Friday, February 25, 2011

A Peace of the Moon

New Moon themed sync video about how Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell & Micheal Jackson interpenetrate.

My goal with these videos is to highlight the unseen hand that orchestrates thing/events. The hand that somehow creates everything yet at the same time is being created by everything.

When you make a sync video you realize the boundaries between things - like an individual film, a performers 'real' life & work, music choices associated with films etc - are only conventions and not actually there.
This is true for all things that exist. Everything is non-locally connected in space & time and infinitely intertwined with everything else. Sync and resonance is us increasingly becoming self aware of this.

Here are some short sync videos made recently. I like increasingly showing movie syncs move, makes sense. Just like in a tweet we don't always need all the relevant context to share sync.
Tin Woman

Jude Law is Special

This one by Jim inspired the notion to make these sync bite videos...


Finding a ton of syncs in old Internet memes. For instance, went on a Banana kick on twitter a couple of days ago. Bananas are shaped like a crescent Moon and resonate accordingly.

Banana = 2 1 14 1 14 1. Jake mentioned on twitter that "Bennu" as in Bennu Bird (egyptian Phoenix) was pronounced similarly to Banana.

Sin or Nanna was the god of the moon in Mesopotamian mythology (source)

bananas hanging in the air

"In space, no one can hear you scream"

pajamas are worn when the moon is out. Usually.

Like how Richards video "Paradise Kitty" in the last post also highlights the moon and E.T.
The crescent/banana of the moon is also the Phone shape.
As is the smile of the cat...

Paradise Kitty from Richard Arrowsmith on Vimeo.

Kevin: I am amazed to see that Pullin down the Moon and Kitty Cats are the focus here right now.

I just got home from playing a very fun and intimate show here in Upstate New York with my band It's Not Night: It's Space. I spent many a night this week editing a 1 hour video to project live during our show tonight which beautifully and Non-Locally entrained with todays post, and both Jake and Richards videos.

Both the pulling down of the Moon as seen in Jakes video, and the Cat seen in Richards, are seen together here at about 4 minutes into the video from tonights show. I happened across this CAT* Stevens animation i found a few nights ago, and decided to make this something like a skeleton for tonights projections.Heres a scene with a stray kitty helping a man pull down the Moon, and ride it over the Rainbow, into his imagination.

The Kitty rides the Moon over the Rainbow in this scene here, non locally entraining between me in New York, Richard in Scotland and Jake in Canada, truely Beautiful stuff.

Drinks were on the house tonight, so I enjoyed the local brew "Hurricane KITTY"

On top of all this, a beautiful little stay Kitty has been welcomed into my home as of Wednesday Night, she is staying with us till she has a home, we feel blessed to have had her come to us for help during this freezing snowy winter.

My girlfriend named this Kitty Paul, after Paul McCartney. I find this cool as we saw in Richards Post Paradise Kitty, we see That a Cat on James Francos shirt, reaches to touch Seth Rogan, who plays a stray ET named Paul, in the new movie Paul.

Seth Rogan and James Franco star together in "Pineapple Express". Note the Kitty on James Francos shirt.

As Richard mentiond in his post, the Kitty reaches for Seth Rogan, AKA Paul the ET.

Paul Mccartney has an album called Flaming Pie, in honour of a vision John Lennon had of a UFO, where he claimed a Man rode upon a Flaming Pie and said to him"You are the Beatles with an A". So the Beatles got their name from an ET, cool.

"The title Flaming Pie (also given to one of the album's songs) is a reference to a humorous story John Lennon told journalists in 1961 on the origin of The Beatles' name when they became newly famous: "I had a vision that a man came unto us on a flaming pie, and he said, 'You are Beatles with an A.' And so we were." - Wiki - Flaming Pie

The 6th Track on this album is called "Calico Skies", I just found out our Kitty Paul is actually a female, as she has Calico fur, and only female cats can be Calico.

Put on some tunes and enjoy the visuals that I put together for my bands show Tonight, Friday 2/25/11. Enjoy :). See the Moon and Cat narrative begin at about 4 Minutes in.

The Moon Tarot Card is ruled by the Astrological Sign of Pisces, and is the sign in which the Sun entered on Wednesday as well. Peace in and out.

Tommy again:

jake posts on twitter - "The Winnipeg Yoga Shala where I practice is located at 440 (base units of Great Pyramid in cubits) behind Banana (Bennu/Phoenix) Boat. Across the street is Winnipeg Transit at 420."

Which makes me think -

Ra's sun boat is a banana. Linking the banana to the moon, the sun and Jupiter.

In the movie Beetlejuice (betelgeuse in Orion/Osiris, beetle=scarab/sun, juice=jupiter+zeus), we get this scene -

Kevin: Beautiful Thought Tommy! I agree,we can see the Banana Boat as the Yellow Submarine, and also thus the Chariot Tarot Card which depicts our Merkaba or our Eternal Light Bodies :)

The Astrological Sign of Cancer(see his Crab Helmet) is ruled by the Chariot Tarot card, this card represents the Soul, the Body of Light, and the Merkaba, by which the Spirit can travel out of Body, IE the Yellow Submarine.

"The Soul is Immortal, the Soul is not finished, simply particular bodies and types are being finished"- Prabhupada

The Moon is that light of the Night which carries us through the dark and back into day. The Moon* Rules the Sign of Cancer, thus The Moon is a strong resonator and relative of our Energy Bodies/Chariots. We can see the Yellow Submarine/Banana Boat to the underworld and the Moon together alot in my video "Do you Have any Tobacco?"

Do you have any Tobacco? from Kephera on Vimeo.

Sri La Prabuhpada shares the knowledge of the Banana Boat/Subtle Body. When we realize our Banana Boats, we no longer fear physical phase change/death.


The Banana Boat aka Yellow Sub at 440 Osborne...
440 is a number associated to the base of the Great Pyramid.
Th Beatles' Yellow Submarine comes to rest on a Pyramid during the climax of the film.
Jim tweeted this Yellow Sub he is making for the Freeze Frame Kids Film Festival yesterday on Beatle George Harrison's Birthday.
He had talked about making the sub a few days earlier so I figure the entrainment here is accidental, not like it ever matters... It's still interesting to know, no?
Here is Juan Flores saying "submarines" the font being used to translate is yellow thus Yellow Submarine. This is from post WE/ME All Learn in a Yellow Submarine.

Yellow is a standard color for Subs in films.


  1. the 'gerty' moment is truly emotional - thanks for the snippet of joy there partners!

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  3. Apparently Drew means warrior. Gertrude (Gertie)means strong spear, or spear maiden. Barry means spear as well.

  4. yesterday I didn't wash my hair very good. As a result, it smelled like bananas while I was doing yoga yesterday.

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