Sunday, March 17, 2013

Film: a Thin Skin or Membrane Part 4 & God Does Not Play Dice

you are a cinema, I could watch you foreva

Much luv yall < 3
This is a new updated (5 minutes extra) version of God Does Not Play Dice. The original can be watched here.


  1. Great videos,and Jake I know it is a 'longshot'
    but have you seen this clip?

  2. Beautiful work again Jake! Loved it.

  3. Love both unique styles and how both videos feed on musicians (above all Mos Def & Grimes). Thx Kev & Jake! :o)

  4. I'd like to see you guys do one on Pope Francis and look a like actor Jonathan Pryce -

  5. Enjoyed yours also Kev! Dig use of "Cinema" Benny Benassi. Jeff, Who Lives at Home 420/Rainbow! Great Moonlighting & Twin Peaks ultra madness.

  6. Jake,have you looked into the career of actor writer
    Mark Duplass?
    He is co-director and co-writer of
    "Jeff, Who Lives at Home",with his brother Jay.
    He plays Jack in the movie "Your Sister's Sister"
    He is also in "Safety Not Guaranteed",which looks interesting.
    "Darling Companion" about a story of a woman who loves her dog more than her husband. And then her husband loses the dog,which also looks interesting.
    "Zero Dark Thirty" which doesn't look interesting to me,unless you love fables which are made into "true" movies.-)
    He is also in TV shows "The League" and " The Mindy Project",neither of which I have seen before.
    And he is also starring in the upcoming "Parkland" movie about
    a recounting of the chaotic events that occurred at Dallas' Parkland Hospital on the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
    That movie stars Jackie Weaver as Marguerite Oswald
    (Nikki out of "Silver Linings").
    He seems to be an actor/director/writer worth watching,and I have a sneaking suspicion he reads the sync blogs from time to time,too.-)

  7. )))((((((

  8. Jake,you have to read this post -

  9. Did you check out justin timberlake's new mirror music video, as im watching it of course i see my own reflection in my tablet's glary screen as i focus out.
    My consciousness always in the background waiting to be re seen...

    At the end you see how the mirror keeps a ratio of 50 50 see through & see self. Meet me half way. Without another you cannot see yourself. Your relationship with others is your make-up/makeup. Like in the last post see i to i. 50/50

  10. “Pure causality is only meaningful when used for the creation and functioning of an efficient instrument or machine by an intelligence standing outside the process and independent of it. As self-running process that operated entirely by its own causality, i.e., by absolute necessity, is meaningless. One of my critics accuses me of having too rigid a conception of causality. He has obviously not considered that if cause and effect were not necessarily connected there would hardly be any meaning in speaking of causality at all. My critic makes the same mistake as the famous scientist who refuses to believe that God played dice when he created the world. He fails to see that if God did not play dice he had no choice but to create a (from the human point of view) meaningless machine. Since this question involves a transcendental judgment there can be no final answer to it, only a paradoxical one. Meaning arises not from causality but from freedom, i.e., from acausality.” ~ C. G. Jung, ‘An Astrological Experiment’ (1958), Collected Works 18