Wednesday, August 10, 2011

StarMirror Thirty-Three: Crown Connection

Yesterday I had a pretty huge influx of syncs involving a main theme of "as above so below". The astrological alignments this week are very telling (go here for details - Darkstar Astrology) so this theme is not surprising. Basically, this week is about Mars and Uranus, action and revolution respectively. While Mercury is in retrograde we need to refine our ways of communicating properly (thanks to Kevin for that hint), which means just telling/accepting the truth before dancing around it gets out of hand (like the state we're in now due to the lies perpetuated to keep the commonly perceived "powerful" in power). When we hide the truth, the truth is hidden from us.

While I was on twitter yesterday, someone had posted this poster for the new TinTin (mirror jupiter / double rainbow):

tintin on his motor(GO)Cycle emerging from the waters, all 5 elementals are seen in this image (GO being Spirit), I like how his Dog passenger syncs with the twin stars/crowns in the title directly below him

The color scheme is split so that blue is above and yellow is below. Three human figures (well, disembodied heads) occupy the blue space and three human figures occupy the yellow space, tintin and the guys on the boat behind him. Each set of three has two Twin figures, the mustachio'd men in hats above and the boat guys below. Those with crowns/hats are above/north, those without are below. I like the captain guy's Ankh-or crown. Say, this is familiar....

thrones, G in chanGe-up connecting Bateman's root chakra with Reynolds' crown chakra

The Change-UP poster has blue above and yellow below, three figures occupying each space with each group of three containing a twin set (the babies and the women). The plot of the Change-Up is that the two men seen in the poster trade places (mirror). Jason Bateman is the Father/King/Crowned one in the symbolic heavens above Reynolds. Another as above so below mirror indicator is the "hidden" 33 in the groups separated by the blue and yellow. Masonry!

While browsing for other posters, I found this one for the new Three Musketeers.

The main color scheme is pretty much the same as the others, except now there is added Red (3/C-ing Red). A starmirror 33 can be found in the title "Three" and the "3" in 3D.

Another poster I happened upon was this one for the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie called "Chipwrecked". I managed to avoid bashing my head against a wall as a natural reaction to such an awful pun long enough to observe some things.

Three crowned elemental critters seated behind a big fat yellow 3. Thirty three again? They are seen emerging from a hoop/cycle in the sky. A stargate? Possibly. The "shipwreck" theme is reminding me of both the debt crisis and the burning Unicorn (unicorn because of the fantastic nature of the monetary system in place) ship on the TinTin poster.

three men in the foreground, three smokestacks on the syncing ship

Now we have artHur cHristmas.

There is a pretty well hidden thirty three in this one. The word "See"/C/3 in red on the sign, and the red C in Christmas in the title synchromystically connect to create a 33. Arthur means "Bear King", kings wear Crowns and the crown is at the north of the human body and Polar Bears reside around the North Pole. North becomes Thron(e) and there is an arrow pointing Up on the sign (both details sync with the Change-UP poster). Arthur himself is the son/sun of Santa Claus, who has been linked to Jupiter numerous times in the past. The UP arrow on this poster is a pine tree pointing to a star, a common christmas decoration which seems to hint towards the pineal gland directing us towards our starship.


8/12: The Om symbol/Crown Chakra signifier very much resembles a "3".

The 8-rayed star is another hint towards Starg8s. Perhaps witnessing the "33" sync is a way of knowing internally that you are in ContaCt with twin stars/crowns, which also hints towards your own crown chakra connecting you to the stars.


  1. Those darn hidden 33's...Good eye!

  2. I see the 33 symbol in these posters as being associated with a mirror aspect, the same as 11 11 or any other twin number or letter, hinting towards our internal connection to everything, and synchronicity (pattern relies on repetition) itself.

  3. when you are using a computer application, you do not see or care about the individual lines of code, unless you're doing the coding yourself. This is what synchromysticism is about, becoming a meta-programmer.

  4. Hello all. Been awhile since I have been here. The post are always interesting here. thank you for sharing.

    Here are a few numbers to add to the SYNC!

    08/08/08-11 – NYSE CLOSES DOWN – Check These Numbers!… and the SUGGESTION!

    Dow Jones closes down -634.76 points to 10,809.85.
    LOSING 5.55% of its value!

    S&P 500 closes down -79.92 points to 1,119.46.
    LOSING 6.66% of its value!

    Nasdaq closes down -174.72 points to 2,357.69.
    LOSING 6.9% of its value!

    Adding 5.55 + 6.66 = 12.21 a reverse number.
    12.21 = 12 + 21 = 33.

    Adding 5.55 + 6.66 + 6.9 = 19.11 = 1-911.

    11 = DEATH
    9 = FALL
    as in 9/11 or FALL in to DEATH


    Another orgasmic launch by NASA occurred on August 5th, with the Juno drone rocket sent up to explore Jupiter.

    Juno is the Roman goddess of children, childbirth and marriage, and relates to the Christian Mary, and the goddess Diana, the flood goddesses.

    Juno/Juneau is the capital city of Alaska, symbolized by the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    The goddess Juno was the sister and wife of Jupiter.

    The launch of the Juno rocket was a sex ritual, symbolically suggesting a CLIMAX between Juno and Jupiter, which in turn relates to the suggestion relating to the Flood and the Big One EQ.

    Peace! DS888

  5. great post. thanks for this :)

    resonating crowns and 3's made me think of the Triple Crown of horseracing and 3 crowns = 3 kings..

    glad to have your perspective here