Saturday, April 27, 2013

SyncJacked Surrogates

SyncJacked Surrogates
 A Synchromystic Mashup of the film Surrogates and the Media coverage of the Boston Bombing. Peace and Love to all affected by such events. 


  1. Great video Kev.
    I stuck it in my last post -

    as I thought it complements it well.

  2. Looks like SOMETHING is trying so hard to DISARM US as we approach some kind of FINISH LINE...

    thanks for the awesome work Indras

  3. Atlas @last point of reason, keep the atlas neck bone upright, conscious of consciousness keeping head up straight requires strength card. Without this state you become susceptible to being immersed in the heat of moment, heat and coolhand luke video by jake has a lot of ressonance. Totem in inception is reference, how can u tell if uve lost urself and gotten caught up /emotions gotten the best of you, u get immersed as in a dream to restore urself back to normal u need to look at last refence u have, bring it with you whenever u get immersed to ground urself. I want to start a meme that says some thing like "mind your atlas"... to anyone whose gone haywire. Must cross/pass the atlas in order to reach head. Pass vs stuck on... unlock throat chackra...

    Weird atlas genius was just on david letterman, and cirque du soleil's latest show is called totem and its in NYC this week

    @ symbol loops back to stemming point, brain stem...