Friday, April 12, 2013


10th April 2013
I'm scrolling through a big list of movie torrents, searching for something that my daughter might like to watch, and I spot the City of Ember.  We haven't seen it in years so I clicky clicky and save it in my movie folder.

11th April 2013
I'm skyping William Morgan @Satoriallme and he mentions the City of Ember.  Before I have the chance to tell him that I 'randomly' downloaded the movie the previous night he shares an interesting sync about The Prophet of Yonwood, the 3rd novel in the Book of Ember series.

Will's daughter has been reading The Prophet of Yonwood and she recently pointed out to her dad that the story focuses on a conflict between USA and the 'Phalanx Nations'.

Apparently one of the Phalanx Nations is North Korea, a country which has been making all the headlines lately.

In The Prophet of Yonwood the conflict results in the Earth's surface being scorched (judging from the book cover a nuke is dropped) and the survivors retreat to a giant underground bunker called the City of Ember.

When I came off the skype with Will I was super curious about the movie so I decided to watch it with my kids that very night.

In an early scene Tim Robbins is lecturing his son and tells him:

The main thing is: pay close attention to everything you see, notice what no-one else notices, and you will know what no-one else knows.  What you get is what you get, what you do with what you get, that's more the point...wouldn't you say?

Sounds very syncy to me.

One of the things that I've been paying close attention to is Room 17.  

I first noticed it in Alien Resurrection where Ripley enters Room 17 as her ship passes the planet Jupiter.

The next one was in Catch Me if You Can

Leo DiCaprio pretends to be a substitute and teaches French in Room 17.

Leo stands in front of a row of lockers while he asks directions.

In the City of Embers the kids follow the clues and discover a secret entrance behind locker 17.

I like how the movie poster places emphasis on this moment.

12th April 2013
I'm thinking about actress who stands inside the entrance of locker/room 17 and is also linked to North Korea and nuclear attacks via her role in City of Embers.

She starred in last months big release 'The Host' so I checked out her IMDB profile to see what else she's been involved with...and guess whose birthday it is today?

Later I was listening to the radio and heard John Kerry talk about the Korean threat:

"If North Korea decides to fire a Musudan missile, which they have threatened to do, it would really be one more unnecessary, unfortunate, unwanted contribution to an already volatile, potentially dangerous situation.  So it would indicate who is really being provocative with an exclamation point...."

On the same radio show I learn that Korea's biggest global superstar PSY has made the music news with the release of his latest single.

The 'Happening' concert begins tomorrow.

I like how the Happening artwork bleeds through into todays events.  

Things falling from the sky.

Yoni....Yon-wood...thanks Alan! @CreatureUpdates

I love this Fish connection as Saoirse Ronan played Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones.

Also noticed that this new Star Trek: Into Darkness poster dropped 4.12


  1. Re:
    "I like how the Happening artwork bleeds through into today's events."

    It also features Mark LeClair's
    "Moon In The Middle" disco ball.

  2. It's also a bit of a sync/myst that April 13th is one moonth after the Pope takes office and you mention "The Host" and a "Happening" that will take place at the WORLD CUP stadium in Seoul (Soul?),host city to his new single,but will be happening as he says April 12th
    (your time)above,which just happens to be on
    "The Host" star's birthday.
    Fishy syncs indeed.-)

  3. I love how this flows until the door is open.

    LEO loves France it seems. Stealing Paris' girl in ROMEO. Coming from Paris in Titanic... King of France, Exiled to France, longing for France.

  4. The name "France" comes from Latin Francia, which literally means "land of the Franks" or "Frankland".
    The Franks were the ones to discover France.
    So maybe one day we will see Leo playing Pope Frank,
    or the rabbit in a remake of Donnie Darko?-)

  5. I may be stating the obvious but:

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  7. You're so very welcome. After thinking about it a little more:

  8. That Arrowsmith,
    good bloke

    --seems to always be in sync by my daughter . . .

    "Dad, can we watch city of ember?"
    "uh. Sure, why?"
    "I don't know. I just want to."

  9. Weren't you guys using the sink hole out of Jackson's
    "The Lovely Bones",(starring Saoirse Ronan)
    as a header a while back ?

    Notice also the 'Seventeen' Magazine Saoirse Ronan is reading in the French trailer -

    But in the English version it is a 'Vogue' magazine ?

    "Wha'Happened ?"

    Speaking of "little red wagon" in the last clip,notice as the fridge nears the bottom of the sink hole in
    "The Lovely Bones",there is
    a little red wagon ?