Friday, March 25, 2011

Star Core

I will admit obsession. Or at least admit to the understanding of why one would think that I am. Obsessed I mean. The purpose of sync is not to tell the future. But it does. Well sorta. Mainly it just shows that there is no difference between "the future" and now. That they're are connected. That it doesn't matter when you view a movie it always has to do, that is to say it always relates to with what is happening now, and what will happen after that. No matter when the movie was made, you always watch it now.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal's career starts with the occult classic Donnie Darko. In which a boy is told of future events and eventually changes the inevitable.
Donnie discovers a book that tells him deep metaphysical truths that totally obliterate the mundane surroundings of "Donnie"'s environment. Instructions like a freemasonic handbook from the past to control the future. He focuses an intent that originates from the center of his being. I dont know how else to say it. He actually sees his next destination/destiny flow from out in front of him starting from his solar plexus. Solar Plexus; The part of the abdomen including the stomach and celiac plexus that is particularly vulnerable to the effects of a blow to the body wall in front of it—not used technically
The Sun lies at the middle of the tree shown yellow above and is considered the Christ sphere. It's the middle of the human body and connects to all the surrounding positions. Every man and woman a star.

This is not new. But there are modern explanation's. Although this is not an advertisement just a recapping as above, I would mention Eckhart Tolle. He stresses the need to focus on the center of ones body. Forcing your attention on what is happening to it and what it's feeling in that exact moment. Becoming one with Now. As he would say. Turning off your thoughts of the past. Focusing not on what you expect in the future.
Attention again on the ability to "Defy the Future". Ornamentation on the center of his being.The loss of the Sun's/Solar warmth in the future.

The tag line of another early in Gyllenhaal's career returns to an obscure reference to the relationship between past and future. A boy who could see the future. A father stuck in the past. The coming of winter. The old to new.


Reactors/Starcore inspired work.

And of course now you must watch Will's 2008 video Plant Konsciousness. Click here to watch it.

Sync is a window on the fusion behind the birth of a star.

Angelina (ANGEL/ANGLE Theme) Jolie holds the snake and looks at her son Alexander the Great holding a snake. She tells him: "Her skin is water, her tongue is fire." I like how this echoes the process described above with the ice/water thawing via heat/fire associated with the serpent/rod.

The releasing/transition or fusion of Self Realization.
Even more fitting is that this is Oliver Stone's Alexander and Jolie is married to Val "Iceman" Kilmer our sync Moses with the Rod/Serpent.
In The Saint, which I am watching right now, the Iceman must disguise himself and get the "Cold Fusion" plans from Elizabeth Shue. He watches the beautiful & enthusiastic scientist while starting to develop further, more personal ambitions as she says: "When we ignite that cold fusion fire.."
She shows us the device that achieves the alchemy..
The Rod.
In Willow we see Val's Star Title hit snow, couldn't be more perfect.
At one point Iceman is sledding and falls off, tumbling down the hill.
He becomes a giant snow bale, the physics of which I remember questioning even as a tiny boy, when this was one of my favorite films.
Now it makes total sense and feels oh so correct.


In this poster below for Real Genius starring Val Kilmer we see the letter G highlighted by the atomic symbol. G is the 7th letter of the alphabet. In this poster Kilmer is electrified and his hair is lit. He has gone nuclear, or in other words he's reached the G/7th level.

In this diagram below we see the 7th Chakra as an activated antenna with the pure source. The light is white like snow and ice. (The Plantenna tuning into Channel 42)

Is 7 the level that melts the Iceman?

7/G is also the number of the International Atomic Agency's scale for measuring the severity of a nuclear accident. This would also be known as a MELTDOWN.

After the ICEMAN THAW's then WHAT?


And then peace.


Made this video in honor of Julia Stiles Birthday, today 28 March.

Like this comment on youtube by Maat922
So two sex-symbol guys, both from Australia, singing the same song to two women from America, both named Julia, both in the middle of their athletic excercise? Will this never end??

I didn't realize the Australia or exercise thing until reading that, cool.


  1. This is beautiful Will. Very nice work.

  2. Thankyou sir... From you that means alot.

  3. Winter is surely on its way down here in Oz.

    Peace & love from the underworld, Will.

  4. Strange, eye was just making this connection earlier today before eye came across this post. Here is a quote from Daphne Moore in 'The Rabbi's Tarot', a book based on a manuscript of an ex-Jesuit Priest who ended up as one of Jung's key 'disciples'. "Jupiter Center - 'The largest of the sympathetic nerve centers. The Jupiter cards are 10, 14, 18, and 7. The dominant physiological center of the Jupiter vibration in the body is the largest center in the sympathetic nervous system, and is called the Solar Plexus because of its radiating fibers. The Jupiter Center records concern not only your personal history and biological inheritance, but the history of all organic life (a concise summing up of everything from the formation of the nebula from which our solar system was elaborated). It is from the Jupiter Center that scientists get most of their truths—those perceptions of Cosmic Law usually named “discoveries,” but which would be better named “rediscoveries.”'

  5. The utility, known as TEPCO, will inject fresh water into pools storing the spent nuclear fuel at the plant's No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 reactors to prevent crystallized salt from seawater already injected from hampering the smooth circulation of water and thus diminishing the cooling effect.

  6. Woooooow. The Jake Gyllenhaal story lines are prime source material for the study of Synch. Hmm, even the titles are a bit synch-y. DD - S/C - PP. They all deal with a character manipulating the "past" (or present) to alter the "future" (or present), depending on the perspective of the audience. This is pretty heady stuff.

    Oh and the Val Kilmer (oddest name ever) ice/thaw thing...especially going back to Willow. Man, this is pure art. What I like about Synch is that its like following breadcrumbs laid out thru time, where time is only the means thru which they are explored, not a limiting factor.

  7. Val Kill Mer. Val-kyrie Ele-i-son :)

    Cold fu-sion

  8. Val Kilmer played Jim Morrison in the Doors movie. Interestingly, Jim referred to himself as the Lizard King due to the fact that the King of Wands in the Rider (riders on the storm) deck pictures a lizard swallowing it's tail, with a lizard at his side. His sign, as he knew, was not Sagittarius but Ophiuchus, His birthday, Dec. 8th, (the day of John Lennon's death & my bday as well) is actually a religious holiday known as the 'Feast of the Immaculate Conception' ("where are the feasts we were promised? a feast of friends" etc..) a day according to Alice Bailey that represented the dynamic activation of the medial centers in the brain, the pineal & the pituitary glands. Which incidentally are referred to as the Reptilian brain. Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, being the galactic center with the arrow of Sag aimed towards it couldn't have more significance when what is above is as what is below. The Serpent Bearer can be found in the myth of Apollo battling the large serpent w/ the story of St. George an obvious lampoon. According to Friedrich Nietzsche in the Birth of Tragedy Apollo directly translates as 'The Shining One' while the film the Shining is named after the John Lennon song 'Instant Karma' which contains the line 'we all shine on', while Danny wears that Apollo sweater. Also Wendy can be seen in her & Danny's opening scene reading the Catcher in the Rye, the book according to Mark David Chapman to have triggered his rationalization for John's murder. If that wasn't enough the 'Here's Johnny!' line is a reference to Johnny Carson who was one of Mark David's other targets. The Shining was released 4 months before John's death. James and John were the disciples of Jesus who asked to sit on his right hand and his left hand at his throne when he would establish his kingdom. See Martin Luther King's speech 'The Drum Major Instinct' for further elaberation on how this is relevant to these individuals.

  9. Wow @ thunderheart, been feeling that movie, the radiation in the ground and the drinking water.

  10. prime minister of australia = julia gillard

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