Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yesterday, November 15, I put on Oliver Stone's Wall Street. The Occupy movement was on my mind as the police had evicted everyone from its center in Zuccotti Park that morning. Thought I'd watch the most obvious and clear cinematic resonator of this event for some guidance.

Oliver Stone's Birthday is 15 September, #OccupyWallStreet Started on 17 September.
Noticed that Micheal Douglas (born 25 September) stars in Stone's Wall Street, Romancing the Stone and romances Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.
Wall Street starts with Frank Sinatra singing "Fly Me to the Moon". The lyrics "on Jupiter and Mars" are sung as we see a close up of the World Trade Center and director Oliver Stone's title.

The WTC and Jupiter are the most powerful attractors of sync and this is the first time I can recall seeing them together.

(For some examples of how the WTC syncs see StarMummy and Inside Job. For Jupiter see Hey Zeus! and Moonkey)

This makes sense as 911 marked a period of profound emergency awakening on the planet into the new state of Joy (the word comes from Jupiter and Jovial). Occupy Wall Street is another symptom of peoples growing desire to be free from the ego and find peace.
I love how Charlie Sheen is in Occupy themed Red Dawn and Wall Street.
Charlie Sheen in Wall Street above and Red Dawn below

Perfect symmetry at play in these films as central to Wall Street's plot we find Bluestar Airlines while Red Dawn is all about the Occupation of the Red Star (Soviet Union).
The starry Red and Blue Chakra's show us how we move from the lower Red to the higher Blue, finally combining in the Purple Crown. "Occupy" Red Dawn and Wall Street coming together so perfectly herald the both Red and Blue or "Purple Star" of Self Realization.
Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element and Stone

This united Purple Star aka The Self Realized Self is the same concept as the alchemical Fifth Element or Philosopher's Stone.
Today (November 16) is Maggie Gyllenhaal's Birthday. She stars in Oliver Stone's World Trade Center.
Tomorrow is Rachel McAdams' Birthday who connects with this sync flow by being in The Family Stone.
The day after that, Friday November 18, is Owen Wilson's Birthday.

Owen Wilson appears on the cover of a 2005 Rolling Stone with his Wedding Crashers co-star Vince Vaughn.

McAdams (born Nov 17) and Wilson (born Nov 18) also appear together in Wedding Crashers as well as Midnight in Paris.
Perhaps we will get the opportunity to look into this interesting sync over the next couple of days...

The wedding associates with the stone as the wedding ring ornament.
This Friday we have the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 seeing Kristen Stewart getting married with a big stone on the poster. Breaking is an anagram for Bear King.
Kristen echoes the Bear King in Adventureland where she breaks the rules giving away the "Giant Ass Panda" that is never to be won by any carnival customer. Giant Panda echoes King Bear...
Here is Oso Blanco y Pachamama (White Bear and Mother Earth) or "Bear King of the Purple Dawn". The Bear, sitting on the stony mountains, cups the flow from starry heaven overseeing the dawning self realization via this sacred wedding.
Its November 17 now and if we scroll back up and look who shares today's Birthday with Rachel McAdams we read Martin Scorscese.
He powerfully resonates with the Stone, writ large on this poster above his name, Shine a Light, a doc about the Rolling Stones.
We see the Ferris Wheel on the poster for Zombieland in the presence of Emma Stone.
I tweeted this on her Birthday (November 6) a couple of weeks back noticing a big foot on both her poster for Crazy Stupid Love and director Mike Nichols' The Graduate, who shares her Birthday.
I scanned this image from John Major Jenkins' Galactic Alignment on page 111. This number has been coming up allot lately...

The Foot of Ophiuchus is one of the markers in the sky of the position of Galactic Center along with Scorpios Tail and the Arrow of Sagittarius. We are still in Scorpio, the sign of Emma Stone.

Soon (22 November-ish) we will transition into Sagittarius. This cusp period resonates Galactic Center.

It makes sense that above in the heavens the foot and Scorpio go together and that we would notice it below here on Earth.
We read Moonkey was performed on 10/1/11

Noticed while watching Moonkey the "Big Foot" of Roy Scheider (Scorpio Born Nov 10) hitting John Lithgow in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.
Lithgow stars in Harry and the Hendersons (about Bigfoot) above and below in Footloose.
Worth noting that the opening week of the Footloose remake (October 14) entrianed with Lithgow's Birthday (October 19).
I like the mention of Time in the Tagline for the new Footloose.
Danny DeVito stars with Micheal Douglas in Romancing the Stone

Yesterday, November 18, was Danny Devito's Birthday. Scroll back up and you will see him hanging out with Rachel Adams and Martin Scorcese.
Danny DeVito's "#trollfoot with stones and vent"

Scorpio DeVito has a popular and strange habit of photographing his "Troll Foot" in a variety of situations and posting it on twitter.
Now this actually makes total sense.

Read about Devito's Troll Foot at CNN.
Here is DeVito as Batman villain, the Penguin, echoing Happy Feet Two which opens today and again highlights the foot. How perfect that Happy Feet Two's opening week sees the transition point from Scorpio into Sagittarius marked by Ophiuchus' foot.
Getting back to the Ferris Wheel we saw with Emma Stone in Zombieland here is one with Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight.
Just like the Clock the Ferris Wheel is a segmented circle with a central axis that has spinning action. I'm thinking of it as a symbol for Time.
Here we see the Ferris Wheel of Adventureland and Breaking Dawn's Kristen Stewart. We remember she had the big stone ring on her finger on the Breaking Dawn poster.
Looking at Martin Scorcese's posters again we see The Color of Money directly follows After Hours. Time is Money and we have reflected on how #Occupy's preoccupation with Money reflects the End Times.
"I'll wring your neck" at the 12 position, says this poster. Just like the murderous Joker associating to the Ferris Wheel or "ring of Time" death attracts to these matters.

Jim Sanders aka @syncwinnipeg tweets today "Time is a measurement of fear." "End fear & we end time."

Time ends with the death of the ego that attaches to the things that make up the round of the world. At the 12 position we have the perspective of every moment past and future, always leading to this one. We are dead to the world and time, not in the sense of having moved beyond such things but having found what empowers and vivifies them.

The stone takes the 12 position in the ring to symbolize our union.

Started watching Midnight in Paris as it is Owen Wilson's Birthday and midnight is the 12 position of the clock.
Within the first 10 minutes we see the Ferris Wheel..
..and the diamond wedding ring.
Whether we choose to watch Breaking Dawn or the other major release of the weekend, Happy Feet Two, we "follow the ring".
Elijah Woods is the first billed star in Happy Feet Two and his most popular role is Frodo Baggins aka The Ring Bearer from The Lord of the Rings.

(Funny enough Hugo Weaving is is Elrond in LOTR, only realized after cropping.)



    Jake's post on the same date last year was about Jupiter's rings.

  2. Did you notice in 'The Sync Book' there is a picture (and story) about Martin Sheen and I?

    Also there is a story about the connection between Maggie Gyllenhaal and I...

    I made a video about it a while back...

    'Dark Knight Rising (A Synchromystic Telling)'

  3. Jupiter (Chesed) and Mars (Geburah) are the two pillars of Mercy and Severity on the Tree of Life as well.

    In Wall Street, Charlie (who was all over the news the past year) has to choose between the false father (Michael Douglas) representing Greed and the true father (Martin Sheen) representing authenticity. The two pillars.

  4. 9 months ago the Royal Wedding took place, and 9 months later we have the Royal Baby (just noticed this on PEOPLE at the grocery store). 3/22 (skull & bones) - 11/22 = 9 MONTHS. I just did a post that touches on the red + blue = purple thing. 11/22 (Saggitarius) which you touched on is the next superhigh energy / portal d8. Stay tuned and stay on that 1122hz frequency, playas! We are truly flying higher and higher.

  5. I started off this week watching Elijah Woods & Bruce Willis in 'NORTH'. The next day I watched two HUGO Weaving films with 'Nanny McPhee Returns' in between. Realized today that McPhee, starring Maggie Gyllenhall, also starred the boy who plays in Martin Scorcese's 'HUGO' next week.

    Last night I pointed out to my gf a picture of a polar BEAR with his head under water. I said, "this angle makes it look like the white Bigfoot of the NORTH -Yeti. We then watched BREAking DAWN.

    I just read this post today to realize that my entire week had been entrained! Beautiful. To bRING things even more full circle, last nights SNL had a skit about perfume called 'Red Flag', which I had previously associated with Occupy (Red Dawn), and Florence & the Machine sang 'It's Always Darkest Before the DAWN'.