Sunday, October 17, 2010

boy see state. . . coming out of the mind

The Boy See State traveled to San Jose this past Saturday--just like the Chilean Mind, from which ("My Future's So Bright, I gotta Wear Shades") 33 minors were extracted/born on the previous Wodensday. lowering a rope into the pit to find the tip--the new world discovered. up found down

what about the Humanitarian Bowl?


  1. Hi I want to quickly say that I've just stumbled upon your website and on reading this entry I want to point out the bearded lady connection you found. Katty Perry recently came out with a song called "peacock" which was later parodied by a bearded man dressed up as a woman (wearing a purple wig). It appeared on a web site called chatroulette. Very interesting work you've done. It's similar to when synchronicities occur in my life and I find these larger than life themes running through them.If I knew more symbolism I'd probably see the connections hitting me left and right lol.

    btw here's the video

  2. This is in regards to your last post: the alchemists say that everything is transformed through the Secret Fire. Therefore that "Harry Potter for Seekers" page that I linked is not giving the full picture when it states that one can simply sit around loving God until something happens. That is purely exoteric. The greatest unconscious aspect yet to be integrated in most people's lives is sexuality. And yet it is this that the Zohar claims is the true key to the Bible, and how we move ourselves from the Qlipothic Universe II (which is really of no use to anyone) into the healthy Universe I.

    Remember PKD's UBIK? People trapped in an unreal world kept being told by unseen forces--via movies, TV, whatever--that they needed to use UBIK to get out. Sort of like how everything points to alchemy as the means of escape. A person who first started to meditate once described how they saw a vision of the alchemical symbol for Mercury. And anyone who has begun the long, arduous process will fully understand the meaning of the rock pick, slowly whittling away the walls of the Black Iron Prison, in the Shawshank Redemption. ("When the disciple of the Great Art first beholds this hand...")

    The other day, I overheard some people talking about how much they wished that they could work at the Co-Op and how difficult it was to get hired. Is it too cliché to say that you should be thankful for what you've got?

    Concerning Thing 1 and Thing 2, the allegory of the Tree of Jiva and Atman is quite enlightening:

    1.164.20 Two birds associated together, and mutual friends, take refuge in the same tree; one of them eats the sweet fig; the other abstaining from food, merely looks on.

    1.164.21 Where the smooth-gliding rays, cognizant, distil the perpetual portion of water; there has the lord and steadfast protector all beings accepted me, though immature in wisdom.

    1.164.22 In the tree into which the smooth-gliding rays feeders on the sweet, enters, and again bring forth light over all, they have called the fruit sweet, but he partakes not of it who knows not the protector of the universe.

    The first bird represents a Jiva, or individual self, or soul. She has a female nature, being a sakti, an energy of God. When the jiva becomes distracted by the fruits (signifying sensual pleasure), she momentarily forgets her lord and lover and tries to enjoy the fruit independently of him. This separating forgetfulness is maha-maya, or enthrallment, spiritual death, and constitutes the fall of the jiva into the world of material birth, death, disease and old age.

    The second bird is the Paramatman, an aspect of God who accompanies every living being in the heart while she remains in the material world. He is the support of all beings and is beyond sensual pleasure.

    Cain and Abel?

  3. We really should be having this conversation in person.
    Flying M tomorrow morning? Or better yet, we'll get coffee and walk to the capitol bld. and pretend to be Jake and Jim (of course we ARE Jake and Jim).

    Honestly, I work all day on thursday (7am -7 or 8 pm) come in and chat. I would really love to meet you. *2010 The Year We Make Contact*.

    We have just far too much in common, and you are inspiring me to pick up my Parzival again. (I've been carrying it around for about four years now, read a bit, and stop, repeat--I'm stuck at the beginning!)

    As to the meet of your comment, thank you for illuminating "the path"of Alchemy. The essay that I read was more interested in showing one the door instead of how of open the door.

    Thankful I should be. I'm white, (able to fake being) middle class, and I live in a particularly clean, and beautiful city in the United States. This is the dream. I really don't have any reason to complain. (Why would the prince of Kapilvastu have any reason to complain for that matter either!)

    But, as Jack returned to the island the second time, his jumpsuit said "workman", and he wasn't the respected Doctor that everyone trusted and sought out for their guidance. He pushed a broom. ( a necessary step I'm sure, to illustrate the difference and importance between being and doing!) So difficult not to identify with doing in material, when the call of material is so intoxicating (literally).

    So yes--I came to the same conclusion as you Eleleth, basically. Love, forgive, accept this damaged place. Healing me heals it. Make it whole.
    --and likely this is the way out of the prison, turning it into paradise. . . inside out!

    yet when we talk in terms of the microcosm, the conversation takes on a different character than if we were discussing the nature of being. Everyone knows that I'm a pretty purpose driven individual (my problem!), yet if the cosmology to which we are adhering makes life pointless, hopeless and bleak outside the mission of transcending our material existence, the purpose driven individual naturally is going to rethink how one should live. . .

    I guess it is easier to tell someone to chill the F out about their job than existence. . .

    "The other day, I overheard some unincorporated spirit talking about how much they wished that they could exist in material and how difficult it was to get born. Is it too cliché to say that you should be thankful for what you've got?"

    not cliché at all Eleleth. Thank you so much, I'm very much looking forward to having this discussion in person. I did it this past summer a bunch. A real live sync-UP is incredible, the flow increases exponentially. I've got 5 sync bloggers under my belt as well as a Seattle sync showman. Let's keep the TiGger going shall we?

    Also, I've run into the allegory you mention before, but it is interesting that you too have been thinking about Thing 1 and Thing 2. I was planning on writing a comment about Thing 2 today before I saw your comment. I still may. I'll organize my thoughts a bit.

    Cain and Abel--it floored me. Come in on thursday, and I'll introduce you to them (I may just be the serpent in the garden for all I know.)
    be well

    and if any of you weren't aware, Eleleth has and incredible blog found here:

  4. Thank you. :) I don't mean to sound like some sort of sex-obsessed Freudian (or, horror of horrors, a Thelemite), but the Grail King was wounded in the genitals, after all.

    Hey, remember Super Mario Bros. III? King Koopa (Kubla Khan?) stole the kings' magic wands (Klingsor's Holy Spear) and transformed them into animals. In the movie Super Mario Bros., Princess Peach (Toadstool) is Princess Daisy--like Blanchefleur in Perceval, and Donald Duck's girlfriend. And on and on it goes--the movie was also about overlapping realities, was it not? Wasn't there also a mysterious black stone that fell from heaven?

    Sixty-five million years ago, a meteorite crashed into the Earth, and in doing so ripped the universe into two parallel dimensions.... Daisy's rock [is] a meteorite fragment which Koopa is trying to get in order to merge his world with the real world that separated from Koopa's world during the meteor strike. It turns out that Daisy is the princess of the other dimension but when Koopa overthrew Daisy's father (and turned him into fungus), Daisy's mother took her to New York using the inter-dimensional portal.

    Isn't this what Wolfram says is the origin of the Grail--the Star Cup!?

    The brothers save the two worlds from a cruel dictator and Daisy's father (Lance Henriksen) turns back to normal and reclaims control over the kingdom stating he "loves those plumbers".

    So it seems that healing the King may also heal both universes.

    I have to confess that I can't get through Parzival, either! I get to a certain point and it's like the words stop making sense. Maybe we're all supposed to write our own endings. It's far easier to just read books about the Grail, even if that's cheating.

    Meeting in person would reveal what an immense hypocrite I am--once I get over my immense social anxiety, I'll send you an email!