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Severed Fist of the North Star : Hold My Hand


We mentioned in the previous post "The Writing on the Wall" severed hand theme, a portent of "The End".
As the real Self is the fabric of all that arises and falls "The End" can only ever be the dissolving of some or other concept or form, no threat to the real Self.
In fact "The Ultimate End" would be the end of the conceptualized world itself and a transition into a new awareness of the Self realized Self.

What any of those words really mean is something you can only know as the Self is already You realizing Itself.

We can use the severed hand of "The End" (of the mind made self) and its arising in the media permeating our collective consciousness as a pointer and reminder of this new awareness we are realizing together.
James Franco has to sever his arm in 127 Hours.
His hand gets wedged between a boulder and a cliff wall.
While watching the trailer I noticed the classic Paisley Bandana/kerchief he wears over his mouth and around his neck.

This echoes the covered mouth theme of the previous post...

The thunderous silence of sync's message of joy.

The Walking Dead television series sees Micheal Rooker as Merle use his belt to lasso a hacksaw within reach.
He has been handcuffed and needs to escape, having been potentially left for dead and under threat of Zombie attack.
This is Episode 3 "Tell It to the Frogs" which aired on Sunday 14 November.
This is the Sunday ending the week we heard the Southern Equatorial Belt of Jupiter is returning on about 11 November.
The next Sunday we see Merle's severed hand being wrapped in the same Paisley Bandana as James Franco wears in 127 Hours. The severed arm/hand and the bandana go together. Bandana is just a expanded form of the word Band, the band/belt entraining with all these amputated hands.

127 Hours got its limited release on the 5th of November and is still being released all over the world during this time period of Jupiter SEB revival.
We see that the characters in The Walking Dead speculate Merle used his Belt as a tourniquet for his severed hand.
Yet another film (one of my favorites this year) which opened in 2010 featured the severed hand as a key and central plot point, Winter's Bone.
Winter is the time associated to the Christmas/X-Mas season, the time when Jolly Santa brings us gifts from the NORTH Pole. Specifically the gifts/Joy is brought on X-Mas eve or 24 December. Both the X (X is 24th letter of the alphabet) and the time when Santa Brings the gifts echo 24/Jupiter.
The symbol of Jupiter thinly veiling 2 & 4 (& 1)

Above is Billy Bob THORNTON as BAD Santa. THORNTON is an expanded and rearranged NORTH. BAD is 214 a Jovian sequence.

SANTA is SATAN a figure popularly associated to characters like Lucifer and the Devil. These associations aren't necessarily reflective of the historic and esoteric reality of these figures but certainly reflect commonly held associations.
In 2010: The Year We Make Contact Jupiter becomes the Second Sun, soon after a Southern Equator disturbance - similar to what is happening right now in real life on Jupiter - and is called Lucifer.
Charlize THERON has a very special last name hat can be rearranged as THRONE and contains NORTH. We see her above echoing this insight as staring in NORTH Country and wearing the Paisley Bandana.

2 B continued soon, flux willing.

Much Joy to one and all as we DIS MEMBER this DecEMBER...


I'm stickin' with Leslie for awhile. His parodies are a treasure trove of sync and of inner snickering.

What a King of Sync and Joy he was and is.

In Spy Hard, a 1996 film, he is Dick Steel, agent WD40. WD40 is an interesting name as w=23, D=4 & 40 itself contains 420 as the word FORTY = 4 = T (T=20) = 420. In the sync world 23 and 42 are all often noticed.

The intro to Spy Hard has Leslie Nielson's name over blue bubbles. Bubbles was big here at the sync whole for awhile not too long ago and I seem to be syncing with them strong still.

(I could only laugh at how often the word Bubble is used in
Wall St. 2. which I just watched for the first time these past 2 days. The Writing is on the Wall St.)

Bubbles bursting is the main theme of Wall St. - Money Never Sleeps. The last scene of Wall St. 2 has children playing with bubbles and the bubbles floating up into the NYC sky.

One of the kids in the scene has a White Tiger on his T-Shirt. A sync wink to the fact that we are in 2010, The Year of the Tiger right now as well as the year Wall St. 2 was released.

Anyways, back to Leslie Nielson and severed hands which is why I was making this addition to Jake's post in the first place.

In Spy Hard, Dick Steele's main enemy is General Rancor who has both his arms blown off by Steele at the beginning of the movie. The rest of the movie Rancor has artificial severed arms/hands.

Below we see Dick Steel with his RED BAND while General Rancor threatens him with his false arms highlighted by white gloves (just like Santa).

Leslie Nielson stars as Ryan Harrison, a world-class violinist in the movie Wronfully Accused. His character is mean't to parody Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. This is overtly suggested when Ryan Harrison (Leslie Nielson) has a coffee table fall on him and it is made to look like he is Han Solo while frozen.

This Han Solo incident happens moments after Nielson realizes that the person who is trying to kill him is one armed. He holds a severed hand in surprise.

He is the White Hare/HairySon holding a Solo Hand.

Ryan Harrison has flashback memories of the severed arm that is to blame for him being wrongfully accused.

The manner in which Harrison is framed is after the man with no arm attacks him he awakes by a dead millionaire and the man who had been sponsoring his violin performances.

He awakes with a bow around his arm and there are 3 arrows in the chest of the dead millionaire. He has been framed with the murder.

This is interesting as Leslie Nielson passed away on November 28th, 2010 during Sagittarius, which is symbolized by the Archer with the Bow & Arrow.

Where are Leslie Nielson's Sync Arrows pointing?

Perhaps at Joy - The Forbbiden Planet.

(The movies stars Leslie Nielson.FORBidden = 42iden)
Don Draper looks around his immaculate washroom after using the facilities and washing his hands in Mad Men episode 3. His party guests are about to arrive and he fortunately realizes in time that he can't use the soap or hand towels right now as this would spoil the prim fresh aesthetic. Great little moment silently speaking volumes about the subtle dynamics of his life and the aims of this episode, including this severed hand, appropriately by The Sync Whole.

We have synced before with highlighted palms resonating the nailed aspect of Jesus and highlights on the hands of Buddhas and Hindu deities. This Mad Men sync neatly combines the severed and highlighted palm aspect in one, easily showing us how theses themes reflect each other. I further like how the highlight is a bar of soap, that which cleans and purifies the hands.
Just a few minutes later Darby Stanchfield as Helen Bishop shows up at the Draper's birthday party excusing the inappropriate use of Christmas wrapping paper on the present she has brought.
We note a pattern of finding the severed hand associated to the holiday season and Santa.

We see the Darby's have a Red Door something I connect to the Bindi, Third Eye of Shiva/Jupiter in videos like The Red Door.

The Red Door from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.


Funny you are talking about Mad Men. Seems to be very resonant these days. Lots of mad men around these days. Me included. Time to purge. All is good and necessary and all should be forgiven. That's the point. We are all in it. How cool is that? What a trip. Rejoice.

Perhaps the star I find best resonates a mad man is Mel Gibson. He was Mad Max of course.

Mad Mel's severed arm holds the driving wheel and the lightning bolts hark of Jupiter.

Why I am talking about Mel Gibson is that in the midst all this Severed Hand talk the poster for Mel Gibson's new movie
The Beaver was released. (I love him for playing this role. I have faith in Mel.)

In this movie Mel falls into depression and it is only after putting a beaver puppet on one of his hands is he able to begin communicating with people.

One such person is his wife played by Jodie Foster.

Mel needs to sever his hand with a puppet beaver as a means to make contact with Foster, his wife and mother of his children.

Jodie Foster of course we know from Contact fame.

The poster for The Beaver is actually mostly trees that frame Mel and his puppet beaver.

The attention given to the trees in the poster seems to be highlighted by Jodie Foster's last name which is an anagram for Forest as pointed out by Jake in the past.

The Beaver is very familiar with the Forest and with Trees. Beavers use their teeth to chop trees down in order to build dams and houses. We got lots of them here in Canada.

They are on our 5 cent coin.

You could say Beavers "sever" trees. Kind of like cutting off a hand or arm like Franco in 127 Hours.

Beavers are significant in Canadian History because it is the trade in Beaver PELTS (Fur) that created the economic impetus for colonization and the creation of the world's first corporation - the Hudson Bay Company.

Nothing like a beaver pelt hat to pull a white rabbit out of.

Pelt with the
p flipped into a b becomes BELT which lead us right back to Santa's Belt and Jupiter's Belt which both seem to be rising right now.

For more Beaver flow check out the post written almost exactly a year ago. This post is somewhat relevant now again as we are back to talking about Rabbits, Rings & Bridges.

Dec 12, 2009 - "Whatever You Do, Do Not Drink The Jupiter Juice!"

"Severed Hand" mixed with a loose dyslexic sync mind can become "Reversed Hand."

In card play a Hand is what one is dealt. In life often we feel we are dealt "a hand."

Perhaps now is the time for the hands we have been dealt here to be reversed back to our unified origin. You know the time before any hands are dealt.

May everyone have a peaceful December.



Thebe, also known as Jupiter XIV, is the fourth of Jupiter's moons.

The Beaver trailer sees this quick shot of Mel Gibson's son character with these "severed" hands reaching for him.
The Jovian Bolted dystopian Mad Max film is all about the human form coming apart at the seams.
Just like in The Walking Dead the age of form - human beings confined and defined by things (concepts and forms) - is ending.
We find these apocalyptic depictions attracting the physical dismemberment theme, symbolic of this movement beyond attachment.
Max's wife discoverers she has dismembered a gang member while pulling away with her car as they were attacking her.
After his wife has been killed by the gang Max goes on a murderous revenge spree, ending with the final member's ankle being cuffed to a car, rigged to explode any minute.
The charitable Mad Max throws him a hacksaw explaining that the cuff will take 10 minutes to hack through, the ankle only 5...

Alex Grey has a triptych style painting called "The Journey of the Wounded Healer" seeing this severed hand.

The middle panel sees someone being completely torn asunder. The process of letting go of form and attachment can be violent and painful, no doubt. If we believe we are limited to the forms we are surrounded by and the bodies we are expressed as, the teaching and humbling sometimes comes as great stresses being placed on these things. The formless is attempting to help us see beyond the objects it is wrapped up and consumed by, in extreme cases by the very destruction of these forms.
The pure unconditioned I Am, wrapped up in identification and forgetfulness of its own nature will shed this illusion consciously (the process called enlightenment) or unconsciously via violence, conflict and pain.
This is equally true for individuals and there bodies and collectives like societies.
The WTC disaster was just such a painful teaching on a massive scale. A major awakening for our species about the impermanence of form and what lies beneath.
Harrison ford interacts with the severed arm in The Fugitive and rescues freshly severed Luke Skywalker in Empire Strike Back.

During intense enthoegenic journeys and Ayahuasca ceremonies I have undergone excruciatingly painful purgings as part of the dynamic process, completely blurring the line between physically, psychologically and spiritually coming apart at the seams.
These journeys are echoes of each individuals process, the species, the planet and the universe itself. We are all the same interrelated system going through fractals of scale and intensity connected to each others cycles, all ultimately working toward the same end.

The ultimate goal is not to get rid of, vilify or transcend form, it is to see it for the infinite mystery it already is.

A guiding force beyond all concept and understanding by my mind (yet the very foundation of my mind), completely in control of all that is happening, has always been there for my individual journey and I know this is just a fractal of our collective process.

Peace In = Peace Out


00h40m41s211 into the 1986 manga feature film "Fist of the North Star" we what lies beneath bad guy Zanda's skin - his exploding heart shattering his ribcage as it goes nova.

The Fist of the North Star franchise is themed in the same post apocalyptic fashion as the Mad Max franchise. Meet Rei, a character from the first manga film version of Fist of the North Star (1986):

In his initial appearance in the manga the white haired Ray is cloaked in pink. Ray is confronted by a dual-nunchuk weilding thug who has mistaken Rei for a woman. Ray is not concerned with the gender bender, he wants to know where the Fist of the North Star is. The following pictorial sequence outlines how the meeting unfolds:

Ray's wearing his wrist bands in a similar fashion to kids local to me in the early '90's. Bandanas were often worn around the wrist. This style of weraing a bandana replicates the severed hand motif of the Hamsa.

Handmade Hamsa, Funny hamsa, Sagittarius

Hamsa may be referred to as the Hand of Miriam, sister of Moses. The hamsa does however link us back to bandanas as their ornate carvings echo the paterns often found on bandanas.

Hamsa are said to be amulets that protect against the gaze of the evil eye. Hamsa is one example of the Eye in the Palm symbol. Hands represent stars and so too do eyes. This makes the Eye in the Palm a resonator of the Twin Stars/Suns.

I first saw Mad Max in 1983 at 7 years of age. Mad Max 2 followed soon after. I recall in Mad Max 2 a character throws a metal boomerang and it chops his fingers off when he tries to catch it upon its return. I'll refrain from annotating all of the the ins and outs of the scene as I have managed to find a capture of the scene and it's posted below if you want to check it - at 3:57 the fingers fly.

While we are sampling Australiana, I may as well spin a yarn for you. Now my Gran used to swear by the power of Handy Andy, a chemical concoction that's used to clean floors.

Handy Andy White 5 litre Ammoniated floor & General Purpose cleaner

Gran was brand loyal and I have a bit of an idea why.

I recall being told the story of Gran's arrival in Oz by Granny herself while sitting at her breakfast table eating toast and jam. When Gran's boat docked in Tasmania, she noticed a large sign with the large bold letters "IXL". After what it took for Gran - a single woman fleeing Poland during the second World War - to get here, IXL became Gran's mantra as Gran had excelled. What Gran was appreciating too, was a personal sync. The Jam I was eating while being told the story was IXL brand jam. The house I was eating the toast in was 1214 Sydney Road Fawkner.

Long story short - Gran's house is no longer there. The church over the back fence purchased the land and lot 1214 is now part of their car park. I spent a lot of time at that address as a kid. My father grew up there. And after all of that time, it's only now while writing this piece that I notice Star Court, looking pretty handy with its 5 addresses.

This November 15th, peg-centric syncstar @planteye tweeted "ANDy in front of 2410 at the airport in weeds"

Nice spot, Brenden. I have transcribed JusTIN "Handy Andy Botwin" Kirk's line from that scene:
"Would you like to go in front of me? Go ahead, 'cause I have to deal with the baby for a minute."
Not only is 2410 emanating from Handy-Andy's brow, he's also flexing his pointer - which is the digit in astropalmistry that corresponds with the qualities of Jupiter. The recent Lesley Nielsen Cosmic Baby syncs reverberate here too. Interestingly, justin Kirk was the subject of a still photograph - Michelle Pfeiffer's deceased brother - in the 1994 film Wolf.

April 2009, the hand of god was beamed into popular consciousness by NASA - an image produced at the cHANDra X-Ray Observatory. As it turns out, that was the same month that this blog started publishing posts and the 3rd post here featured that blue gaseous psalm.

It's cool to note that on the same date as the abovementioned Weeds episode aired, November 15 2010, NASA's Chandra X-Ray group release an image of SN 1979C, the youngest known black whole in our cosmic neighborhood. Apparently the x-rays have been observed and it's thought that the black hole's being fed by either the leftovers of the supernova event that made the black hole - or a binary companion.

The Chandra observed Hand of God - which resonates Nintendo's Master Hand - was also featured here in this MEGAPOST Tiger Love Triangle. Arrowsmith also dropped a lot of awe inspiring work within a couple of posts that both include blue handy work.

The Hindu deity, Chandra, represents the moon and is associated with rabbits.



I'm watching 2001 A Space Travesty starring Leslie Nielson. In the intro sequence we see Santa Clause (Who has white hair like Leslie Nielson) and his reindeer being sucked into a Black Hole. (Looks a lot like the image of the black hole stefan just posted)

The intro also shows the constellation of Sagittarius which just so happens to be what zodiac sign the sun is in as the post is written, as well as the sign in which Leslie Nielson passed away on Nov. 28, 2010.
The Black Monolith scene is redone with a Severed Hand of God pointing the Jupiter finger at the ape. The hand knocks over the Monolith and crushes the ape.

I skip to the end of the movie when Leslie is on a Moon base and the woman agent he is with is being kidnapped so she uses glue to write on the door a message for Leslie.

Next shot is Leslie looking for her and coming to the outside of the room and the other side of the door. There is a big Red Severed Hand sensor beside the door and Leslie.

The comedic value of the next scene is that Detective Dix (Nielson) is looking around the room but can not see The Writing on the Wall. (A perfect metaphor for much of what has transpired in the world between 2001-2010. The writing could not be more clear, but many stay blind to it.)

Once Dix sees the writing and reads that his partner has been kidnapped he touches the glue and gets stuck to the door. Perhaps this is suggestive that once you acknowledge the "writing on the wall" you are stuck to it. Once you acknowledge sync it is damn impossible for it to go away.

Dec. 7, 2010: During Obama's speech about a Tax Deal his key line referenced the North Star.

"My job is to make sure that we have a North Star out there." - Obama


Kevin: December 9th 2010 Michael Jackson and Akons duete " Hold My HAND " is released at 12:00 am. Remembering that Michael is our Angel of the Rainbow Bridge we should not be surpised that we see a Rainbow lens flare just moments into the video :)

A screenshot from "Hold My Hand"- Michael Jackson the Rainbow Star

More beutiful Rainbow lens flare aura action of MJ

Perfect that this would be released under the sign of Sagittarius the Bowman. Sagittarius is connected not only to the Bow and Arrow but also very strongly to the Rainbow. In Hebrew Sagittarius is called Keshet literally meaning Rainbow. Lets take a look at Aleister Crowleys Sagittarius Tarot Card and its placement on the Tree of Life.

The Tarot card for Sagittarius is called Temperance or Art, in the Thoth Deck it contains a total of 3 Rainbows. It is depicted in Crowleys deck as an image in reference to the Alchemical axiom VITRIOL. Meaning Visita Interiore Tierre Rectificando Invienes Occultim Lapidem- Visit the center of the Earth and there you will find the hidden stone of the philosophers. VITRIOL is 7 Lettered, and is connected with the Rainbow of 7 Colors. This is also a wink at the 7 Chakras of the human energy body, and VITRIOL itself is the process by which energy is sent out of the body and into the Earth or the infinite to be purified, and then back again into our body. This is the process of VITRIOL - spiritual and physical alchemy of life.

On the Qabalistic Tree of life there are 22 Paths, of which 1 of every Major 22 Tarot Cards is given a certain path. Each path connects one of the 10 planetary spheres on the tree to the Other (see below). Every Tarot card is the Subjectice process by which our consciousness relates to two Objective planes/spheres/planets of Consciousness symbolized by the Sephiroth. Sagittarius rules the path of Samech which lies on "The Rainbow Bridge" or Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, being one of two cards that connects the Earthly and Heavenly realms.

For Good measure I posted here how the Card Art or Temperance ruled by Sagittarius connects the Purple Sphere of Yesod the feminine Moon to Tiphareth(where MJ is seated above)the Male sphere of the Sun. We can look at Michael Jacksons career and see that he was very much a bridge between opposites, between racial expectations, gender expectations, cultures and so on MJ was a force to unite the seemingly separate Colors that paint our world.

Michael Jacksons Moonwalker features MJ and the Rainbow further entraining him with Sagittarius the Bowman and the Rainbow Bridge.
Align Left

Michael Jacksons most beutiful Rainbow entrainmen happens with Angelica Houston in Captain EO. We can see that Angelica Houston reasonates with the Lunar Godess DIANA as the Lady of the Lake. She plays the Lady of the Lake in "The Mists of Avalon".

Angelica Houston plays the Goddess Lady of the Lake Diana in Mists of Avalon, and Resonates with the Dark/Light Diana on Crowleys version of Sagittarius or Art's Tarot Card!

Above we see that the Dark/Light Diana and Rainbow are prominently connected as mentioned in Lon Milo Duquettes "Guide to the Thoth Tarot".

Now Lets see Michael Jackson turn Angelica Houston-who played the Moon Goddess Diana in Mists of Avalon- from the Dark Diana to the Light Diana with the power of the Rainbow, resonating strongly with the Qabalistic path of Sagittarius or Samech.

The planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and Jupiter is given the Hebrew letter KAPH meaning HAND, Jupiters Sphere on the tree of life is BLUE, making Jupiter the ruler of BLUE PALMS.

Michaels Blue Palm power begins to transform Dark Diana/Angelica Houston into Light as he ascends through love and forgiveness upon the Tree of Life.

MJ turning Diana and her Twin Pillars into Light.

Michael has completed the Task of unifying the Dark and Light, unveiling the beutiful Illuminated DianAngelica Houston. Symbolizing that we have crossed the Sagittarian Rainbow Bridge into the new Aeon of enLIGHTenment.

Michael Jackson was the Moonwalker, and just above the an path of Samech on the tree of life, is one more important card on the Middle Pillar, "the High Preistess" who is the MOONS planetary Tarot Card. We can see here again DIANA with her BOW and RAINBOW, perfectly reflecting Angelica Houstons Ascension and transformation from Dark to Light in Captain Eo.

MJ has helped us light the way, lets take his hand and cross the Bridge together :)
Love and Peace


I want to continue with the Beaver thread. The beaver cuts trees down. The Beaver severs the limbs (Trees) of Mother Earth.

At Xmas time many people cut down Pine (pyramid) Trees, just like beavers, and we put them in our homes and decorate them with a star on top.

Beavers and Xmas kind of go well together.

In poster for The Beaver starring Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster (Forest) we noted that what dominates the frame of the image are Trees, very possibly Xmas Trees or potential logs for use by beavers.

When we cut a tree down or sever an arm we often need to HACK at it. Hacking is in the news big time right now with the Wikileaks ordeal unfolding daily.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame is now under arrest for his role in the release of secret diplomatic messages. The meaning of the name Julian is "Jove's Child."

Recently Julian was quoted as saying: "It is my role to be the lightning rod."

As soon as Julian was arrested a group referring to themselves as Anonymous triggered a massive cyber attack against what they perceived as responsible targets for the censorship and suppression of Wikileaks.

The manner in which the Anon Hackers hack at the corporations and their websites is they enlist computers all around the world to flood various targeted websites, therefore causing the crash due to too much traffic.

The computers that are used by the Hackers are referred to as ZOMBIE computers, because many people are not even aware that their computers are being used to do this work.

ZOMBIES that are HACKING off the LIMBS(websites) of Corporations. Usually we are hacking zombies, but now it is the other way around! (severed is reversed.)

The name of the Hacking campaign is called OPERATION PAYBACK.

Operation Payback has a sailboat/pirate ship as their logo. Matches well this still I took recently of Leslie Nielson from the movie 2001 A Space Travesty.

Payback brings us right back to Mel Gibson who starred in the movie PAYBACK.

"Get ready to root for the BAD guy." [ B(2)+A(1)+D(4) = 214 ]

Mel Gibson is also in the movie SIGNS. Signs are very much another way of saying "the writing is on the wall." Syncs are signs.

Leslie Nielson stars in Scary Movie 3 which parodies the Mel Gibson movie Signs. The poster has the same house & crop circles near Leslie's white hair/hare & severed hand that is pointing up with his Jupiter finger.

Everything seems to lead back to the 2010 Starchild Leslie Nieslon.

Below we have LN (LN = 1214) hanging upside down from TINsel in the poster for the movie ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.

He is like an upside down Xmas tree.

Imagine that above every Xmas tree there is an upside down Xmas tree/Hanging Santa and where they meet, where the TIP meets the PIT is a STAR.

Where Heaven & Earth meet and humanity goes NOVA.

Lit up like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.

Addition: As I was researching the idea of "writing on the wall" it dawned on me that GRAFFITI is a form of writing on walls.

A quick search landed me at Prince's GRAFFITI BRIDGE. The poster is well loaded. Severed Hand. Lightning Bolt and the word Bridge (Jeff Bridges stars in Tron 2 to be released soon.)

More upcoming Hand syncing movies...


Saw these strange attracting posters yesterday when I went to watch Love & Other Drugs. Robert Downey Jr's arm is highlighted by being broken on Due Date while The Rock's is tightly cropped thus severed on Faster.
Love and other Drugs does the same trick.
Jake Gyllenhaal highlights his hand by placing it over his mouth. If you watch the movie you learn Anne Hathaway has Parkinson's disease and much emphasis is placed on her having difficulty with her trembling hands.
In the trailer for Anthony Hopkins' The Rite some symptoms of possession are listed off, one being "A persistent tremor in a limb".
These word are spoken as a little girl stares at his shaking hand.
As Jim mentions, big news right now is WikiLeaks revealing documents governments want to keep secret and there founder Julian Assange going to jail.

I like to think think of Wikileaks as the We Key Leak. The Key of WE (Self Realized Self) is overflown.
The WikiLeaks symbol is an Hourglass. The design of the 127 Hours poster has the hourglass theme, fitting well with James Franco running out of time and having to sever his arm to survive. Amazing that the Hourglass is in the news and in cinemas at the same time.
We said that "The writing on the wall" severed hand resonates the end and this fits with the "time is running out" theme of an Hourglass.
The same day (today 9 Dec) this connection was made - that 127 Hours and WikiLeaks share the Hourglass - was also the Birthday of Margaret Hamilton the Wicked Witch of the West pictured above with her Hourglass.

Some Twitter action from today about this subject:

@Seallion: The Hourglass design is the two triangles of PIT & TIP meeting in the humble middle. The Key is WE/ME are moving to this center of NO/kNOW Time.
@syncwinnipeg: @ So we are both making TIP meets PIT images at the same time and posting them. Cool.


The other night (December 9th, Oz time) @EmergentCulture tweeted about the possibility of a tipping point being at hand when the Webbot Project and Timewave Zero are taken into consideration. This got me thinking about a point and a pit. I drafted a tweet and slept on it only to tweet it the next morning (December 10th Oz time) & find @syncwinnipeg tweeting pits and tips and it's not until later that day that I am able to catch up on Jake's unveiling of the above hourglass syncs.

The Hourglas Device - a medal awarded to Reserve forces personnel after 40 years of service. Space vapors make nebulae. Below is the Engraved Hourglass Nebula (MyCn 18).

January 18 1996 a couple of JPL fellas using powerful instruments discovered that this particular nebula had a pretty interesting shape (That same day back in 1733 the first polar bear was placed on exhibition). MyCn 18 is actually 2 bands that cross over and form a vesica piscis in a similar fashion to the tarot card Kevin included in his entry above.

The hourglass is indeed a figure eight or an ∞. The recyclable nature of the hourglass echoes its likeness to the glyph.

It's like the ringed Saturn - who represents time - is the band we wear around our wrist. On the surface the band ritual appears to enslave however it as if it is, at the very least, a component of a catalyst within a process that is allowing both the hand and the band to emancipate themselves.

After all, the union of marriage is symbolised by donning gold rings on our Apollo fingers.

Apollo = band magnet

The carol the 12 Days of Christmas has that "5 golden rings" line which we can now refer to in a jovial context as Jupiter is the 5th planet from Apollo/The Sun.

Five, golden rings


Golden rings of Jupiter.

24/4/2010 I dropped a post called Saturn and Jupiter over at PRR.


I signed off the post with this severed hand as the highlighted fingers of Saturn (Middle finger) and Jupiter (Pointer) make the peace sign. Within that post I briefly mentioned Jupiters Ring System.

Yes, Jupiter has a ring system like Saturn only it's not as prominent as Saturn's.

The Prince and the Princess of Wales obviously have a ring system and James has pointed out something quite interesting about them in the comments of this post.

This Thursday past - as pointed out by Jake -was the Birthday of Margaret Hamilton the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. The same day, the car Charles and Camilla were riding in was attacked by students protesting against tuition fees.

C&C were on their way to the London Palladium to check out the Royal Variety Performance. Amongst those performing were the cast of Wizard Of Oz - which is playing at the Palladium at the moment. In the picture see the white severed hand waving at posters promoting the Wizard Of Oz while the window next to the palm is cracked.

Here in Oz that same day, my wife told me over the phone - while I was still in the office - that there was a treat waiting for me when I got home. When I did arrive home I saw some bottle caps I didn't recognise in the fridge and checked out the bottles they were stuck on. It's an awesome cider called Pipsqueak brewed in Healesville, about an hour away from my place.

I popped the cap off one and tried it out. Nice. I thanked my wife for the gift. I queried its origin as it was really tasty. I was cut short and told that the Pipsqueaks were not my treat and that what was purchased for me was in the other fridge. So I go and check fridge 2 and I am greeted by a 6 pack of White Rabbit Dark Ale, also brewed in Healesville.

It wasn't until I returned home the following (Friday 10th December) night to crack open another Pipsqueak that I noticed the severed hand on the label of the bottle...

The blue bike on the pipsqueak label echoes 2010: The Year we Make Contact. The Cosmic Baby from 2010 made its way into this post via 1214/Leslie Nielsen. Put "2010 Cosmic Baby " into a Google image search and you get a lot of instances of SN 1979C:

Just to round this one off, elemental tin is symbolised by "Sn" and tin shares the same alchemical glyph as Jupiter does in astronomy:



  1. Very nice. I'm rethinking lots of hand symbology now. Like Michael Jackson's gloved hand? Beyonce's robot glove hand?

    Dunno. Just thinking out loud. Will ponder on this more.

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  3. Yes, totally, the gloved and robot hand, like any highlighted (cut out/off with attention) hand would resonate..

  4. Luke skywalker lost his hand to his father (Jupiter and Saturn, son and father), who masks his face with a helmet, and even without the helmet his mouth is covered up.

    Hellboy also has the highlighted single hand, as well as Lucas from The Wizard with his "bad" (214) power glove.

    The gifts we give on x-mas are wrapped with bands/ribbons.

    Much love

  5. Also, near the end of the movie Signs, we see an alien's seemingly disembodied hand cover the mouth of one of the actors, at a point in the movie where the family's end is very much expected.

  6. I give a hand to this post! Always shining forth you guys! Dennis

  7. The symbol of Northern Ireland is the RED HAND which is also SEVER-RED. SEVER means 'north' in Czech.

    Apparently a rowing race for the kingship was arranged and the first to shore won. One trailing competitor cut off his hand and threw it to the shore and got to be King.


  8. Maybe December stands for Death Ember. That's what I just experinced on November 30th. Then again I don't know how that would be any different from the previous months.I just dont know how much more ember I can take.

  9. Glinda, Dorothy's Holy Guardian Angel in The Wizard of Oz who travels around in a giant bubble, is the the Good Witch of the North. Note also the Pole/Apollo connection, as the place where the solar child Hor-apollo, the Hairy Son (Harrison), is born from the Isis-ice.

    Alchemy is said to be a "work of the hands" (i.e., "Han Solo"). Feel free to take that as literally as you like!

  10. Nice how in the nickel picture it was made in '42

  11. Ok. I thought about it more and ended up writing a whole post about it. To abbreviate my thoughts here: I considered the saying...It was so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. From that I could totally see how the hand exemplifies our attachment to form. So, as we ascend higher, that concept has to be the first thing to go.

    On another note, I just blogged on Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow video and for some reason the blatantness of the syncs really disturbed me. Maybe cuz since stumbling across Synchromysticism it's hard to look at anything the same anymore. Gee thanks, Jake.

    Just kidding! :P Love your work

  12. Jake, this exquisite flow touches some very deep personal meanings. You have no idea what you've done to me… It’s magic!
    Thank you guys so much for everything, it’s as beautiful as this December is 2 B cosmic! ♥

  13. A beautiful post. I really like the direction this went in.
    Keep up the amazing work all!

    PS: did you hear that Jeff Bridges is getting decapitated in Tron2?

  14. In the first Matrix when Neo takes his pill the first thing to go is his hand

  15. hey guys - speakin of Hands...

    Prince Charles & Camilla's car last night after wading through London's student protesters.

    Right outside the theater which is showing The Wizard of Oz.

  16. "people need to step out of the trends and be their own person for once.but still, all of it is just bs. because there is no form of origionality in left in the world. But all that bull*** is skin deep. Its time for you to sit back and look at yourself in the mirror and say? is this what i am? A simpleton who just emulates what he sees on tv all day? you have to become your own person. So in short i would like to meet the real person that everyone has inside of them." ssj4vegetto9001 (RIP)

  17. The 17th degree has some interesting characteristics, such as the use of black gloves ... Black, as we know, represents the nigredo, the first stage of the alchemical work. (An Esoteric View of the Rose Croix Degree)

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