Monday, February 21, 2011

Paradise Kitty

Here's a new video exploring Bruce Willis' entrainment with the Cat...along with a couple other things.

Hope you enjoy.

Here's some additional syncage which never made it into the video.

Bruce Willis (Mr. Goodkat) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Cat-woman) both relax on the moon-grin of the Cheshire Cat.

In The Story of Us feline-loving Willis crosses paths with the Cat once again.

Pfeiffer could also be considered a Paradise Kitty.

Bruce Willis has also shared screen time with another Cat-woman.

In The Last Boyscout star-struck Willis encounters her inside a strip club where she hires him to protect her from the BAD guys.

If we go off on a fishy tangent (don't all Cats love Fish?) we find that Halle Berry has recently been filming off Seal Island for her upcoming movie Dark Tide.

Berry plays the lead role of a Shark hunter named KATe Mathieson.

If we take another look at Cat-woman Michelle Pfeiffer we find that her sister, Dedee Pfeiffer, starred in the 2004 Shark movie Blue Demon.

Both Cat-women can be linked to the Great White...and Bruce Willis.

Things get curioser in (HH/88) Hudson Hawk where Mr. Goodkat rides along on a Shark sk8board.

Here's a Shark/Cat connect I recently noticed on the poster for Pineapple Express.

On closer inspection we see that one-armed BAnDit James Franco wears an interesting T-shirt.

I like how the kitten on Francos T-shirt reaches out to touch actor Seth Rogen with its paws, Rogen being an actor who recently starred as The Green HornE.T. and also played an E.T. named Paul.

Could be a sign that it's time to phone Home.

So what you waiting for?

Cat got your tongue?



Love the video Richard.
Today, Feb 22, is DB/42 Drew Barrymore's Birthday. She makes contact with E.T, a film mentioned by Bruce Willis in the video above. We see she is placed right beside Thomas Jane who turns 42 on the same day.
Jane stars in The Big Blue See with sharks & Samuel L. Jackson, Zeus from Die Hard With Vengeance as we saw in Paradise Kitty.


  1. Awesome!

  2. Love it! Great job at putting it together, really flows.

  3. Great video and great post. The ET and Grays spot was awesome.


  4. Will-is, Thelema. Cybil Shepherd plays Robert De Niro's love interest in Taxi Driver. In Moonlighting, Cybil Shepherd plays opposite Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis plays a taxi driver in The Fifth Element.

    J.D. Salinger's "A Perfect Day for Bananafish" features a child named Sybil Carpenter from Whirly Wood, evidently a reference to Diana Nemorensis. Diana/Artemis/Phoebe is Bast. Jake mentioned in the last post that the Bennu, the Egyptian Phoenix, "may have been pronounced something like *bānana".

  5. Very artsy, with perfect timing. Definitely has the wow factor.

    The lion at the end reminds me of the Lion of Judah. "We did it" ....meow?

  6. hey guys, super post!

    The Last Boy Scout, Milo:

    Y/day i posted a piece on the Descendents, and their album 'Milo Goes To College' -

    Descendents are a punk band on Fat Wreck Chords, same label as Lagwagon.

    Lagwagon cover Bad Moon Risin, and appear all over my sync notes. Quickly, here's a few:

    Anyway, there is a scene following the one above [in the Last Boy Scout] where a henchman offers Mr GoodKat a cigarette, only to withdraw the offer and replace it with a punch every time our hero makes a move for it.

    After a second punch, the man-in-the-white-vest warns a third attempt will result in a fatal end to the game. He tries it on, and pays the price.

    Anyway, Lagwagon have on their album Trashed (the first I bought from them way back when) a final song, a parody of LL Cool J (also in Deep Blue Sea with the Shhh-ARK!) Mama Said Knock U Out.

    The opening seconds of the song are sampled dialogue between Milo and 'Joseph' Joe Hallenbeck / JH, 'play some rap music'.

    Penultimately, on the same Lagwagon album is a personal favourite, Coffee & Cigarettes (also a great film by Jim Jarmusch).

    Finally, I have two big sharks tattooed on my arm, under the tiger!

    Awesome - thanks for making me more crazy every day. love you guys work. amazing.

    peace and love

    james / @tol_jah

    update: I found the lagwagon song (Back One Out / Mama Said Knock You Out Parody) on youtube - the sound only starts at 1:00 - and it's milo's voice we hear first. Feelin it?!

  7. and the anti-spam measure code for that comment was "Sibbilss"

  8. so excited i left off the lagwagon / ll cool j link :


    p.s could someone please tell me whats going on? I'm totally new to sync and its heavy, man.

  9. last thing i swear - Metal Hand - also posted today - was a skateboarding accident on a surfing trip (sharkboarding? - yep) about six years ago maybe.

  10. Beauty RA. always fun, and highly crafted.
    you're a cinemalchemist

  11. Thank you Richard! Another classic peace of Sync. Keep it up brother! :D

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