Monday, February 18, 2013

Jupiter - the Real Big Papus and sYNCing in NYC

KevIndra: This past weekend I was in Manhattan to help my girlfriend get Saturday Night Live tickets. 

I had some fun Jupiter/42/Pope Syncs I thought would be interesting to share.

Star of films like Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained, Oscar Nominated Christoph Waltz was the host of the SNL episode/Comedy Ceremony that my girlfriend waited all night out in the cold to get standby tickets for (I waited a good 8 hours into the morning to try and get her a dress rehearsal too, it was pretty chilly). Luckily she made it for the live show and had a great time.

Here you can see Christoph Waltz playing the Pope in this funny Skit called Papal Security.

Interesting Sync here that Inglorious Nazi Waltz is playing ex-Naxi Pope Benedict on SNL this week.

It is known that the currently resigning pope was a Nazi Youth in his time before becoming Pope of the Catholic Church.

Christoph Waltz as a Nazi Sargeant in Inglorious Bastards.

Nazi-Pope resonator Waltz was also awarded the Jupiter award for best Actor in the most auspicious year of 2010. Very cool.

It is also interesting that Jupiter is the equivalent of Lightning throwing Ancient God Zues, and that Lightning Struck the Vatican the day of the Popes resignation announcement.

The Cartoon South Park actually once featured an episode where it was revealed that Saint Peter was actually a Rabbit. Uncovering a secret Vatican order called the Hare Club for Men. Through my Sync work the number 42 has many cool associations with white rabbits via Alice in Wonderlands Rule #42, White Rabbit and 42 in the Shining, Donnie Darko etc. Also cool Sync that the Scene that Comedy Central offers as a clip on its Website begins with Lightning striking behind the Vatican.

You can watch a bit of it here, funny stuff.

In the end the 42 resonating White Rabbit becomes Elected pope.
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Another interesting thing is that at Saint Peters Bascilica, the Statue of Saint Peter has been replaced with that of Jupiter.

Interesting how Peter is etymologically descended from Pater, and so is Pope from Papus like Papa. This is Zues/Jupiter is also the Father God, the Lightening from on high. These are ideas in our human vocabulary that we have for the universal creative current in the universe. Pop/Eternal Father is the mover and movement of all things, and the Great Mother is the sacred temple in which all things are made possible, she is also the mover/moved in all things. Divinity really has no gender(another reason we need no pope other than ourselves), but our consciousness has interesting dynamics for the realization that I think are interesting to explore. 

In the Tarot the card that used to be known as The Pope is now known as the Heirophant, and in the Qabalistic sciences of the Tarot  connects the Sphere of Mercy or Jupiter to the Supernal sphere of Chokmah.

Jupiter Qabalistically represents the highest qualities in mankind, and is the nearest sphere (of the Seven lower Sephira) to the Supernal Triad at the top of the tree of life, representing the Agencies of the Divine, beyond human comprehension. The Heirophant represents the ability to transmit and communicate in the human world those divine energies from on high.

We need no other Pope or Heirophant than our Higher Self, or those who we engage in deliberate study under the guidance of. I personally see the Heirophant as the embodyment of the highest within ourselves made manifest. I think it is interesting that this subject is coming up in 2013, it just seems right.

Maestro Juan Flores entrains with the Qabalistic ideas of Jupiter representing the Spiritual Ideals of man, and himself is another existing example of everymans ability to communicate with the Divine. Juans method is the Ayauasca brew, I have been privelaged to drink of his particular brew, and he is a wise Heirophant and medicine man, the spirits of love and humility radiate from his medicine and song.

So while my girlfriend was online for tickets to Saturday Night Live I thought I would make my way to midtown to meet up with a fellow Sync enthusiast who I connected with on Twitter.

 It was just before I was actually going to head to the Lower East Side that we were able to get in touch, at that point I was on 42nd street right outside the Grand Central Terminals Subway, only by chance that it was the nearest to NBC studios where my girlfriend was on line.

I was able to get a hold of my sync friend on the phone but only for a shore while enough to mention a landmark nearby. Just before I would run into him I noticed a street artist doing some cosmic looking art.
I grabbed my phone realizing he was painting Jupiter/42 over Manhattan live on the corner of 42nd street no lesss, simultanious to our sync meetup. Great stuff here!

After a having some interesting conversation and a few rounds of drinks with my new Sync friend, I made my way back to the Saturday Night Live line, and realized again that I was entraining with the 42.

42s everywhere while we waited online for SNL tickets. 

To continue the interesting 42 entrainment, the next night we met up again as my band was playing at a venue called the Acheron in Brooklyn. Acheron is an Ancient Greek River, its mythos being that it is the River of Pain that one of 5 that lead into the Underworld. 

This is Synchronistic because in my Film a Thin Skin or Membrane videos, and another video I made called "Do you have any Tobacco?" I make connections between Boats as symbols for our Spiritual nature, our Souls, and continue expanding the number 42's connection to the mysteries of being and the Spiritual reality.

Do you have any Tobacco? from Kevin Halcott (@indradhanush42) on Vimeo.

Of course the Acheron venue in Brooklyn where we were playing, is backed by a Rainbow lit flying Skeleton logo.

Heres a shot of myself(@indradhanush42 on instagram) riffing in front of the Rainbow Skull of the Acheron. Those of you who have followed my work or my Sync Book article can enjoy the Sync here.
My band It's Not Night .'. It's Space (myself on the right)

Directly outside the Acheron(underworld river) venue/bar, across the street, is a Synchromystic Jupiter Bear painted on the wall.

@Syncwinnipeg Darcy Watt and Juan Flores collaborated in 2010 on an image depicting the Great White Bear and the Earth mother. Also known as Oso Blanco Y Pachamama. Featuring a Bear reaching for Jupiter over a Rainbow. Perfect Sync.

Oso Blanco y Pachamama by Darcy J watt

Rabbits, Jupiter Hawks, Sirius puppies, sync everywhere across from the Acheron.

After all of this Sync I caught this newspapre upon returning upstate after a long weekend. Fun times, keeping the sYNC alive in NYC :)

I had an interesting Sync today after hearing Sync Maestro Jake Kotze on Always record. Making an analogy between the opening and closing of a hand, and the ever presence of great mystery. I don't know if Jake remembered but the Hebrew letter for Jupiter means Hand, making for a cool little 42 sync there.
"Intent is s weird concept to begin with if you really strip it down to the core, like, if I open my hand, is that my intention? I feel like I have that intention,  but the mystery from where that impulse comes from,[...]even just intending to open my hand is a mystery" - Jake Kotze 2/17/13

This was Synchronistic for me because last night I finished Twin Peaks, at the end of the Season weird energies manifest and make people look at their own hands.

Twin Peaks - the Path to the Black Lodge. (viewed 2/17/13)

"there's a very classic cliche of a stoner or someone on LSD in a cartoon or a movie, you always see theres somewone who just looks at their hand and just says oh wow and is looking at their hand...but yeah have you ever looked at your hand and contemplated[...] What a fine machine we are living in." - Alan Abadessa 2/17/13

Peace and Love all - Kevindra


  1. I did a post you might find interesting today,while listening to the #38 "Always Record" episode featuring Jake -

    It involves the Pope,Jake,cranes and 42's,among other things.
    Truly weird syncs.

  2. 242,can't miss. Nice synchs for sure. Is the red spot contracting? Heard so from the fringe. Dennis

  3. Very cool Darren! Thanks for sharing - KH