Saturday, April 9, 2011

Three Queens (Crowned)

Sync entertrianment of the Queen, in three major releases, on the weekend of 8 April 2011, unveiling the Hip Nosis of the humble Bow.

April 7th - I met @Seallion right at the spot on the bridge over the Red River where the Queen walked this past summer when she visited Winnipeg.

When we met there we noticed a Sunbow/Halo around the Sun.

We wrote about the Queen's visit here at the Sync Whole. Read the post HERE.

April 8th - Around a week ago I started downloading all of Crispin Glover's movie career. I am doing this because his birthday is 4/20.

This Friday on April 8th (8/4/2011) @Seallion and myself got together and decided to watch the movie LIKE MIKE because it sync'd with the days BOW theme as it stars LIL BOW WOW standing on K2. Crispin Glover plays the evil orphanage director in it, that's why I had it downloaded.

The Red kNight (4/20/11) BOWS before the Queen (4/21/11).

Taurus, the Bull, starts 4/20/11.

Micheal Jordan, the inspiration of the movie LIKE MIKE played for the Chicago BULLS.

420 Bull's Eye?

Will add more soon...



I couldn't help noticing the "Like Mike" mosaic that Mr. Fusion/@syncwinnipeg tweeted yesterday. As has already been established, "Your Highness" ( was released 8/4 (Not only double rainbow day, but also the anniversary of Alistair Crowley's writing of the first chapter of Liber Al Vel Legis - The Book of the Law). In keeping with the bullying around here, Your Highness features a Minotaur.

Danny McBride and the Minotaur

Crowley's Thoth deck features the bull-drawn chariot of the Prince of Disks. The PoD's can represent pragmatic approaches to evolution. Taking tasks one step at a time, completing these tasks and moving on to the next. This is shown in the tarot card via the waves or ripples emanating from the centre of the card. Undrneath these clear waves we see plants.

Pomegranates are featured within this display of flora. Pomergranates of course being vege-red-dots.


This echoes the red planet (Mars/Aries/Rams/Wars/JaWs) themes that have flowed into the Japan/Tsunami/Meltdown currents.

8/4 also saw the release of the Beastie Boys new trailer for their upcoming 30 minute video "Fight For Your Right - Revisited". This video also features Danny "Kenny Powers" McBride as MCA, Seth "Paul" Rogan, Elijah Wood, Will Ferrel, JC Riley and Jack "Baby Sasquatch" Black - who play's an alternate MCA in the video. So Black and McBride now entangle as a compositeby both being the same BEASTie Boy.

McBride plays Adam "MCA" Yauch who was pretty bad back in the License to Ill days but has since transmuted into a devout Buddhist. McBride as MCA does his fair share of glass breaking in the above video. One scene features a pane shattered by a tin-can.

McBride is also seen sidewalk-surfing, taking us back to wavespeak.

Wave-haired McBride and the Bullseye of the HBO logo

Again, the Bull and McBride share the same space as we see on the Beastie Boys blog that 3 entries below the post featuring the trailer starring McBride is an entry with a pic of Michael "23" Jordan...

The Beasties blog post on Jordan focuses on Jordan's latest facial hair stylings.

MJ has chosen to wear his mo in a the style made famous by Adolf Hitler. Things loop back here as Adolf Hitler was born on 4/20...

Nuit Wikipedia
She has several titles, including the Queen of Infinite Space, Our Lady of the Stars, and Lady of the Starry Heaven.

Nuit is the Bow shaped Bowing Queen of Stars. Amazing that The Book of the Law was started on the same date highlighted by these Movie Star Queens & that its first line invokes Her Highness.

This is Hip Nosis beyond the mind that we all have access to when we trust our Self & humbly bow to the mystery of Being.

Liber AL

This book was dictated in Cairo between noon and 1 p.m. on three successive days, April 8th, 9th and 10th in the year 1904.

The Author called himself Aiwass, and claimed to be “the minister of Hoor-Paar-Kraat”; that is, a messenger from the forces ruling this earth at present, as will be explained later on.

Chapter 1

Had! The manifestation of Nuit.

The unveiling of the company of heaven.

Every man and every woman is a star.

Every number is infinite; there is no difference.

Help me, o warrior lord of Thebes, in my unveiling before the Children of men!

Be thou Hadit, my secret centre, my heart & my tongue!

Behold! it is revealed by Aiwass the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat.
The Bow shaped Nuit arches over Hoor-paar-kraat above with the Red Spots above and below.
The New Aeon


The Skull and X above reminded me of this Red Spot on The Brothers Grimm poster.

In the movie actress Lena Headey plays the role of archer Angelika:

The first time the Brothers meet Angelika she skins/sinks/syncs a Rabbit.

If we cut to the chase we find that actress Angelika/Lena Headey is also Sarah Connor, mother of JC, and Holiest of Rabbit Holies.

Again she associates with the skull and Red Spot:

In the TV series Merlin she played Guinevere, Queen of the Arthurian legends:

Lena Headey crowned:

In The Broken poster the zig-zag/wave of the crown is replaced by the sharp edges of a cracked skull.

In The Brothers Grimm movie Lena Headey helps thwart the 'Mirror Queen' (played by actress Monica Belluci) who quite literally cracks up:

Maybe 'cracking up' helps connect us to the Source Code.

This pattern follows Lena Headey to the movie Tell Tale.

Gerard Butler played the role of King Leonardis in the movie 300, while Lena Headey was the Queen of Sparta.

I like how the word JOY is tangled in her hair/hare.


Micheal Jordan as number 23 of the Chicago Bulls has been an enigma around the Sync Whole for sometime. The initials of his name actually having numerical equivalent to the number 23 is sync head fodder I feel personally. See he's the greatest player of all time to some, perhaps the majority, and this makes the number 23 show up on the backs of fans world wide. 23's everywhere, even the majority of young athletes find inspiration to that being "their number" is just a little too common. Jordan's stats are just nuts. Most consecutive points scored in a game? 23. Hell even the most points he ever scored was on April 20th. Many things relative to this post of course are among the facts that he is a Minotaur and that he has recently sported a Hitler style mustache. A minotaur of course the combination of man and bull. The red Bull or the beast. And Hitler is "the Beast" by popular opinion as well.... Whose birthday is on April 20th. Now April 20th is just a weird fucking date period! It's the day of so many disasters like Columbine, Oklahoma city bombing, the oil rig bullshit last year, Hitlers birthday as mentioned above, and the day most associated to pot. ... To Marijuana I mean. Also in Marijuana is it's initials being MJ which is 23 like Jordan... Blogger The Quark Observer Observed this at his blog recently.

But this is about Crowley as well. The Beast. As he self proclaimed himself. And he wrote this special book materializing it self now in our reality.Tonight I watched some of an episode of Beauty and the Beast.... I mean it's only appropriate right? With all thess Beastie Boys and other non nonsensical puns manifesting themselves. The episode starred, in shot of the Twin Towers, Julie Carmen.
I just saw her in Mouth of Madness just 2 days ago at the beginning of this Crowley craziness because the title has a double M in it and I'm watching a lot of Carpenter right now. @seallion quoted this shit the other day so I suspected that my previous urge to see it was justified.The Beauty and the Beast episode deals with a tower being built that threatens the beast's subterranean(subconsciousness) world. The title of the episode signifies only slight tom foolery cause Ozymandias was its title and he in Egypt was a pyramid building pharaoh also known as Ramesses the 2nd. Any building of a phallic symbol is a direct reaction to the acceptance of the Queen of Space AKA Nuit.Linda Hamilton's ex boyfriend is behind the building. Linda Hamilton besides this particular sit com is known as the original Queen of Destiny Sarah Connor mentioned above.He shows her slides of his tower that happens to bear remarkable resemblance to another 'Kings' tower.Stephen King writes of a Dark Tower that penetrates not only space but all time.This tower is surrounded by roses. Roses just happens to be the favorite bouquet for the bride of the Beast. Crowley's living book written under the guidance of his angel bride named Rose. And like Crowley's book Kings characters realize they were written, a trick Stephen King picked up from his influence Robert Wilson who popularized the synchronicity of the number 23.
I'll finish on a weird note and quote Crowley's description of his inspiration for the Book of the Law. " eyes veiled lest their gaze should destroy what they saw."


Tommy: The band QUEEN (headed by Freddy Mercury) wrote the theme song for the movie HigHlander.

"Here we are, born to be KINGs. We're the PRINCEs of the universe."

In the poster for the movie, we once again have a Skull entraining with a Red Spot (as well as a sword like in the Pirates of the Caribbean/Brothers Grimm posters), in that the skull has a single red EYE (like Jupiter). We also have the Head entraining with a Grid/Net design (seen in the windows behind the two characters), like in Source Code and many others. The scene in the poster is from the climax of the movie where the main character beheads another immortal (crown activity), and the surge of energy known as The Quickening shatters all of the glass in the windows seen in the poster.

click here for video evidence - embedding disabled by request

Funnily enough, the quest to destroy all other Immortals in order to become "The One" is referred to as "The Game", like the Michael Douglas movie poster above. The immortal who ends up winning is named Connor MaCleod who was born in the Highlands of scotland. So in his name and birthplace you have High and Cloud. Highlanders in history were known for wearing the grid design of plaid. "Up to this time, the main form of the kilt had been the Feileadh Mor or Great Plaid. This was a blanket-like piece of plaid about five feet tall by 4.5 or six yards wide. Highlanders pleated the width of the fabric, secured it around their waist with a belt and carried the bulk of the garment over their shoulders."

The Crown is awareness of the grid-like nature of consciousness, the deep holographic interconnectivity of all things/non-things. In the end, there can be only ONE.


  1. Hmm thats funny I just got done linking 420 to Micheal Jordan 2 weeks ago.

  2. EVERY MAN AND EVERY WOMAN IS A STAR...I used this quote in my Eggsistentialism blog, in reference to the back-and-forth, loom-weaving interaction between Chokmah and Binah that creates or spins the beginnings of form:
    "If we visualize each causal chain progressing in time as a meridian on a globe, then we may represent simultaneous events by the parallel circles of longitude...All the events in a man's life would accordingly stand in two fundamentally different kinds of connection: firstly, in the objective, causal connection of the natural process; secondly, in a subjective connection which exists only in relation to the individual who experiences it, and which is thus as subjective as his own dreams, whose unfolding content is necessarily determined, but in the manner in which the scenes in a play are determined by the poet's plot. That both kinds of connection exist simultaneously, and the self-same event, although a link in two totally different chains, nevertheless falls into place in both, so that the fate of one individual invariably fits the fate of the other, and each is the hero of his own drama while simultaneously figuring into a drama foreign to him - This is something that surpasses our powers of comprehension, and can only be percieved as possible by virtue of the most wonderful pre-established harmony...It is a great dream dreamt by that single entity, the Will to Life: but in such a way that all his personae must participate in it. Thus everything is interrelated and mutually attuned."
    ---Arthur Koestler, THE ROOTS OF COINCIDENCE

  3. May 20 = 520 = ET.

    That was Beautiful - thanks, boys. <3

  4. Love is Death / King of Love is a Dead Man.

    Step through Johnny Depp's Door, guided by Light Bringers as we tread a dark path towards our individual Dark Towers.

    As the scales drop from our eyes (no more judgement daze, fishy!), we realise this foggy road is actually lined with roses and the Dark Tower can finally be entered, ascended, where we may reach our goal: to begin again.

    Jake Chambers finds out that a key is a stone is a rose in NY/OZ. Black 13 at the WTC...

    Ka-Tet of 19. TK 9/11. Contact.

    Love you with this full heart.

  5. B4 we forget: Mr Brooks - RA, your flow on the puzzle heads...

    comes full circle:


  6. ...finally

    This is so CK / SK, when I saw it I actually felt fearful for Jim. A strong sign, and I stared and stared to think why.

    Click. The Man In The High Castle. Japan. Dandelion.

    SK: Dandelo. Odd Lane.
    AG: The Comedian. Watchmen.

    Everything is Eventual is Everything Else.


  7. Har! Busta Rhymes MCA @ 03:02


  8. Rabbit Hole,
    3 Doors:


  9. Howd I miss all this awsomeness! Amazing work! <3 under --->

  10. ...just watched the Beastly Boys Future Selves vid. Made me laugh, which cracked the tears on my face from the two vids earlier.

    So Grateful, for you G8ors. No words.

    Apart from (haha) - CK on the License to Ill thread gleans Out for Justice (I rocked out to that song as a kid more times than I watched the pool ball scene.)

    Hard Core.


  11. NO Sleep to Brooklyn (lets rock out 2gether)


    Come to snuff the Rooster <3

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