Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moonkey - Sync Video

Moonkey by the StArmy from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

Music is mixed by DJ Kasm. Moonkey was first performed on 10/1/11 as part of Nuit Blanche in Winnipeg, Canada. The video was projected onto the side of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


Highlighting a few syncs that were not intended.
Brad Pitt says "MasterCard!" at 2:27 of Moonkey.
This resonates well as Moonkey is written with the two O's overlapping forming the vesica portal.
Below at 2:44 we see the 2 K's of KubricK being highlighted in blue.
A few seconds on and we see two blue K's in DonKey Kong.
At 5:14 we see Robin Tunney's head crowned by the NO Smoking symbol. This symbol veils an amalgamated O and Z.
Next the dialogue talks about "monkey attacks" and we cut to a brief shot of the monkeys from The Wizard of OZ.
At 10:15 we see Jeff Bridges with light pulsing through him and the music going "pump your light".
At 11:04 Charlize Theron is running away from Johnny Depp in The AsTRONaut's Wife. The music in the background goes "We will fall together" as we see the WTC.


  1. Did you guys purposely finish the video at 42 minutes and 42 seconds

  2. Congrats - format seems good.

    When I think of monkeys, flying monkeys, for that matter and the moon - its The Wizard of Oz and the black witches soldiers. Which, obviously, is left out here ?

    In "OZ", moon and monkeys hint to the dream control sphere and how monkeys act "demon-like" subconsciously (within..). Monkeys represent the darker subconscious elements in man, primal-natural urges. Which could also be said of the moon and its pull...? Obviously there's no monkeys in narnia and the monkey brain can be left behind in any aquarian age.

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  4. The monkeys from OZ are indeed in there. Just a quick flash when mention is made in The Mentalist of "monkey attacks".

  5. Hi GEO. Yes. Once I realized that I was close to 42 minutes then I decided to make it 42. As I was reaching close to 43, I thought the most resonant point to stop was 42.42. Making these sync videos is a good mixture of intent and intuition. Thanks for watching it. Take care.

  6. sucks that one can't fast forward in vimeo!

    that first sequence of Space Odyssey I never really comprehended, this helps a great deal a great deal... really nice..

    2cnd watch it wins a great deal but theres so much scope covered that its hard

    ending perhaps is too streched maybe it could be remixed?

  7. Hi E.T. LL,

    Agreed ending is long. It was done that way for the live performance as I used that part to begin free -style video mixing for the rest of the time. I am going to rework the video one more time and tighten it up at the end, plus add a few more clips that should be in there. It's a monster this video and it always takes me a few hours just to make a few changes. Take care.

  8. I like it with the long ending, especially w/ the final sequence from Project X. This reminds me of the 10th Major Arcana in Tarot The Wheel of Fortune, in Roman Numerals: X. This card corresponds to Jupiter tying it all together and forming a Perfect Sync. Eye could call this presentation my favorite movie, thanks!

  9. After watching this last night it struck me in bed that Hermes of the Greeks, and Mercury of the Romans are lampoons of the Hindu Ape God Hanuman, who is a lampoon of the Ibis God, Thoth, who was often portrayed as an ape by the Egyptians as well. This connects the ape to 42 it being Thoth who Anubis leads the soul to in the Duat to have their heart weighed against that of a peacock feather, with it's weight being determined by their response to the recitation of the 42 Principles of Maat. There ain't nothin' in room 2X3X7, not a godamned thing. Emeril City; BAM!

  10. Hey yo MK. I just realized reading your comment that X is also the ferris Wheel Mighty Joe climbs. Youre dead on. Bam I get it now. Thats why he has the X in Rise of the Apes. Its the same wheel of fortune. Thats fucked up.

  11. I mean the window. The window that Caesar looks through.Its the Ferris Wheel. And its the X in X Men and Project X. Its the tip and the pit. Its also the Tree of Life or the Garden of Eden. Hugh Jackman as Weapon X and The Fountain make a ton of sense now.

  12. A Few Shots To Shaman,
    The Solar Plexus has been linked to the Planet Jupiter and thus the Wheel of Fortune. This is known as the Jupiter Center, or 2nd sun, occultly speaking. I saw this referenced by Daphne Moore, relaying it from one of Jung's closest disciple's/ correspondence's manuscripts. I go into this about a quarter of the way through my most recent blog entry and link the implications to Donny Darko. Thanks, your work is inspiring.

  13. I use the Jupiter Center often. I call it pushing on the belly. It helps keep you in the moment(hence why it follows Gyllenhaal through time over and over). Been keeping an eye on you lately, good stuff. Thanks for the kind words.