Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cosmic Coincidence

Cosmic Coincidence from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

Richard:  After watching Jakes new video I went over to to see if there was any meteor entrainment and yep...there was. 

This poster came out today 02/03:

Apparently the rock that landed on Mother Russia came from the Apollo family of near-Earth asteroids. 

"and hope that he will duck next time"


 Bat-man and Spider-man

In Spiderman 3 a symbiote named Venom crash lands and merges with the web-slinger.


  1. I know, any excuse to show Britney in her underwear!

    Great connections

  2. this one gave me that warm, fuzzy, sync feeling.. great work.. and i see you have discovered the power of the pop princess muse.. does wonders for the motivation. inspirational stuff here. thanks

  3. off-topic: bbc in the uk has a new war/propaganda "comedy" for the masses to consume with 42 in its title

  4. Nothing like a little Shake-speare(s).-)

    You could have put some Anne Hathaway in there since she was married to Shake-speare(s)and her namesake did win an Oscar the other night.-)

    "Two Gentlemen of Verona" is considered by some to be Shakespeare's first play.The play deals with the themes of friendship and infidelity, the conflict between friendship and love, and the foolish behaviour of people in love.
    Characters include,Valentine – young man living in Verona,Silvia (Silver Linings?)– falls(?) in love with Valentine in Milan,Duke of Milan – Silvia's father,Speed – a clownish servant to Valentine,and Musicians.

    " "Two Gentlemen of Verona" is also featured in
    "Shakespeare in Love" (1999) starring Ben Affleck
    (winning director Oscar night) and Dame Judith Olivia "Judi" Dench from "Skyfall" (M) as Queen Elizabeth the first.
    Directed by John Madden and written by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard, the film tells the fictional story of William Shakespeare's (Joseph Fiennes) composition of Romeo and Juliet. Early in the film, Queen Elizabeth (Judi Dench) attends a production of Two Gentlemen, greatly enjoying William Kempe (Patrick Barlow) being thoroughly outperformed by Crab, and then falling asleep during Henry Condell's (Nicholas Boulton) recitation of Proteus' soliloquy from Act 2, Scene 1. Later, after reading the first draft of Romeo and Ethel, theatre manager Philip Henslowe (Geoffrey Rush) suggests that Shakespeare add a dog to liven the play up."

    Considering the play is about two Italian gentlemen maybe the Italian election syncromystically comes into play here as well?

    " But it would be a mistake to think the significance of the elections is just old news.
    To recap what happened: The big "winner" of the election was Beppe Grillo, the populist, anti-bank comedian, who took nearly 25% of the vote. Between him and Berlusconi, anti-austerity forces took over 50% (!) of the vote. Since the current stability in Europe is premised on a bargain whereby the ECB promises to backstop government bond markets in exchange for austerity, this massive rejection of austerity is a shot straight to the heart of how Europe has managed to calm its crisis. "

    Hm-mum...or should I just say M ?

  5. Collision course ?

    In a note published after the Italian election, Citi's Tina M. Fordham wrote ominously:

    The outcome also reflects the collision between two macro trends we have long warned of: the rise of anti-establishment sentiment and the increased skepticism towards European obligations in the midst of a slow-growth or no-growth economic situation. The subsequent political gridlock will raise concerns both in markets and among European political leaders, with Italy's prospects for fiscal consolidation and economic growth diminished. It also marks the end to a two year electoral trend of majority victories by mainstream opposition parties.

    These sentiments are echoed by a great piece in the FT by Mark Mazower (via Krugman) which warns that between austerity and aloof technocrats, Italy has exposed a crisis of democracy, which only seems to be getting worse in Europe.

    The response from Brussels and the creditor north to all this has been robotically unimaginative — to insist that the debtors, like the little fish in Finding Nemo, must just keep on going. And so they may — for a while. It is possible that southern Europe will give the Germans until the autumn to come around to a new approach. But toleration for austerity is unlikely to last much beyond then.

    A moment of truth is surely approaching. Joachim Gauck, the German president, has called for a new debate on Europe, and suggested that its future lies in reviving the idea of a commonwealth of nations. But if such a debate is to go anywhere, it will have to confront the question of monetary union. For Europe may be approaching a stark choice: giving up the euro; or keeping it and seeing the political crisis spin out of control.

    The next German election is coming up in September (and it's possible that we'll see another Italian election, then, too, depending on the stability of any new government that can be formed).

    Europe is in the mist of a clear economic tragedy. The longer it goes on, the more likely we'll see a full-on political tragedy as well.

    Read more:

  6. And speaking of venom and collision courses you might like to check out this clip -

    Starring the late Steve Irwin who's birthday was Feb 22nd...the night 'The Storm' beat the Leeds Rhinos to become Rugby League world champions in England.
    That's the team from Oz.-)

  7. Curious as to why its a Mark Twain cook off in the Bruce Almighty scene... seeing as how Mark Twain resonates strongly with Halley's comet. Even though it is not a meteor, comets asteroid and meteors are often thought of or learned together and distinguished apart when you learn about them.

  8. So i watched your video today, right before taking a 2 hour nap. Later, tonight i was just watching the movie the apartment with Jack Lemmon, and he plays a character named Baxter. And I'm like that rings a bell. Where did I hear Baxter... backstabber, was it a dream... And i could not place my finger on it, it was bothering me as I kept watching the movie. Then there's a scene where Bud says: "Yeah. Well -- that's the way it crumbles, cookie-wise." And that's when it hit me of course bruce almighty.

    OMG and to make things weirder my parents ate chilly tonight!! And i had just commented on Mark Twain's chilly cook off.

    Okay so I just have this woah moment. And i pause the video to tell my parents about this to tell my parents this. And accidentality press to power off button. And the show was on dvr so we lost it. We pick a new movie and its Love Actually and we pick off where Billy Mack is in the radio studio being interviewed and this follows.
    Bill- "Ask me anything you like: I’ll tell you the truth."
    Mike- "The best shag you ever had."
    Bill- "Britney Spears."
    Mike- "Wow."
    Bill- "No, only kidding. She was rubbish!"
    So i'm like wtf why is britney spears being mentioned this is getting weird...

    So here I am compelled to have to share this with you.
    Haha, oh and I don't know why as we were watching The Apartment I made tea and used lemon in it... syncwink Jack Lemmon. So weird. Not sure if watching a movie with jack Lemmon prompted my subconscious to grab a lemon.

  9. Funny enough I watched Bell Book and Candle today where Jack Lemmon is a warlock who plays bongo drums at the Zodiac club. This felt very significant, now you bring him up again...

    Peace & love!

  10. Daniel Handler (born February 28, 1970) is an American author, screenwriter and accordionist. He is best known for his work under the pen name Lemony Snicket.
    Jim Carey plays Count Olaf is the villian in the
    "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events".


  11. very fun, Jake.
    sync videos are so much sexier than blogs. love that you used Britt (shake)spears as your "thread".

    seems like we are still processing 12/21,

    just remember . . .

    this is 4D

  12. Every man, woman, and child a Pope

  13. Jack Lemmon's name was C.C. Baxter. cc -> 33 -> cookie crumbles?

    just putting it out there... dunno, i cant make anything of it, but no telling what yall might see
    also scene in love actually with mention of pope...
    . No, no, I’m not busy. No, fire away. Right. Yes, I, I, I, I’m not quite sure it’s going to be possible to get the Pope on the phone tonight, but … Yes, yes, I, I’m sure he’s, he’s very good at exorcism, but … Well, I’m sure Jon Bon Jovi is as well and I’ll definitely look into it.

  14. so just hit me, baxter gets anchor, a ship's anchor grounds you.. resist flow in water.
    cc cookie crumbles is 33 .. 33 degrees temperature when water is in liquid form. h20 crumbles from ice to water.
    is ice an anchor of sorts. water ceases to be receptive to flow when frozen.

    isis holding ankh...

    just brainstorming... am i onto something. i feel so shortsighted when i miss something like how anchor... two meanings. get so thrown off by context. the eye of a synch head would do well not to be so trapped by context and see it for what it is on multiple levels.

  15. That all sounds great. I was listening to Britney Spears' "Brake the Ice" last night before bed and thinking about ISON the comet passing in late November and potentially brighter then the full moon! Britney's birthday is Dec 2...

  16. Reading break the ice. Lately ive been thinking about courage a lot. And how you need to gather up/generate collect might.Might is light. When you accrue enough light and focus it hard enough you are exhibiting courage. Its as if you gain a level to when you overcome a fear.
    Light being consciousness. True knowing is doing.
    Anyways for me might ressonated with diablo 2 (played this game a lot in my youth). The paladin class. In the aura tree of skills the first aura is might. Anyways i always so i youtube diablo 2 might and i see a video of tyreal's might which is an armor item and one of its characteristic mod is that it cannot be frozen. Break the ice...

    Blizzard entertainment XD.
    They're games have a lot to sync with im sure.
    I was watching some of the cuts scenes in the latest release of SC2 HOTS. ..

    In starcraft2 hots, in order to evolve and keep with change you need to collect essence. One of the primal zergs in starcraft 2 heart of the swarm is obsessed with collecting essence. He's trying to collect might,translates as internal light. Your soul that which emanates light where it wishes to shine it with one's free will choice.

  17. The other day i was afraid of the dark (i of course had to further petrify myself by recalling this shadow figure i used the dream of as a kid... was in the corner of my room, just there) (brain memes of brain being an ass having to make the situation even more difficult)(if yiur familiar with brain memes on reddit) and so i squinted my eyes as i like omfg.... like you would in a blizzard (blizzard entertainment) you squint your eyes omfg. .. of course!!! Okay well so i squinted my eyes and i felt like this was a way for me to harness my strength and plow through my fear. And i feel like squinting is focusing its uniting pulling all your resources together converging it and then directing it. Drawin and pulling from my internal reserve of might within, perhaps even trying to gain some from the ether to tack it onto my soul, cross over this invisible self-made fear/illusion...

    Will morgan affair listening to part 3 on always record they mention... fire ice two pillars severity and mercy.
    tyreal is angel of justice.
    He is between two pillars that are hit by lightning/charged destroys the soul stone.
    Watch the final cinematic scene of diablo 2 lord of destruction (expansion).

    To Craft items you would Transmute items inside the horadric cube
    With the right Recipes and ingredients.

    Off topic but here's an idea i thought of
    Ur energy drained where u pay attention
    Pay energy, so point ur light wisely
    Your soul that which emanates light where it wishes to shine it with one's free will choice.

    Both internal and external... product is to sum of our attention/care
    Man's actions are sum of his thiughts. Which are really the product of where he chooses to shine light from within ... which folders in his mindscape he wished to open. Or not open and thusly restrict himself in...
    Epiphanies are reached when you open the right folders in the right sequence... likely spiral in shape/phi like sequence. And its hard to maintain an epiphany because ur so deep into sub folders, difficult to keep yourself there open the right sequence of folders. Need to be in an almost trance like state, why my epiphanies tend to take place on cusp of dream and waking life.
    Cant always be super man like in the 42 minute episode with Jeffrey kripal.