Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This past Sunday morning I check the Birthdays for that day, January 15. It's Regina King's and we read at IMDb:
"Regina King began her career in the television show 227, followed by a role in Boyz n the Hood. She began to be recognized by a mainstream audience after her role as Cuba Gooding Jr.'s wife in Jerry Maguire."
Later that day, in the afternoon, I'm at a movie theater to watch Roman Polanski's Carnage and spot 227 writ large on a poster for a new Danny Glover film called Donavan's Echo.
I couldn't at that point remember quite when & where I had ran into that number before but snapped it anyway. After the next 227 sync, two days later, I thought back carefully & remembered Regina King's birthday.
I like how the number has entrained with my reflection and questions marks are coming out of my head. This is exactly what I was experiencing at that moment, depicted like a comic book by the amazing "in sync" universe.
Last night I was pondering the film poster for 1408 based on a Stephen King story.
It stars John Cusack from 2012 & Samuel L. Jackson. Sam Jackson's Birthday is 21 December, that happens to be the solstice and Mayan Calender end date, which the film 2012 and the phenomena of associating this year to something momentous, is based on.
The poster then has 2 potent 2012 resonators, Cusack and Jackson, fronted by a key reading 1408.
I wander what this key could be?

Thinking of the number as the date 14/08 gives us August 14...

Wikipedia has this to say about that date:
"August 14 is the 226th day of the year (227th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar."

In fact 2012 is a leap year and August 14 is then indeed the 227'th day of this year, amazing.
Danny Glover from Donavan's Echo is the president in 2012.
Woody Harrelson plays the crazy conspiracy & disaster nut who happens to also be correct. He shows John Cusack the animation above explain the impending disaster of 12-21-12. It represents the Earth as an ORANGE whose peal/crust is shifting. We saw in the previous post how ORANGE & DRAGON resonate.

2012 is the year of the Dragon/Orange.
After the disaster the survivors make their way to the new roof of the Earth (represented as an ORANGE earlier) the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa.
Drakensberg is Afrikaans and would be Dragonmountain in English.
Jack Black is in The Big Year with Steve Martin whose Birthday is 14/08 (the number on the key and day 227 of the year). The Big Year is clearly 2012 and Black is The Dragon Warrior in Kung Fu Panda and also stars in Orange County.
John Cusack and his family escape a collapsing LA in a plane with a red tail in 2012.
This weekend sees the opening of a film called Red Tails staring Cuba Gooding Jr. who we remember was mentioned at the start of this past as Regina King's husband in Jerry Maguire.
We have been syncing with apples and oranges, classic dualities. Above this theme of duality with these fruit is further expressed by the "White" of the Snow White film Mirror Mirror and the "Black" of Jack Black in Orange County.
Tthe Apple is the Alpha like that of the GARDEN of Eden. Now we reach the Orange or Omega of the DRAGEN year 2012.

This past Friday and Saturday saw Birthday stars Patrick Dempsey highlighting the apple via Enchanted and Emily Watson the Orange via Oranges & Sunshine.
Watson again shows us how DRAGON and ORANGE entrain by being the Red Dragon aka Ralph Fiennes girlfriend.
Jim (@syncwinnipeg) posted this image of today's, January 18, Birthday Star Kevin Costner.
Here are the tweets he left about it:

Tomorrow, January 18th is Kevin Costner's birthday. A glance at his posters at shows a massive Year of the Water Dragon resonance.

ORANGE points to Open RANGE. Where we may run/live freely like horses. Basically freedom is coming.

I like how Costner looks like he has an orange eye in Waterworld.

Open RANGE besides DRAGONfly makes the ORANGE/DRAGON sync signal strong. WATERworld below connects to the WATER DRAGON. TIN Cup resonates JUPITER as not only is the Chinese zodiac aligned with the 12 year cycle of Jupiter around the sun

Yesterday during Yoga practice I'm thinking of 227 (instead of my posture & breathing) and realize if seen as February 27 it is my only sister Jolene's Birthday. This was highlighted some more as my Yoga teacher spoke to me after about it being her brothers birthday.
Today, Jan 19, is Dolly Parton's Birthday. This caught my attention as she stars in an 84 film called Rhinestone as "Jake". Me and Jim Sanders are researching films made in 1984 for a future project. She also appears in Joyful Noise which just opened this past Friday. Star Birthdays entraining with opening films is uncanny.
The word Joy comes from Jupiter (the Jovian or Jovial planet) and we see Dolly giving us the Jupiter finger.
I like that Dolly Parton is Jake and that the thing I am the most familiar with about her is the song "Jolene". My sister, born 2/27, is Jolene and my dad would play this song to her ironically when we were young.
Hitting play on Rhinestone Dolly Parton's title entrians with the WTC. 911 marked the initiation of this rapid awakening phase culminating now in 2012.

Thinking of 227 in another way can give us 22/7 or 22 July. Sync is all perspectives or no perspective...
Checking which stars celebrate this as their Birthday results in a face palm moment.
22/7 is Pi, the ever mysterious and constant ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter.
We hear the joyous booming voice of sync loud and clear noting that Ang Lee's film version of the popular Canadian novel Life of Pi is scheduled for release on 21 December 2012.
This was one of the first books I read when I arrived in Winnipeg from South Africa. It resonated strongly with me because it is about a boy taking a journey from his home in another country, his destination being Winnipeg.

"He recounts the story of his life and his 227-day journey on a lifeboat when his boat sinks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during a voyage to Winnipeg." Wiki Life of Pi
@NexusOfSync tells us on twitter that the book was published on September 11, 2001. The history of the Life of Pi from publication to film release entrains perfectly with the Mega Ritual of Self Realization September 11, 2001 - December 21, 2012.

More soon flux willing.


Back in September 2010 I noticed that a Fish was hidden away in the negative space of the official Olympic 2012 logo:

I wrote about it in a post called 2012: Year of the Fish.

If you've already read it then please check it out again purely for Kevins fantastic update right at the very end.

2012 seems to sync with ORANGES and DRAGONS...and from my wonky perspective we could also add in the FISH.

Johnny Depp, a famous Pi-rate, clutches the Fish to his chest in this RANGO poster.

If you rearrange RANGO you get ORANG which isn't a far cry from the word ORANGE.

In Alice in Wonderland the orange-haired Hatter comes face to face with the Jabberwocky, or Dragon.

The Dragon ties in nicely with Depp's role as the reptilian Rango.

In ED the Ripper it was pointed out that Depp syncs in numerous ways with the name ED as he's been EDward Scissorhands, ED Wood, and a dED man.

While thinking about the number 227 I realised that

2 x 27 = 54 = ED

ED = Higher State

I've recently been watching the first series of the BBC Sherlock TV show which stars actors BenEDict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson).

We see the pair entraining with the letters JC (resonating Jesus Christ and John Cusack from movie 2012), the vesica piscis (a symbol associated with the Fish and JC), and the God of January Janus who also goes by the name Jupiter.

In the same episode Sherlock and Dr. Watson enter a cinema and the first thing we see on the big screen is the planet of Janus/Jupiter.

When Sherlock walks into a bank to investigate the scene of a crime his uncanny eye falls upon this number.

42, a number commonly associated with Jupiter/Joy, is also seen floating above the heads of BenEDict Cumberbatch and MarTIN Freeman as they leave the premises.

Actor Martin Freeman, in the role of Bilbo Baggins, begins his journey to meet Smaug the Dragon in 2012 movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Here we see Freeman taking his first tentative steps through the portal.

Coincidentally a quick visit to revealed that BenEDict Cumberbatch aka Sherlock Holmes has been cast in the role of Smaug himself!

I like how Freeman (Bilbo) and Cumberbatch (Smaug) stand united in front of a logo shaped in the image of a large wave.


  1. love it. great work.

    to continue along your date extrapolations...the movie posters side by side make 2012-1408. 14 alpha-numeric is AD. So 2012AD

    who knows what the 08 left over is. but it could be an H. and recently we had HUGO movie as a large gold key highlighting an H as well.


  2. Interesting Jake.
    Here's some more ingredients for the pie(3.14);
    I just watched Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen in a movie that was written and directed by Emilio.It's about a father (Sheen) completing the pilgrimage in Spain for his dead son
    (Estevez...his son in real life) and on the "Way" he meets up with 3 fellow pilgrims.A dutch man (the lion),a Canadian woman (tin (wo)man) and an Irishman (scarecrow).
    Sheen is Dorothy and Estevez (box of ashes)is Toto.
    Emilio Estevez admits to this in interviews on the disc - that this story can be also viewed this "Way".
    I think Estevez has a great career in front of him as a writer/director and I was looking through his filmography.
    He stared with Samuel (E)L Jackson in a send up of Lethal Weapon" called "Loaded Weapon" where he sent up Danny Glover's role,and Emilio Estevez played Mel Gibson's role and was called "Jack Colt".Emilio Estevez was also in "St Elmo's Fire" and "Repo Man".
    I did a post about "The Way" on my blog;

    I really liked this movie (and I not a Roman Catholic).
    It's also backed by ICON films,Mel Gibson's company,so there is another connection to the "Loaded/Lethal Weapon" as well.

    And don't forget 2+2+7=11,which when I look on that 227 poster I see an 11 on the door...and with the white line above it almost makes it look like a Pi symbol.Also I notice the year it was released was 1985=23.
    Ray Charles was born on the 23rd of September...I should know because that is my birthday too.Which ties into the
    "Ray(nbow)"/"Way" movie.In my part of the world Australia (Oz)
    the 23rd Sept is the Spring Equinox.

    Don't forget also Chinese New Year (The Year of the Dragon) starts on Jan 23rd this year.Who was the Dragon? Bruce Lee.
    Who was Cro(w)nus (Janus?)? Brandon Bruce Lee.
    Checkout this scene in "Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story";

    Remember this movie came out in 1993.Bruce was dead,but Brandon was yet to die playing "The Crow" and Heath wouldn't die till years later playing what looks like to be that doll leaning on the mirrored window behind the actor playing Brandon Lee.
    Truly spooky stuff.
    Feel free to take copies of the stills if you want to use them.

  3. Looking at the two posters "Mirror Mirror" and "Orange County",also reminded me that Emilio Estevez grew up in New York,but moved to California in his teens,and then his acting career took off.
    Also he starred as the main character in the King written/directed movie "Maximum Overdrive" and King was the original generator of the 1408 story/movie.
    The "2012" movie poster also reminded me of another similar movie "The Day After Tomorrow",written by Whitley Strieber;

    author of "The Key".
    Kubrick (cuba-rik?) filmed Kings "The Shining" staring Jack Nicholson (The Joker).
    Just thought I would lend some more ingredients.

  4. What about Owen Wilson who plays Kenny in "The Big Year"?
    He is the one wearing the orange jacket like Kenny in the
    "South Park" TV cartoon series,who dies almost in every show,but is resurrected in the next show (mostly .-) .
    In "The Wendell Baker Story" he plays Neil King and his real life brother plays Wendell Baker.Harry Dean Stanton,from
    "Repo Man" plays Skip Summers.
    Wilson also plays the side-kick (kung-fu term maybe?)
    to Jackie Chan (the new Bruce Lee?) in "Shanghai Noon" and "Shanghai Knights".
    He also plays Alex in "I Spy".
    And who else stars in that movie with him?
    None other than Malcolm McDowell,the original Alex from Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange".
    Owen also plays Oscar Choi in "Armageddon".

  5. Abracadabra 148. 22/7 = 3.14. :-)

  6. This just gets better and better
    glad to be here

  7. like it, I have noticing "pi" off and on for years but never made the connection to 2012, i have also sync'd "oranges and lemons" off on and made the Dragon connection some years ago in this blog

    i also like the "regina king" link as i syncd two "Kings" this morning at work and have been syncing K's like crazy this last week or so

  8. Ola CaTs ))
    GreaT PosT ... MercI )
    A couple qu-i-ck notes:
    #1. 227P = 227 'P' ... what is the P ?

    The P = Pr-i-mE, as in the 49th PrimE = 227
    49 = 7 X 7, w-here S-eVe-N = Ch-ARK-aS and the St-AIR-WAY to SeVeN {{= 'C' the dia-MON-d @ }} from F-iv-E (=hu-M-an, five fingers, toes, seNSes [that WE k-nOw how to UsE]), th-rough S-i-X (=OUR si-X-th sense = OUR FivE se-NS-es + 1, "withOUT judgment" = OUR seNSes are ONLY vIb-ration-s)
    49 = 4 + 9 = 13, ascension (= WE st-ART-ed out as OnE, WE aRe k-NOW a FivE, and WE are progressing to sEvEn ... = 1+5+7 = 13 (also, t-here aRe 13 maJor joints in the body + the mOOn travels across the sky at 13 degrees) ... how do WE get from 4 to 9 = 5 (= human), w-here 4 = E-ART-H (= N.orth E.ast W.est S.outh = N.E.W.S, and also, L.ength W.idth H.eight T.ime)

    227 = 2 'in' 27 (27 = 3 X 9 = 39 clues, the LeXuS symbol)
    2+27 = 29 (=the 10th PrImE) = 11 (= the 5th PrImE)
    29 = R.egina = R/18 + K/11

    E-CH-O = CH 'in' EO = 38 'in' 515 = 553 = 5 'in' 53
    = 5/HuMaN 'in' 53/the 16th Prime = 5+53 = 58(=13)
    ... and 58 = 29+29 (= 2929 = 92 'in' 29 = 121)
    121 = consciousness = 1/MA-teri-AL & 1/nOn-MA-teri-AL, coming together to form 2 (= 1/US + 1/ALL that IS, or, the OnE experiencing separation))
    (14-08 = 80-41, diff. = 6633) or (22 = 121, diff. = 99)
    1-40-8 = 40 'in' 18 = 58/E-CH-O
    8-04-1 = 04 'in' 81 = 85 ... ??

    OnE last thought ))
    Pi = P-i = 16-9 = 169 = 6 'in' 19 = 6/F.eel 'in' 19/S.uper
    = 6 + 19 = 25/Y = 7/G
    Phi = P-H-I = 16+8+9 = 33, 3D space + 3D time = 6/feelings
    or, 1689 = 68 'in' 19 = 87 the SuN (= H.G.)= 15/0 = 6/F
    ... EverY 87 days the SuN's equator 'laps' the poles.

    MeaNinG, Pi (=circle) is Y(25) WE aRe HerE = CirclE of LifE
    and, Phi (=S-pi-ra-L, or, H/8/infinite Pi/circle) is the SuN, or at leAst pre-sent withIN the SuN = the current news of the blAck dot on the SuN = AN openINg (increased vibration) UP, of the VorteX (spiral) = BlacK w-HOLE SuN

    ... maybe ))

    BE HappY )

    jUSt LOVE

    aka a GreBBeaR

  9. Owen Wilson voices the character of Lightning McQueen in
    "Cars 1 & 2". In "Cars 2" Micheal Caine voices the character of Finn McMissile,who happens to have the number plate 314 FMCM.
    The makers of the film claim the number plate is in honour of Micheal Caine's birthday,March 14th (3/14)...but 3.14 also happens to be Pi
    (as far as most people see it in it's shorthand form)
    and Finn could also be short for in(fin[n])ity ???