Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Picies of the High Seas (Now with more Flow added)

The biggest mystery to me is whether Jupiter, as a symbol, is good or Bad. Even the word BAD has been picked apart as just another representation of 142 seeing that B is 2, A is 1, and D of course is 4. BAD is Jupiter. Jupiter is BAD. Hitler, it's common knowledge, was born on April 20th or 4 20. The thought that I find comfort in, is that whatever happens it is happening, and heading towards a certain goal. Regardless of the initial perception of us it still is happening and the final destination will be of an accumulative journey of all that came before. If you stretch this out you'll see that BAD can become good over time. Hitler everyone knows was crazy, but without him most of the Jet technologies we enjoy today would not have been as far along. It's the Butterfly effect.The Butterfly effect is explored to it's limit in Stephen Kings new book 11/22/63... Already slotted for movie production starting this fall. The book is all about Sync stating that the past "harmonizes", one might run into and interact with individuals who bear a resemblance to others in the past, the same cars and phrases come up, names are similar, and the same songs come on the radio at appropriate times. King really is not talking of time travel but actual life period.
2703 Mercedes St. in Fort Worth and 214 West Neely Street are two of the main settings in the book, they of course being Lee Harvey's real residences near the assassination. The numbers 273 and all it's variances made famous by Kubricks The Shining, an adaptation of Stephen King I should add. The numbers come up a lot and are linked to Jupiter because 2x7x3=42. 214 being a direct Bullseye. Real BAD. As it were. 214(BAD) West Neely Street.My dad forced this movie upon me right when it came out in 91. I was at the doorway of becoming a teenager and so was very influenced. It's funny however when me and my movie obsessed brother used to play six degree's of Kevin Bacon(very related to Synchromysticism) we made a rule to never use this movie cause everyone and their mom is in it. For instance Joe Pesci has the big quote in JFK.... "Who did the President? Fuck! It's a mystery. It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The shooters don't even know! Don't you get it?"

Glover president of 2012 has been coming up alot lately. Leading our way, so to speak. And I remember him from the old Sync Whole post Syncing.... Dam Near Drowning.

This was the post that started many a Sync Head paying attention... Or at least close attention to the precession of Birthdays upon the Big Screen.
@seallion Noticed that the Actor above Seth Green, who was being studied at the time, had themes matching Danny Glover's(through Joe Pesci) above. They are similar... For instance they both had high water... Covering the actors face in fact. Then on a whim he then checks their stats on IMDB and discovers they have Birthday's separated by just one day. Turns out that @seallion was even looking it up on Seth Birthday the 8th of Feb. and the day before Joe P's... Feb. 9th.

That makes them of the sign of Aquarius. And it's odd their symbolic theme depicted above is related to what some have interpreted as a sign of the "Age of Aquarius" that by 2012 we find ourselves entering.... The age of Aquarian energy up to our necks.... Or so it goes.
As we saw in the movie 2012 where Glover is forever President.Glover is faced and gives himself up to the Monstrous flow of 2012.
The Sign of Aquarius hints at the over abundance of flow. It runs from from late Jan. to late Feb. Pisces comes next in the Zodiac and yet as we travel backwards through the Procession of the Equinox we are said to be leaving Pisces and stepping into Aquarius. This relationship is hinted by the 2 fish in the posters above As well as Joe Pisces name.

According to one Greek myth, Pisces represents the fish into which Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed in order to escape the monster Typhon; they are tied together with a cord on their mouth to make sure they do not lose one another. Alternatively, the twin fish were placed in the heavens in honor of their heroic deed of saving Aphrodite and Eros from Typhon on the river Euphrates. - Wiki

The fish are born out of the Monster Flow of the Aquarian Age... For a fun Sync Back Flip. The movie Grand Canyon with Glover was one of the first movies to introduce me to the idea of Sync. The movie is about people coming to realize how subtle related coincidences in ones life can not and should not be ignored.
Something has happened.
You can't go back and have it not happen.
Some kind of connection has been made.
It has to be played out.
- MM Grand Canyon

Mary McDonnell
She is Kevin Kline's wife in GC and she argues that, like Glover saving Kline, she has been practically chosen by Sync to mother this lost baby that she found. Later she passes this homeless guy on a whim and finds a pattern in his mumblings that tells her to keep the baby.This movie came out in '91 same year as JFK... MM and Kevin Costner of JFK were in Dances With Wolves(we'll be there in a minute on that one) together the year before. KK as in Kevin Kline and MM as in Mary McDowell discuss above the concepts of Sync.

The actor who played the random homeless guy was MM's husband... Her real husband KK being her movie husband. That changes the context. In a way the baby is a child between her and the homeless man... Her real husband.... Seeing that the movie baby is homeless as well. All over looked by the President of 2012 hinting that GC doesn't stand for Grand Canyon.... But Galactic Center. Which the gear work of our lives is overlooked by. As it slips into place at the exact time it should later this year in Dec.. As the clock strikes 11:11 or KK.Returning to Glover in 2012 as the Monster Flow approaches.JFK is the most obvious thing we see astride it.
As the poster above shows, Flow backwards is Wolf. This was pretty much found at the same time as the Birthday Discoveries. And seems to reoccur non intentionally over and over at or around the cross over of Aquarius to Pieces every year. See Black Dog : White Wolf for more. It's interesting that we have a holiday that celebrates love at this time.... Of course we give FLOWers.These movies came out at that particular time of the year sometime ago and highlight nicely the connection of Wolf and floW. Even the stances are the same...

From Pisces Wiki page...

Another myth of Pisces is that it represents the Sea Monster that Perseus defeated in Ethiopia to save the Princess Andromeda, and that Zeus was so pleased with his son's feat that he placed the monster's skeleton in the sky as a reminder of this heroic deed.

Percy Jackson standing with a Monster Wolf or Flow above. Directly linked to Pisces. Moon sometimes called a star or Moon Star controls the flow of the seas like Percy.Percy Jackson was written by a father in an attempt to empower his dyslexic son. And it worked, seeing that now it has a huge following of the Dyslexic community.
Here Percy sees the story of Pieces through patterns in language that he has a gift for seeing. He's wrestling a fish monster. Perhaps the one that became Pisces. Recently my daughters picked out a random movie from the Library, a little ritual of ours, and I sat wide eyed as we viewed it. He stairs at his Pirate Alphabet Cereal as it creates a pattern as a personal message.
Gonzo discovers that he's not some weird monster but that there is someone else out there. Echoing Percy's experience(and mine for that matter). Gonzo dons Tin Foil to increase the communication.
He zooms through space to magically meet 2 cosmic Fish... Pieces.To pivet.... I noticed that Joshua Jackson was in this Muppet's movie at random.

In the Outer Limits above... Which I was first shown by Alan AbBADessa over at his blog. Joshua Jackson communicates with Sirius. See I like this cat Jackson. My wife used to watch Dawson's Creek back in the day(thats why Jackson's in that Muppet picture with Katie Holmes also from the Creek) and Jackson was the best actor on it in my opinion. The dude never really took off but I see him on Fringe which seems to be a Sync Heaven and know at that point that anything he touches will be, how we say... Loaded.

Synchromystic montage of a pattern featuring Star Kirsten Dunst and flowers, yellow in particular.

Kristen Dunst plays Pacy from Dawson's Creek's sister in the Outer Limits. And this is where we need to blur our vision a little. In the video above Kristen's entrainment with floWers is artistically elaborated upon. Also see the Kristen Star Gate opening and further on Flow.
Kristen has a history of Flowers and seen above as Alien Intelligence with (straight up) a friggin Wolf.Dunst became famous from a floral Vampire movie as well. And Above Lee Harvey nustles up to a WolF as King Dragon himself. This makes a least 3 wolF pings on my radar... (Side note that Oldman's Birthday is a day after Pieces ends... Have no idea what that means) This above is from the new Red Riding Hood where (G)Oldman faces off against a WerewolF.Oldman is of course Sirius Black who changes to a Dog abd fights Werewolves in Harry Potter.We have to blur as I said and see that the messages through patterns hinting at Flow is wrapped into a bunch of hints. People like Philip K Dick in books like Valis and Scanner Darkly made to movie above hint at the same thing. Saying that they themselves saw patterns and thought that they had contacted Alien Intelligence from Sirius. Darkly is partly autobiographical and stars Keanu as K Dick.... Ryder above and Keanu where joined on the BIG Screen before.This scene of Coppala's Dracula fade the Peacock feathers to the eyes of Gary Oldman. Oldman Becomes the Peacock in Kung Fu Panda(a movie with some Sirius Symbolism) and faces of against the Dragon Warrior... A name hinting at Dracula in a weird way. I watched Jackson become a WerewolF in Cursed. He owns a club where the shit goes down called TINsel a name hinting at Jupiter... Which turns to another star in our system hinting at Sirius in 2012; The Year We Make Contact. This takes place in Hollywood with Monster actress Christian Ricci.
Although these pictures dont so it justice one scene sees these two backgrounded by a lady in a Peacock costume the whole time. No matter where they talk in this scene you are distracted by this damn Peacock. She of course is always talking to a Zebra(symbol used by K Dick for ET comunication) and a Penguin(Symbol close to Jake Kotze's heart). Tin resonates with G. Oldman cause of his new movie Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy which I haven't seen yet and Jupiter which shows its face bright and bold on Jackson in Outer Limits Music of The Sphere's. Looks like the message is coming from Jupiter to Jackson flanked by Earth here. Jackson hears patterns that his elders don't hear. Like Gonzo. Remember his TIN Foil.Later they find that the pattern is a message from a Star, that I swear sounds like Sirius every time they mention it, that shifted it's spectrum in the past and is warning us that ours is soon. It changes Kristen into...
A Gold Skinned goddess. And a long with Jackson.
They watch our Sun rise as new.


  1. Glad to see you bringing this up Will as I've only got a couple of chapters left before I'm finished reading 11/22/63. Really good book. King is mos definitely a sync-head.

    For the last 7 years I've been living in an American built house on a street named 'John Kennedy Drive'.

    My address before that was 'Kennedy Terrace', again named after the President.

    Have often wondered why I resonate with JFK. Suppose that's what made me pick up the book in the first place.


    11 + 22 + 63 = 96 or 69

    69 always makes me think of the two fish chasing tails.

  2. 'The Ben Stiller Show' : Episode #106Season 1 : Episode 6 (23:05)


    ALSO (Choronzon is the Archetype that destroys the EGO http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choronzon It's number is 333.... Sometimes girls were these shirts and they say something silly like "ONLY HALF EVIL") I think Synchromysticlly you could tie the Archetype to the Zebra via Crowley if you will, you can read about it in the Wiki page.)


    Special guest star SARAH JESSICA PARKER ("Sex and the City") joins the cast on a picnic and introduces several comedy sketches. Sketches include: Oliver Stone Land in which Stiller portrays Oliver Stone at his fictious amusement park, with rides such as 'Mr. Morrison's Wild Ride' and 'Platunes'; Pan America Salesman Of The Year; Jake Steele Marrionette Cop; Blue & White Shampoo; Bomb Squad; Ask Manson with Bob Odenkirk as Charles Manson...

    P.S. Malcolm-Jamal Warner played Theo on 'The Cosby Show' (HIS IMDB http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm-Jamal_Warner). Anyways on the show they found out he was Dyslexic.

    BONUS VIEWING FOR THE KID INSIDE YOU! 'Muppet Babies: From a Galaxy Far, Far Away - part 1 of 3' http://youtu.be/Rp9ZdFYM6f4

  3. We need to have Arrowsmith on the show, Will.
    (nice work!) love your writing . . .

  4. "Saint Valentine's Day, often simply Valentine's Day,[1][2][3] is a holiday observed on February 14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentinus. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI. It is celebrated in countries around the world, mostly in the West, although it remains a working day in all of them."

    1969--your fish are in the air . . .

  5. JFK is a strong one for me too. My initials are close.JFDK.I've always wanted the 'D' taken out cause I don't like the person its from. Looking forward to check any adds on this post.

  6. Jupiter: exactly, its hinted at in some of the posts about the Janus head (for Romans: Janus the God of transitions, friendly to Saturn - expelled by Jupiter).

    Somehow though the Roman lexicon is a kind of degeneration of the symbols, a kind of updated nonsense of older more potent symbols from the secret schools of Egypt, of which both the Romans and Greeks of course were obsessed.

    I read in the cronicles of magic etc that the 'Janus' was "originally 4 headed", sort of the "all seeing God seeing in the 4 cardinal directions. Which makes some sense when contemplating Indian 'Aditi': "mother of the gods (devamatri) from whose cosmic matrix the heavenly bodies were born".

    Jupiter is supposedly the ruler planet, so that makes sense (all seeing eye..). Jupiter to me, is just guiding the NOW into perfection

    There's no "good" or "bad". There's just "good", but engrossed in illusion we think there's bad - all a, one has to do some bad first, break some eggs, before there can be good.


  7. Looking for Zuse?

    Jupiter is a BAD Dad owing to the excess of Mercy on the right pillar of the Tree--Truth being found in the Middle Pillar.

    Zeus and Persephone?

  8. I use to have a huge crush on Katie Holmes... So just a few facts I have up in my noodle... they use to shoot that show 'Dawsons Creek' in North Carolina.... Wilmington if I remember correctly... You should check out all the movies that were filmed there, LOSTA OF SHOWS FOR PLATOS CAVE! It was funny I use to collect any girls magazine with her on them, I even painted her once and sold it on eBay, (me being introverted again)... So I read this one article that said how much she loved the movie 'Pretty in Pink', The John Hughes film (Use Anthony Micheal Hall who I gave a Sync Book to if you will as he was in several John Hughes films and even dated Molly Ringwald for a time in real life).... Ok so John Hughes (RIP) filmed the 1st version where Duckie (John Cryer) actually winds up with Andy (Molly R.).... I will link a post below sync related of that stripper turned film maker (Juno, Jennifer's Body etc....) Brook Busey, better known by the pen name Diablo Cody (PS I don't know if you guys ever listened to my show or saw any of my work, but I mainly follow triple digits and double letters, since moving on I have been looking for triple letters and quadruple digits, makes syncs harder to find...) [The Gorilla Diana Fossey loved that got killed was named Digit, don't know if you guys ever covered that here], it's an interview with some 'WHAT IF?' stuff in it about 'Pretty in Pink'.... Anyways I found a original movie version (The one that didn't test well with audiences, cause Ducky winds up with Andy and not Blane [The Rich Guy, C Andrew McCarthy, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_McCarthy , Mannequin & Dr. Hook in Stephen Kings 'Kingdom Hospital'] remember Duckie gets a young Kristy Swanson from 'Mannequin Two: On the Move'), ok so I found the original movie version where Duckie winds up with Andy.... I remember back when 'Dawsons Creek' first came out you could actually call info in NC (I know it's kinda creepy, but whatever) and get their house numbers, I got Joshua Jacksons and James VanDeBeek or whatever his name is, they lived together and had an answering machine message, never got to Katie Holmes, cause I wanted to, so I could give her the book<----dumb story but there is a point.

    Later my "best friend" in "Hollywood" got a part on Dawsons Creek (he is also the Host of NASA's 360 an award winning show).... Anyways he plays Joshua Jacksons best friend at work in the show (I only watch the first 3 seasons...) Later I got an "A frame" shot in a hallway scene after two girls kissed (Long Story one thinks the other is a boy or something, it is the girl Katherine Moennig from 'The L word' posing as a boy to be in the school on the show etc...) on the spin off about Joshua Jacksons best friend who visited the Dawsons Creek Universe Will Krudski 'Young Americans' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Americans_(TV_series) [Lois Lane resonator Kate Bosworth was on the show also]...

    'Diablo Cody talks with Jon Cryer about Pretty in Pink - 1/3'
    (there are 3 parts to this, sometimes there are juicy bits of information in interviews and behind the scenes extras, least for me there is)

    Assuming you guys know who Anthony Micheal Hall is and saw that pic i got of him with 'The Sync Book' you guys and myself are in... To tie a bow around this post of my ramblings, here is an episode of 'Dawsons Creek' inspired by the movie 'The Breakfast Club'...
    (Lots of TV's within TV's on Dawsons Creek)
    Dawson's Creek 1x07 Breakfast Club 1/4

    Here is one to pull at your "Strings"
    (It's a documentary about real life Breakfast Club bunch. Really just about teens from different walks of life etc... Interesting watch to say the least for an introvert like myself....)
    'American Teen Trailer'

  9. Oh and 'Teaching Mrs. Tingle'

    Never really understood using people as Mirrors, trying to explore and understand that more, but here...

    PS Besides NY the Apple could resonate Johnny Apple Seed (WHO WAS A REAL PERSON AND NOT FICTIONAL) who in my opinion is very much like the fictional (I BELIEVE JESUS WAS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER, IN MY ESTIMATION THAT IS) Jesus Christ's parable of the mustard seed.... If i remember correctly in The Bible he said it was the smallest seed that grows into the biggest tree and he was comparing it to the "Kingdom of Heaven"....

    Also the story (If I remember correctly it was a made up story about the Apple falling down out of a tree in front of Newton) of how an Apple falls straight down out of a tree in front of Newton and this is how he got his thoughts going about the force of gravity etc....

    'Teaching Mrs. Tingle'
    Teaching Mrs. Tingle is a 1999 black comedy film that stars Helen Mirren as Mrs.Tingle.... she is/was the Voice of "Deep Though" in the movie 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.... I am not a fan of that movie at all, but I know you guys here are, so...just throwing that out there....

    'Trailer - Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999)'

  10. PPS Michell Williams is in that movie 'Dick' about Richard Nixon with your guys girl Kristen Dunst.... What the hell does it all mean? I haven't a clue.... think I just ate my own tale.

  11. Dude without all that(not to say it wasnt cool) I knew Katie Holmes had to do with you.... You know how? The BALLOONS behind her fucking head. You written all over it. And PS Im a fan of HHGG's book. Not film. However that doesnt stop the flick from syncing without me.

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  13. There is that balloon part when they first open the book and then it has the top hat (Resonating Crowley) etc... and then they have that big party with all the balloons etc... Hmmmm just looking for the (Rain Bow [Arrow] [DRAW] Bridge) bridges to narrow the gap in my mind!

    'Chaos & Nyx'

    PS Hope you and yours are doing good my friend!

    PPS Did you guys C this yet?
    'Finding Joe Official Trailer 2011'

    PPPS MY NEWEST BLOG.... 'Archetypes (The Giraffe & The Christian Bibles Noah)'

  14. Diggit Will, its interesting to note that the Ancient Hebrew tradition gives the Hebrew Letter Tzaddi meaning "Hook" to Aquarius as well. Hope to have some additions this weekend, peace in!