Tuesday, March 1, 2011

mad men (UPdated noW with more madness)


where to start...


"Loughner believed in numerous conspiracy theories and espoused views such as: 

the United States Government was responsible for the September 11 attacksNew World Order would bring about a one world currency; there would be a 2012 apocalypseNASA had faked spaceflightsand the government was using mind control to brainwash people by controlling grammar.. 

Reports appearing after the shooting noted similarities between the statements made by Loughner concerning grammar and mind control and the views of conspiracy theorist David Wynn Miller. Miller stated, 

"He's just repeating things I've had up on my site the past 11 years."

According to Zach Osler, the online conspiracy theory film Zeitgeist: The Movie affected Loughner's view of the world."

i have come to peace with the fact that, by modern standards, some of the things i believe could qualify me as certifiable insane. disturbed. not in touch with reality. dangerous, even..

quite the opposite, i think. but crazy people do not Know that they are crazy.. so i guess we all qualify..

we are in the midst of a shift in thinking. a movement of thought. a revolution. obviously, right?

...but an awakening?

was it all just a dream?

not feelin particularly verbose. lettin the pictures do the heavy lifting here..

heavy lifting


there was a grassroots rebellion in egypt recently.. don't know if y'all saw the tweets..

"The Eagle" was released on 2/11/2011, 
the same day Mubarak left Egypt

thousands of pissed-off egyptians took to the streets waving red, black and white flags in a coordinated, organized protest on January 25th, 2011.

eagle and sun

in response to the protests -which were organized online- one of the first actions taken by the egyptian government was shutting down local public access to the social networks.


...are you insane???

funny thing is, i don't really believe democracy has simply sprouted forth from facebook in egypt.. and to quote a certain author, if you think democracy has come to egypt, i have a bridge to sell you ;] ..synkly speaking, the date holds extra significance for me.. the 25th.. 

music message media madness from some mad men:

Michael Jackson -just like fellow musicians James Brown, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Aaliyah- died on the 25th, and was born onto the mainstream music scene during a concert called Motown 25, where he unleashed the Moonwalk upon the world..


Wacko Jacko they called him..

wak(e)-o jak{e}-o

. . .

maybe i'm crazy, but i feel like this train is goin somewhere

more mad


sun rise

 in black

now that^ guy was crazy..
talkin to doGs


men in black (suits) - a color scheme

e.t. phoning home on the left, 
men in black on the right..

hearing voices
means you're schizophrenic

two face

ego eagle



  1. Who is driving the train, and why? Is it really where we want to go? Can we stop it and have a discussion about just what it is were doing again?

    A moment is here, and it's pretty fucking exciting.

    -glad you are writing Tye. I always like your take on things.
    hope you are well.

  2. I too, really like how you look at things. It's a perspective I've never truly delved into, but after reading some of your blog, it's something that pulls me in.

    Like energy, the synchronicity... the connections are never lost. They simply change form, or perhaps meaning. Maybe frequency.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts, and also want to note that Battlefield: LA comes out the same day as the "Day of Rage" in Saudi Arabia. As that movie's trailer says: 3/11/11 is only the beginning.

    All aboard...

  3. hey thanks!

    I love the Mad Men pic.

    you're saying, If you make a copy and reflect, it's the wings on the ark of the covenant -




  4. And Twitter cartoon man is a nice yellow / blue BananaMan http://www.skooldays.com/images/sa1482.jpg = )

  5. Choo Chooooooo!


  6. Thanks for the Michael Jackson syncs. His life (and death) held special meaning. We're ready to GO. He's already there.

  7. thanks doug.. hope you're well too.. i'm not really back to writing. i wish i was. these synks were just shouting at me and i felt like i needed to poke my head in here and say whassup.

    mm: thanks a bunch. change frequency.. i like that.

    james: wow! awesome contributions. concepts like these are made so much clearer when reflected by another's perspective. thank you.

    sibyl: there's plenty more where that came from :) there are a couple of MJ posts in this site and i mention him plenty in my work at The Patternist.. ready to Go.. reminds me of Obama's campaign chant- "Fired Up [lit] - Ready To Go"

  8. Dear Ones, there are indubitably 2 (two) suns in the sky : http://www.space.com/11038-china-suns-video-unexplained.html
    Namaste & thank u 4 everything ;)

  9. To whoever made the image of Red Planet/Tequila Sunrise on the header:

    I just watched "At First Sight," where Val Kilmer plays a blind man who undergoes an operation to restore his sight. When his sight is restored, they ask him how he's feeling, and he replies,

    "Like a tequila hang over"
    (at the time it stuck out in my mind, because I was trying to envision a blind guy drinking tequila...)

    Anyway, are you aware of the awesomeness of this synch??!!

    (ps, this happens to me very often with your synchs. oh the magic)

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