Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shake a Spear & D-Liver the Gift of Joy

Pooh Bear eating Liver Pate out of his strawberry shaped bowl.


2 weekends past on a Saturday (4 Dec) there was a potluck party at my apartment. Someone brought over Liver pate which was left largely uneaten. As me and my roommates are mostly vegetarian the task of eating said pate fell on my cat Pooh Bear, who was eagerly up to the challenge.
The next Friday (10 Dec) morning I watch a Christmas themed The Mentalist episode which aired the previous evening called Jolly Red Elf.

The Red and White Santa or Jolly Saint Nick wears a big Belt and deLivers gifts on Christmas eve, the 24th of December.

Christmas is often shortened as X-Mas, X being the 24th letter of the alphabet.
The term Jolly/Joy comes from Red & White Jovian/Jupiter whose symbol contains the 2 & 4 (& 1).
Right now, over the Holiday season and Christmas, on Jupiter, the Southern Equatorial Belt or SEB is returning.
The picture above is the latest shot of the Jupiter SEB revival by Christopher Go.

"The northern edge of the SEB is slowly reviving now."

Father Jupiter and Father Santa are clearly resonators.

Tunney as Teresa Lisbon and the CBI have to solve the case of a dead Santa who may have been murdered or may have committed suicide.
As this Santa was an alcoholic the episode featured mention of cirrhosis of the Liver, which was not yet picked up as significant, until a little later the morning, after I saw the episode...
Sitting with a table of friends at a coffee shop, local herbalist buddy Chad asks me if I know anything about "Jesus' liver"? He explains that he has been noticing depictions of Jesus with a wound where his Liver would be. I realize he means the side wound sustained by Christ on the cross, the last of the Holy Wounds made by the Holy Lance (aka Spear of Destiny).
Also present was my friend Tommy who had witnessed Pooh Bear being fed Liver on a visit to my apartment earlier during the week and highlighted the connection between Chad's mention of Liver, which only then I realized I had already seen on The Mentalist hours earlier.

Tommy has organized the Winnipeg 2012 Time For Change screening and Solstice party this upcoming Monday the 20th of December.
Jennifer Palmer or @True, our Twitter friend and news editor of Reality Sandwich will be visiting Winnipeg and attending this function. Yay!
It just so happens (I know Tommy wasn't aware of this when he chose the date) that the same solstice evening and full moon of the screening sees the Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010. I love how the image above shows us the total eclipse begins on 2:41 am, a Jupiter run of numbers.
Anyway, back to the liver. Yesterday I was watching 10 Things I Hate About a modern take on on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.

The one character talks about bad boy Heath Ledger's Liver.
I was watching this originally because earlier that day I stumbled the fact that Julia Stiles and Julia Roberts share the peculiar connection of both being Julias in Mona Lisa Smile and having suitors sing "Can't Take My Eyes of of You" at them.

Ledger singing Can't Take My Eye's off You in 10 Things I Hate About You to woo Julia Stiles.
He has enlisted the help of the school Band resonating the Jupiter Belt.
Mel Gibson is obsessed with Julia Roberts in Conspiracy Theory and is spying on her from his cab.
He notices the exorcising Julia is singing along to the radio and figures out what channel tuning his cab radio.
Then they both sing along to "Can't Take My Eyes of You"...

The same day I was watching The Mentalist Jolly Red Elf episode and learning about the Spear of Destiny Liver connection, 10 December, was Kenneth Branagh's birthday.
Branagh is a Director and actor famous for his Shakespeare films.
He is also directing the upcoming Thor film.
Its poster was released on the same date, December 10, with Gnomeo and Juliet another Shakespeare sync.
I saw Branagh while investigating Charlize Theron in Woody Allen's Celebrity. Branagh is a Sagittarius as is Woody Allen and I also "just so happened" to be watching this film on his Birthday which was December 1.

Charlize says the line "I'm so attracted to Sagittarians" to Branagh. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter.
I one scene Charlize is distracting him while they are driving.
Causing them to crash through a store window with a giant clock in the display. Soon we will see another big store front window sync with Charlize Theron.
Perfect enough the 10th, or Kenneth Branagh's Birthday, I was Tweeting about watches and realized Clocks - inspired by this one from a Santa Mall stand - all have severed arms/hands.
We read the hands of the clock to tell time.
We see that severed arms and time go together also in 127 Hours.

See Severed Fist of the North Star for more about severed limbs syncs as representative of moving beyond the limitation of knowing only form.
The hourglass shape is also the X, suggesting an intimate relationship between X-Mas and time.

X-Mas is the time of Santa who lives at the NORTH Pole.
About a month and a half ago I saw this large Charlize THERON window display at Hudson's Bay Company on Portage Avenue.

Winnipeg Legislative Building with The Bay marked at A on the map. We see that The Bay is North of the Leg.

I had watched 3 Charlize films earlier that same week after noticing her last name can become THRONE or HORNET, and found this window display a good sign that THERON was a solid lead. Especially considering the specific location which is directly in alignment with the NORTH facing side of the Manitoba Legislative Building (Peg Leg).

The North Face of the Manitoba Legislative Building, a structure intentionally designed by Masons to evoke the Temple of Solomon.
I enjoyed William's (@satoriallme) notice that King Kong and Tangled share a very hairy lead character at the top/NORTH of a Tower.
King Kong stars Jeff bridges.
Jeff Bridges stars in Tron where he is called Kevin Flynn while the character climbing up to Rapunzel in Tangled is Flynn Ryder.
THERON appears with the word graviTRON by another huge monkey - just like King Kong and Jeff Bridges also from Tron - Mighty Joe Young.

NORTH is nested inside of THeRON and we are reminded hat she was seen in alignment with the North side of the Peg Leg. I like how we wear the Crown resonating the THRONE at the NORTHERN extreme of the human body.
Also tucked away inside of THERON/THRONE is TRON and THOR. TRON and THOR together give us the full NORTH.
In Reindeer Games THERON interacts with Ben Affleck as SANTA, the Jolly man from the NORTH Pole whose resonates Jupiter.
He is tied up to a steering wheel by the belt visually simulating the severed hand theme much explored in the previous post.
The "severed" and by the steering wheel hand is also seen on the bolted Mad Max poster.
Susynctly Mel is also in a Shakespeare film, Hamlet, holding the sword. This is also a good time to note that all weapons are ARMS thus resonating the severed arm theme.
Here is Mel with the Spear Arm on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
Steadily all keeps lining up and we note that Ben Affleck, who echoed the Mad Max steering wheel, stars in Shakespeare In Love.
It's not hard to see how the original syncs of this post - those seeing Jesus get pierced by a spear over his liver - connect Christmas, the time period we celebrate the birth of Christ with Shakespeare.

Christ is crucified on the X or Cross and wears the THORN Crown another NORTH variation.

In one way it would make sense if we were only entraining with Christs birth during Christmas, yet we find the Crucifixion. In the same way we keep talking of Jupiter's Southern Belt yet keep going on about the NORTH.
In another sense this makes perfect sense as nothing resonates a thing itself more then its opposite and the one always implies the other.

Yesterday, 15 December, was the Birthday of Julie Taymor.
I like the subtle Strawberry repeat here on the Across The Universe poster echoing Pooh Bear's liver bowl.

Julie is another directer, like Keneth Brannagh, who likes bringing us Shakespeare adaptations like Titus (with Anthony Hopkins as Titus) and the recently released The Tempest.
She even echoes Branagh further as Hopkins is in Thor.

Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter saying his classic line: "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti" at Jodie Foster.

Foster and Mel Gibson are together the upcoming The Beaver.
Just the day before Julie Taymor, actress Lee Remick had her Birthday. She is best known as the original Katherine THORN from 1976's (same years as Bridges King Kong) The Omen film.

Damien's shadow above is the Wolf or Lupus. @strangeye highlighted that Therion is the name the Greeks gave to the constellation Lupus ("wolf"). Therion is another complication on THERON and a name that Aleister Crowley went by. We might come back to that later, one fine day.
Katherine THORN was again played in 2006 in The Omen remake by Julia Stiles seen earlier in Mona Lisa Smile and Shakespeare inspired 10 Things I Hate About You.
Lee Remick, the original THORN also did Shakespeare in a 1960's made for T.V version of The Tempest.

Remick died in 1991 at age 55 of kidney and liver cancer.
The THORN and Shakespeare strange attraction repeats in Stardust where Robert De Niro is Captain Shakespeare who takes aboard the main characters Yvaine & Tristan THORN.
Yvaine is Claire Danes aka Juliet in William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.
We see Captain Shakespeare/Robert De Niro with the Red Ribbon on the southern half of Little Fockers & Morning Glory echoing Jupiter's encircling Southern Belt.
Happy Holidays!
We see that the year can be depicted as a wheel or circle with the 2 solstices Yule (21-23 Dec) and Midsummer (June 19-23) giving us the North-South axis, and the Equinoxes Ostara and Mabon as the East-West axis. This gives us the 4 major divisions of the year corresponding to the Cross of Christ and the X shape of the Hourglass Time.

Sussynctly Christmas Time, the Time of Santa from the North Pole, or Yule, takes up the North position of the wheel.
Our Santa Mall Clock, another Wheel, also highlights the Four Quarters or X-Cross. I like that the Sacred Wounds of Christ correspond to the 5 major points on our Time Wheel.

The THORN Crown wounds at 12 or NORTH
The nailed Hand/ARM wounds at 3 & 9 or East & West
The nailed Feet/legs at 6 or South
Finally the Chest/Liver at the center/heart of the wheel.

We die on the Wheel of Time as we learn there is always only this non-conceptual eternal and unfathomable moment with no self to cling to but that which can never be put into words & thoughts, yet is still the nearest and dearest "thing" in all of creation.
Jupiter's symbol is also the 2 & 1 or 12, thus North.
"Jupiter, as the father of Gods, is sometimes assigned to Kether (Crown) in the magical alphabet. But he also pertains to Chesed in another manner, since Chesed on a lower plane is the reflection of the crown." Israel Regardie in The Tree of Life

We see that Jupiter is sometimes assigned to the Crown or North position of The Kabala Tree but more frequently & traditionally to Chesed on the right (fittingly Blue above).

I feel Jupiter/Joy is returning to the Crown position in this new era of consciousness realization. Confusion rules as the heart and crown are from the lower perspective divided but in all actuality WE/ME are realizing they are one.

The King & Queen could literally not wear the True NORTH Crown if they aren't grounded in the Heart, it would crush them. This is why we can be sure any pretenders to the THRONE are not in actuality governing anything regardless the forms they might have surrounded themselves with.

Jupiter-HeyZeus (understanding that Jupiter and Christ are one and the same) are both 12/North and 13/Center.
Ethen Hawk associates with the 13 (in the Center of a Crosshair Target, or X-Cross) of Christ and has played Hamlet, we will see Hamlet and Christ again..

I like that 10 Things I Hate About You has the arrow (Sagittarius/Jupiter) U of You, the 21st (12/NORTH) letter of the alphabet, pointing at Julia Stiles.
Julia comes from "Julius Son of Jove" thus Jupiter.
In Hamlet 2 Steve Coogan, a high school drama teacher, puts on a sequel to Hamlet. He mentions that he is from Manitoba. In the play itself Coogan is Sexy Jesus who interacts with Hamlet - both having serious daddy issues - via a time machine. The parallels between Jesus and Hamlet are highlighted and batted around with great comedic affect in this film.

The song Rock Me Sexy Jesus explains all...

I love how Jesus, he who is crucified on the Cross of the Time Wheel, is a Time Traveler in this Shakespeare inspired tune.
All who realize the True Self are Non Local & Time Travelers.
Catherine Keener is the Wife of "Sexy Jesus".
In Capote she plays Harper Lee who accompanies Capote (Philip Seymour Hoffman) on his trip to document the slaying of a Kansas family.

Above they are both walking up the steps and entering the North side of the Manitoba Legislative Building.
Here is Keener, wife of Sexy Jesus from Manitoba, watching as the two suspects Mark Pellegrino (Jacob from Lost) and Clifton Collins Jr (one of the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities or "E.B's" from The Event) are lead up the steps of Solomon's Temple.
The Capote syncs were further addressed in The Return of the Ring.
Keanu Reeves made a stir locally back in 1995 playing Hamlet here in Manitoba. Keanu is Buddha and NEO/ONE which makes him perfect as Hamlet/Jesus.
See Hair Peace for some Keanu Syncs.

Hair Peace Part 1 from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

Keanu does Shakespeare also with Branagh in Much Ado About Nothing (much like this post).
Keanu has appeared on screen twice with the THRONE or THERON who smashes the Time window display with Branagh in Celebrity.


  1. hey guys, happy holidays to you too!

    Another great post, and I liked the strawberry notes. Got me thinking again about cosmic tigers, hands and strawberries:

    My tattooist started this piece in 2008. His name is Neo, and it's a interpretation of this zen fable:

    "'A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger after him. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself down over the edge. The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him. Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started to gnaw away at the vine. The man saw a luscious strawberry near him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted!"

    I like the NORTH / CROWN CHAKRA / ENLIGHTENMENT alignment vibe I personally am seeing with strawberries.

    Wanted to share, peace

  2. Hey James, what is the meaning of the fable?

  3. hey GEO -

    the interpretation here is that this man is stuck between a rock and a hard place - tiger above, tiger below, all the while with two mice (one black, one white) chewing on the already fraying vine.

    It seems to me, as soon as he realises death is certain, the strawberry becomes the sweetest strawberry he has ever tasted - as he is BE-ing, purely in the moment.

    = )

  4. I know you guys used "The Man Who Wasn't There" in "HairPeace"
    Seeing the part in the post "In one scene Charlize is distracting him while they are driving... causing them to crash through a store window" reminded me of the very very similar course of events in "Man Who Wasn't There"
    Of course, the HareCutter, sits before the window that will later crack as he is pushed against it. The man who he will later Spear, hands him a cigar and says they're special. They're called "Romeo and Juliet"

  5. In Prometheus Bound, Prometheus told our Zeus Soter that a Divine Child would one day be born that would overthrow him, for which reason he was chained to a rock where an eagle daily devoured his liver.

    Hamlet is Horus (child of the Aeon), who must avenge the death of his father Osiris.

    The Holy Spear is the Holy Spirit, obviously. According to the Kabbalah,

    ... the spirit (Ruach) in the heart, whereas the lowest soul (Nefesh) is in the liver!

    But as you say, the illusion of Daath is that there is any difference. (The Sacred Liver of Jesus?)

    Robert De Niro drives Checkered Chariot #3S96 in Taxi Driver and starred in Raging Bull. Like Hamlet, he is crippled by indecision. Richard Holbrooke, the Raging Bull, died at age 69, followed shortly by Captain Beefheart, also 69. The villain in Silence of the Lambs was Buffalo Bill, another Bull-resonator. Curiously, De Niro in Stardust also likes to dress in women's clothes (the Beast becomes Beauty).

    After our dismemberment, we now appear to be undergoing a Tauroctony.

  6. The name of the dog in killer klowns from outer space is "pooh bear". His owner is informed of his capture by the clowns (jovian beings/crowns) by finding the dog's band-anna on the ground. If I recall correctly, Jupiter is the first planet to be considered in "outer space". I could be wrong but that would be interesting.

  7. Also, off topic, 127 hours... Which buildings were destroyed on 9-11? Buildings 1,2 and 7.

  8. hey dudes - on this 27 moon kick - now re-visiting, re-looking...

    anyway - remembered something else, too. Talk about Total Recall.

    I went to school here in switzerland with two kids, both godsons of Sting (no shit - I saw the 2012:Time For Change movie poster and Sting on there -also read today about Police & Synchronicity song, so that figures - and it totally reminded me).

    Anyway, his godkids (sons of KG - who went to school in the UK with the Police frontman and i believe was also best man at the wedding) are Tom and Daniel. TG and DG. 27 / 47.

    I actually had dinner on 1.1.2010 with DG at mutual friend's house (amazingly random thing, i hardly knew him in school, Zurich is very small), where a bunch of couples were seeing in the new year with raclette - swiss cheese - again, pre-november 2010 (when i found the chakra totems in the forest).


    Synapses are just f-f-f-iring at the moment.

    h-Ark The Herald Angels Sync!