Monday, August 8, 2011

Sync reflections on GO Day in the Now Pulse 7/15/11

" What are you GOing to do, Christopher Robin, and you say, Oh, nothing, and then you GO and do it.”“Oh, I see,” said Pooh."

KevIndra: On 7/15 or GO fellow syncster Jennifer Palmer of Reality Sandwich and Evolver( @True on twitter) and I held an event here in New Paltz(read:Now Pulse) New York to share our presentations on Sync and the growing inter-connectivity between us and everything in these times of awakening.

On the morning of the event I headed to town to get set for the Potluck dinner and to do some equipment checks. Along the way I ran into a friend of mine who gifted me a Tiger Lilly and wished me good luck with my presentation. This was a beautiful sync for me, as it was just over a year before the GO Day 7/15 Sync event, I was up in Canada meeting Jim(@syncwinnipeg) and Jake(@seallion) for a gathering of syncsters that we called "The Cosmic Ti69er", honouring the Wisdom of Winnie Pooh(named after Winnipeg), 2o1o being the year of the Tig(g)er, the sign of Cancer which is symbolized by 69, 69 resonates double Gs, like the Twin Sun/Double G/69 of the film 2010 the Year we make Contact, the Summer of Love and forefather of sync Robert Anton Wilsons "Cosmic TriGGer Trilogy". I was already starting to feel the days sync ripples bubbling up.

The GO day event, took place at 60 Main street, visually mirroring GO/60, this was a perfect sync, not premeditated at all. Heres a snap I took of the Fan there as I was setting up for the days event.

This perfectly entrains with The 7(G)/15(O) GO date of this particular event and when IT ALL ENDS with the Harry Potter saga.

I noticed a few cool entrainments while preparing for the event. Much of the Sync that I planned to explore in Film a Thin Skin or Membrane video and presentation emphasizes the reality that we are both Spiritual and Physical beings. My presentation highlighted the Rainbow and the mythic Underworld Boat/Merkaba/Chariot as symbolic pointers in our cultures vocabulary to these realities.

This growing spiritual awareness reminds me of the Flood of Honey on the poster for the new Pooh film, it reminded me of the Sea of Nectar of Hindu mythos, the Honey being a symbol of spiritual nectar or Wisdom and Cosmic Consciousness. This also reminds me of the Rainbow that follows the Flood in the Bible, becoming the bond between Heaven and Earth.

Above is a diagram Ive made connecting the GO Date and Poohs Boat/Arc to Cancer or The Chariot, the Astroloical Sign which the 7/15 GO date falls under. According to my newest book on the Tarot, the Chariot/Cancer is a pointer toward the 5th Element of Spirit- the Element also associated with the Action "To GO".

The Chariot, Merkaba, the symbol of our Spiritual Body, the Boat of Assencsion.

The Astrological sign of Cancer(The Chariot/Merkaba) is composed of two smaller constellations known as the Northern and Southern Ass. Cancer is also the House of the Summer Solstice and the Dog Days, where the Most Light does its work upon the Earth.

The Donkey or Ass was ridden by Jesus Christ into the Holy City of Jerusalem. Christ on the Donkey represents the Divinity of the Every-Man/Woman. Donkeys were often only Sold by the rich and upper class of his time, thus the Light/Christ upon the Donkey represents the Asscension of the average person.

Speaking of average looking people being Spiritual guides, I must share one of the wackiest moments of GO day for me. This story is up there with one of the wackiest things ive experienced in fact.

Things got very interesting as I walked to grab my Djembe(hand drum) from the car that was parked just down the block from /Root Cafe. A man on the corner noticed that I had painted a large 42 across the skin of my drum and said "42 aye? you know that number represents what we call god on this planet." I immediatly asked if I could sit down and hear more about this from the gentleman. I asked if he would please further explain and he went on to tell me a truely amazing story.

This fellow "Rick" was a very, and I mean very relaxed, chubby, and wise looking gentlemen. Think the Big Lebowski*(if youve heard about my previous experience with what I beleived to be a "Phooka", this thickens the plot). He was wearing Sunglasses, a cowboy hat, and had long hair coming from the back of his hat. The Big Lebowsky strange attracts with the idea of the Asscension of the average Joe as mentioned above. Anyway, I asked, so what do you mean about God and 42?(this guy had no idea I was about to show my Membrane video about the #42 at a cafe a block away in just 2 hours.) Rick went on to tell me that he works with ETs, and that this developed during his 20+ years in computer engineering, and that he receives his work telepathically from beings that work with planet Earth on many levels. He said specifically, that when he was working as an engineer, he sat in silence with his computers and technology for long enough that he began to hear intelligences that were informing him how to engineer. He also told me that he and I could speak telepathically, through what he called our Nunies(he pronounced it Noonies). Oddly he then just gave me a smile and we locked gazes for a moment, and either by true Nunie talk or law of attraction, I realized that in that moment we locked eyes he was saying "you see were doing exactly that, see?" and I somewhat jokingly replied "Yes indeed" aloud. Rick proceeded to verbally inform me that the #42 is the main symbol or code, that represents the all penetrating intergalactic intelligence.

Rick went on saying that it is a supercomputer in one sense, and it can best be described as the thing which e call "God" on Earth. He emphasized that the #42 was important on planet Earth right now because we are needing of further Contact* and technology to evolve on the planet and move away from suffering and exploitation. He informed me that 42 is a symbol for the infinite network of the ET plan(the Plan-E.t.). Rick said Earth holds for us a future with no paper money, no nations, but a larger sustainable economy that will be in constant economic trade with the other planetary systems both physically and telepathically, and that 42 is the symbol or code that unites this whole infinite consciousness network.

I was pretty blown away at this point, knowing that this man had no idea who I was, telling me that the number I was about to share 40 minutes of synchronicity/media about, was the code for the Spiritual/ET Consciousness network in the Galaxy. I then told him that I was going to be showing a film on exactly that number at the Coffee shop, and he told me that he wouldnt be there, but he'd be there and talk to me after it. I must say that on 7/15 or GO day, I woke up with my heart chakra bursting, I had a great feeling of strength, confidence, and courage that I acknowledged even in the way I felt while walking around. This fello Rick told me that humanity had good things coming and he said "You can let go of all those doubts and live in that confidence and courage". I kept on chatting and was releived when my good friend and bandmate walked upon our conversation and over heard some of Ricks talk about Space commerce being under way, as I wasnt sure anyone would beleive me about this fellow.

I knew I was soon to meet Jennifer palmer for the first time, so I told Rick that it was a pleasure to meet him, and that I must run but hope to see him around. I walked up the block and immediately told my drummer I just had a serious sync, we looked back and Rick was gone. I alsked Amanda -one of the owners of /Root cafe- if she knew Rick who talked to ETs, and she said she did, that he was a local guy, kind, but out there. I thus cannot consider Rick a real "Phooka", as in some kind of subjective potential hallucination or collection of personally relevant symbolic insight. He was certainly the Phooka or trickster that can manifest before us in everything and anything for sure. This fellow has been around town and such for a while already so I plan asking him if I can film an interview as soon as possible. All of this, is the real deal to me, and this happened on 7/15 - GO Day, when "IT ALL ENDS", my first public Synchromysticism video presentation, and when we aligned with the Tao of Pooh . I couldnt make up a story this wacky, I promise you haha. The only way I could stop my brain from being sync shocked was to let go and just GO with it all ;) haha.

After some equipment checkups at the cafe it was time to meet and greet Jennifer for the first time!

Just as me and Jennifer (@True) met up in town we passed by a flyer for local band Snow Bear(Oso Blanco) and the Twin Rabbit ears, these were perfectly timed for my White Rabbit/Phooka flavored film showing. As explored in my video the White Rabbit in many instances is a pointer toward the mysterious path of self knowledge and non-physical dimensions.

See my video here for more about the White Rabbit.

After I showed my 3 part video Jennifers talk synced perfectly into resonance with the flavor of the video and the intentions of the evening. Check out here written peice below.

Heres a snap of Jennifer giving her awsome lecture "Radical Interdependence and Online Telepathy".

Jennifers literature from Reality Sandwhich participated in the Rainbow Aura of the Nights proceedings.

After the presentations my band Its Not Night: Its Space played a special improv set, where the remaining attendees of the film showing joined in on a collective raga jam out with lots of shakersand howling under the full moon, it felt like a perfect way to end a night of great presentations and discussions together.

After the event lovely staff of Slash Root Cafe(Where plants and grassroots technology come together) closed up shop and offered us some local mountain harvested high altitude tea. We followed the White Rabbit and made it to the Tea-4-2 party in Wonderland. Some really great follow up discussion and proper synchronicity continued through the night.

GO day was over, we closed up shop at 60 Main or GO Main riding the high vibes of the night.

The next morning Jennifer(@True), Peg(@Pegchandler) and I (@indradhanush42) all headed to the Organic cafe that I work at for some coffee. Upon exiting we shared a giGGle over the Rabbits and Rainbows in close proximity.

. This popped up in town right at the same time as my talk which highlighted the 42 and 23 Sync history. A a funny flyer for a local Harvest festival held by 423 productions here in the Hudson Valley.

While randomly looking for NASA samples to use during my bands set for the evening I synchronistically came up with this search item and used it during our set.

Honey Suckle is GO July 2011 Nasa

the GO days coincided with the Dog Days of Summer.

July 23rd when Sirius rises before the Sun has been declared Robert Anton Wilson Day by a California Mayor. Robert Anton Wilson is a Sync Saint and most definately a forefather of the movement.

Some Dog Day sync was fresh in my mind on July 23rd 2011 when unfortunatly Amy Winehouse passed away. RIP.

Her first albums art and title Synchromystically can be associated with Sirius, the Dog Star, the White Rabbit and #42 via her album Frank(Donnie Darkos Rabbit) and her Album cover featuring a two DogS(tars) one hidden, just like the Sirius system, Sirius A being the brightest star in the night sky, and Sirius B being one of the densest but also invisible to the naked eye.

Happ Year of the Rabbit Whole

Peace Love and Wholey Asscension with all <3 - KevIndra


  1. Nice vibes, Duat and the 42 are the same methinks. Shine forth! Dennis

  2. I like to think of the 42 binary code as super-binary, being 4 letters and 2 strands, which is DNA. DNA code uses G, T, C and A as extensions of 1 and 0 on a single strand, and only two pairs ever bind (g with c and a with t... I think) with the other strand, meaning it will still follow binary coding measures. Hard to explain.

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