Thursday, March 29, 2012


In December 2011, the emergence of sungrazing Comet Lovejoy seemed to herald the coming alignment of Jupiter & Venus in the March night sky of 2012.

On December 16th Comet Lovejoy entered into our sun and unexpectedly came out alive. It was heralded by scientists as a miracle comet, one seen by the Southern hemisphere over Xmas. making it a true Xmas comet.

I wrote about the sync of Comet Lovejoy before Xmas.

The Xmas Midnight Comet of Love & Joy - Dec. 23, 2012

Soon after Comet Lovejoy's spectacle and around New Year's Eve I noticed Venus set in the twilight of the setting Sun. It was at this time I turned my attention to the impending alignment of Venus & Jupiter in the night sky of mid-March.

After watching Jupiter in the night sky for the last few years it was exciting to see such a bright light as Venus begin to share the sky with the King of Planets, not to mention the Moon joining the celestial dance.

Why I felt the Xmas Comet Lovejoy heralded this Mid-March alignment is that Venus is traditionally associated with Love and Jupiter with Joy.

Their kiss in the heavens seemed to be suggesting that the union of love & joy was coming to the Earth. As above, so below, right?

The Grey Union of Love & Joy.

As the phase of closest conjunction approached, syncs became strong and fast.

On March 9th, 2011 the mega-budget Disney movie JOHN CARTER was released.

Myself and @Seallion were not able to see it on opening day (something we relish doing) as he was helping me in my work with youth and cinema instead.

There he is below. The puppet master at work.

That evening we were moving equipment to our weekend venue near the Winnipeg Film Group
and we came across that weekend's Film Group guest - Ellen Kuras ASC, an amazing filmmaker and D.O.P. for Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind as well as Blow with Johnny Depp. She was in Winnipeg to teach a masters class to local filmmakers.

As I shook hands with her I thought to myself "you are the person who's eye was looking through the camera on the first shot that @Seallion and I use in making our sync video HeyZeus!" I smiled and welcomed her to Winnipeg.

Of course that is also the same shot they use on the poster for her Winnipeg workshop.

Hey Zeus! was a sync video made for and inspired by the film work of JOHN C REILLY.

JOHN C REILLY syncs well with JOHN CARTER which just so happened to be released in the theatres the same day we met the D.O.P. for the opening shot of Hey Zeus!

John Carter Reilly perhaps.

A weird and wonderful sync flower blossoming.

This John Carter & John C Reilly connect is strong as we realize that both names are highlighted as red JC's and resonant with Jesus Christ.

JC UP - J CUP? J See Up?

The relationship between Hey Zeus! and John Carter though goes beyond March 9th, or Red JC, as syncromystic Jesus himself Willam Dafoe stars in both.

In Hey Zeus! we see him drinking the red wine as the blood of Christ as well as drinking blood from a wine glass as a Vampire.

William Dafoe & John Carter Reilly drinking blood.

The multi-armed alien being Tars Tarkas in John Carter is played by William Dafoe.

By Monday March 12th myself and @Seallion headed to the theatre to see John Carter with Hey Zeus! syncs swirling about. Perhaps suitable considering by March 12th Jupiter & Venus were almost at their closest union in the sky.

Jumping John Carter looking up at the 2 moons of Mars (looking very much like the Venus & Jupiter in our sky).

Wednesday March 14th as Jupiter & Venus reached their peak togetherness things seemed charged and in my sync scanning of actors, birthdays and movies I noticed that March 14th was Jamie Bell's birthday.

Jamie Bell peaked my interest because he stars in Tintin, King Kong, Billy Elliot, Man on a Ledge, The Eagle and Jumper among others.

Jamie Bell jumps and so does John Carter.

Bell's birthday, or 3/14, is also International Pi Day as 3/14 are the first 3 digits of the value of Pi.

Pi fits in here as well as Pi is the ratio that allows us to jump from circle to circle. As the circle grows or shrinks, it's Pi ratio is always the same.

Turns out much of what Jamie Bell stars in has to do with jumping.

This intrigued me and I decided to make a video about Jamie Bell, jumping and of course the Joy of Jupiter and the Love of Venus coming together.

It seemed like a natural fit to connect the sync video process with my own form of "jumping" - the Ayahuasca Ceremony.

When we do Ayahuasca we jump to the source of being, the eternal centre/now. If we keep jumping we build a bridge in between.

Ayahuasca jumping is a bridge between Heaven & Earth.

Jumpiter is anagram for Jump Rite.

On March 16th, in the midst of making the Jumpiter sync video I went with @Seallion to see 21 Jump Street. A movie that was seemingly dripping with Jupiter sync.

That night I Ayahuasca jumped, landing into the wee hours of March 17th, or St. Patrick's Day.

As I was finishing the Jumpiter video late at night and highlighting Jonah Hill from 21 Jump Street dressed as Peter Pan (Green Man resonant), I realized that Leprechaun's, the mascot of St. Patrick's Day are known to leap and jump.

Rainbows, jumping and a pot of gold. (Rainbows are seen at the angle of 42 degrees.)

Perhaps that is the secret of the Leprechaun. Jump enough Rainbows and you eventually hit a Pot of Gold.

Top of Gold?

Here is the Jumpiter video I am talking about. Nothing too special, just a small little video. A window into how cinema, sync & Ayahuasca come together in a process of personal and collective gnosis.

Arrowsmith tweeted today, March 28th, a graphic showing that Channing Tatum, star of 21 Jump Street & co-star with Jamie Bell in the Eagle, will possibly play a role in the upcoming Jupiter Ascending film by the Matrix directors.

Jupiter Ascending is Jupiter Graduating. Prom time.

4/2, next week is Michael Fassbender's birthday. Fassbender stars in the upcoming movie Prometheus. Poster above.

Fassbender also plays Car Jung in the 2011 movie A Dangerous Method.

Syncromystically you can say then that Carl Jung's birthday is 42.

42 being the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything as well as a heavy Jupiter resonant number.

4/2 falls in between the Mirror Mirror Titan Titanic movie release sequence soon to unfold between March 30th & April 4th, 2012.

All happening right after James Cameron, the director of Titanic, just touched the deepest part of the Earth's ocean abyss.

This is all just getting downright silly.

Peace everyone. Hopefully I can come back to this post and try to make more sense of it soon. I just needed to get some stuff out of me.

Off to Turtle Mountain for my next Jumpiter ceremony...


Arrowsmith: While thinking about the syncnificance of the light/spark in the above 2012/Abyss posters I recalled this image for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

I decided to check out the movie to see if it would shed any more light on the matter and in one particular scene we see Tom Cruise, going by the codename Jupiter, telling his colleague to 'Jump'.

For a bit of fun try counting the number of times he repeats the word.

Jump now?




And I catch you.


On March 30th, the day after Jim shared this Jumpiter post, released this image.

To Jump is to go up in the world.

To be PROMoted.

So what're you waiting for?

Jump, Fool!


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