Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Sync Serpent

This poster appeared today at so I figured it was time to drop my new video.

 Q veils the letters OZ...a connection which hadn't occurred to me until now.

I like how Quartet stars Billy Connolly as he played a Snake handler in Lemony Snicket's...

...will aid Bilbo on his quest to find the Dragon...

 ...and also starred alongside Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai.

 Tom Cruise with the Cue/Q:

When it comes to these Q syncs I'm never quite sure where to draw the line.

Here we see actor Ben Whishaw (Q in the latest Bond movie) sitting in front of a piano while Hugh Grant (a potent Worm/Wyrm/Snake resonator) hovers at his shoulder.  I like how he's highlighted by the red line.

While putting the pieces of the video together I noticed that the character JACK Ryan syncs with the serpent.

Marina Abramović is a New York-based Serbian artist who began her career in the early 1970s. Active for over three decades, she has recently begun to describe herself as the "grandmother of performance art." Abramović's work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

In the soundtrack of 'Dragon Head No.2', Abramovic's voice-over hypnotically repeats 'follow my skin, follow my energies, follow the earth's skin, follow the crystal's skin... the heat of my skin, deep in the centre of my being...'. In 'Dragon Head No.4', the contraction of the snakes' muscles can be easily noticed as Abramovic's face is pushed and distorted by the movements of the snake. The work clearly refers to the Medusa-theme and snakes in general are a recurring motif in Abramovic's work.

ISIS or Mary (like Marina) was sometimes embodied by the Serpent.

In the previous post Jake mentioned that This is 40 will be released on the Mayan end date, December 21st 2012, and points to union with the sacred feminine/Mary/Isis.

Leslie Mann, seen above in front of the Mirror and Sink/Sync, also played a character called Scarlet in 17 Again.

Q = 17th letter

In the movie actor Matthew Perry, who has recently split with Leslie Mann, falls into The Sink/Sync Whole....

...and emerges from the other end as a 17 year old.

His youthful self, played by Zac Effron, can now go about reconciling his broken relationship with Leslie Mann/Scarlet/Mary/Isis/Serpent.

These are today's, Dec 3rd, birthday stars.
The same day I am watching this amazing video by @blackdogstar featuring a Julianne Moore and Hannibal/Jurassic Park 2 DINO sync.
Nice that what is seen depicted in the video, a DINO's gaping jaws coming at Julianne Moore (representing galactic alignment in the video) is true for another star born today, Brendan Fraser. 

Continuing on the serpent theme today is "Deadly Viper Assassination Squad" member Daryl Hannah's birthday aka "California Mountain Snake".
Yesterday (Dec 2) Lucy Liu aka "Cottonmouth" had her birthday.
Neat that the Uma Thurman aka "Black Mamba" is also Medusa.

We see serpents attract during the period Richard dropped his video.


Short recap: Jim's 42 Jupiter discovery leads to...

...the answer to life, the universe and everything, given by the computer Deep Thought.

By mirroring Jupiter's symbol, Richard unveils the number 17...

...and points to the 17th letter of the alphabet: Q...

...which looks like an abstract symbol for an apple (thx Foxi @SyncNetz).

The ultimate Q is the question of knowledge...

...leading back to Deep Thought's manufacturer: apple / Q.

The ultimate question derives from the same source as the ultimate answer.

It's beyond good & evil and considered BAD to know...


Been thinking how Q leads to the Hook. The engine of the infinite mystery of creation and being.


  1. I did a sync post with syncs involving
    "This Is Forty",Isis,Jackie Chan,
    8-ball eye patches,dartboards,stripes and solids,white rabbits and football,Kangaroo Jack and Oz...probably left a lot out there,as well.

    Food for thought...even though it may only be junk food .-)

  2. Watched the movie "Collateral" last night and noticed that Max's (Foxx) numberplate has a Q in it,the only letter in the number plate as a matter of fact.
    And when Cruise (Vincent) steps off the train in the final scenes his carriage number is 142A.

  3. Tom Cruise opens his eyes -

  4. I just did a post on
    "Nightmare on Elm Street 4"
    and realized there was a scene
    that seemed to mirror (pun intended)
    the "This is 40" poster;

    If you scroll down in the post to the
    "This is 40" poster,the scene in
    "Nightmare 4" is directly above it,
    where Andras Jones is on the toilet
    and Tuesday Knight is looking into a mirror
    at his reflection.
    It is a dream sequence where Andras'
    character is about to fight Freddy
    and lose big-time.
    The girl in the mirror is already dead,too.