Monday, February 28, 2011

MJ Midnight Madness and HeartBerry Fields

Greetings BroStars and SiStars, two new short videos to share :)

The Moon, Michael J Fox and Michael Jackson.

HeartBerry Fields - featuring Jim Sturgess


  1. Sony blocking content from the 1st vid "in my country" - I guess Europe?

    It won't play the first..blech.

    Watching 2nd now.

  2. Love it. Beautiful, thanks for making these Kev Bro.

  3. James- I will upload a Vimeo version soon for problems like that :) Peace and Love

    Jake- Thanks brother :D, been thinking about these lil sync shorts too, was inspired by you and Jims latest. Peace and Love

  4. Thanks Kev! wonderful - I've seen Jim Sturgess somewhere else's buggin' me.


  5. Michael J Fox had 42 on his back.. not sure if anyone saw that?

  6. I like how just as MJF scores the winning free throw we see the score is tied 51-51, so the final score was 52-51. 52 = Heart (H8 + E5 + A1 + R18 + T20). The heart wins!