Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ground Control to Major Tom Hanks

"To hell & back" - JCameron visited the deepest place on Earth in a GREEN submarine.

This was a Tweet that started my day. Tweeted by @Syncwinnipeg this morning. Well not today really but recently. This morning I'm sure he was tweeting about Cameron's Titanic Expedition but not this particular one. But in my mind's eye the 2 blurred.

@Syncwinnipeg AKA Sync Whole writter Jim Sander's makes the vivid connection that like J.esus C.hrist, J.ames C.ameron visits the Abyss/Hell and returns.

I was thinking to myself that it is such an experience for an individual to have, to visit the Ocean floors depth by themselves, over the WEEKEND!

J. C. even tweets to the rest of the world about what he sees while there.I like how James Cameron actually somehow channeled this future event. To him, well he knows.... He has to know. This is for sure something he has wanted to do for awhile.

But can we suppose that this is staged like a movie? He made a movie about doing it then, he did it... Which was the real one? Was there a real one? I mean there are all those theories about Kubrick doing the moon landings... Will Cameron endure the same speculation as time goes by? See Ed... Or ED(54) was observed(On Twitter) by Jim and Jake as hinting at a Higher State.

This was a while ago.... Based off a sweatshirt.

ED Harris connects Tom Hanks and the boys, to the Earth, in the movie Apollo 13. Funny how Hair like in Harris connects all Avatars to the planet, in James Cameron's later movie.In post like Man Moon The Sync Whole has explored the relationships to individuals with J.C. initials and the Moon and how that relates to ED Harris and Tom Hanks. (The moon is what is dreamt about after all)

Now we see a nice texture how this relates to James Cameron. And a hoax perhaps... Not saying this weekends exploits were a hoax, just sayin. As if all a show. A symbolic show of man conquering the Abyss.

I like how in the picture above JC is connected to the World through his fingerTIP.

ED HAIR IS, the Tether that is being expanded upon here.

I'm talking to Kevin Halcott about this on facebook the night of Sander's morning tweet. Mentioning Jim saying James Cameron reaches the TIP and PIT, regardless, he was always connected by Twitter, like Twitter is in our DNA.
This is the conversation with Halcott(Click to enlarge) if you wanna read it.... I talk to him about weekly. Always something is uncovered.


I love living in an age where a dude can hit the bottom of the sea and I can just read his tweet about it haha


Yeah I thought about that

What if they put Wifi towers in orbit

so that the Astronaunts who go to the moon can tweet

Like little bouies

or howeevr you spell them



david bouies



It's then that it hits me.

ED HAIR IS all about tweeting from the bottom of the ocean. In Fact it's his only TETHer.

The threat of the fake moon landing perhaps can be seen as depending on this man... E Howard Hunt, considered by many to be one of the most interesting individuals in modern history. Hunt was confirmed to be in the CIA and contributed to many of their escapades throughout those important decade like the 50's and 60's. Hunt best known as, I would say, being arrested during the Watergate break-in. Hunt was played by ED Harris in the Oliver Stone movie Nixon. It should be said that he is not trusted by many, but on his death bed admitted to pulling the triger during, or at least having a hand in, the assassination of JFK.... Operation The BIG Event he called it. Of course, most conspiracy theory revolve around the theme that they killed Kennedy and then faked the Moon landings after his death, ciphering money out to pay for Black Ops... Or something like that.


  1. I like how on the Truman Show poster it reads "Day 10909" and the explorer and filmmaker James Cameron reached a depth of 10,898 metres south of Japan this morning according to this news site;


    ...that's 11 metres short of 10909 metres!?!

  2. Oh...and don't forget that Ed Harris starred with Saoirse Ronan in Peter Weir's
    (director of "The Truman Show") movie
    "The Way Back" (from the Abyss ?).


    Ed Harris is Mr Smith in this movie.
    and he has to cross the Himalayas
    (the highest point on Earth)
    So maybe it is the way back from the rabbit hole?

  3. david buoy's!!

    ..and [on facebook] he was like 'i'm a do a post', and then he did it. from the abyss

    what madness..

  4. Saturns Ring Bashed by1/2 Mile Sized Objects
    Video! NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted the mysterious objects creating trails in the rings that scientists are calling 'mini-jets'. Some of these objects travel in groups creating rippling swirls and eddies in the planet's strange ring.