aka Capricorn.

We have learned that the study of the Movie Stars and the Heavenly Stars is the same thing, the study of our relationship to the divine spark in all.

Kevin: Upon sharing these syncs with my girlfriend she was Joyed to inform me that she had just purchased a huge pack of permanent markers, because she had just seen a really cool drawing video on youtube. This is all about Math and Drawing, features lots of Rope and Knots, and best of all "Snakes on a (graph)Plane". Cool!!


  1. Love the Castor/Beaver connection. The moon was in Gemini during the Solstice Eclipse.

    Oddly enough, I had that same episode of Angry Beavers on my old computer. It was the only one I downloaded. :D

  2. "We're at War with the Beavers"

    Amazing! This a.m. in newspaper!

    This was the front page! headline and half page photo in our today's newspaper.

  3. Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury, which is in retrograde until the the end of the month. Mercury is also positioned, as of me typing this now, very close to GC.

    Danny McBride, seen front and center in the Your Highness poster, is best known as "Bullet Proof Tiger (BP 2010)" in the TV show Eastbound and Down, adding some more Jupiterian vibes to the poster.

  4. You guys are truly wonderful.

    On tuesday I was in a toy shop (first time in years), with my mother, who lives in another country and is visiting for the holidays. We've had hard times communicating of late (we're all changing so fast) and I thought some simple things might help - first stop, toy shop.

    We spent a lot of time in the cuddly toy section. We both picked up Beavers by Steiff at the same time - sadly I didnt take a picture. Somehow they stood out to both of us. They were right next to the Pandas, which is a personal sync of mine. We ended the day on the water, looking out at the lake and talking honestly on a bench. The statue at this part of town is a man and a swan (i will source a picture later today). When we parted, I felt we had bridged a huge gap in our relationship. It was a good day!

    Later that evening, I took delivery of my friend's bulldog - who I will be caring for this christmas whilst the owners travel to Rio De Janiero. The dog's name is 'Nina Bear' (pics on my twitpic). She is very special to me, as most of my syncs in nature occur on our walks together.

    Yesterday (weds), we went for a loooong walk into the unknown, and were pleasantly surprised with our findings: a bike shop called Isi's, 47/Silver all over the place. On the way back through, we met an older gay widow, who we (nina bear and I) had seen a couple of times on our walks. He mentioned to me how he recognized us as I 'was the one always taking photographs', which I do when sync-walking, obviously! He joined in for the rest of our walk, and we shared a common belief that the world is changing and Mother Nature is making changes for us. Meeting a Gay Widow felt somehow sync'd to StArmy and DADT, too.

    Just wanted to share that, little confused in the typing I'm sure but your posts seem to be hitting me harder each time.

    Oh, and I was watching Tron last night, noticed a nice rainbow and vesica piscis - I'm sure you already seen it, but I couldnt find on your blogs.

    with love and peace,


  5. EDIT: I guess I was projecting - it's not a Swan, it's an Eagle!

    Ganymede & Zeus at Zurich Bürkliplatz

  6. A side-sync to muse upon whilst playing with your beaver:

    Your Highness - co-starring James Franco (b.4/19/78 and widely known as the "Green Goblin" II) of the Marvel Comics Spider-Man franchise.

    James Franco was also seen recently in as the star in Danny Boyle's newest, "127 Hours".

    Which leads back to the beleaguered "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" (Broadway Musical).

    U2's BONO and The Edge and Julie Taymor (The LION KING) are the Spider-Man themed musical's creators, which is currently running as "Preview Performance" (began 11/28/10).

    The dress rehersal for the musical, scheduled on 11/27/10 was cancelled.

    Official opening of the musical is scheduled for 2/7/11.

    Oh yes, better not forget to mention:
    it is playing at the FOXWOODS THEATER (formerly the "FORD Center for the Performing Arts") at 213 West and 42nd Street in Manhattan. The Foxwoods name comes from its benefactor, the "MGM Grand - Foxwoods Resort and Casino".

    Check out the big SWAN in their promo video.

    Swan, Black Swan ... Natalie Portman, and she's the one with the gorgeous ASS exposed in the R-Rated "Your Highness" trailer in the previous comment - an ASS which sadly is obscured with a CGI full bikini bottom in the "General" trailer.

    And off on a tangent:
    MGM uses the LION as their logo, which we've previously explored as related to ZEUS resonator, one ABE LINCOLN (Lion King). Old Abe, the 16th Pres of the USA, was ASS-ASS-inated at "FORD's THEATER" (in Washington DC).

    Marvel Comics: On Jan. 14 '09, (7+7 days or 2x7 days into the year, and we all know what is the result of 2+7) Marvel Comics released a special issue of "Amazing Spider-Man #583" (5+8+3) with President Obama depicted on the cover. Inside are five pages of the two teaming up and even a fist-bump between Spidey and the new president.

    Visit the Sync List - the big list of Semiotic and Synchronicity related blogs and sites!

  7. 'spose I could have wrote:
    ..."Natalie Portman, and she's the one with the gorgeous BARE ASS exposed..."

    You can "Grin and BEAR it" or create GRINs and BARE IT!


  8. If you didn't quite get how Spider-Man (at the old "FORD Center for the Performing Arts") got tossed into the mix... scroll all the way back to the very first image of this article and look closer.


  9. Samuel L Jackson is so Ophiuchus/GC/black star in that snakes on a plane pic.

  10. @JiM,

    wild you brought in Sam L JACKSON. I just had a sync in the last 24 to Michael JACKSON and the double seven. (2,7).

    Michael Jackson died on 6/25/2009 which was 77 weeks from yesterday!


  11. 12/24/10 is Day 358 of Gregorian calendar. 7 days remain in 2010.
    It has been 247 days since the Gulf Oil Disaster of 4/21/10.
    It is 728 days to the Maya CAL-Ender date of 12/21/12. (or 1 year 11 months 27 days).

    Merry Christmas to all the Christians and Happy HOLY-Days to all the rest!


  12. Quantum Christmukkawanzayulestice entanglement!! <3<3<3

  13. What type of animal pelt is Soldier sam's hat? Is it Dyed Beaver?
    The beaver connects the imperial tool of initial trade of what I understand for grounding the Mason's in what they Term North America which threw the normal balance way off from the start of the ecosystem which the Natives thrived inside of.
    Is the common use and connection with some media entities, and animals an aspect of their pagan(like?) rituals and parallels.

  14. I'm a bit late to the Nielsen party, but perhaps this explains why it was necessary for the King of Deadpan to die before the birth of Christ:

    According to the Greek historian Plutarch (in De defectu oraculorum, "The Obsolescence of Oracles"),[22] Pan is the only Greek god (other than Asclepius) who is dead. During the reign of Tiberius (A.D. 14–37), the news of Pan's death came to one Thamus, a sailor on his way to Italy by way of the island of Paxi. A divine voice hailed him across the salt water, "Thamus, are you there? When you reach Palodes,[23] take care to proclaim that the great god Pan is dead." Which Thamus did, and the news was greeted from shore with groans and laments....

    Christian apologists, however, took Plutarch's notice to heart, and repeated and amplified it until the 18th century.[27] It was interpreted with concurrent meanings in all four modes of medieval exegesis: literally as historical fact, and allegorically as the death of the ancient order at the coming of the new....

    The cry "Great Pan is dead" has appealed to poets, such as John Milton, in his ecstatic celebration of Christian peace, On the Morning of Christ's Nativity...

  15. Interesting hat we are resonating with knots and St. Mary. St. Mary resonates with Kali, the anhihalator of the eggo. Being knotted up allows the purging of the ego.

  16. Alexander the Great (died age 33) had to cut the Gordian Knot before he became king of Asia/Assiah.

    According to the literature of kundalini yoga our experience of these centers is limited due to knots which restrict the flow of energy into these centers. Three knots are particuarly important. The knot of Brahma which restricts the center at the base of the spine. The knot of Vishnu which restricts the heart center and the knot of Rudra which restricts the center between the eyebrows. (Kundalini FAQ)

  17. I have been syncing with beavers in Decemberment as well.What is the beaver supposed to represent?

  18. Teen Wolf's (shirt 42) basketball team is called the Beavers, it's on tv now as I type.

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