Tuesday, April 19, 2011

420 Bullseye


This is a video I put together to celebrate 420 & 421. 2 days and 2 numbers that I have been syncing with my whole life. There is so much more that could be added to the video or fixed with it, but alas what you see below is what it is.

I went into making this video inspired by Crispin Glover having the same birthday as me - April 20th or 4/20.

420 Bullseye from Rough Video on Vimeo.

Below we have Crispin Glover as the one armed bell boy in Hot Tub Time Machine helping the guys into their room - Room 420. 4/20 being Crispin Glover's birthday makes this a great sync.

This is the still from the basketball ticket that LIL BOW WOW uses to get into the game in which he wins the contest and proceeds to wow everyone with his superhuman basketball skills.

Notice it is row 14 and seat 2, or 142 which is the speed in KMH that McFly must go to time travel. The cost of the ticket is 42 dollars to boot!

McFly must fly over the rainbow like a bluebird to travel through time.

More later!

Much love


Had a real treat today, getting to see Rio with Jim (@syncwinnipeg), on his birthday today 4/20.
When sync heads get together for a movie, charged up with 'sync'nificance via the rituals of Star study & Plant union.... Well, its quite an awesome trip to see sync get so powerful & vivid.
Outside the theater we stopped and looked at the giant Rio banner before we entered. Its been up since December and became highlighted when Jennifer Palmer (@true) was visiting. Fitting as her enlightened social media writing inspired me to use Twitter in the first place whose logo is the Blue Bird.
Its also interesting to note that Jesse Eisenberg, from Facebook film The Social Network, is Blue, the lead Macaw character in Rio. He resonates with both the key online tools we are using to realize our non-local collective self.
We thus had a good opportunity to reflect on the Rio suitcase with its Japan flag type Red Spot.
Inside the building we were perfectly set up to noticed that this Winnie The Pooh poster, with its red balloon and white background, screams Japan.
I saw Kick-Ass staring Nicholas Cage (as BD/24 Big Daddy) with Jim last year on the same date. This turned out to be the same date the Bp Oil incident started, when the EARTH/HEART of Christ started bleeding its Black Blood.

See The World See Up

Nicholas Cages' Knowing (from 2009) was seen to contain a similar Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig incident, this in a film about prophetic disasters.

Knowing today is the one year anniversary of the explosion on a oil platform that started the Bp oil spill, we sit down to watch the trailers before Rio..
Cars 2 starts with Oil Rigs in the Ocean.
We see Japan, the scene of the Earthquake/Tsunami & Nuke Plant Meltdown, is a major setting in the film.
And "Kaboom!", an explosion on an Oil Rig, exactly one year hence.
See Cars 2 Trailer
I also enjoyed realizing that the current move into Taurus, the Bull, is acknowledged in Rio - a film that just opened this past weekend - in the form of Luiz the Bulldog, voiced by Tracy Morgan.
After saying goodbye to Jim I had just enough time to make it over to the Manitoba Legislature for the 420 Celebration.
At 4:20 hundreds of people light up their MJ in public and "the fog" rises from this replica of Solomon's Temple.

In this video we can hear the crowd starting to cheer as 4:20 arrives.


Loved the video Jim. Exactly what I'd expect from a slam-dunking somersaulting polar bear like yourself.

Earlier on I came across this article which highlights todays date, 21st April 2011, as the day in which the world goes Ka-Boom in the Terminator series.

Japans Red Spot entrains nicely with the 420 Bullseye (check out the centre of any dart board) so it's fitting that today aka Judgement Day is also linked to the terMINATOR.

The mythical Minotaur/Minator, like SchMARZenneger, has the head of a Bull.

How do you hit a Sky Net?


You jump.


  1. Cool video. There are 110 days before 4/20 in a regular calendar year (111 otherwise) and there are 255 days left. 255 is what my full name equals in simple gematria. It spells BEE by translating back to English. Or YE.

  2. Awesome video Jim, and wishing you a happy birthday!

  3. wow.. that was really good. i'm glad you squeezed in as much as you did.. the extra references strengthened the pattern. thanks for that

  4. Such Beautiful things dudes...thanx. Bulldog is 'Nina Bear' for me, sync-partner in crime who I sometimes borrow from her owners to take on forest walks. She was the one who found the totems in the forest that sent me tumbling...

    http://twitpic.com/3kk2s5 - Seen here with Friend Bruce

    http://twitpic.com/3k8k27 - seen here after a winter trip to the Totem, which she found in November 2010.

    In short, that dog showed me how to flow.

    So its cool to C Black Star Tracy Morgan (30 RoCK) is giving voice to this character. I can't wait to see the movie.

    We had bulldogs earlier in the sync (via my folks and their adventures): http://twitpic.com/4kc9n9 (K9, arf arf).

    Plus even cooler cause somehow Bull Dog links (for me, of course) with Jim's BTTF mindfunk.


    plus Jared Now man just clicked in too ( http://twitpic.com/431jxx ).

    Pothead professionally now since 2009 - total escalation, massive scales. Combined with continued lack of faith in system plus depression = Elevation.

    Our vines are enter-twin-ed.


  5. Truth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbqgSjik9NE


  6. astonishing video.. really mindblowing

    have yet to fully digest it

    still.. there's something more. i dont feel yet someone has even touched even the outskirts of 42

    today i got stiff in easter resurrection celebrations here in greece (reviving the dead buddha). 421 been so much on my mind the last days 20/4 (2011), 21/4, 22/4 with Gsus movies runnin on the telly..

    speaking of resurrections

    "42" used to be the 42 principles of the MAAT/underworld for the egypts right, I only am left with questions

    obviously "42" principles seem already then conceptually sought by the egyptians, indicating something beyond

    why 42 principles..?
    is 214 a reversal in time of 412.. or 42? (indication of returning, coming back through time...)

  7. Great post and I like your blog. :)

    This may help...

    Adolf Hitler – born April 20, 1889 – death April 30, 1945

    Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889.

    2010 was the 121st anniversary of Hitler’s birth. The number 121 = 11×11, a simple mathematical equation that relates to the creation, or conjuring up, of all things. The number 121 coincides with 1 on the 11 clockface. The number 11 is the number of death, and the number 121 includes the subliminal of at least 3 number 11′s.

    The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010. There were 11 crew members killed in this explosion. The numbers 11 and 20 coinciding with the numbers mentioned above, that relate to the birth of Hitler.

    A closer symbolic look at the name ADOLF reveals a subliminal relating to the word GULF. Working backwards, using an anagram for ADOLF, then a different spelling of that anagram, eventually substituting a Y for a G, (in reverse of the usual G for a Y), the name ADOLF is suggesting the GULF.


    Adolf’s last name, HITLER, also includes a subliminal relating to the Gulf of Mexico. HITLER is an anagram for High Water, in much the same way that HIAWATHA = HIGHER WATER, and HAWAII = HIGH WA-II = HIGH WA-EYE, with the EYE being the symbol of the ION, or the electrified Atom that conjures up CURRENTS, both electric and water.


    HITLER = RE, or RA, or WA, which is WATER, and HIL, as in HEIL, or HILL of WATER.


    The Cannabis sub-culture around the world celebrates their version of a ‘Holy Day’ on April 20, 2010.


    CANNABIS = CANA-BA = Sacrifice at Cana – Turning the WATER into WINE

    Cannabis smokers refer affectionately to themselves as STONERS.


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