Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kindly Rewinding- The Mega Powers, the Twin Towers and the Newly Ordered World

Ive recently been enjoying rewinding back to my childhood and watching Macho Man Randy Savage videos on Youtube. My real interest in him these days lies in some of the outstandingly esoteric dialouge that the Macho Man breaks into during the heat of his wacky and dramatic interviews. With Machos Esoteric rambling in mind I decided to check out a particularly strange fractal of a match from Febrauary 1989, this fractal contains an Wrestling Main Event featuring the Macho Man(MM) Randy Savage, Hollywood Hulk Hogan(HH), a tag team called "The Twin Towers"and sportscasters Mean Gene Oakerland and Governer Jesse Ventura back when he was a Wrestling announcer. Macho Man and Hulk team up as "The Mega Powers" and face "The Twin Towers" in a microcosmic fractal matchup that contains astonishing Synchronistic data pertaining to an even 12 years in the future. Enjoy

The synchronicities in this to me are pretty mind boggling. During the Mega Powers VS Twin Towers match from 1989 we have contextual mentions of Pearl Harbor arsttacks interfacing with the image of the Twin Towers 10 years before the Wolfowitz doctrine proposed the US needs"A new Pearl Harbor" in order to justify furthering US involvement in world affairs just before 9/11. Announcer Mean Gene while interviewing "The Twin Towers" specifically mentions Terrorist Attacks(this happens before both the 1993+2001 attacks) Mean Gene also asks the Mega Powers about the Demolition of the Twin Towers, as well as 42 connection to the Towers, and finally the destruction of the Twin Towers by the Mega Powers("Illuminati Elite"?) followed by the break up of the Mega Powers and the formation of the New World Order. We can see Rowdy Roddy Piper pinned against the WWFs New World Order just 15 years after he battles the New World Order Aliens in the Hollywood film "They Live".

They Live came out in the 1980s but is much more fit for Pop Consumption now than ever. In this flick we see Rowdy Roddy Piper in a dystopian world of hypnotized consumer citizens controlled by a ruling elite. Roddy, unemployed and living in a hobo camp, runs into a group of rebels who are manufacturing "Hoffman Lenses", glasses that when placed over the eyes reveal the subliminal messages beneath the surface of the media.

This is a major hint at the LSD revolution, the narrative here to me is that when the people got their hands on LSD culture was able to break through the illusiory reality, the matrix of the world of materiality and consumption, with hightened consciousness the mind cannot be overpowered by the use of subliminal suggestion.

Even more pertinant is that Roddy Piper while wrestling in the WWF years after making this film, completes the fractal by being an opponent of the "New World Order", and in the very end of "They Live" we see Roddy Piper learning that the ruling elite of his planet, are actually reptilian aliens who steal human bodies to gain resources from different planets. After 9/11/2001 the narratives of Illuminati Conspiracies, Reptilian Aliens, the Matrix etc, this film resonates alot more with modern times.

The heart of the matter here is that we are being shown that these processes are beyond time, and beyond the people that are involved in these narratives. The movement and organization of all of this synchronistic energy is in my opinion not just the work of conspiracies of humans alone, I beleive even when we are seeing humans conspiring to change events on Earth, we are seeing a movement of energies and forces that are simply beyond the people creating them, the acts are a revelation of a pattern and a story, a story that is written by the totality of all things. When we can view these things without judgement and without any intent of playing the "blame" game, we can rest in the mystery and awe in the forces that have moved and shaped man an the universe with full clarity. Im not saying that harmful conspiracies and acts of war and hate are justifiable or excusable, that is a whole different story, as Ive said what Im trying to explore here is the simple movement of a narrative thats its beyond time and forms..

Alex Greys "Gaia" features the Towers and Two Planes, yet another fractal from 1989.

Just after mixing this video my younger brother called me to tell me to turn on the Television to the TruTV channel. On this channel was Jessie Ventura who in the above video references the 1989 wrestling as being analagous with the Watergate Conspiracy and Cover up. After the 2001 Terrorist Attacks Jessie Ventura was a foremost Pop Media 9/11 Coverup and continues to explore conspiracys on his own TV show called "Conspiracy' these days. We can see the Fractal between the 1989 Twin Towers and Mega Powers Match Cover up, as well as Venturas later interest in the Twin Towers Coverup.

Much Love and Blessings all, Peach In and Out <3


  1. Is this post newer then "boy see state"? If so it would be good to move it up.

    Saw one of those clips of Hulk Hogan talking about bringing down the Twin Towers a couple of years ago. Then couldn't find it later.. Love the 42 in there. Glad you've compiled this video, its a very bright sync up Kev.

    Keeping in sync I just saw The Wrestler again today before reading this.

    Peace bro.

  2. I tried to move it Jake, but Kev's crazy formatting then tried to bite me. I'll try it again.
    crazy stuff Kevin, hope you are well.

  3. Yeah, blogger doesn't like kev's code. Don't know if we can alter the date of it w/out changing the look and feel of it--which is kevin, love you kev.

  4. So cool. Jake just told me a few days ago to watch They Live. OK will obey now. Awesome stuff Kev.

  5. This is a brief comment but - I am freaked out by this video! I was talking with a friend yesterday about the mad idea of how 'world events' seem to be eerily fortold in the most weirdest instances of movies and there is some kind of invisible 'force' deliberately manipulating and moving things along, now I see this!!!!!

  6. Maybe the future is somehow influencing the past

  7. Marty and Geo, thankyou for your words.

    Marty- I understand how this can feel a bit freaky, but truely the beuty of it all, is that the same invisible intelligence that created these fractal pop culture timewaves from 1989, is the same invisible force that is creating the phenomenon of Spring and the sacred geometric patterns of the plants, the movements of the stars, the changing of seasons, etc. This force is Spirit, simple energy, motion that which can easily called "the Now", whats happening, unconditional love. This force has offered us a glimpse into the beutfy of its movements. Im honored to share its dance here with you all.

    All is love, Blessings and Namaste :) <3

  8. The future is the past is the future is the past is the future is the past is the future is the past

  9. The birth of Christ and the second coming are the same event.- Philip K Dick