Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is this too Orange? From TOUGH to TOUCHed in 2012

Kevin: To continue the Orange flow highlighted in the recent post 227 . This weeks Sci Fi channel show "Faceoff" features body painting to be phootographed and used for an upcoming rap superstars album. Asher Roth(Asur/Osiris Ra) is releasing his newest Album "Is this too Orange?".

In the interview we hear Asher reference that Orange is the color of the 2nd Chakra associated with Creativity.

This week also premeires the new Kiefer Sutherland television show "Touch" which is basically a show about SYNC!

Kiefer Sutherland is a perfect Sync attractor to such a narrative as he was the star of hit show "24"

As weve explored here at the Sync Whole and elsewhere, it seems at least to me that 42 is this generation of high weirdnesses holy number, our constant reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the holyness of each moment. Weve noticed that the number 42 syncs strongly with Jupiter and Cosmic Consciousness/Contact through films like Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, 2001 a Space Oddyssey and many more.

Some of the other classic 42 Sync weve noted has been the numbers relation to the dawn of Civilization in Egypt. This complex culture held the number 42 as a holy number, specifically attributing this number to the amount of Gods/Laws of the Spiritual Underworld known as the Duat. The Boat/Gateway to this underworld was beleived to be the Rabbit Constellation Lepus, bringing to mind the White Rabbit of films like Alice in Wonderland, Donnie Darko, and The Last Mimzy. As Sync would have it the 42/RabbitHole/Underworld number appears in all aforementioned films and beyond into other associated contexts. As seen in my video "Film a Thin Skin or Membrane".

When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead.

a friend called me today to tell me about Lyrics he heard on the radio....

"Where the Underworld and the Elite can meet, 42nd Street!"

2011 just ended, which means we made it to the end of the Rabbit Whole.

Its now the Year of the Dragon. And a most amazing year indeed, being the culimination of the advanced Mayan Calendar as well as the infinity point of Terrence McKennas Timewave Zero. We are at a time that in cultures throughout the world denotes the movement out of an old Age and into a New one. This year is the Climax of the great Cinematic narrative of history and human consciousness.

When we reach the bottom of the Rabbit Whole, well have to triumph over the Darkness of the Dragon ;) Weve got this one in the bag :)

Indeed its the year we will overcome the fear. When we let go, we realize that everythings syncing and theres nothing to worry about. Its just the dawnin of the age of aquariUS.

This years new Loews commercial features a song called colors. To me this video shows our Home, that is to say Earth/our bodies, awakening to the Rainbow Bridge/Serpent/Dragon.

Here is a Diagram of the "Rainbow Bridge" for context as to why this Loews commercial is cool. The Rainbow Bridge which the union of Spiritual and Earthly reality, the Rainbow being made of the 7 Chakras/Rays of the bodys energy centers.

Kevin mentions 2012 and star Keifer Sutherland being in a sync show. How perfect then that his birthday is on the date most associated to 2012, December 21.

Kevin: Awsome to notice that Kiefer Sutherland entrains with the 2012, 12/21 sync number entrainments via this poster for Dark City. 2012 is the Midnight Hour of the Mayan Calendar, the Twilight Zone.

Keifer actually even narrated a film called 12 in the year 2010.

As I noted above, We are at the end of the (year of the)Rabbit Hole of 2011 and 'Enter-ing the Dragon' that is the mythic 2012 year, "The End Times". The film After Alice features Kiefer Sutherland as a Detective seeking to take down or 'Slay' the serial murderer "Jabberwocky". After Alice 2011 we slay the 2012 Jabberwocky of end times fear and awaken to the new world ahead of us.

Something that has begin to go POP through films like The Knowing, Television shows like Fringe and Touch, is that the universal intelligence that unites our consciousness with every-thing and no-thing expresses itself through cycles, patterns, and formulas. I personally have noticed more and more regular folks who are not 'Fringe' people or 'Awe Junkies' tuning more into the realities of what kind of calculations the Mayans had, how their ancient calendar can be so exact, why is Pi seemingly the fingerprint of Natures intelligence? In 2012 these considerations are what continue to inform our ever expanding "Kosmic Konsciousness" and keeps our narrative open to the mystery, joy, and wonder of what it is to simply actually exist.

in 2012 we all find ourselves as fractal patterns in the gr8 Mandala that is life, and we all finally get the Peace of Pi.

A screenshot I grabbed from "Flatliners" shows Kiefer Sutherland entraining with TOUCH via the word TOUGH on the wall in numerous scenes in the film. In these scenes Kiefer is refusing to beleive hat he has to seek the forgiveness from the spirit of a child he accidentallly murdered as a kid. In the end Kiefers attachment to not owning up for his actions almost ends his world, but he realizes that forgiveness heals all and rectifys the story. The word TOUGH appears when he is being stubburn and afraid of the afterlife. Nowadays hes in TOUCH with the greater patterns at work in things as seen via his new syncd out show "TOUCH".

It also turns out that Kiefer Sutherland played William S Burroughs in the Movie "BEAT". @Satoriallme pointed out on twitter "So the guy from 24 plays the guy who popularized 23". This demonstrates some classic cool non local syncuitry.

more updates on the way. Much Love yall

Harry: Hope it's cool to chime in, wanna say Hello to everyone too! thanks for having me, im humbled and excited.

So I Was checking the Sync Dragon Tale list in bed as I do most mornings, reading the previous day/night's tweets or whatever and noticed @indranhanush and @satorialme tweeting back and forth about Kiefer Sutherland's 21/12 resonance as his birthday being on the 21st December (pretty exciting that the year of my 21st has to be 2012 but hey).

If anyone asks my favourite film I always tell them 'Stand By Me' as It was the first time I saw a film that really struck a chord and got me excited about films, I must have been about 10 when my cousin first showed me it.

I learnt the film was based on the novella by Stephen King titled 'The Body' and Kiefer Sutherlands character actually appears in later works of his down the line. And just last week I watched 'The Shining' just last week for 1st time, and wow loved it.

The next year Kiefer stars as 'David' (star of david?) the head of another gang, vampires this time in Joel Schumakers 'Lost Boys' another favourite of mine. As the title suggests, The Lost Boys loosely references Peter Pan. Yet, this is a dark 80's fairytale with a great cast and soundtrack (i tend to enjoy soundtracks as much as films sometimes). David is a Peter Pan figure, willing to allow Michael to enter into his "club" in order to live forever. "Sleep all day, party all night - it's fun to be a vampire" Sounds like universitys code of conduct if you ask me!.
Intresting to note that the version of the song they went with was The 'Echo & The Bunnymen' version even though its orignally written and performed by The Doors (think Jim Morrison)

My dad had a immense passion for music and most of their albums and lp's can be found in his collection at home along with gig tickets and ephemera.

I think the film Donnie Darko assisted the band and subsequent song to cult status, heres the beautiful opening scene where we hear the track, I re-watched it just last week too.

"The Killing Moon is a single by the band Echo & the Bunnymen. It was released on their 1984 album, Ocean Rain. It is one of the band's highest-charting hits, reaching number nine in the UK Singles Chart."

Then whilst on that wiki page reading up on the cool syncs around the Bunnymen song I read that it was recently used for an AUdi (with di?) advert, not sure if it's just on american TV though, but checked it out of course and it wielded some nice correlation to what I had linked to Kiefer being the vampire, so i was hyped when i watched the advert!

A quick google looking for album artwork and gig posters in a design context (as i study Illustration at UNIVERSEity) came up with a nice result to tie it all together( i think? ) through Illustrator Chuck Sperry.

The G8or and the DRAGONfly, "dedicated to peace" :)

Kevin: Great additions Harry, the G8ors help the 2012 Dragon-Fly! Thats beautiful.

I just finished the Pilot for TOUCH featuring Kief Sutherland as meantioned above. The first episode climaxs as Kief follows Sync to 42nd Street Grand Central(Galactic Central)Terminal in NYC. GCT is a potent Sync attractor from films like "Ghost" and "Men In Black" and a 42 resonator, crowned by the patron diety of Sync and Travel-"Merury".

The last nugget Id like to share this evening is another awsome sync wink from Touch's pilot. Kiefer Sutherland plays the father of a boy named JAKE who speaks through Syncs and numeric pattern association. So in this episode Jake leads Kiefer to 42nd Street to realize that his wife who passed away in the Twin Towers left a message for him with a firefighter whom he meets at Grand Central Terminal. The pilot is a beautifully entangled sync drama that any sync head will relate to.


  1. Russell Crowe the man who owns the South Sydney White Rabbits in Oz has a film coming out called
    "The Man with the Iron Fists" about a blacksmith who makes weapons for a small village and is put in the position where he must defend himself and his fellow villagers in feudal China.
    And when was he born?
    1964 "The Year of the Dragon"
    And he is in "Man of Steel" as Jor-El the lone scientist on the planet Krypton who warned of the planet's impending explosion.
    He is also in the upcoming "Les Misérables"
    Might be one to watch this year?

  2. Oh,and I forgot to mention that It's Australia Day today in Oz
    (Jan 26th) and "Underworld Awakening" was released in stargates all around the county today .-)

  3. I have seen you guys here talk about the show and number 227 many times..... Just wondering if you ever read the lyrics to the song sung by the main actress Marla Gibbs that goes with the number/song/show??? I think you could easily understand that that number simply & purely resonates a "HOME" pattern.... That is the number on their door in the show (Obvious Connection IMO) and here are the lyrics to the theme song....

    227 Theme Lyrics
    'There's No Place Like Home'

    "There's no place like home
    With your family around you you're never alone
    When ya know that your loved
    You don't need to roam
    Cause there's no place like home

    Time's are changing everyday
    We won't get by with the same old ways
    No-oooo pulling together will make it right
    With help from are friends I know we can right

    Cause there's no place like home
    With your family around you you're never alone
    When you know that your loved
    You don't need to roam
    Cause there ain't no place like
    Better believe it
    I said their no place like home
    "I mean no place child" ."

    I think you could see how this number could be an (Wizard of) OZ no place like home FAMILY resonator? I can see that pattern pretty cut and dry.... Never really thought about it till now to be honest but couldn't that mean that OZ itself is about HOME AND FAMILY?? Isn't that the whole point of the movie "the Wizard of OZ"? To be home with her family? IDK seems pretty open and closed, that OZ could be a HOME/FAMILY resonator, but that is just me and logical pattern connections.

    Maybe that song points to this being a year we could all share as "friends" or maybe it will be the year people turn into "Dragons"? Or maybe like Michael Tsarion says, the Dragon, least for males represents the Mother..... we could easily assume that some people need to come to grips with the archetypal of The Great Mother or the Mother Goddess of 'the Milky Way' (At Very Least?)

    I don't know I may not always agree with the cycles of sync some continue to do with what is IMO no "end of the road" in sight for any of these symbols that obviously paint a pattern and no longer are synchronicity and have become just that, PATTERNS!

    These are all my opinions, and weather you agree or not, IMO we should atleast share or try to every now and then to see if anything is "biting".... I am always willing to extend the "olive branch" and would love to have some of you guys and gals on the show to pick your brains to see why there doesn't seem to be any sharing going on in this particular sync community..... IMO it is a turn off to "new comers" again just my opinion...

    Anyways Chart that might help you understand where I am coming from if you dare:

    Here is one about Synchronicity and how I have experiences that it becomes PATTERN after it is identified and categorized etc....

    Speaking of Dragons and why I put myself out there and it is not to feed my #1 (Christopher Hunter Myers) Persona (MASK)..... You may "get it" you may not... you may like so many others think I am an asshole or you may just accept me for who I am (IMO someone with a FIRE Compassion, not that phony "I am a Nice Guy" with a Smile B.S. Compassion. Someone who wants to work with others in a "team" manner and try to get to the "heart" of some of these syncs...)


    1. I do agree with you Chris that sometimes these guys do seem to be chasing their tail and that it does seem to be a closed community here at times (I feel like I'm talking to the wall when I bring up the "Dragon" movie here).
      But they do throw out the odd nugget at times...enough for me to come back here with my prospecting pan hoping for a little more gold.-)
      For instance "Touch" looks interesting even though I hated "24".

  4. I'm really looking forward to that new tv show Touch. In addition to mainstreaming Sync it seems like it might also do a good job of showing the extreme physical/mental effects of being able to "see" everything. I'm sure all us syncheads can relate.

  5. If you care to watch.....

    I remembered this episode of 227 I loved as a kid with Pee-wee Herman on it, so I watched it with my g/f and just watch.... goto like 30 seconds into the video posted below.... that's how Synchronicity works.... it's confirms.

    Pee Wee on 227

  6. Jake is the court jester/poohka i'm sure of this, nice post kev. Would love to add something to the sync pot soon, its bubbling over..and my twitter stream these days is TOO much.
    like Jake said the other day, every sync heals the world or something along the lines. And all forms of communication start at the heart.
    Love Harry

  7. Quark Observer: what are you saying is the difference between a sync and a pattern? i call my blog "The Patternist" so obviously i use that term a lot.. is a pattern less significant than a sync? more repetitive?

    and you say there doesn't seem to be any sharing; in what way? no one here is claiming a monopoly on any given syncstream. plenty of people bring up syncs of their own in the comments section. as far as i've seen, if anyone asks a question, the writers here are more than happy to answer.

  8. Brizdaz[darren]: i see a nifty "Reply" button, but its not working for me.. we are definitely chasing tails; sync works in cycles and spirals like many other things around us. but we are also very aware of the "point". this post, for example, mentions the Jabberwocky to reinforce the point that in 2012 we are facing our fears. i, for one, rarely post anything that doesnt reference some kind of larger practical point.

    ..also; like Quark, you say the community is closed. what, from your perspective, would make it "open"? should everyone's personal syncs be added to new posts? i believe all of us here want The Sync Whole to be welcoming, but keep in mind this is not a forum, it is a blog. there is a Sync forum online if you are interested, but i'd like to think we can offer the followers of this blog more than just the occasional nugget..

    1. My frustration with the "community" comment was aimed more at Jake than people like yourself Toure.I was trying to throw him a bone in the comment section of his "Year of the Dragon" posts by suggesting that there was a wealth of stuff to look at in the 1993 movie "Dragon".
      As far as Synchromystism goes it is a goldmine.
      This one creepy scene alone;

      seems to be a prophecy of Brandon's tragic death BEFORE it even happened in real life.Ironically the film is about the demon chasing Bruce and Brandon which at the time of this movie being filmed had not caught up with Brandon yet.
      I see by the Twitter feed that Jake and Co are on to Kiefer Sutherland and Dark City.And who directed "Dark City"? The same guy that directed "The Crow"...Brandon's last movie.
      Both of the Lee's were born in the "Year of the Dragon",by the way.
      There is a rich vein for the digging here in the goldmines of Synchromysticism.

  9. Reply button not working....

    @Toure I am saying it seems very close minded for several reasons.... one being seems no one ever ventures out into others works and then comes up with a lot of connections that have done been made elsewhere and then it seems to be pats on the back given all around here.... reminds me of a circle jerk to be blunt.

    PS I have been asking questions here and on the Blob for almost 4 years now and hardly ever get a reply, most times I get skipped over.... just look for some of my old nicknames, not to mention the ones (questions/comments) I deleted in retrospect cause I was embarrassed that I even cared to get a response....

    Ok all of that aside and under the bridge.... What my chart is saying is that a Pattern is something that is categorized (placed in a class or group). And a sync is not.... but also that patterns arise from our personal and also different patterns come from the "collective c"..... So syncs would be coming from your personal subconsciousness and from the collective consciousness also (not even really in a "above so below" way more so the personal ones would and could be different from the collective ones. Guess this would depend on how much you depend on the collective etc....)

    Ok if you got that then what I am saying is the sync once noted is a sync TILL YOU PUT IT IN A CATEGORY, CLASS or GROUP! THEN IT BECOMES PART OF THE PATTERN cause you have now moved it to either your or the collective consciousness from the sub c......

    Hope you understand.... Peace

    1. "reminds me of a circle jerk to be blunt."
      "I get skipped over.."
      "Hope you understand.... Peace"


      is it under the bridge, or is it worth bringing up?
      and however you mean to use the phrase "circle jerk", I'm not cool with that.

      if its under the bridge, then we're good. i understand it, the sync is a part of the pattern whether you determine it to be so or not. why make a distinction? and why does "as above, so below" NOT apply to the relationship between personal and collective subconscious? and also, why separate them? ..i dont think we depend on the collective, i think we are the collective.

  10. Pattern
    1 a repeated decorative design : a neat blue herringbone pattern.
    • an arrangement or sequence regularly found in comparable objects or events : the house had been built on the usual pattern.
    • a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in certain actions or situations : a complicating factor is the change in working patterns.
    2 a model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts. See note at model .

    Pattern: ORIGIN Middle English patron [something serving as a model,] from Old French (see patron ). The change in sense is from the idea of a patron giving an example to be copied. Metathesis in the second syllable occurred in the 16th cent. By 1700 patron ceased to be used of things, and the two forms became differentiated in sense.

    Synchrony: ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from late Latin synchronus (from Greek sunkhronos, from sun- ‘together’ + khronos ‘time’ ) + -ous .

    1 the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection : such synchronicity is quite staggering.
    2 another term for synchrony (sense 1).
    ORIGIN 1950s: coined (in sense 1) by C. G. Jung.

  11. I think the main point here is that patterns are Everywhere. "Everything around us can be represented and understood through #s, and if you graph the #'s of any system patterns emerge; therefor there are patterns everywhere in nature." -Max. But then again, looking for a pattern in Pi or the stock market has it's own set of implications. Though the dictionary takes Jung's notion of Synchronicity to be synonymous w/ synchrony, the collective unconscious is actually a different kind of matter, being that intention could be seen as both conscious and/or unconscious. This is very apparent to the keen observer when it comes to archetypes; if something happens on it's own in the 1st place, how can any be expected to prove intent, and where is the line between intent and chance if we don't know the line between mind and matter. I was told awhile back in a comment here at the Sync Whole that "when you've been looking into sync for awhile you start to see that this goes beyond 'conspiracy theory'." For me it was the reverse; the conspiracy aspect was harder to accept than than the 'collective unconscious'. While, at this point I recognize an inevitable degree of archetypal alignment intermixed w/ magick, grafted into the network. The line here is a line in the sand, ultimately, being that the proof is in the pudding. I mean, however you slice the pizza, it's still gonna be pizza. If one is chasing one's tail one may end up catching it, like an ouroboros. To see the limitations of the network is a good thing as far as I can tell; "As the GO game progresses the possibilities become smaller and smaller, the board does take on order, so then all the moves are predictable." Now, there's the difference of 'Synchromystacism' in this context, being that Sync is thought of generally to mean "the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have NO discernible causal connection". In Synchromystacism the causal connection is considered to be Possibly discernible when the meaning is considered and extrapolated, or to say it boldly: recognized ("The # is nothing, it's the meaning, it's syntax, it's what's between the #s"). This aligns to Plato's notion of inherent knowledge; that all knowledge is ultimately innate. An early inference of the 'collective unconscious', though if this was understood it may be considered a collective conscious, while if more than 1 individual participates with full or partial knowledge in this arena we have what is considered a 'conspiracy', as long as the majority remains unaware; 'They Live, while We Sleep'. The idea of intelligences plays in as well, there may be other entities at play, corporal or not. Sounds far out I know, but that's why we're hare, is it knot? In the midst of this it is important not to confuse the Kether w/ the Ain Soph, Kabbalistically speaking; the Crown is not the Highest; to take it as such means the reptiles own the planet, via pineal vision, and that's not The End Eye ultimately hope for. The description is never the described -Much Love.

  12. I like to break patterns... I think that is what they are there for.... I don't believe in conspiracy or the collective consciousness..... as a matter of relative fact I don't believe in anything except what I have experienced directly.... Your words are engaging enough but chasing tales and dancing is not what I do.... the power is in the individual IMO and can only shine when you yourself shine..... go inward and polish all those angels and demons inside yourself and then see how you see the world.... that is my 2 cents...... Thanks


    "Processing, interactions. Tuning interactive processes. Processing interacting is all I ever tune in. I cannot tune in anything but interactive processing." ~ Robert Anton Wilson

    1. Direct experience is never in thought, literally a no brainer. "If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem."
      J Krishnamurti

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  14. So, Lovely flow Kev. and nice work g8ors . . .

    (It looks like this one created a conversation here in the comments space, but I don't have time to read it, if I step on toes, sorry)

    bye bye bunny, eh? Hello Dragon.

    --I have to say, that for the longest time, the birthday mapping caused me to scratch my head, Jake. But, obviously, it has value, and it is interesting, and you illustrate its connection everyday--I wonder if after a full year of this type of fractal mapping, if you could input the data into a computer program that would then translate your findings into an image of the architecture of the universe--the actual Mask of God. (when science and sync meet!)--would it look like the nautilus shell in touch?

    looks like there is new life in the Whole, great! Welcome Harry! You'll have to help us defeat our dragon this year--he who must not be named!.

    Great work again, Kev. I look forward to hanging out with you again! See you in a couple days. Awesome!!!!!

    1. Thanks alot, I wasnt sure where these additions fit, they could of sat nicely with a bunch of other threads but the kiefer sync was my starting point so hey..just flowing and catching the waves. very happy to be here!
      Harry Spotter

  15. Cheerys Harry, G8ors helping the Dragon-Fly, that is awsome! Ive got some sutherland moon kknects to share soon too!

  16. Fantastic, Great Work, Bravo Everyone!


    1) "Kiefer" is the Jupiter finger pointing to the inside of our bellies, noting that as we clean up the inside (with Kefir, i.e. beneficial probiotics/fermented foods that have been consumed since antiquity) we will balance the good "bacteria" outside with the bad "bacteria." Relates to OWS / 2012 elections/economy and all that.

    2) Echo and the Bunnymen = Frank from Donnie Darko - time travel / timewave zero. "Echos" of time, etc. Being "Frank" (honest and open w/each other during these times).

    3) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close loosely relates to Touch (kid was obsessed with numbers and meaning).

    We haven't even hit the 1st month of the year yet!! (March!) wooo!

  17. Also 8/13 is the magic date of the magic alignment covered by Will777 and Steve Willner a few summers ago during the beginning of the Awakening (2010). I would recommend anyone listen to these talks if they haven't yet. On August 13th, a "Grand Cross" Alignment of SUP - Saturn, Uranus, Pluto (UPS/Dawg!) occurred on a Black Friday.

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