Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon! (Sync Video) -updated

A quick look at how two of the biggest films to be released this year entrain with the Dragon. Today is the official start of the year of the Dragon and yesterdays birthday star John Hurt helps us see how this is highlighted via sync.


happy year of the dragon! synk

watching Jake's sweetly synking clip above brought to mind an image that recently caught my attention..

..from a parody video called "Obama Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"..

..the obvious, somewhat silly synks are my becoming my favorites..

..those, and the corny internet-art..

gotta love the kitsch :)

on a more serious note, the dragon is an obvious symbol for China, which connects to Obama through the American economy since the U.S. owes them so much money..

red tails this respect, the Obama administration reflects Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit.. Obama took office in the face of incredible odds- beside being the first black man to hold the office, he had to face down two wars and a recession..

..sounds like the underdog versus the dragon to me..
hmm.. dog versus dragon?
sounds sirius.. and kinda silly..

..just like synk :)




  1. @Seallion Amazing vid! Only you could see this! More, please!

  2. Hmmmm... ...Just sayin'


  4. Do you realize that if your You Tube video went for one more second it would have been 3:14 minutes long .-)

  5. I was visiting my local Chinese Buddhist temple in the land of Oz (Australia) on the New Years Eve of the Dragon
    and noticed pineapples played a very important part in the ceremony symbolically.
    Then I noticed at the (en)-trance to the temple a fountain with a dragon emerging from the water,surrounded by what looked like white pine cones around the fountain.
    See my post for the photos;

    Then it struck me that the pine cones / pineapples might be a representation of the pineal gland in the brain and the water the collective unconscious that Jung was always on about?

    P.S. I would love to hear your take on
    "Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story".
    There are some real gems hiding in this movie.
    And Bruce was born in the Year of the Dragon.
    He was known in Asia as "The Little Dragon".

  6. the shot of the baby alien skirting across the table at the end was just too funny :) way to synk, jake.. o the joys of simple clarity..