Friday, February 11, 2011

There's Just Something About Eris - Break it Down Now


In 1994(1+9+9+4=23) Jim Carrey pulled out of being just a comedian and became a house hold name. In that year he made 3 cinema classics. Dumb and Dumber, Pet Detective, and the one shown above The Mask. On a sync tip, well, lets just say that we don't call him Sync Christ Carrey for nothin'. In short the movies, and I mean all of them, are loaded.

But this isn't about Carrey, not directly at least. This is about an unknown actress that was introduced in The Mask. One Cameron Diaz. Almost all teenage boys that year were not soon to forget the bombshell form The Mask, not in the least, she was stunning.

One of syncs little tools is the study of archetypical figures used through out story telling and/or myth(same thing, those two). One of the observations made by Steve Willner and Jake Kotze was that Jim Carrey resonated with the Archetype of the green man, seeing that he was the green Riddler in Batman Forever, The Grinch and also The Mask. The green man is not exactly an easy archetype to pin point, meaning you cant just say Green Man = Osiris.... I mean you could.... Cause it is, but it doesn't end there, it's more than that.

Ok, so what, I'm digressing again. But so be it. Personally I think modern man has the wrong idea about pre-existing mythologies. They view the past as a solid chunk. Meaning Osiris was Osiris and that's the end of the story. But you have to realize that we are dealing with generations here, and like movies there were remakes... Hence Osiris changed, morphed and became Dionysus, who became Jesus, and so forth and so on. What sync has taught us, at least me, is that these weren't pushed upon civilization as programing, but were un avoidable programing that arose from our consciousness out of necessity.

Jim Carrey, in this right, actually resonates a whole slew of like characters. And sync with its charm and personable sense of humor teaches that all these characters are not one due to Jim but are using Jim to show they they've been one the whole time. That in fact Jim Carrey, who himself was given the most powerfully charged initials in the western world, is not an actor dressed in these mask but a continuation of the same archetypes. Jim Carrey = Jesus Christ = Osiris = Zeus = Dying God....

Now the polarization of these characters finds its home securely in the opposing sex. Jupiter and Zeus had Hera and Juno. Jesus had Mary and Osiris had Isis. Jim Carrey as the Green Osiris finds his opposite in Tina Carlyle portrayed by Ms. Diaz of course. Jim has a history on screen, and admittingly off as well, with the number 23 that finds its sync wink in the name of Ms. Carlyle. Like Carrey's initials giving a clue so does her own... Tina Carlyle = T C or (20) (3) 0r 23. Not to mention the main chunck of the story takes place at the Coco Bongo = C B or (3) (2) or 23.

The number 23 is not a conspiracy. It was never meant to be although for some reason people think that it is now. Its a sync. THE sync really. And is a key to Diaz' nature. Sense the beginning of the number it has been linked to the goddess Eris (discussed in Flight 23 part 2), so we can see that Isis = Cameron= Eris... This I mean to explore.

See Isis is both Osiris' Sister and Wife and Mary is the name for both Jesus' mom and supposed wife if you dig the myth warping Dan Brown.

Keanu Reeves is most iconic for playing his own role as NEO/the ONE in The Matrix, a movie filled with symbolism and based off a book about symbolism(VALIS by Philip K Dick). However the Cameron was with him 3 years before The Matrix, in 1996's Feeling Minnesota. Keanu plays Jjaks Clayton whose initials once again create a solid Jesus thread. In the movie Cameron marries JC's brother and then runs away with JC. A theme of being the other women(reversed) that shows up often with Diaz. PS. Brides are veiled like Isis making all brides Isis...
Diaz is the other woman committing infidelity in the movie She's The One echoing herself with The One in the same year(1996) in Feeling Minnesota. It can be said with a little mind bending that Jesus and Mary are ONE being part of a trilogy. This of course Keanu knows about, seeing he was with Trinity in The Matrix.
Julia Roberts first name resonates a female version of the name of Jupiter, or "of Jupiter" I should say. Here Julia removes Isis from her position of the Other Women... Cameron Diaz of course shows her relation to being multiple personalities in ONE.

Themes continue as Cameron perpetrates being married to Obi-Wan in a relationship over seen by angels.
Do I really have to say shit about this one. I mean its pretty much out in the open at this point. Notice the key holes.... The letters in BAD or 214 are most associated with Jupiter a theme that follows Diaz and shows her relation of being Isis as well as being part of Jupiter at the same time. Once again we are introduced to Diaz as a Bride.
Next BIG movie in her career is Being John Malkovich in which she is the Bride of JC once again. That is, she is married to John Cusack or Sync Christ Cusack. Cusack being drench in sync in pretty much anything he does, as well as being followed by the number 23 often in his filmology much like Carrey. In fact John Malkovich's initials are JM or 10(J) 13(m) or 23... JM's or I should say people with the initials JM usually travel with 23's, think Micheal Jordan. The Door Way, connected to Eris in Flight 23 again, makes a vivid appearance in very Coraline vaginal symbols. The screen play was written in 1994. Film over all is loaded.Cameron is probably best known for the film above. But if we put on our sync goggles we see that this is the second time she is seen with the Green Man. The Green Mans relationship to Jesus is insinuated by the fact that Shrek travels with a Donkey as did Jesus, and even Dionysus traveled on one for that matter. She becomes the Bride of Jesus once again.
Ashton most known for his time traveling adventures in The Butterfly Effect, in which he skewers both the palms of his hands in stigmata type fashion, points what is known as the Jupiter Finger at Diaz... Also the tagline is Get Lucky, luck being associated with both Jupiter and Osiris of course. Finally after Very Bad things Diaz gets her own trip to Vegas... To become a Bride naturally.
I mention The Box in passing because its been so well covered in this blog and others for so long. The Red Eye of Cameron is another reference we can use for Jupiter. The Box is also a slang term for the female genitalia. She in this film is wife to James Marsden who in my experience is linked to the father gods over and over. Diaz teams up with Cruise often TC = 23. Mainly noticed in Vanilla Sky as Diaz plays the other woman who disfigures Cruise into a Janus type figure. Janus being another form of Jupiter. They also share screen briefly in Minority Report while she of course remains uncredited in that one. Knight and Day seem a reference to the division of the masculine and feminine in the most basic of symbology.

Kevin: Great work Will!

This is an aspect of the 23 Sync that I have been meditating on recently. Skidoo!

The 23rd Hexagram in the I-Ching is called "Breaking Apart". There are 64 Hexagrams in the I ching, this is very cool because we have 64 Codons in our DNA, and there is a Break* every 23 Codons.

I also just read that Telephone operators use the number 23 to "Break the Line" or end a transmission.

The Tilt of the Earths Axis is also at a 23 Degree angle, creating the Seasons on Earth, thus "Breaking" the year apart.

According to sources Aleister Crowley has said that in Kabbalah 23 is the number of "parting, removal, separation, Joy, a thread."

This is perfect because in Aleister Crowleys most important text "The Book of the Law", he receives communication from the Goddess of Infinite Space and Potential, who symbolizes the totality of all things in existence-Nuit, and she said to him.

For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union. This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all. "

So here we can see Nuit-"The Universe" explaining that she is divided (Broken Apart=23) for the sake of Love and Union. What Joy!

These things come to mind as Will is exploring the way that the Number 23 seems to attract itself to certain folks, that even end up pairing up in certain films. The characters above can be seen, in the light of the 23 references Ive made, as the opposite forces in Nature coming together, the Seasons, Light and Space, Male and Female, Force and Form, Yang and Yin, or if you like Aleister Crowleys' metaphors "The Beast and his bride Babalon". The Green Man(Color of Spring=eternal renewal) can be seen as that Male Force that resurrects itself infinitely in life to unite with the Feminine force in the Universe. So when we see the number 23 we can also thank it for the Joys of Mom and Pop uniting, Heaven and Earth, Microcosm and Macrocosm.

In the Film Beauty and the Beast, we see that the Beasts house itself celebrates upon the arrival of Beauty, candles, teacups, and clocks welcome the Beauty and sing dance and dazzle her so as to inspire her to unite her with her lover, the Beast. This is a beautiful and potent metaphor about real life and especially the path of Synchronicity. The Joy in realizing our environment is always dazzling us into deeper knowing of ourselves and the universe. All of our Joys call out to us through the manyfold beauties in "The Palace" and each according to his or her Joy, will attract the symbols associated with that Joy.

Synchromysticism can be seen as the art of realizing the Aura of symbols that certain Stars* attract, the Stars above and below themselves have attracted themselves to via Love. Most actors Love their work, or they wouldnt be there right? Just a thought. I beleive we all have auras, objects, clothing, hair, styles, symbols, foods, and other information in our environment that express our nature, and draw us to Sync in, or shall I say simply to: 23.

The film "the Number 23" demonstrates beautifully how the Beauty and the Beast nature relates to Synchronicity. The environment of the Beauty( in this case Jim Carry ) conspires dazzle him into further self knowledge and union with the infinite. Though this film has a bit of a darker twist, it is a great connection between the #23 and the Beauty and the Beast reality.

I myself have experienced this Beauty and the Beast reality during a very powerful Salvia Ceremony this year. I prepared a peaceful late evening fo myself, lit a candle before my favorite Tarot card "The Star" and had a smoke.

At one point in this experience, every object around me, the Candles, Tarot card, the pen, paper, all seemed to be telepathically encouraging me to create something beautiful "For the Queen!" everything said. I was in no particular way drawing upon this narrative of satisfying a "Queen" consciously, and never particularly have, but it was so, and as I looked at the beautiful Queen, she asked me to make something beautiful for her with my hands. It was a very breif experience, but most vivid. Im glad to have some context to share it here. I hope this work continues to glorify the beautiful work of momma universe.

Today on Valentines Day, a Holiday where Mom+Pops union are strongly celebrated in Pop Culture, I had a non Local sync with something I tweeted Last month.

Notice how I mention Jack Black is a Beast resonator and is on Stimulants(Gifts of Pop/Beast) in the film Orange County. We see him with Beast Resonator Thomas Kretschman in King Kong (Kong=Beast) as well.

Jack Black also unites with the Sacred Whore Inanna in "Year One". Babalon, the Goddess/MOM mentioned above is also known as "The Sacred Whore" thus perfectly completeing the alchemical marriage of The Great Beast Jack Black and Scarlet Woman Babalon/Innana.

Also cool that I mention Jack Black in reference to the Beast twice above, and today find him on CNN talkin about BIG BEARS! or Beasts :) or Light BEARers!

Jack Black highlighting BEARs again :) Oso Blanco Y Pachamama :)

Happy Valentines Day! Even if your single, you are still a Lover no Doubt, peace in and out! <3>

The Idea of the"Beast" or "Monster" becomes one and the same as nodes such as Dionysus or even JC. This very appearant in Osiris. With his discoloration and zombie like charateristics.

MONstar Sync from Richard Arrowsmith on Vimeo.

King Richard, the maker of the film above, hashes out that there is a definite connection to concepts involving monsters of discoloration and demi gods. As well you can see sons of Zues are like a connection of both heaven and earth, the product of which is something outside the normal experience of life, or a hero in other words. The scene where a helicopter pilot uses the word Jesus to describe his first realization of what he was dealing with is a prime example. The Hulk is the Green Man or Jesus. Doors once again present in Monsters Inc.


  1. Love this, totally tapping into the mythic and deific aspects of Sync. I think youve tapped a Vein, 23 in Kabalah and I Ching points toward "Breaking Apart", and the 23 degree axis of the Earth is what Divides the seasons, creating opposites that joy in their union and surrender their dual seperate nature. In Crowleys the "Book of the Law" the Goddess of Space and infinite potential says "I am divided(23)for Loves sake" as in all joy in the universe comes from uniting the opposites, thus destroying the veil of duality. Love is the union or destruction of opposites. So in a way, we can thank 23 or "Breaking Apart" for all Marriages, physical, metaphysical etc. This Marriage is not possible without The Green Man is the eternally resurrected male force of the universe, that surrenders itself to love and dissolution and then is born again eternally. Okay im going to post this much until I can add onto this post tonight. Great work Will, much Love!

  2. ^^^ couldn't agree more. Great post Will.