Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Is BAD: Japan=Mars

The much applauded Juno has many a unsubtle references to the mythological Juno. Juno is a sorta template for the virgin mothers through history. Although she replenished he virginity every year Juno was much "used" by her husband Zeus. However not many children came from their coupling, in fact most of the wedded couples relationship was her trying to keep Zeus from screwing everything under the Zodiac. In a way then Juno, or Ellen Page as Juno I should say, actual having a child but not being able to keep the child makes her a perfect fit into this mythology. Her husband, or rather father of the child, would be Micheal Cera. This actor would then kinda of carry the title of father of the gods.
@syncwinnipeg or Jim Sanders another writer here at the "Whole" under this line of thought realized this theme carrying over into his other work based mainly off the word Bad seen above covering Cera in the Superbad poster. Remember this movie was Cera's quest to get laid.
"Be Bad" seen on Cera's button above on another Cera "quest for puntang" Youth in Revolt. BAD the word if changed into the numeral equivalent is B=2, A=1, D=4, or 214. This number seeming to come right out of the symbol for Jupiter/Zeus itself.Sync heads know this as standard but I wonder if anyone out there really thinks that seeing a 214 in the symbol above is a stretch.
BAD Boys with Will Smith standing over the word BAD and looking very super hero like even.
A pose he used again in Hancock posters. Eagle a sign of Zeus on his chest much like Superman's symbol. Lighting striking in the back ground. Another sign of the Jupiter who hurled bolts at his enemies.
Will Smith, believe it or not, reportedly refused the role of NEO in 1999's The Matrix due to the fact that the movie sounded "too confusing". Charlize Theron who was Smith's opposite named "Mary"(as in virgin) in the movie Hancock stars in Devil's Advocate next to NEO. The theme of the bride of the beast carries over seeing that Jupiter and Hades were basically the same person. Sense mythology was more about relying abstract principles than worshiping deities we come to understand that Jupiter/Zeus , Poseidon, and Hades(the 3 "Big Boys") become three different aspect of man himself. I like the relationship seen between the Bad Boys poster and that of Devils Advocate. Fire on the bottom coming from Hell on both.
Aliens take on the same role. Extraterrestrials are outside Terra(Earth). This meaning outside the realm of normal experience. Think Gods, Angels, Oz, Wonderland etc. Basically coming from Hell. Charlize does this movie in 1999 right before the turn of the century while Keanu does The Matrix. The tagline talks of terror.
As a side note she runs right through the area that Will Smith lives in I Am Legend. Really I guess this is only mind blowing to an insane sync head such as my self(note I Am Legend takes place in 2012).
Theron runs right through the twin towers while holding a belly full of demon twins her self. Twins a common theme in the Child of the Beast motif.
Similar story in End of Days that also came out in 1999. Actually saying that 1999 is 666 upside down. And once again heavy attention to the Twin Towers in this one as well.
The scenes in Arnold's apartment have been scrutinized by many in fact, saying that the view of the Towers from that angle would have been virtually impossible.
The Beast above seen in shot with Tower lends credence to this theory as compared to the shot above from the same general area. The movie's poster shows its opening day was 11/24 containing our BAD numbers...
I call an instance when an actor flips sides of a common theme from one movie to the next a "reverse role". In Junior Arnold instead of impregnating a woman while possessed with the Beast becomes the impregnated. Man having a baby many would consider a sign of The End of Days.
The film begins with Hercules at Olympus, berating his father Zeus for not allowing him to leave the Gods' abode to adventure on earth. Eventually Zeus tires of Hercules and blasts him with a lightning bolt, casting him out of Olympus - giving Hercules what he wanted. -Wiki

Arnold is the son of the Beast in his first movie ever described above. Twin Towers winking at us. The relationship of Hercules and Devito is showcased in the Disney representation of the son of Zeus. Devito plays the PAN like creature who trains Hercules. Hercules like the description of Zeus and his brothers I mentioned above is the World Hero... Which really all movie stars are, hence the reason that all of these themes criss cross so often. The point is that all of these characters are the ones viewing them in all actuality. They describe the process of man, or better the consciousness that is man, understanding itself beyond words and concepts. By acting itself out.
Devito and Arnold become interchangeable like the characters they portray. They themselves reverse role becoming the product of multiple fathers and a woman called Mary. They themselves are the product of the Beast, the Beast, and the Bride of the Beast.
During the movie this point is reinforced as Hercules rips his shirt and is forced in getting a new shirt. He reads the catch line "Born to be BAD". The word BAD in parenthesis adding punctuation to the importance of the word. Devito replies "Yes we are".The concept of "Ice Man" being a prime example of World Hero. Arnold plays BAD Guy Mr. Freeze. An Ice Man if ever there was. The World Hero Ice Man has it's root in the stories of Odin. Odin is the father God of the Norse Pantheon and was born from a block of Ice being licked free by a cow. The word Isis is rooted in Ice as it is the solid form of water and a symbol of matter itself. Odin is a late god relatively speaking and connects with many other "World Heroes". He can easily be linked to Jesus as both were hung from the world tree. However some scholars have even connected him to the likes of Buddha. And well Jupiter would be a cinch. In the ever on going quest to understand himself(like man) Odin even exploited the stories of Moses. Both had the inscriptions of the Law or truth, Moses on his tablets, and Odin above on his spear. The Spear more a connect to Mar's lance than Hermes staff I'll say in passing.

After watching Total Recall over the weekend I climb into bed and closed my eyes. Without any solicitation or warning the idea that the red spot on Japan's flag looks like the Red Planet Mars popped into my head.

We have noted that it looks like a Red Eye, thus fitting into the Seeing Red or Red Sea/C pattern.

The video above illustrates the Red Sea & Seeing Red pattern interestingly using Total Recall, seemingly more relevant now then ever. Sync keeps teaching us that everything has been non-locally specifically designed for this moment by the mind beyond all minds.
The movie had already dropped a few clues that it was relevant to Japan. Above we see Arnold's fake wife Sharon Stone as the ESPN broadcast behind her says "Tokyo".
Schwarzenegger as Quaid passes a giant neon Fuji Film sign. Fiju film is a Japanese company and Mount Fuji is a famous peak visible from Tokyo.
The Great Wave off Kanagawa (1829–32) by Hokusai shows a TSUNAMI looming over boats and Mount Fuji. Another example of how sync shows us all has been created for this moment. The most iconic piece of Japanese art takes on a whole new level of meaning & pathos as the history of Japan has been permanently marked by a such a TSUNAMI.
Quaid wants to go to Mars, not Saturn. The salesman gives in saying "You're the boss" as Jupiter appears on screen. Jupiter/Joy is indeed the Boss and King of Sync. It tells us so itself.
On Mars/Japan Quaid learns that he must start the reactor inside the Pyramid Mine made by aliens.
This will Thaw the Ice Core of Mars causing a Meltdown. We can see how the key words associated to the radiation crisis in Japan are present here in Total Recall. Now that we know Mars symbolizes Japan things start falling into place.

Amazing how much of this event is playing out here & now, in ARIES ruled by Mars. Time to ARISE in ARIES.
Schwarzenegger is Mr Freeze in Batman and Val Kilmer is Iceman in Top Gun. Both interact with Pyramids, Val as Moses in The Prince of Egypt.

The Seeing Red Eye of Japan is also the Red See/Sea showing us how Moses fits in here. We have also explored his staff/rod as associated to the Melting Core Rods of the REACTOR. REACTOR as an anagram for CREATOR unveils the meaning of the Mega Ritual underway in Japan.
CREATOR is coming into form on Earth, an event so ALIEN to our minds we can currently only deal with it in symbols as a Meltdown or TSUNAMI/I AM NUTS.
Val further syncs along perfectly as a Mars hero himself in Red Planet.
Radiation is present in the context of this Mars/Japan film.

Val the Iceman talking Ice...
Val lounges on Mars explaining how the intellect/form (finite) is only a part of the picture. The mystical/spiritual (infinite essence of all) is needed to be whole.
March 11, the day the Tsunami/Quake happened, Mars Needs Moms opened in theaters. Japan Needs Moms/Isis.

Mars Moms stars Seth Green who travels to Japan in Old Dogs. "Look out Japan, here comes some serious business." he says as he gets ready to board the plane to Tokyo.

Peace In.

Jim & Jake seeing signs in signs...


  1. Schwarz Egg & Devil Toe: Fat Man & Little Boy.

    Please see my article on the Scott Pilgrim series for an important element of Michael Cera's oeuvre: the Pilgrim must defeat the seven evil X's (= seven veils) of the High Priestess, Juno. The Grail Quest for Puntang.

    Charlize ΘΗΡΟΝ plays Aileen Wuornos in Monster, who looks like the Cowardly Lion (the ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ).

    Theron is also Jason Bateman's love interest in Arrested Development, where he plays Michael Cera's father. Jason "Bait"-Man = the Fisher King, healed by the divine offspring of the Pilgrim and the Goddess.

    Mr. Freeze's origin was told in the animated series episode "Heart of Ice". His torment arises from the terminal illness of his wife; i.e., his own Anima. In a variant of the Osiris myth, Nora Fries is frozen and dismembered. Snow White? The villain in Scott Pilgrim also enjoys freezing women.

  2. CLASSIC synk spinning here, bro. and like classic synk does, it spreads in so many directions at once.. ellen page plays shadowkat alongside ice man in x-men 3 and even gets charged with the task of rescuing the holy child.. will smith's blackstar-ness reflects michael jackson, bringing to mind the song "BAD".. not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good

    and i think just about ANYBODY can see 214 in the jupiter symbol.. core synk symbols reflect core cultural patterns.. few things are more common amongst us than numbers

  3. Great work again Will, stay BAD bro! :)

  4. written on 4/2/2011 eh.. nice stuff i dig it all

    reminds me of the train of thought i left this realm on which exactly was the meaning of the arnold as "twins". twins being duality.. good and evil

    end of days is a classic battle between the forces of those aspects within the "one" JC

    like arnold throwing himself on the sword in the end having "consumed" the darkest force is literally the unifications of duality

    in that aspect jupiter is interesting too, uniting the "bad" aspect of himself i.e. Hades as you indicated theyre all 3 personifications

    the duat, the underworld and its 42 realms perhaps similarly should be seen in that light

    and the birthing process of "jupiter" on earth as well.. no more tiger..

  5. and oddly youre not even touching the twin towers as the symbol of duality and seperation right... its all in there.. in the post..

  6. this is a beaut - i love how hokusai worked for you too... which i got this morning, and immediately thought of jake's scream video.

    Seth Green stands in front of Power Point and talks of hitting tokyo. 'after power' 1st comment.


  7. Firstly, i'm really sorry for cluttering up everyone's twitter streams again.

    its just happening so fast now. -- its ridiculous. CS today on a SB. Literally 3 seconds later at the retirement home (might just be quiet apts, but i call it that) at #808 I see 'VK' 72, next to Zeus.

    Zeus i noticed this week on my letters cause of the number '924', then mind cuts loose and you see three 3's in the EWM, plus the water:

    It fits really well with Zeus/Poseidon/Hades all the same. Of course they are. So are we!

    So of course, I just googled 'odin 1960 ice' - taking the '1960' from the CS SB in the first link above.

    Found the website for Odin Developments, which was programmed by ICE Innovations, which has a telephone number area code 1924.

    So, that was today. Yesterday of course there was this The Fog thing. It's got my name on it. I mean, thats just crazy. Crazier still is all the Punk Band syncs I am getting since that Third eye thing. 6 Must Die 3 Eyed Punks and The Fog and James Herbert

    So I have to share the white zombie song, from 1992, called Starface (i found this when I found TK/ Thunder Kiss '65 (blatant 9/11 resonator - see the image on endpoint blog). - Spock, (j) Herbert (how common is this name?!), Pyramids and Star Trek.

    Anyway, I AM NUTS, I love you all, but I really would like to hear your feedback.

    You know, the ego plays tricks and the idea that i actually already live on Shutter Island becomes more tangible by the moment.

    thanks for listening / tolerating my constant outbursts


  8. when i was in this total recall mode, Mars Attacks was a real kick

    the falling obelisk in washington etc in a way is a direct reference to egypt