Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Return of the Ring (now on iTunes)

Wired 11/11 : Jupiter’s Missing Stripe Reappears

On the 11 of November or 11/11 Wired reports that Jupiter's missing stripe or the Southern Equatorial Belt (shortened as S.E.B) is potentially reappearing.

11:11 is a cultish number in sync circles involving people realizing they have repeated instances of looking at the clock when it says 11:11.
I become aware of K2 synchronicities after reading Ralph Ellis' "K2 Quest of the Gods" where he theorizes the Great Pyramid decodes as a map mysteriously pointing towards K2. After noting famed occultist Aleister Crowley was the firsts person to attempt a serious summit attempt of K2 (the second tallest mountain on Earth) I looked into K2 through the lens of sync.
One of the coolest syncs I noticed - an early powerful & profound experience about the depth and mystery of synchromystic type research - involves Robin Tunney climbing K2 in the film Vertical Limit and also being seen in shot (noteworthy that these instances are on a subway train) with 2K in the film End of Days. K2 can also be seen as 11:11, K being the 11th letter of the alphabet. Further the famed solstice of 21 December 2012 (a rare alignment of Earth, Sun and Galactic Center) happens at 11:11 UTC.

StarMummy covers K2 and the Tunney syncs mentioned above.

NewScientist also chimes in giving us a good overview of the Jupiter returning Belt event:

A prominent, brownish stripe in Jupiter's southern hemisphere that vanished completely in May could soon return, suggest photographs taken by amateur astronomers.

Jupiter normally has two prominent dark bands, one in each hemisphere. But in May it became clear that the southern equatorial belt (SEB) had completely disappeared.

Now, several amateur astronomers have photographed a small white dot above where the SEB used to be. They say it's a sign that the stripe may be making a comeback.

"It might not look like much, but this is how a revival of the SEB begins - a small disturbance in the upper atmosphere heralds a much larger profusion of spots and swirls bursting forth around the whole circumference of the giant planet. Amid the confusion, Jupiter's vast brown stripe emerges," reports Spaceweather.com.

"Small disturbances like this one are an omen of more spots and swirls to come, ultimately reviving the great brown stripe," reports Wired.

It's still not clear whether the stripe will return completely. "Will this outbreak fully revive the SEB? Time will tell," amateur astronomer Christopher Go, who took one of the shots, told Wired.

The discovery is the latest in a string of recent finds by hobbyist astronomers. For example, since July 2009, amateurs have captured three instances of an object striking Jupiter. Prior to that, only one definite case of such a strike was known.

The SEB is a giant missing ring encircling the southern hemisphere of Jupiter, likely about to return.

Nov 11/11 Yahoo News on Hilary Duff's Large 1 Million Dollar Wedding ring:

"I was kind of scared to look at [the ring]!" Hilary exclaimed. "I got a glance and it was like, are you crazy? Are you kidding me? That's not real. There's no way it's real!"

Hillary Duff plays the younger version of Patricia Arquette's hairy character in Human Nature.
The scene with Hillary Duff made it into the Hair Peace Part 1 sync video..

Hair Peace Part 1 from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

Tim Robbins looks up Patricia/Duff's disorder in Human Nature. The relevant passage being in his book on p 240.
The symbol for Jupiter looks like a 2 and 4. This is also the symbol for Tin, the 50th element in the periodic table.
Duff - who got publicity for her big wedding ring the same day (11/11) Jupiter was noted as seeing the return of its giant ring - is also on page 240.

On 11/11, which was also Remembrance Day/Poppy Day, the Star Birthdays were very interesting...
Stanley Tucci turned 50 (we saw that 50 resonates Tin which shares its symbol with Jupiter) has come up a few times in recent sync work as he dances with Richard Gere in the washroom of the Winnipeg Legislature in Shall We Dance?.

Above is Jim Sanders (@syncwinnipeg) and Kevin Halcott (@indradhanush) mimicking the washroom scene from Shall We Dance?, during the Cosmic Tigger (meeting of Sync Whole members in Winnipeg) this summer.
The Manitoba Legislative Building (locally termed the "Peg Leg") is syncnificant as being modeled after King Solomon's Temple and sharing the center of the continent with Winnipeg. The Leg, just like the Temple, is a model of the Cosmos, contains the Ark of the Covenant and Holy of Holies, being in essence then a representation of the Heart of Joy on Earth.
The billboards (above) that greet traffic entering Winnipeg.

Video from CBC with Frank Albo explaining the mystery of the Peg Leg.

Winnipeg local Adam Beach (who excitingly has made it into Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens) shares Tucci's 11/11 Birthday (echoing the Tucci Winnipeg Leg sync) as does Leonardo DiCaprio who perfectly was the Star Jim showed us keeps entraining with beaches in his The beach is a peach video.

On Nov 14 we got an update on Jupiter and a new image of increased activity heralding the return of the ring.
Perfectly in Sync this news item drops on the same day.
Nov 14 Yahoo News on Jessica Simpson's Large Ring.

Simpson syncs easily with our other lady Star, Hilary Duff, who's large wedding ring is also in the news.

The Simpsons' (echoing Jessica Simpson) famed beer brand is Duff (echoing Hillary).

I made a video about Winnipeg as the External Earthly Heart called "Heart City" showing how perfectly the use of Winnipeg in The Simpsons episode Midnight Rx reflects this message.

Heart City from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

We see above that the Rx might originate from Jupiter's symbol and equals 42 (as R=18, X=24 and 18 + 24 = 42).

The biopic Capote starring Philip Seymour Hoffman was primarily shot in Winnipeg. The film focuses on the period where Truman Capote (writer of Breakfast at Tiffany's) wrote In Cold Blood a book about the murder of a Kansas family in their farm home at the hands of two ex-convicts.
Space.com Jupiter Has Lost a Cloud Stripe, New Photos Reveal (13 May)

The reports for the disappearance of the SEB came in around 13 May with the first photos dated from 9 May showing the missing ring.
On the 10th of May I posted "The way to succeed and the way to suck eggs" explaining how I had seen Breakfast at Tifanny's the evening before, thus on the 9th, entraining with the disappearance of the SEB.
Lisa from The Simpsons made it into that post with her "beard of bees", beard reminding us of all this hair beeswax. Bees were a big sync in May with posts like Be Dead/Dead Bee/DB/42 etc.

Note how Liam Neeson says the Pleiades looks like a swarm of bees in the opening of Hair Peace.
We see the exterior North facing entrance of the Peg Leg in Capote. In the film this is intended to be a Kansas courthouse.
Hoffman and Catherine Keener, as Harper Lee the author of To Kill a Mocking Bird, are waiting for the two convicts to be escorted up the entrance steps of the building.

Keener herself enters the Winnipeg Solomon's Temple, as does Hoffman (we will deal with that another day). It is very relevant however to briefly note that Keener is in shot as Steve Carell sings "And Jupiter aligns with Mars" during the musical ending of 40 Year Old Virgin in the song Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (video above).
The 1st con up the steps is Mark Pellegrino better known as Jacob from Lost. One can't help but feel a Star entering Solomon's Temple is being initiated into "something". Especially considering the caliber of the sync cloud associated to those Stars who make there way into the Peg Leg, Pellegrino being a perfect example.

We saw Mark also in May, on the 19th to be exact, in post "There's a Light in the Center of the Island" (the episode in question airing the 18th, very near the Southern Equatorial Belt's disappearance) where Winnipeg is shown to resonate the Lost island.

Jacob explains the location of the Light at the Center as being past the field of Bamboo. Network overlay entrains right at this moment and tells us "More Lost behind the scenes" suggesting there is more to Lost if we read this as sync. "Canada Trust" helps us realize that this Light is connected to "Canada" and that we can "Trust" this.
Further we note that Jacob holds the torch, just like Golden Boy atop the Peg Leg, which he enters into in Capote.

Jacob points the way to the Center in Lost and enters Solomon's Temple in the Center of the Continent in Capote, perfect.

Our 2nd "initiate" up the staircase, handled by Chris Cooper, is Clifton Collins Jr.
Mr. Collins is currently on T.V's (T=20 + V=22 = 42) The Event.
He plays the crash landed alien Thomas.
In the show the aliens are called Extraterrestrial Biological Entities or "E.B's" for short. I remember this distinctly as every mention of the word "E.B's" would cause a smirk, it sounding very silly to me.

"E.B's" is an anagram for S.E.B.
Further "E.B's" & SEB is easily the striped bees, which we synced with heavily during May and the initial disappearance of the SEB.

Extraterrestrials resonate the realization of Cosmic Consciousness or our awareness moving from the limited ME to the infinite WE, or even better a United ME/WE.

Jupiter/42/Joy is the ruler of Consciousness and Sync and the return of its ring a symbol of it assuming the throne.

As Winnipeg's Legislative Building is the marker of the Earthly fountainhead of Joy/Consciousness it makes perfect sense that an alien E.B (Clifton Collins Jr) would sync into it.
We saw Steve Carell sing about Jupiter in The 40 Year Old Virgin clip above. On this Get Smart poster we see Anne Hathaway's hair blowing over his face. Hair resonates Christ as Rabbit's are associated to Easter and Easter commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus aka Christ Consciousness. The Hair Crowns the head signaling one being a Heir to the Throne of Joy.

We saw how hair and Jupiter attract in Hair Peace and also with Hillary Duff appearing on page 240 in Human Nature. Hathaway with her hair covering the "Jupiter" singing Carell is called Agent 99 in Get Smart.

JUPITER J=10, U=21, P=16, I=9, T=20, E=5, R=18 thus 10 + 21 + 16 + 9 + 20 + 5 + 18 = 99

Jupiter = 99
Hairy Hathaway will be StarRing in the Nov 24 released Sex & Other Drugs alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal interacts with Frank the "scary bunny(hare)" from Donnie Darko and Hair Peace.
This same weekend Agent 99/Hathaway opens in Sex & Other Drugs sees the release of Tangled.

Long wavy hair, like that on the poster for Tangled - particularly, strangely & conveniently moving from end to end, horizontally as if to highlight this insight for us - resembles the swirls and curlicues of Jupiter's distinctive surface.

The face of the male and female characters knowingly stare through the parting lines of hair, emulating the Self realized Being of the ultimate married duality - Self and Other as One - emerging from Jupiter/Joy's Heavenly shrouds.

The other surface very much resembling Jupiter with its rings, bands and knots is wood.
Star Bill Murray as Agent 13 hides inside a tree in Get Smart.
He Stars in Stripes and Wants You for the U.S.* Army.

*United States of Consciousness

Peace In = Peace Out


Jake (@seallion) and I (@syncwinnipeg)got up before daybreak to go by the Manitoba Legislature to see if a mysterious blue circle of light was being projected again on it like I saw the morning before on my way to work. I managed to take a fuzzy picture with my phone from the bus. The day we went to see we saw no light. Still a mystery...

Perhaps no light, but it was still a syncnificant day and couple resonant things happened the day that Jake added this post.

First is that Prince William, Heir/Hair/Hare to the Throne, announced his engagement with Kate Middleton.

He uses his mother's ring to propose.

It also just so happens to be the day that the Manitoban government does it's THRONE SPEECH. (Perhaps at some point @seallion can share with us the Throne syncs of late that we have been writing about prior to this day)

Perusing through the newspaper I notice that the word NORTH is on the exact opposite page that has the article about the THRONE SPEECH. The word North is in the word Throne.

In this next picture you can see the word North through the paper and behind the word Throne.

The Ring & Throne syncs herald the Return of the King.

The King is Love.

Jim: Evening Update.

So I am thinking about King David this evening and reading about him on Wikipedia. (Forgive me for my rudimentary understanding of the history in question. )

King Davids son Solomon becomes King and builds the First Temple. The Temple that the Manitoba Legislative Building is modeled after.

The same building that Richard Gere and Stanley Tucci are dancing in. Dancing in King Solomon's Temple.

Just so happens that Richard Gere actually plays King David in a movie. How perfect that he dances in his son's temple.
He is also the guy that splits the Red C in Chicago, just like Moses.

Moses, King David, Solomon...

Our Moses with star cup and eagle/phoenix in shot is in scene with John C Reilly, otherwise known as Hey Zeus!/Jesus. In a scene from Chicago and used in the sync video Hey Zeus! we see Gere spreading his hands in the same way Moses does to split the Red C/Sea/See.

Hey Zeus! for those that are lost on why JC Reilly resonates Jesus & Jupiter.

Moses, King David, Solomon, Jesus...

In the Manitoba Legislative Chamber there is great statue of a horned Moses pointing to the sky with his Jupiter finger.

On top of the Manitoba Legislative Building there are 2 large Sphinx's facing East & West.

They have the hieroglyph of Thutmosis III.

This Thutmosis III hieroglyph includes a scarab or a beatle. This is perfect because the day of Jake's post the music of the Beatle's went the way of iTunes.

Notice how the hieroglyph, the head dress of the sphinx, the Beatles Rock Band image as well as their famous Abbey road image all suggest and aura of SOLAR RAYS.

It has been theorized that perhaps Thutmosis III was also Moses.

Mosis means Beloved Son. Thutmosis is Beloved Son of Thoth.

The hieroglyph with the scarab says - "The everlasting manifestation of the Sun God Ra, the good God who gives life."

Richard Gere is biblical man.



1. open delight or pleasure; exultant joy; exultation.
Last nights (16 Nov) Glee "The Substitute" was awesome. It featured guest star Gwyneth Paltrow as substitute teacher Holly Holiday singing a bunch of great songs and at one point dressed up as Mary Todd Lincoln the wife of President Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln comes and as goes often here as the Lincoln Memorial is modeled after the Temple of Zeus in Olympia. Further, Star Liam Neeson, who has played Zeus in Clash of the Titans, was to be Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's upcoming biopic about the man. This seems to not be the case anymore but the connection and resonance is still very much there. Lincoln resonates Zeus and Zeus is the Greek version of the Roman Jupiter.

See 2010 Matrix Codeine: Linking Abe & jUPiter (UP the dose & take flight)
In Get Smart Steve Carell finishes his talk with Bill Murray in the Tree (which we said resembles planet Jupiter) then immediately walks on the water of the reflecting pool backed by the Lincoln Memorial modeled after the Temple of Zeus. He disappears down a secret portal. A 'secret portal' is exactly what the sync understanding of Zeus/Jupiter is.

(Thanks to @starngeye for reminding me about the following Carell/Winnipeg sync in the comments)

From post The Rabbit Whole:
We see the Binary Stars at the end of 2010 the film, a fractal of the actual year we are now living. Jupiter, now called Lucifer, has been ignited by a Cosmic Intellgence and humans having reached the Gas Giant, becoming our Twin Sun.
The Office S5 E8 Business Trip sees Steve Carell travel to WinniPEG.

Carell and his work mates go drinking in the WinniPeg Bar "The Huntsman". Huntsman can be thought of as Sagittarius who's ruled by planet Jupiter.

Rainn Willson stays at The Office.
Wilson starts talking about "Two Sons" echoing Jupiter becoming the second sun in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.
The earliest date the disturbances on Jupiter, heralding the return of the Belt, were noted on 9 November, with the reports starting to get attention on the 11th (11/11), as seen above.

Amateur Astronomer CHRISTopher Go is credited with the discovery of the outbreak of the SEB region disturbances and we can follow his sightings of Jupiter here. (thanks @NexusOfSync for tweeting the link).
Perfectly 'N Sync the 10th of November was Roy Scheiders' birthday, the star who travels to Jupiter in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

Below is the disturbance on Jupiter in the 2010 film.
Above a NOV 17th shot of the disturbance on Jupiter at the position of the SEB.
Back to Glee with Gwyneth as Holly Holiday backed by the Eagle, Totem animal of the U.S* and Zeus also giving us the Jupiter finger. The Index or Pointer finger is associated in palmistry to Jupiter.

We saw that a viewing of the Capote penned Breakfast at Tiffany's entrained with Jupiter's Southern Equatorial Belt disappearing. Audrey Hepburn, with her iconic tiara/crown, stars in the film as Holly Golightly, the same name as Gwyneth in Glee and a kind of amalgamation with Christopher Go who discovered the returning Belt.

Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. She really was blue-blood from the beginning with her father, a wealthy English banker, and her mother, a Dutch baroness.
IMDb Audrey Hepburn Profile
Hepburn herself is associated with royalty, very fitting as this sync web shows her entraining with the Return of Jupiter's Ring (Married/United Consciousness) most vividly echoed on Earth, as Jim points out, with the announcement of Prince Williams intended marriage to Marry Kate Middleton on Tuesday the 16th.

New York Times Diana’s Ring Seals Prince William’s Marriage Plans

LONDON — Years of fevered anticipation and premature speculation ended on Tuesday morning when Prince William, the heir to the British throne, said that, yes, he did plan to marry his girlfriend of many years, Kate Middleton.

The Heir/Hair connection echoes Jupiter's wavy cloud bands and its role in Ascension...
Prince William gave Miss Middleton the sapphire and diamond ring that his father, Prince Charles, had given his mother - Diana, Princess of Wales - for their engagement in 1981. (Again from NY Times article linked above)

And Diana, Princess of Wales' Ring is Jupiter's Belt, another Earthly echo of what is happening in the Heavens. Remember we have as also seen Wedding & Ring announcements of celebrity Stars Jessica Simpson and Hillary Duff around this same time period.
Winnipeg's The Sun on the morning of the 17th. "Princess Kate: Nice Ring to It"
The Blue Sapphire Circle of Princess Kate's Ring resonates the Blue Light Circle Jim spotted on Monday morning, the 15th, the day before Williams announcement.
Jim figured out what the Blue Light on the North Face of the Legislature was for, from the conventional perspective at least...
The light was in order to create awareness for the cause of World DiaBetes Day.

Winnipeg Monuments to Be Lit Up for World Diabetes Day

North, like the North face getting all this sync attention, is in the word Throne. We will get into the cluster of syncs about THRONE/THERON/HORNET/NORTH/TRON later in this post or very soon in another.
Ran into this poster yesterday Nov 17 for local band Moses Mayes appearing at the Pyramid Cabaret. We see the same Blue Circle, with a tree inside of it, covering the North Face of Solomon's Temple. Susynctly Jim just explained how the Pharaohnic Sphinx above the building contains the cartouche of Thutmosis III (including Scarab/Beetle), possible the historic Moses himself.
Played with this in The Blob post Opening The StarG8 ViA Kirsten Dunst: Part 1: Star Light FloWer

I like that Kirsten Dunst passes the Pharaoh sculpture in a still from The Cats Meow wearing an outrages Butterfly hat/crown.
The Poster of the Peg Leg Blue Bubble also has a Butterfly made out of the letters DB or 42/Jupiter.
This poster popped up on the 16th at IMPAwards showing the Earth as Blue Bubble with a Big V.

Big V or 5 over Blue Egg Earth hints at the reality of The New Earth as we align with Heaven or Jupiter/Joy. 5 is Jupiter's position in the solar system.
(more tweets about this poster)

Today, 18 Nov, is Owen Wilson's 42 Birthday, the Star of Cars or voice of Lightning McQueen, remembering that lightning is an aspect of Zeus /Jupiter.
Always 'N Sync Richard (@blackdogstar) gave lots of attention to Lightning McQueen (royalty resonating) and Owen Wilson in the post directly preceding this one, started on 14 Nov called Working 9 to 5.
The 42 today, Owen Wilson, zips around the ocean with in a Yellow Submarine captained by Bill Murray (the Tree by the Lincoln Memorial in Get Smart) in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
The SEB is being associated with a rising SUB and The Beatles, who created Yellow Submarine, are evoked in this same time period (the 16th, yet again, to be precise) as now finally being available on iTunes.
Gwyneth does a lightning quick, single scene, bizarro cameo as a celebrity friend of "Pootie Tang". The unintelligible Pootie Tang defends the world from wrong with his Big Belt, displaying the Sacred Heart of Jesus/G-Zeus/Jupiter, in this cult 2001 film.

Pootie can fend off bullets by whipping them away, deftly, with his hair.
On the 16th (same date William, heir to the throne, announces his engagement, Gwyneth appears on Glee, Cars 2 posters arrives & The Beatles go iTunes) Jimmy Fallon dresses up as Neil Young and sings (accompanied by Bruce Springsteen) Willow Smith's (Will Smith's daughter) Whip My Hair. Funny stuff..

Neil Young grew up in Winnipeg and his only Number 1 Hit is Heart of Gold. The Heart of Gold is the main Space Ship the characters from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy travel in. This is the same world where 42 is The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything.
Paltrow, called Holly in Glee, just like Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany's, written by Truman Capote, further entrains by StarRing in the other Capote Biopic, Infamous.
More soon, flux willing...
Just realized that Paltrow sings a Chicago number in Glee entraining it with Jim's mention of the film and Richard Gere who dances with Tucci in the Leg.
Had a quick peak a IMPAwards and see that a new Green Lantern poster has dropped today on Nov 18.
Right next to it are some new Nutcracker 3D posters, a new film version I have never heard about before but it resonates as Jim was talking about this "ring post" yesterday in a communique, then also mentioning local Nutcracker posters. I dont know if I have seen the ones he is referring to in the email..
I like how the time he sent this last night 10:01 PM resonates Green Lantern.
Flipped the Green Lanterns logo is 101, the number of Neo's room in Matrix and an infamous Ministry of Love room Winston Smith is tortured in the novel 1984.
The Green lanterns has a big green glowing heart Chakra the actual traditional color of this part of the subtle body. Also works as 101 associates to the Ministry of Love.
The key reason for mentioning this however is the Power Ring that gives the Green Lantern his abilities also entraining with the Return of the Ring.


Perfectly n'sync with everything going on, on November 17th there was an article that did the news rounds about Neil Young's warehouse catching on fire.

The cause of the fire - his LINCOLN VOLT, a converted electric car of his own.

This once agains connects Lincoln well with Zeus/Jupiter as the God is known for his bolts of lightning, in other words - electricity.

The Lincoln Volt makes me think of Lightning McQueen as well.

Boy these syncs are getting rich and thick.

Will add again I am sure.



Kevin: Syncing with dissapearing Bands and Rings,the youngest one of our resurrected miner brothers from Chile had proposed to his wife whilst trapped in the mine. Upon his return he is now telling the press that he is not so sure if hes ready to get married. The dissapearing ring flow continues ;)

Last night's (18 Nov) episode of the Mentalist saw Robin Tunney aka StarMummy entrain beautifully.

We see the Blue Bloods of Royalty or being a Heir to the Throne of Joy entraining with her person.
Blue Bloods stars famed hairy mustache man Tom Selleck.
Her star title appears as Grace Van Pelt fixes her flaming red hair. Pelt is belt as d is just a p spinned.
Jane yanks a hair out of Lisbon/Robin's head which he uses as part of an elaborate ruse to entrap the bad guy.

Robin is Ribbon also a Band or Belt.
We are currently in the Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp, transitioning from Scorp into Sag during about 19 Nov - 24 Nov.
Like the image above, the sun or circle-dot target, is between the two signs.
In the night sky Galactic Center is located on this same cusp of the Archer and the Phoenix. The Archer, the sign ruled by Jupiter, in a sense is aiming his arrow at the heart of our galaxy.
Jim has noted that the Russel Crowe Robin Hood film opened during (May 12 - May 14) the same time period we heard about Jupiter's Southern Equatorial Belt disappeaRING (May 9 - May 13 'ish').
Crowe is the Archer or Sagittarius who's planet is Jupiter while Hood equals 42. When the film came out Jupiter entrains with the disappearance of is Equatorial Ring.
We saw Robin Tunney earlier and noted that Robin is Ribbon or band/belt.
We move forward to yesterday Nov 19, the Archer-Scorpion Cusp plus time period of the returning Jupiter SEB and Crowe's next film arrives.

The poster sees our Archer stair through a target design of The Next Three Days with the word Key? The poster also echoes the theme of being in the Cusp, "The Next Three Days" or such.
His hair is also peculiarly highlighted as consisting of photographs.

In a sense our Archer/Jupiter has the target in sight and is about to let go of his arrow aimed at the heart of all Being. When the arrow and the heart are united we are all in Love/Joy.
Elizabeth BankS name highlights EBS/SEB and in the film Crowe must help her arise/escape. She is the phoenix dressed in Red and her prison uniform says "Contact Visit". The Archer helps the Phoenix be reborn.
If we look carefully we can see the "2.4 Miles" inside Crowe's target above.
Liam Neeson explains to key to Crowe of how to help Elizabeth BankS rise out of jail.
I like that the same day, 19 Nov, that sees Elisabeth BankS appear in The Next Three Days with "Contact" written on her is also Jodie Foster's birthday.
Jodie Foster/ForEsT's makes Contact in a bubble as Dr. Ellie Arroway. The Arrow shows the way to Contact.
The Ring is also the sound of Contact.

Contact is finding out who you are beyond any concepts/limitations/forms.
This weekend sees a "Blue Moon" by an old definition of the term.
"Tonight’s moon is the third of four full moons in a season. So many will call it a Blue Moon." EarthSky
This makes tonight's full moon resonate the Blue Circle theme that Jim saw on The Leg, repeated on the Moses Mayes poster and echoing Diana's Sapphire ring.
The Moses event at the Pyramid with this Blue Circle Poster falls on the Blue Moon, tonight..
Liam Neeson above in Darkman and Clash of the Titans

Right at the beginning of Hair Peace Liam Neeson (Zeus/Jupiter in Clash of the Titans) is looking at the stars with Patricia Arquette and pionts out The Pleides and Aldeberan.

This is the location of the Blue Full Moon in this evenings sky.


Today 21 NovEMBER, the cusp of Sag-Scorp and day before entering Sagittarius 2010 (in the house of Jupiter) we note it is the 26th Birthday of Jena Malone.
Above Blue Hares jump out of her profile. She is Donnie Darko's - with "scary rabbit" Frank - girlfriend. Darko aka Jake Gyllenhaal will be appearing in theaters on 24 Novembers in Love and Other Drugs (same date hairy Tangled opens), the end of the Cusp and fully into Sagittarius.

She was born in 1984 the year 2010: The Year We Make Contact was released and her Birthday is two days after Jodie Fosters' on the 19th at the start of the Sagittarius- Scorpio Cusp.
Perfect as she plays the young Ellie Arroway (Sagittarius/Jupiter Way) in Contact. She is also Emile Hirsch's sister Carine McCandless (Candle resonates/Phoenix) in Into The Wild with the 142 BUS/SUB. We saw that the rising SEB resonates the surfacing SUB/BUS.

Kevin: Entraining with our movement from the sign Scorpio into Sagittarius on Monday night, Comedy Central here in the US happened to be airing the movie "Futurama-Benders Game". In which the characters embark on a mideival journey to defeat the evil ruler MOMon who is portrayed using Scorpion perfume. Taking note that Scorpio is the MOM of the Zodiac as it is the Fixed water sign of the 4 Elements and is also often connected to the great mother "Babalon"(see Crowley). In this Episode the team conists of not only a Sagittarian Centaur, but also a Tin Man, both pointers toward Jupiter Via the Sagittarian Centaur and Jupiters Metal Tin. The real kicker that got me was when heards of Sagittarian Centaur people came to help defeat Momon or Scorpio, just as in real time Saggitarius was ending Scorpio.

We can see that Momon who uses Scorpion perfume further resonates with Momma Scorpio via the Vagina Dentata monsters that guard her lands. Vagina dentata is a complete symbol of the divine feminine or Mom which both Gives birth to and Destroys everything infinitly. The dentata is said to arrise in the dream stories of cultures around the world, of which psychologists say it a sign that a male values his member and ego, and fears having the world take it away, connecting us to Scorpios tarot card "Death", so we can also see this as a symbol for Ego death. Last year during the sign of Scorpio I was entraining with Vagina Dentata after a a Scorpion with said features in "Howard the Duck", not only was it a Scorpion Dentata but it was shown coming from the West Gate, which in Astrology is ruled by Scorpio and Sagitarius. See my post from last year for more .

Johnny Depp can aid us in our knowing of the 9th gate. In the film I beleive it is refering to the 9th Gate of Hell, the Tobacco is a perfect touch on the cover as Tobacco is often used by Shamans to aid them in Underworld Journies and is offered for protection in afterlife Journies. The 9th House or Gate of Astrology rules over the seeking of Higher Wisdom, as well as the act of Physically journeying for higher knowning as well. We cans see Depp further resonating with this Journeying archetype vividly in the film "Dead Man" where he plays William Blake journeying on a vision Quest with a Native American. Depp also plays a Ferryman to the dead in the film "Imaginarium of Parnassus". And is featured on and off Camera very often with Tobacco.


  1. This blog is consistently incredible! Loved the pegleg actor/initiates syncs. The Jacob island light sync to Winnipeg is further strengthened by North America being referred to as Turtle Island by the Native peoples. I also noticed the Adam Beach birthday on 11/11 as he was in a very recent episode of Hawaii Five 0.

  2. Native heritage and native of Winnipeg Adam Beech definitely ties the Native people's name of Turtle island and lost/jacob's island reference to Winnipeg.

  3. A pocket full of synchs! National Geographic has King David article this month and on the cover we see King David. Dennis

  4. "E.B's" is an anagram for S.E.B.
    Further "E.B's" & SEB is easily the striped bees, which we synced with heavily during May and the initial disappearance of the SEB.

    SE = 24 (19+5) + B(2) = 26 = G.O.D. (7+15+4)

    Thus, the 2 yr non-mystery of the ~SE~ and the "EYE of GOD" nebula avatar on Strange Eye comes to Light...

    And of course with E.B. being the exact pronunciation of my last name you can giggle away all you like Jakey!

    Even without the personal syncs for me, you guys rocked this one! Love it and thanks again for all your work!


    Visit the The SYNC LIST
    a BIG list of Synchronicity, Synchromysticism and Semiotic related sites

  5. Awesome,

    Wikipedia lists "SEB" as (amongst many others)

    'Slippery Elm Bark'

    Which syncs even deeper to Get Smart with Bill Murray "in the American Elm Tree" which surround the reflecting pool at the National Mall in Washington,DC.

    ... and then we can take it to the limit with Steve Carell in The OFFICE and the WINNIPEG episode!


  6. Some entertrainment at its best, I have some additions I hope to peace in tonight. <3 yall! Keep up the great WORK!

  7. I just started reading the story of David in the Bible

  8. I love it!

    You guys used to have an image of Echo and Narcissus at the bottom of the blog. In that myth, ZEUS GIVES ECHO A SAPPHIRE RING, for distracting Hera. It is this ring that Hera notices and "curses" Echo for, turning her into an aural mirror.

    I mentioned in a September post (http://allthehappycreatures.blogspot.com/2010/09/smoke-signals-of-fire-bird.html)
    that I had been collecting Sapphire notes for a few months, but I wasn't ready to do a full post on it yet. Well, after this wild sync, I think it's time to write it.

    Peace all around.

  9. Speaking of Chicago and dance ...

    Another famous Chi-town senator turned Prez. dancing through the NEWS this week:



  10. and Gwyneth Paltrow's new country track
    Country Strong

    Which she debuted at this years's CMA Awards on PI DAY November 10, 2010 (11/10 is day 314).

    the premiere of her latest film, Country Strong, was on Monday (November 8, 2010 - 11/8/10) in Nashville, Tenneessee.


  11. Gwyneth Kate Paltrow

    G=7, K=11, P=16

    7,11,7 or 7,2,7

    born September 27, 1972 ...or...

    but "Sept"-Ember = 7th Ember

    She gained early notice for her work in the film Se7en

    and to personalize it she was born exactly 4 months 29 days after 4/29/72


    21 weeks = 7 + 7 + 7


    151 days = 1 + 5 + 1 = 7

    to sync well let's see if there's some Jupiter/Zeus numbers happenin'...


    She's born 40 years, 2 months, 24 days
    before the Maya CAL-Ender date of 12/21/12


  12. Wow ))

    This article and the subsequent comments are very In-Sight-Ful, Merci )

    A couple comments,
    I'm an artist and movie posters ... talk to me. The green lantern poster is very interesting ... copy and open the poster (posted above) in a 'paint program' and Invert the colors ... green is the inverse of pink (seventh chakra). Now copy the color inverted image and begin to form a new image. Using the top left corner as the central axis point, ie.
    inverted image = [<-/\]

    The stone ring (stargate) now come together to form a two sets of eyes (owl and/or 'Short Circuit' movie robot) that face one another. Notice also, the form of the 'energy' source and the skull motif created by OUR mosaic.

    These ideas were formed with the following math mosaic in mind (Rodin, Tesla, Schauberger, Calleman, Haramein, inspired)


    Now, color the 3,6,9 each in a different color, and WE have the energetic reason for the 'eagle'. I believe the top half of the diamond shape is the material form and the bottom is the energetic form, intimately joined (perspective) by OUR middle layer:
    1-8-1-2-7-2-1-8-1 ... which I-C(= 93) as,
    1-9-11-9-1 = 1+9+(1+1)+9+1 = 22
    and as, 9-3-7-3-9 = 31 = 3(1) = 111

    Also, adding up each row (horizontally) gives US part of the number sequence, integral to a toroid (= doughnut, see: iron man, homer simpson, carousels, and the w-hole in the middle = a black sun)

    Thanks again for all of y-OUR determined efforts, its incredibly appreciated.

    a GrebBear

    Peace Love Light TRUTH
    (- ;
    ; -)

  13. On a kind of parallel sych..I just finished an article for my editor about Diamonds and buying diamond rings, and was also commenting on another blog (http://theageofvolcanoes.wordpress.com/)
    about an old UK Sci-fi programme called 'Sapphire and Steele'...its just weird timing I guess!

  14. Hey Floyd. That's nice stuff. Thanks.

  15. Just wanted to add, in regards to the BLUE MOON (see image in article above) importance...

    The FINAL VENUS TRANSIT of the Maya CAL-Ender takes place near Aldebaran on 6/5/12.

    On 12/21/12 Maya long count will roll to ""

    The Maya Calendar official "Long Count Calendar END" is really on Friday the 13th OCTOBER, 4772 at Long Count:

    To see relation of Aldebaran and the Transit of Venus see:
    Transits of Venus on Strange Eye Blog. (SEB - sync!)