Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Had a very quite New Year's Eve at a friends place. We turned on the television just before midnight and I just managed to snap the Time Square Ball, flashing different colors and turning blue, as we were 42 seconds away from 2012.
On Facebook Steve Willner said "Apparently there was a Live ET there as well", nice.
On the second day of 2012 I watched Superman Returns. It was Kate Bosworth's birthday. She plays Lois Lane and Frank Langella is her boss, Perry White, whose birthday was the day before on New Years Day.
While watching it just popped into my head that LOIS LANE has all the letters of my internet nick SEALLION. Grabbing a pen and paper I was delighted to discover it is indeed a perfect anagram.

I chose SEALLION because it is an anagram for ALL IS ONE.
After buddy Jim Sanders gave me a documentary called "Kubrick: A Life in Pictures" for Christmas I got on a little Kubrick Kick eventuating in watching A Clockwork Orange.

Above is a silly little sync where we see Malcolm McDowell as Alex imagining himself a vampire while Listening to Beethoven's 9th. Gary Oldman plays Beethoven as well as Dracula.
The very next film I watched was Godfather Part 2. I was surprised to see all these oranges everywhere, then realizing it is an overt theme all throughout the series. No idea why the filmmakers did this..

Jim aka @syncwinnipeg tweets: " The word orange is only one letter away from dragon. Switch e for d. There is that ED effect again."
The film ERAGON, about a DRAGON, helps solidify this remark, ERAGON being a perfect anagram for ORANGE. The discrepancy, between ORANGE and DRAGON, is the E and D, or ED. This is in itself interesting as we have synced with ED aka the Higher State before, see ED The Ripper. The actor who plays the lead character Eragon is called ED Speleers. His Birthday is 21 December, the Solstice, and Wikipedia has this to say about him: "He will be in the movie A Dead Man in Deptford, based on the novel of the same name by Anthony Burgess." Anthony Burgess is the author of the novel A Clockwork Orange.

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology and a year which has become popularly associated, thus resonating, the end times or a massive consciousness shift.

Regardless the validity of the Mayan calender end date and galactic alignment - which I personally place a great deal of significance in - sync teaches that any association is meaningful.
The association of 2012 with something momentous in human history exists and is a sync.
While watching Melancholia with Kirsten Dunst I pulled out the new IPhone that I have fallen in love with. The phone has these wonderful apps that allow you to see the current position of stars, constellations and planets. Above we see how Leo was perfectly aligned & entrained with the screen at that time, Dunst's hair and wedding veil even mimicking the lions mane.
Later in the film I start hearing the name Leo. Fortunately I am not going insane just yet as it turns out her nephew, who plays a key role in Melancholia, is called Leo.
Looking into the matter of Kirsten Dunst as a lion or cat resonator immediately bears fruit and we see her above in a Bulgari advertisement with a Lion as well as staring in The Cat's Meow. (She interacts with a lion in Jumanji but I haven't got stills of that at this point.)
Curiously noticing Leo in the sign we are currently moving through, Capricorn (21 December – 19 January), happened last year as shown above. I made the combo of LEOnardo DiCaprio, whimsically calling it Leonardo DiCapricorn (in fact a Scorpio), who appears in films that resonate the Sea-Goat very well.

Leonardo DiCaprio brings together the SEA and Leo the LION like SEALLION.
Capricorn's symbol looks like VS.
The film Contraband with Mark Wahlberg opens this Friday the 13th, in Capricorn, and we see the VS in its trailer. This highlights the classic synchromystic axiom that film with its stars is a reflection of the heavenly stars and their movements.
Also opening on Friday with Contraband is Meryl Streep in the Margaret Thatcher biopic The IRON LADY. IRON LADY is an anagram for LION YARD, which seemed kinda random and silly (usually a great sign) until noting Streep appears in LIONS for Lambs and Wahlberg stars in The Yards.
A closer look at The Yards reveals that Whalberg is called Leo! Have to watch this a.s.a.p. and makes some additions here, flux wiling.

In the previous post B One and ride the HORSE on the SHORE we synced allot with horses.
The Lion and the Horse have a relationship seeing as LION is nestled inside of stalLION. I like it when films and their stars bring insights together and help to vivify an idea like we saw above with ORANGE and DRAGON coming together via ERAGON. Matt Damon is the voice of "Spirit: Stallion of the Camirron" & owns a Lion in We Bought a Zoo.

We have seen HORSE(Stallion)=SHORE, again we see the Sea and Lion come together in StalLION echoing SEALLION.

These syncs are all over the map and we have seen a whole zoo of animals (and fruit) in a short period. Maybe with more investigation a theme will arise to tie them all together. However I feel too often the point of sync gets lost in searching for the meaning of individual syncs. The point is ultimately that things sync not what syncs.
Why does everything sync and what is the commonality between every sync? Everything syncs because there is no separation between anything not even the witness of the sync.


Writing the above made me think back to the first ever synchronicity I can recall involving LEOnardo da Vinci's Horse at the beach. This is a nice little personal "Aha!" for me as I see now how SEALLION associates to my first sync.

Here is a description of that event from an old The Blob post Gemini, written in 2008:
At the age of maybe 11, I was on vacation with my family at a South African beach town. While browsing a second hand book store my mom offered to buy me 2 old National Geographic magazines from a large pile.
That day I was paging through one from September 1977 with an article about Leonardo da Vinci. It explained that he was commissioned by his Milan patron, Lodovico Sforza, to make the worlds largest statue, a 23 foot bronze horse with rider.
This monumental project which required Leonardo pioneering new casting techniques was interrupted by war in 1499. As is typical of such business the bronze for the horse ended up being used to make a cannon and the clay version was used for archery practice by invading French soldiers.
Seconds pass and I open the second Magazine (October 1991) purchased from a whole random pile to read the article "Creating a Leonardo Statue in Pennsylvania".
It explains that retired airline pilot Charles C. Dent read the same September 77 article I just did and decided to finish Leonardo's horse sculpture, minus rider. This was the first time I can remember that such an amazing coincidence, transcending in my mind random chance (now I don't even believe in random chance), occurred in my life.
That very same evening I watch the news and see the same story repeated one more time. "Some old dude is making Leonardo's horse!" I believe, in that moment, my conception of reality changed dramatically. It was obvious to me that the world view as my parents and most humans perceived was lacking something vital. How could coincidence be clustered so vividly together and particularly centered around my comings and goings on an entirely ordinary day? Something had just happened to me that should be on the news the next day, yet I knew that it would just be shrugged of by almost everybody I know as 'just one of those things'. It's amazing to consider that practically anybody with some self awareness has a similar story! Synchronicity is a natural force as vivid and reliable as gravity. It veils a non local consciousness inseparable from our own that if yielded to will lead you to your SELF.
The horse was subsequently finished and placed in Milan, unveiled on 10 September 1999. A second casting was also made and stands in Grand Rapids Michigan. I imagine I will visit these things one fine day, considering they are partly responsible for all these synchromystic pages you are reading.

Funny enough I was in Milan a couple of months ago and it didn't even occur to me to visit the horse :)


I have a personal sync with this one that goes back to '88. The intro to my Sync Book chapter mentions me having what I refer to as an awakening when I was 12, but neither the intro or the chapter give an explanation. So here it is. It was a beautiful summers day that we spent at the zoo with another family. We'd all spent a lot of time together growing up and this outing was as fun as they always were when we all met up. And it was while we were looking at the sea lions in their enclosure that this epiphany occurred.

I looked at this baby sea lion sitting in front of its mother and in a flash I realised that there was no separation at all between the sea lion and myself. I knew that I had been a sea lion before - I had been that exact sea lion before - I was that sea lion and always would be. I also realized that it was all occurring at that very moment.

Peace, sisters and brothers


Ben Kingsley's birthday is on New Years Eve, the LAST day of the year cycle. In Gandhi he fights British control of India by resisting the SALT tax and making his own SALT.

Its the late 18th century and the Turkish army is laying siege to a European city.
A family takes refuge in a horses head.
The two animals famed for their lush manes are Horses and Lions.
We then see the headless statue of the horse as smoke rises from the city ruins.
A young girl runs up to the base of the statue and crosses out "son", adding "daughter" to "The Henry Salt and Son Players" on a poster titled "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen".
This is of course Terry Gilliam's "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" and the little girl is Sally SALT played by actress Sarah Polley.
I watched the first half of it on her Birthday, this past Sunday, Jan 8.

One day on & buddy Jarret aka @sacredscience drops in for a visit and we watch 1984's Once Upon a Time in America. The previous week on Jan 3 it was director Sergio LEOni's Birthday. Jarret has been listening to composer Ennio Morricone's legendary film scores, who also did this particular film. Further me and Jim are researching 1984 films for a future project so the 'sync'nificance at play here is heavy.
The film centers around the relationship of four life time friends a career criminals. Above Joe Pesci calls them "The four horsemen of the apocalypse".

We note here that horses resonate with the end times, fitting that they should charge in via sync in 2012.
As kids they start building their criminal empire through bold initiative. They convince a boss to give them a cut of illegal alcohol smuggling money in exchange for saving shipments that have to be tossed overboard when the coastguard arrives.
SALT is used to weigh down containers temporarily, a buoy later rises the shipment back to the surface, once the salt dissolves.
"The four horsemen's" salt enterprise is a success and they are well on their way.

I like that STALlion or SALTlion also highlights SALT. The Horse marks the end, eschaton or LAST thing.
Angelina Jolie is Salt as well as the voice of the cat character, "Tigress" in Kung Fu Panda.
Jack Black is Po the Panda who becomes the "DRAGON Warrior" in Kung Fu Panda. Again, curiously, ORANGE and DRAGON go perfectly together as he also stars in Orange County.
Quite crazy to realize this today as it is January 11, the same date Orange County was released!


Tomorrow, January 12th, day after Orange County is released it is the prolific actor Oliver Platt's birthday.

At first glance at Oliver Platt's poster spread at www.impawards.com I notice his last 3 movies were Year One, 2012 & Frost/Nixon. My sync radar beeps.

What these 3 posters tell me is that this year 2012 is year one of the new age.

The key here is the movie Frost/Nixon that stars Frank Langella as Nixon. As Jake mentions already Langella's birthday is January 1st. He begins the year.

His birthday began 2012.

The end year and the beginning year. Year One. (Year One stars Jack Black who is also in Orange County).

Further perusing through Mr. Platt's movie career leads me to the movie Beethoven, which he appears in. Downloading now. Will report. On the look for oranges and Beethoven's 9th....

"The head of the family is one with the tail." (...the one with the tale?)

... and then as I check his IMDB profile I notice he is the 2011 movie The Oranges.

What I like about Oliver Platt is his relationship to the movie 2012 as well as the 12th night of the year, which is his birthday on January 12th.

This brings me back to The Twelfth Night a movie starring Ben Kingsley, our sync birthday boy of December 31st, a night he shares with Anthony Hopkins who also plays Nixon like Langella whose birthday is the next day on January 1st.

The 12th hour of the 12th day of the 12th year in the new age. That's tomorrow. January 12, 2012.
Apple & Oranges.

Alpha & Omega.

Just flowing. We shall see where it goes.



  1. LL - the bride of Superman:

    "As living information, the plasmate travels up the optic nerve of a human to the pineal body. It uses the human brain as a female host in which to replicate itself into its active form. This is an interspecies symbiosis." -PK Dick.

    The 1491 made me think of 1941 - Pearl Harbor - another "alien attack".

  2. Oh wow, oh wow! You see, two nights ago I had a thought hit me like a ton of bricks, and it involved you and your moniker. I was going to write a post called...SEALLION

    The thing is, I've been tracking the pattern around the Osama "killing" and all the ways Osama was the "Lion King" (his name means "Lion" in Arabic and "King" in Japanese). Anyway, I had expected an echo of his death on January 6th (three Kings day). Lo and behold, there was a Navy Seal who was shot in the head that day in an apparent assasination. If you recall, Osama was shot in the head by the Navy SEALS.

    That's when it hit me. Jake, you were the one to begin much of this sync work with a focus on 9/11 ...then, after departing from that material somewhat, you take on the name SEALLION. Then, years later, the 9/11 Mega-Ritual story gets wrapped up (for all intents and purposes) with a SEAL killing the LION.

    At this point, realizing the sync of your name relating to the culmination of years of your research is somewhat overshadowed for me by seeing you post within hours of my realization on the SEALLION.

  3. Thanks Michael.

    Great sync Alan!

    Take care.

  4. Are we in code orange?

  5. "If all the above don't work, then the group must go back to the most ancient form of spirit work we have any knowledge of, exorcism by salt.

    Natural salt has properties we have little knowledge of; it is a natural cleanser, and seems to have the ability to sort of absorb negative entities. The oldest spells charms and incantations use salt; it has roots that go back well over 2,000 years."

    Just seems relevant

  6. Salt (dissolved in water) is also an excellent conductor of electricity. I think we can use this property to boost our Sync connectivity energy signals (think the precogs floating in the pool in Minority Report). I tried it once in a chlorinated hot tub. It worked.

  7. I've been doing a little thinking about chinese new year
    (Happy New Year!)

    one of the things you are supposed to buy to prepare for new years is Oranges. Nice Work!


    I look forward to mixing with you g8ors this fire dragon!
    Do Be Well!

  8. "Shake.I.Ra" attacked by a seallion in South Africa

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