Monday, December 27, 2010

Film: A Thin Skin or Membrane Parts 1 and 2 Updated!

In honor of the approaching inception of the 2011 Chinese Year of the Rabbit(wHole). Ive posted the first part of the Film: a Thin Skin or Membrane series. Its going to be Beautyful New Year! This year goes to 11!!!

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To go down the Rabbit Whole is to lovingly surrender ones concepts of self and reality and fearlessly become a student of the vast mystery of beingness. Ill see you all for some Tea 4 Two (4Tea2) down there! Love and Peace

Have a blessed 2011! <3>


  1. Love it Kevin. A yummy treat. Thanks.

  2. Great video! Regarding the boat, the pleiades stars mean to sail or the sailing ones in Greek:

  3. gotta type it right now - that alice in wonderland trip hop track - starts around 8 minutes in - i found that on the net years ago - posted on some forum board, d/l'd to try it and fell in love with the track. Still listen to it now and then - and here now, it pops up in your video on 42. Fantastic! Thank you.

  4. FriGGen awesome Kev! I want to spread this video. Time to make more vids. Thanks.

    Much love