Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Grey Union of Love & Joy Coming Together for a Touch


Thursday, January 26, 2012
- Watch Fracture with my wife. She is on a Ryan Gosling kick and so we are systematically watching all his movies. Unsuspectingly my wife and I are sharing an exploration of cinematic sync via Ryan Gosling. 2012 is magical in this way. The sync of our lives is deepening. Often in stealth and gentle ways.

Gosling is the word for a baby goose.

I feel together, my wife and I are giving birth to a baby "sync" goose via the cinematic stargate of Ryan Gosling. Silly, eh?

Another word for this sync phenomenon would be the grace of love.

January 27, 2012 - I watch the movie The Grey in theatres with @Seallion.

I was excited to see it as Liam Neeson is a Jupiter resonator extraordinaire. He play Zeus in the 2010 version of Clash of the Titans.

Grey can be symbolic of the Union of Opposites. When we mix black and white together evenly we get grey. Love is grey.

The Grey Goose named Zeus.

January 28, 2012 - Watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring starring Elijah Wood whose birthday it is.

Elijah Wood shares his birthday, January 28th, with Rosemund Pike.

Rosemund Pike syncs withs Elijah WOOD via his last name being the word DOOM in reverse.

Rosemund Pike is known for her role in the movie DOOM.

The word DOOM is WOOD backwards. Words that seem to strange attract today.

WOOD is from TREES and they have RINGS, like Elijah WOOD does.

The WOODS, the place of the trees is a place we fear because the trees hold the ring of power. They are the ring that unite us all. The WOODs have the potential to heal our addiction to DOOM. They can teach that life and death are one. That there is nothing to fear. Their infusion of consciousness and awareness in ourselves is a ring of love consciousness that unites us all. It devours us all like the wolves hunting Liam Neeson though the woods in The Grey.

The WOLF DEN is the END FLOW. (something that makes perfect sense if watch The Grey)

This plant, or wood fueled potential of human consciousness is desired by all because it is a gateway into who we are, what we come from, and our inevitable destiny, yet we fear it because to experience it means a path of ego death, humility & heart expansion that any rational mind will revolt against.

With the DOOM WOOD "no one gets out alive" (a line that is very resonant with the story in The Grey. It all ENDs in the DEN.)

Rosemund Pike star of DOOM, also stars in the 2010 movie Clash of the Titans alongside Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington & Ralph Fiennes.

This is syncnificant because on january 27th, the day before her birthday on January 28th, the 2 main movies released were The Grey starring Liam Neeson (Zeus) and Man on a Ledge starring Sam Worthington (Zeus' son).

Clash of the Titan Sync Stars...

Rosemund Pike as Andromeda.

Liam Neeson as Zeus.

Sam Worthington as Perseus, Zeus' son.

Ralph Fiennes as Hades.

Ralph Fiennes is an amazing sync as his last birthday was Decemember 22d, 2011. This was the Winter Solstice and the first day of the return of the light of the coming year of 2012.

Considering that 2012 is the Year of the Dragon it made perfect sync sense that Ralph Fiennes, The Red Dragon himself would kick-off this wild year of dragon sync with a birthday alignment. First light of solstice is the first fiery breath of the 2012 Sync Dragon come alive.

Ralph Fiennes stars in Red Dragon alongside Anthony Hopkins.

This sync starts to weave well once we realize that Rosemund Pike who is with Fiennes in Clash of the Titans, also stars in the movie Fracture alongside Hopkins and Gosling. This was the movie I watched on January 26th starring Hopkins and Gosling, my baby grey sync goose.

Fracture starts to symbolize the division that is healed through the union of sync. The grey union heals the fracture.

Elijah Wood, who shares a birthday with Rosemund Pike has something to say about this as we notice that he stars in the movie Black & White with the tag line "What happens when you mix it up?"

Elijah Wood says we get grey. We get union. The ring of life is empowered.

This is the union of Heaven & Earth. A theme resonant with Elijah WOOD who stars in the DOOM movie of Deep Impact.

The impact of the meteor sure looks like a Ring of Power. Something already connected to Elijah Wood through his Lord of the Rings role.

Now I really have no big conclusion beyond we are coming together if we like it or not.

Perhaps why I am most interested in my wife's Ryan Gosling fascination turned sync journey is that he stars in the movie Ides of March. A movie with a poster that looks a lot like the Fracture poster.

The Ides of March is celebrated on March 15th and is known as the day Julius Caesar was killed.

It is also the day that I met my wife and the day we got married and shared on our own ring of power.

Even this sync she can not escape.

What humbles me then is to notice the heavenly sync of the Ides of March in 2012 is a spectacular dance of union between Jupiter (Joy) & Venus (Love).

In a way a kind of union of opposites in the sky. The King & the Queen of Heaven together in the heavens. Symbolic of the union of opposites within us all.

Seeing the fracture heal between me and my wife via the synchronization of our lives is truly a beautiful miracle of 2012. Something we can all look forward to with all our relationships in every aspects of our lives.

A celestial union of Joy & Love perhaps heralded by the Xmas Comet LOVEJOY of 2011.

The day before March 15th, when Jupiter & Venus kiss in the heavens, is March 14th, or 3/14, otherwise known by many as 3/14 or Pi Day.

More later if flux allows.



Just wanted to throw in a quick update by mentioning that actor Sam Jackson is another actor who entrains with Zeus and The Grey/Gray.

In Die Hard with a Vengeance Jackson (seen above) plays the role of Zeus Carver.

Coincidentally Neeson has played the roles of Zeus (in Clash of the Titans) and Carver (in Seraphim Falls).

I like how the name CARVER comes to my attention in a post that focuses on WOOD.

I also like how both these actors have played the role of Jupiter Jedi's.

Sam Jackson also starred in the movie Jungle Fever which illustrates the coming together of Black & White.

(* mentions that this poster was created by 11.24 Design)

In Jungle Fever his characters name hints at what can happen to a G8or when it all turns Grey.


January 27, this past Friday when I went with @syncwinnipeg to watch The Grey, was Bridget Fonda's Birthday. She entrains with the "2012 Year of the Dragon" theme via Kiss of the Dragon as well as staring in a film called Touch. I like how the Touch poster echos the Jungle Fever hands Richard posted.
Bridget is niece of Jane Fonda whose birthday is December 21, the date singularly associated with the 2012 phenomena.

Kevin mentions a new television show also called Touch in a recent post Is this too Orange?

The entrainment of this show with our sync work is incredibly loud.

The show starts officially on March 19 but the pilot has already received a sneak peak on January 25. Let's have a look:
It starts with a boy narrating and explaining about "patterns" everywhere hidden in "plain sight".
This is exactly what the sync community talks about, connections between any and everything that are intrinsically meaningful.
Everything, even the "things most people see as chaos actually follow subtle laws of behavior"

Just like the sync community "only some" (at this point) allow themselves to appreciate how the "pieces fit together".
We see the boy who is narrating the Touch intro sequence and learn he is mute.
This is a theme right now and two films nominated for best picture, The Artist (a silent film) and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, entrain.
The Artist's Jean Dujardin struggles with the transition of silent film into "talkies" & Loud's Max Von Sydow can't speak. Both these actors have also been nominated for best lead and supporting actor respectively.
The show starts and we see Keifer Sutherland as Martin Bohm arrive at a cell tower where firefighters are trying to talk down his autistic son Jake Bohm, the mute kid from the intro.

Jake is one of those who can see the patterns that connect everything. This resonates my role and involvement in synchromysticism. It feels like the name Jake resonates with synchronicity and strange attracts to people like me who investigate patterns and Jake in Touch.
Keifer Sutherland is another star who shares his Birthday with 21 December. Pretty amazing that this date, so singularly resonant of all things mysterious, would associate with a star in a show that most clearly reflects the reality of sync in its premise.
Jake is seeing the number 318 everywhere in his environment just like we do here with the numerous syncs we track and share.
His dad Martin figures out this is March 18 and also starts seeing 318's.
This is funny as my birthday is March 17 further entraining this "sync show" with the sync reality of my life.
Above we see Julia Robert's will appear on screens as the Evil Queen on March 16 in Snow White film Mirror Mirror. This movie echos an earlier one by Sutherland called Mirrors.

These dates are not far from The Ides of March on March 15 and it feels like this whole period is being highlighted.
It gets even weirder as 911 and the World Trade Center are specifically involved in the shows plot and subject to the synchronicities depicted therein.
Synchronicities involving 911 are a specific motivating factor in my involvement with sync also.

Jake is obsessed with ORANGE soda and we have been dealing with ORANGE/DRAGON syncs allot here as seen in Kevin's recent post and SEALLION.

It makes sense that a show about patterns and synchronicity would entrain heavily & specifically with folks like us who investigate & resonate these matters. Still, its pretty bizarre & even a little awkward to see this level of entrainment...
In recent post 227 I mention a sync trail involving that number on a Danny Glover poster. I cant recall a previous incident of syncs involving Glover until this recent 227 affair and now we find him in a show about patterns right around the same time!?

Above Sutherland ends up at Danny Glover's place who is some kind of specialist in patterns and synchronicity.
In 227 we realize 227 echos Pi and his Birthday.
Worth remembering that Glover is the president in the film 2012 (above).
Then in Touch we have Danny Glover from 2012 explain sync to Keifer Sutherland who is born on December 21... I suppose can live with that.
"The pattern's found in nature": says Glover, who has "randomly" given Sutherland an Orange pop to drink, a little sync wink.
"You and I, we don't see them. But if we could, life would be magical beyond our wildest dreams"
"every conscious thought connected. Imagine the unspeakable beauty of the universe he (Sutherland's son Jake) sees"

Awesome. Take care!

More soon, flux willing.


  1. Danny Glover also stars in 'The Saint of Fort Washington', about the homeless alongside Matt Dillon, who plays a schizophrenic.

    I don't remember my American history much so I looked it up. Fort Washington, named after the American President from the Battle of Fort Washington and saving New York from the British during the revolution. Danny Glover in the movie is 'The Saint of Fort Washington'...

    Today, while I was searching for a picture of De Niro in Taxi Driver on the Net, I noticed one with a map of New York in the background. I didn't use it for my blog. But the map appears to show Fort Washington, NYC.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm so excited about the show 'Touch'. When I watched the preview I kept thinking of you Jake ("our" Jake) here in the sync world. As soon as I saw the kid in the show sitting on top of the (freedom) tower I knew it was you.

    It sounds weird but I felt privileged to be seeing a window into your soul. Stumbling across one of your sync videos and blog is what inspired me to dig deeper into sync and start blogging myself. Without you I might still be stumbling around in the darkness. So, thanks. And I can't wait to see what will happen to you...uh I mean the upcoming season of Touch :).

    BTW...I saw Incredibly Loud & Extremely Close this past weekend and it's seriously like a mix between Hugo and Touch. It made me cry. Awesome.

  4. This show is heavily inspired from the movie Knowing. The fact that this show is contrived from that source dampens the power of any syncs that could happen "unintentionally". Not that they won't or cannot, because it appears syncs will always exist between everything (obviously you found some syncs here). I just feel Knowing was more powerful because it was not a copy like Touch is (of Knowing). I tend to find the syncs that have the most impact are not intentionally placed within the story as they are liberally in Touch, although, as you've illustrated, there are syncs "outside" of the show.

    It seems one can look hard for the syncs (given their own gift of insight), but making them happen "hard" is less likely because the universe is a much more complex beast than we.

    That said, I'll still continue to watch it to see how it develops sync-wise. It's got me wondering now. It's funny when these Hollywood writers are so obvious about their sources and don't change it enough to hide that fact.

    Cool stuff.

    1. you've touched on one of they key pillars of synk thought as i see it.. we are all contrived from a source. every thought you have is "heavily inspired".. more than you can know. this does not weaken your point, or any sync surrounding you. one of the themes that speaks to me in both "Touch" and "Extremely Loud.." is the father-son reflection. the son is but a contrived derivation of the father, however, these stories show how the "copy" can transcend, ya know? stuff to think about..

    2. I think that's true, we are tentacles from a source we cannot know in totality- it's impossible. Although, we can potentially experience that source when we use substances like DMT, etc. A peek beyond our self, time and place. Somehow these syncs are cues. I myself recently have had the 11:11 (111 etc.) coming back into my life; times, cashiers, address, etc. Why the return of the number syncs, I am not 100% sure, there are many things I think it relates to very strongly.

      It is interesting how we see the use of the autistic son/daughter, the confused father who soon comes to understand the autistic (or strangely gifted) child, the use of writing numbers and codes, intuition versus rational thought and so on. The father/son (mother/daughter too) relationship is almost identical in Knowing, The Last Mimzy, Touch, Mercury Rising...

      I guess you could say that a sync resonated strongly enough to find itself being knowingly replicated in future films- like a subsurface force turning into visible waves at the beach.

  5. thats the contradiction.. its both the wave, and also severely contrived. its free will choice and predestination.. coming together.

  6. ..and i wanna get a hold of that book Danny Glover gives Keifer..

    1. I had a professor in school, Michael S. Schneider, who wrote "A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science". It is very similar to that book (if you're interested in the context). He has made some Red Ice Radio appearances and at CPAK too. One of my unexpected favorite classes at art school. You can look him up on Youtube (FYI).

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