Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jack Ruby

Syncjack from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.
Tom Cruise became super relevant as his film Jack Reacher opened on the Solstice date of 21 Dec, this being one of 3 Jack roles he has played in a row (not forgetting being a 4th Jack back in 1985's Legend).
Tom as 3 Jacks in a row: Stacee Jaxx (Jackie) in Rock of Ages, Jack Reacher and Jack Harper in the upcoming Oblivion.

Me and @syncwinnipeg highlight this in the "Syncjack" video above.

We are still working on Syncjack and plan to put out an updated version soon. Here is some quick sync from the last 48 hours.

Below Tom Cruise is looking for trouble (and a costume) under the Rainbow in Eyes Wide Shut.
He meets the proprietor of the Rainbow costume stores daughter, actress Leelee Sobieski.
Leelee plays Ruby in The Glass House. Ruby's parents are killed and one of her surrogate parents is Diane Lane. In the previous post I explained how Lane made her presence known via sync feedback from Syncjack.
Above is a list of films released in September 2001 and we see The Glass House is one of two (both staring Lane!) that opened on the weekend after 911 and the WTC attack. I see 911 as a marker of rapid "emergency" wake up into self realization for Planet Earth. Investigating 911 opened a Stargate through which sync and self gnosis entered into the world.

Syncjack was put out on another marker date, 21 December 2012, and it spit out Diane Lane as "The Answer".
Lane is Jack's mother in the most Jack resonating of all films, 1996's Francis Ford Coppola film "Jack". It starts with her at a dress up party as a Wizard of Oz witch. Specifically the Wicked Witch of the East whose only appearance in the classic film version is the feet upon which reside the famous Ruby Slippers that jut out from underneath the house via which Dorothy arrives in Munchkinland. Her husband is dressed as the Tin Man (originally played by actor Jack Haley in the 1939 film).
She goes into premature labor as Jack ages 4 times faster then normal. We see the Ruby slippers of Diane Lane are twin sentinels at the birth of Jack.
 The "big guy" Jack aka Robin Williams who is actually only a "little boy". Note the 42 on the poster.
At the funeral for her parents back in The Glass House Ruby meets her Uncle Jack, who will later become her salvation when surrogate Diane Lane turns out to be a little dodgy. I like that we met Ruby under the Rainbow with Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut all resonating Oz loudly. Further we note that Uncle Jack, actor Chris Noth, in The Glass House is famous as Mr. Big from Sex and the City.

Anyway I should get back to work on Syncjack...!

You see there's this film that is coming out in April called "42" (The Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything). 42 is the angle at which refracted light becomes the rainbow.

See 42 trailer.
It's about the baseball player Jackie Robinson resonating big boy Jack aka Robin Williams. We saw how strongly the bat attracts to Jack in Syncjack, right?
 Harrison Ford is in 42.
Ford is Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy novels turned into films Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.
Jack Ryan is also the name of a film currently set to be released on 25 December 2013 starring Chris "Captain Kirk" Pine.
 That's the same time period Syncjack and Jack Reacher was released this year.



  1. Leelee Sobieski and Judy Garland also share a June 10 birthday. Another Betty-Veronica Shard-Crystal sort of diptych. Diana over the Rainbow of Temperance.

  2. In the "42" movie trailer Jackie,number 42,slugs a homer off number 21 (half of 42).
    Here is something I found while investigating Dartboards in movies relating to the numbers 42 & 21 ;

    " Fans of numerology in The Shining will be happy to note there are 21 possible scores in the black and white sections of the dart board, while there are 42 possible scores in the colored sections of the board. While some see numerology as the key to opening hidden meanings in the narrative, others see numerology as a trap. Let’s just note that ‘black and white’ is the lower scoring area and ‘color’ the higher scoring. Danny is first seen wearing the number 42 on a sweat shirt with a basketball-playing Bugs Bunny on its chest, so ‘high scores’ are part of his outlook. There are 41 sections of black and white on the board, but 42 sections of color. Danny leaves his father behind in the black and white photograph, to repeat himself over and over again, but Danny moves on the next number, into the full spectrum. "


    I also notice that number 40 waves him along between bases.

  3. Oh...and there is a scene where Danny is playing darts in the recreation room in "The Shining" -

  4. Here's another one to think about with ROBINson.
    Jack Nicholson played the specialist in the movie "Tommy".
    It was about a blind kid who could sure play mean pinball.

    Jamie Foxx who starred with Tom in "Collateral" also plays
    Ray Charles ROBINson in the movie "Ray",about a blind boy who sure could play a mean piano.

    Kerry Washington,Foxx's co-star in Django,also plays
    Della Bea Robinson in the movie "Ray".
    DB(42)Robinson ?

    "Hit the road, Jack!" was a big Ray Charles song -

    And on a personal sync note,I share the same birth-date
    (Sept 23rd) with Ray.

  5. "DiCaprio To Fly Out Of Canberra (Oz) On NYE Party Mission"

    "A group of international celebrities will be forced to fly into Canberra very early on New Year's Day because of Sydney Airport's night curfew.
    The A-list stars will be celebrating New Year's Eve in Sydney before boarding a small aircraft to Canberra where a jumbo jet will take them directly to Las Vegas in time for New Year's Eve there.
    It is believed Leonardo DiCaprio is among the movie stars wanting to take part in two New Year celebrations in one 'night'.
    DiCaprio is in Sydney travelling with Jonah Hill and
    JAMIE FOXX who are the co-stars in his two upcoming movies "Django Unchained" and "The Wolf of Wall Street".
    The group also includes Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl, Matthew Morrison from Glee, Colton Haynes from "Teen Wolf", Entourage's Kevin Connolly, and DJ(ango?)'s Dirty South and Samantha Ronson.
    The party has been brought to the country as celebrity guests of Sydney's Star City Casino.
    Canberra Airport managing director Stephen Byron says the capital's curfew-free status will allow the 747 to take off between 1:00am and 2:00am AEDT.
    "We've always said Canberra Airport's got a key role as an overflow for Sydney in terms of this night time activity," he said. "
    "A lot of it would be 747 freighters but in this case the 747 freight is A-list celebrities and that's pretty exciting too."

    Time Travelers from Oz ?

  6. Rise of the Guardians - JACK Frost
    released 11/21/12, same day as Life of PI (Film)


  7. "One hundred and fifty years ago, Gustave Flaubert set the bar for scandal, adultery, and financial catastrophe with Madame Bovary. Now, Audible Signature Classics presents two-time Golden Globe Award nominee Leelee Sobieski (Joan of Arc) in a singular new performance that highlights the ambiguity behind a brilliantly crafted character: was Emma Bovary depraved or just a victim of circumstance?

    This is the story of a beautiful woman who marries a devoted, provincial doctor, but believes she was meant for something more—a life of luxury, leisure, and, above all, true and passionate love. She throws herself headlong into a reckless series of doomed affairs, with tragic consequences, and plunges her family into financial ruin.

    Sobieski’s Emma is sultry but vulnerable, offering a sympathetic rendering of the feckless madame and her plight in this cautionary tale of love, passion, and desperation. Will you condemn the madame?

    Listen to more one-of-a-kind performances from actors Elijah Wood, Kenneth Branagh, David Hyde Pierce, and more, only from Audible Signature Classics."~Audible

  8. When I first saw Syncjack it occurred to me that "Jack" is the leading evil spirit of Graham Hancocks "Entangled - Eater of Souls". Then I thought it to spoil the music a bit, so I let it be.

    For those who've not read it - its about two destinies of two girls Leni/Rina far across "time" (Saturn). They get wormhole entangled as the current tries to save the other who lives in Neanderthal time, leading a rebelion against Jack. Jack also shows up as the molesting stepfather figure and as a brujo etc, like some agent Smith in current 2012 time. Kind of bad master spirit that can possess. The link between the girls is helped through ayahuasca which the current girl uses to visit the stone age.

    Then last sunday I saw:
    Jfk's Women: The Scandals Revealed

    it completely changed the way I looked at the whole JFK deal. JFK only came to power via the mob, and Dad's Irish bootlegging money but how really he was a two faced super sinner has sort of eloped the radar. Then they proceeded to his family nickname "Jack" in the movie. And pennies started to drop.

    Looking up the doc I realized that his killer was "nightclub owner" "Jack Ruby" (who apparently was 42 when he did it...). So now it gets really strange?

    1. Ruby got Oswald of course.. just took a walk, why would I write the previous. It made me recall that a ruby is a (blood) Diamond. And in a deck, a knave/ jack of Diamonds or hearts, like that vid about alice in wonderland/hot tub time machine.

  9. Should mention had a interesting sync today: first I open the channels on the TV and its "Mars Attacks". The hand of the high wigged blonde opens the door to the presidents bedroom. Then presidents sits up and its.. Jack Nicholson. Then they shoot the alien dressed as the woman. Commercial break and I flop 2 channels: the departed. Jack Nicholson as Underworld crime lord starting from where Di Caprio is going into bed w wife of the rat, Matt Daemon.