Friday, February 17, 2012

spark..? check. now what


the now is live, and pop goddess is the subject, so it's synk time with Toure...


on february 11th, 2012 - 2/11/2012 - the world paused collectively to recognize the passing of Whitney Elizabeth Houston, one of the most influential PoP stars of our age, second only, perhaps, to the late great Michael Jackson..

sparkle finger

Whitney's death is connected, not so eerily perhaps, to the death of Michael Jackson in that both artists transitioned right before making a comeback, and both *allegedly* died of willful drug overdose.. and both of their doctors were/are suspected of foul play. the much-affirmed pattern of pop stars found overdosed- from Marilyn Monroe to Heath Ledger- smacks of conspiracy.. yet still makes practical sense in the context of the beautiful beast that is the celebrity lifestyle.. such is synk. practical conspiracy..

..all according to plan, though, right?

Like Mike- Whitney Houston transitioned right before a major career "comeback" event.. Mike passed right before his "This Is It" world tour, and Whitney would've seen the release of her fifth major motion picture, a remake of a 1976 film entitled Sparkle;

three blue ladies

"A film about how fame changes people's lives. When a trio from Harlem makes it in the music biz one of them succeeds, one of them finds love, and one of them falls into drugs. "Supremes" like music was written by funk legend Curtis Mayfield, the front man for the band "The Impressions" and the artist behind the incredible Superfly film soundtracks. (Written by Joel Schumacher)"
three red ladies

The original Sparkle also starred Mary Alice,
who played the re-birthed oracle in Matrix: Revolutions..


three red ladies - sister & the sisters

the 1976 Sparkle was about the celebrity-life trials of a three-woman pop singing group, loosely based on Diana Ross and The Supremes. This is the same premise as Beyonce's 2006 musical, Dreamgirls..

..and a dash of sparkle

[from Goodbye Kiss For Camera @thepatternist]

in Dreamgirls, the three-woman pop group includes Jennifer Hudson, an actress who exemplifies the pop star dream..

..before she was winning oscars [and singing at Super Bowls], Hudson started her career humbly as a contestant on American Idol, just like Whitney Houston's Sparkle co-star, Jordin Sparks..

blue vs red

red vs blue. ..and.. with sparkle

i need more sparkle

Jordin Sparks synks with Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson by being the pop Star who gets to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.. at Super Bowl 42, no less..

Jennifer Hudson performed the very next year at Super Bowl 43, shocking many of her fans by appearing three months after her nephew, mother and brother had been murdered [?]. Whitney Houston performed at Super Bowl 25, and the performance put her on the global stage..

not so sparkly

zombie apocalypse

who sung the 2012 Super Bowl national anthem?
former American Idol contestant, Kelly Clarkson

the super-hyped 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show featured another three-woman pop Star group: Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A...

now with triple the sparkle

as the blogoshpere has already uncovered, Madonna synks here tarot-style as the High Priestess, complete with headress/mask and throne, sitting atop twin sphinxes..

seriously..? [sparkle]

[ Spotted By Vigilant Citizens ]
“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the 'church experience' and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.” 

man in black sparkle, madonna kneeling in worship

..aaand, as a personal shout-out to me, Madonna, her producers, and the universe decided to end the performance with CeeLo joining in for "Like A Prayer", a song whose video features Madonna getting some holy lovin from [not-] Black Jesus..

"A brunette Madonna, afraid that the thugs might harm her, goes to a church and prays before a statue of an African saint, which then comes to life. Madonna and the saint make love on the altar, compelling her to go to the police and provide an alibi for the young man."

[not] black jesus. and [no] that is [not] Marilyn Monroe..

power finger

f--k you sparkle

my personal favorite of the three, M.I.A., stole the show with a gesture, flipping a punk-rock middle finger to the camera.. gesture malfunction.. M.I.A. is also MAYA -her real name is Maya- reflecting the surprising [yet unsurprising] popularity of the 2012 mayan calendar doom prophecy, and in turn, how a Sync Philosophy, by way of rumors of the "occult", has become Pop.

rainbow sparkle

the day after Whitney Houston died, the 54th Grammy Awards were held; the show must go on, after all.. the awards featured a shock-and-awe style performance from the Third goddess in the Trio, the pop sex kitten of the moment, the incomparable miss Nicki Minaj..

black red riding hood and white holy father 

of course, speaking of rumors of the occult, Minaj had to arrive dressed completely in red, escorted by a parody of the PoPe.. Love, Lust, and the Sacred mashed together in the spotlight of PoPular parody, once again..

hip-hop sparkle

Minaj is a play on menage e'trois, a the french term for a sexy three-way, again reflecting the triple.. and in March, the 3rd month of 2012, Nicki Minaj will appear on a trio of magazine covers..

with the 2012 Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj, her producers, and the universe seemed to aim to give the conspiracy-hungry occult-symbolism crowd a good show to feed the blogs, complete with Lady Gaga-style religious controversy, sex juxtaposed with christian imagery, and an on-stage exorcism thrown in for good measure.

you can see the strings

P!nk's Grammy performance of the song "Glitter"

the unsettling darkness of this *staged* desecration of the feminine, through the *suggested* possession of Nicki Minaj by demonic spirits, is a sharp contrast to the whimsical reverence of Madonna's cheer-happy Super Bowl priestess-worship love-fest, and also to the more poignant, solemn reverence of Jennifer Hudson's Whitney Houston tribute performance of the song "I Will Always Love You" that very same night..

and as synk would have it, the musical tv show Glee, known for its super-PoP renditions of classic songs, featured Whitney Houston's most popular single, "I Will Always Love You" on its special Valentine's Day episode, filmed just in time to air on Valentine's Day, just three days after Whitney Houston died.

..of course, it makes practical sense, for V-day, that the singer, Amber Riley, another former American Idol wannabe, would perform the song's famous climax in a shiny red dress..

..gotta have that sparkle..


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ UPDATE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

wtf am i supposed to do with this

ok. so;

everything syncs. got it.

synk has gone pop. obvious.

the illuminati conspiracy has been thoroughly outed, no?

. . . #dotdotdot

in the Now that is OnLine [where you are now],
V is for Viral.. [among other things]

sparkle on demand

..look; this is my 'what now' face



  1. Maya (M.I.A.) is illusion in Vedantic terminology, ultimately inseparable from Brahma, the Absolute.
    While The Triple Goddess...
    "The Latin Diana was conceived as a threefold unity of the divine huntress, the Moon goddess, and the goddess of the nether world, Hekate," Alföldi interpreted the numismatic image, noting that Dianamontium custos nemoremque virgo ("keeper of the mountains and virgin of Nemi") is addressed by Horace as diva triformis ("three-form goddess")."...."Hecate or Hekate is an Greco-Roman goddess of triple nature - chthonic, celestial and maritime - variously associated with crossroads, gates and other entrances, passages, light in darkness, childbirth, nurturing the young, lunar lore, the night sky, the sea, the wilderness, the restless dead, dogs, snakes, healing and poisonous plants, magic and witchcraft, as well as a more universal role as World Soul in Hellenistic times. She is attested in poetry as early as Hesiod's Theogony. An inscription from late archaic Miletus naming her as a protector of entrances is also testimony to her presence in archaic Greek religion."

    1. inseparable from the absolute..

      there is enough triple goddess stuff to fill three posts.. and it just keeps coming up on my radar. obama lives in the white house with three women.. yada yada yada. and there is much more to be said about MIA as well..

  2. Mary Inviolate is eternally torn upon the Wheel of space and time (crucified on the elements)--De raptu Proserpinae

    Nicki Minaj: "When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons." (Mark 16:9)

    The Three Marys, or, Meet the Supremes

    1. mary is torn on the wheel.. what do you take that to mean?

      i wanted to post more shots of Nicki.. she's just extra fine..

  3. That is NOT BLACK JESUS it was inspired by Martin de Porres! I did a whole blog about that video once.... You can go reserch the whole controversy about and surrounding that involving Coke (The Soda), The Pope and The Vatican and Madonna. That is actor Leon Robinson....

    Martin de Porres (A little time away from all the hype surrounding this "current cycle of stars" does help the mind, well for me it does... 995 of it is Talentless Slop IMO) -

    PS I noticed Madonnas Horns are pointed inwards... I wonder what that means or if there was (Thoth) thought put into it? Could just be some fashion designer inspired by something that has nothing to do with anything? You never know?

    I have experienced 'The Fool' and 'The Magician' as resource's we all have to use anytime we need..... NOT SOMETHING WE ARE! (This will bring me to my next point)

    And I would arguee that WE ALL ARE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN OR START OUT AS the High Priest or Priestess....

    PS I don't know if you guys here ever seen this before? From the book by Christine Page '2012 and the Galactic Center - The Return of The Great Mother' She goes as far as to speak about 2023 etc.... Haven't finished it yet as I take things so slowly, but so far so good IMO.... This is the one bit that I agreed with most and I would say those numbers (for me at-least) could be different etc... (I think it's her Shaman that tells her this, if I remember correctly)

    1. you are correct, that was not meant to be black jesus. correction added

      i dont think it matters if madonna's fashion designer was unaware. the universe spoke through that person, whether they were aware or not.

      i have heard the argument that we begin with goddess; its a good argument, but i'm not quite sure. the goddess energy is high now, indeed

    2. i didnt know about that Leon thing. good reference there..

    3. 'Above the Rim' POSTER -

      The movie is very "Cain & Able" with Leon and 2-Pac. I worked and was acquaintances with Wood Harris on the set of 'The Wire' (He played Jimmy Hendrix in the auto biographical movie)... Anyways he told me about 2-Pacs "Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde" persona on set.... It was interesting... I use to be a big fan of Jimmy's till I found out he was "Pro-Vietnam" (I have researched this quite a bit and it is true in my estimation)... But to be honest at this point in my life it doesn't matter and I enjoy the Irony that was and will always be his music as an anthem for "The Anti-War/Vietnam" movement.

      PS Pac was a Ballerina and an Actor (also an Activist, Black Panther) I don't know if he ever had a plan, but I know he was very very well read. Also he was in no way shape or form a racist.... I have seen and read to many personal things about him to understand atleast that much about the man.... "Both Black & White smoking Crack tonight..." ~ 'Changes' 2-Pac

      I was never a big fan of his though I did enjoy some of the stuff he did with Digital Underground when he started out here in the East. I never liked Biggie at all really, cept maybe a verse here or two. Anyways I followed that "beef" just cause it was everywhere in the circles I was in, magazines I read back then.

      I have been in contact with Pacs "Spirit" before. One night in particular was a night when I was (Aiwass) in contact with my old best friend Matt Cook... He was rich (compared to me and my family) and his mom invented the wings on the maxi-pads.... had any amount of reasonable money he needed almost all the time... yet he still gave into that fake "hip-hop" perpetuated atmosphere .... Long story short he died of almost every decease known to man at a very young age... Well anyways he was a fan of Biggie.... that night this song found me through a series of syncs....

      '2pac Ft. Bill Withers & B.I.G - Lovely Day Remix'

      It sure helped me as THE SPIRITS IN "THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!" ALWAYS DO.... unlike people in this world....

      Sometimes just a simple song can ease the soul/sprit....

      'Spirits in the Material World - The Police'

  4. Oh I was wondering if you guys ever read this? by Lon Milo DuQuette

    '666: What's in a Number?' by Lon Milo DuQuette
    I was looking at 2-Pacs B-Day and it was 6-16-1971

    FROM THE ARTICLE "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man: and his number is 616."

    I DON'T REALLY DO THE 3 MAJOR RELIGIONS.... SHIT I DON'T EVEN DO ANY RELIGION.... I have my own Dogmatic view,,, always have always will.... but for what it's worth.

    ALSO did you ever read about Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez.... That car she got in the accident in (The Same Kinda Car) killed someone else and the company was sued yadda yadda! PLUS I remember on her VH1 "BEHIND THE MUSIC" They talked about how she had be-friended this little kind in the village with the same last name "LOPEZ" and he wound up dying during her short stay wherever they were (Country? Island?, these things are never important to me, only the stories...) ... Well anyways actually went to his funeral etc... and she said that whatever it was (some superstition she believed in) was suppose to get her instead... (she died a few days later if memory serves me correctly) It's horrible to watch but they (youtube/VH1...and wherever) have her last moments that were filmed in the car before she went off the road and crashed...

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. damn will i'm sorry.. i didnt mean to do that. the original comment was;

      "The 3 stuff is a good catch. Jordin SPARKS"

  6. I imagine the cartoonish magic mushroom on the Dreamgirls poster has been discussed.

    1. i dont see a mushroom.. you mean beyonce's booty..?

    2. That booty is powerful Magic...

      Look between the heads of Girl #1 and #2, the cap shape is almost unmistakable, and the stem flows downwards.

  7. My newest post for those interested...these are more so my Micro Adventures.... in a Marco World...

    ''Illuminatus!' Saturn's Day at the DIRT-MALL (Flea Market)'

  8. Doesn't someone who had 'the Blob' sync everything to the chick with the crooked eye sockets, Robbin Tunnie? or whatever her name is?

    Anyways instead of going to NY cause I thought the event was very much in BAD TASTE (All Around) cause of all the events being scheduled around 911 etc... I stayed home in Baltimore and went to my favorite spot where the 1st Washington Memorial is located along with statues I have blogged about before (Peace, Order, War & Force)... I think they are replicas of ones in France or something, I can't remember.

    Anyways Here is the Order one... This will make sense in a second....
    And this was the Peace one that night (keep in mind this was at the same time as the Sync event i was suppose to go to...) IT'S CALLED FREE WILL, I like to exercise it as often as possible....

    These surround the 1st Washington monument...
    ...Washington Monument Baltimore ... and this is also right where I met Buzz Aldrin in 2009 and also Jessie Ventura 2010... Anyways Al Pachino was in a movie called '...And Justice for All.' in 1979...

    PLOT "An ethical Baltimore defense lawyer disgusted with rampant legal corruption is asked to defend a judge he despises in a rape trial. But if he doesn't do it, the judge will have him disbarred."

    WIKI "The Hollywood film ...And Justice for All all has a scene of Al Pacino running around the monument."

    Anyways I was looking that famous scene up where he says "You're out of order!".... PS I have never seen the movie nor do I have the desire to.... Anyway's was looking up the scene and that show 'the Mentalist is in the clip repeating that shit.... THE CLIP CAN BE VIEWED HERE

    Kinda funny, but fucked up story... My brother and i always thought it was HBO 'The Wire's Dominique West who was in the George Ramero's film with Dennis Hopper, John Liqusamo etc... called 'Land of the Dead'... i was always like "Why did they make him wear contacts etc..." Well one night I was real Manic and I found that Simon Baker guy who was in the clip above and 'Land of the Dead' and I thought I had gone insane cause I thought he was created out of thin air or something via the Matirix or Holographic Universe....

    But keep in mind and this is NO JOKE! I don't really or never use to pay attention to celebs and Tv and i didn't know who the hell Lady Ga Ga was till I discovered Synchromystism. I don't know, I think I may had been better off not knowing some of these celebs names....

    PS Wonder if you guys ever blogged about 'S1m0ne (2002)'???? It has Al Pachino and here is the plot... "A producer's film is endangered when his star walks off, so he decides to digitally create an actress to substitute for the star, becoming an overnight sensation that everyone thinks is a real person."

    Sorry for the personal ranting etc... I am trying to dig on and sync on everyones "shit" to a certain degree, for myself really... Peace