Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scorpion Contact

This past Tuesday 8 November was Alfre Woodard's Birthday. She stars in Star Trek First Contact released on 22 November 1996.

She and the film are thus Scorpios being born and released between 23 October - 22 November.
Alfre as Lily helps build the Phoenix, the starship that attracts the attention of the Vulcans, initiating mankind's First Contact with extraterrestrial life.

This is perfect sync as Scorpio is also known as the Phoenix.
The next day, yesterday 9 November, was the Birthday of Carl Sagan who wrote Contact.
Contact is also about mankind's First Contact with E.T's and su'sync'tly its stars Jodie Foster (Born 19 November) and Matthew McConaughey (Born 4 November), both Scorpios.
The tagline on the poster reads "A journey to the heart of the universe".

Scorpios tail points at the location in the sky of Galactic Center aka "the heart of the universe". It does this along with the arrow of Sagittarius and the foot of Ophiuchus.
Today, the 1oth of November, keeps syncing in perfectly as it is Roy Scheider's Birthday.
He is the star of 2010 The Year We Make Contact another film about man's first encounter with aliens.
Just like Star Trek First Contact, 2010 The Year We Make Contact also references the Phoenix. In the film it is Dr. Chandra's code name for the project to resurrect HAL 9000 but it is also an echo of Jupiter's destiny to ignite and become our second sun.
Contact in the title of films highlighted by birthdays on 8, 9 & 10 November, fascinating...

That Scorpio Birthday Stars attract Contact with beings from another world made me think of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock aka The Scorpion King.
Right on point we see he meets UFO's and crash landed E.T's in Race to Witch Mountain.

Ultimately Contact is realizing the self realized self. Perfect that one of the most attractive symbols for the self is the totally other or "alien". Many people are waking up into gnosis right now, in Scorpio, and these are the sync footprints into the heart we are noticing.

Tomorrow, 11/11/11 is Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday.
Scorpios element is water and Leo has this resonance in abundance.

We see much Leonardo sync in Jim's "the beach is a peach".

He connects Leo's beach resonance with Jodie Foster making First Contact on a beach in Contact.
Also in "the beach is a peach" we see Leo killing a shark.
Kevin wrote in the previous post about how Pisces is ending as we move into Aquarius via the procession of the equinox. The "dead fish" resonates the move into the new age.
If we look at today's birthday boy Roy Scheider's posters we see the gaping mouth of Jaws going for a swimmer and the Jupiter starchild of 2010 The Year We Make Contact right above. The "dead fish" and the "killer fish" are the same thing.
Galactic Center is represented by the Maya as the womb and also the gaping mouth.
Today I check the new movie posters and see The Scorpion King Dwayne Johnson running from the hungry mouth of a giant lizard.
Another famous First Contact scenario plays out on the beach, that of Europeans discovering America.
This is a fractal of the what we are going through right now. Above on The New World poster the spear of the indigenous man is just like the tail of the Scorpion.


Today is 14 November and we are still in Scorpio/Phoenix.
Above is today's Birthday Star D.B (42) Sweeney making contact (being abducted by Grey Aliens) as Travis Walton. The poster says this happened on 5 November which is also in Scorpio and Fire resonates Phoenix. In fact 5 November is Guy Fawkes, the date England commemorates with FIREworks. A night when millions stare at explosions in the night sky happens to coincide with the date of this alleged true UFO abduction..
5 November is Famke Janssen's Birthday who plays Jean Grey aka The Dark Phoenix in X-Men Last Stand. A Scorpio born star who plays the Phoenix, perfect. We see she is also a Scarlet Woman who Kevin connected to the EnD times and Scorpio in the previous post.
The Fire in the Sky poster also mentions March 12. This is Aaron Eckhart's Birthday who stars in The Dark Knight.
The fiery Phoenix appears on this film's poster.

Just marveling at the non-local object carved into the fabric of space-time unveiled via sync...
Famke's X-Men character poster says May 26, being the birthday of another rED lady Helena Bonham Carter (also in Sweeney Todd).

Stef:  Above Jake mentioned the twin sun concept, one utilized in POP Culture to convey other worldliness. Most famously displayed in Star Wars on Luke's surrogate home planet Tatooine.

Kubrik's 2010: The Year We Make Contact does this too by the way of Jupiters ignition and subsequent metamorphosis into Lucifer, the light bearer, the Phoenix.

I myself am a Scorpio. Born on Phoenixworks night too (A year after the aforementioned Fire In The Sky abduction).  Guy Fawkes can be Guy Forks. If we use a fork in the road as our Guy Fork, we notice that the road splits.

The letter Y is a good representation of a fork in the road.  A scorpion viewed from the bird's-eye has a bit of Y action going on too.

This time of the year emphasizes the splitting or cracking of the person we think we are, revealing our true identity as crucial universal elements. A good metaphor for these celestial components is the star/sun.
Guy Phoenix
It's only right that the Phoenix inside all of us is seen to be rising rapidly during this time. Guy Fawkes is of course a symbol of anti-establishment. Allowing ourselves to split open is an act of flying in the face of our own mentally constructed establishments.  If we were to do this literally we would die. Embracing a metaphorical split facilitates death of the mind made self.

The middle portion of Alex Grey's "Journey of the The Wounded Healer" juxtaposes a physical death with the death of the ego.  The bottom left corner containing flames.  The background of the piece eluding to the cosmos.

The poster for Burning Man (Australian release date is November 17 2011) showing Matthew Goode's head splitting open.

Matthew Goode also stars in Watchmen as the character Ozymandias.  Ozymandias is the alter ego of Adrian Veidt who embarked upon a vision quest as a young man, gaining the visions he was seeking via hashish, his own consciousness merging with that of the plant.  Veidt ends his quest in Egypt with a newfound respect for Ramesses II and takes on the name of Ozymandias in his honor.  The Greeks referredd to Ramesses II as Ozymandias, an abbreviation of Ramesses II's throne name, Usermaatre Setepenre, "Ra's mighty truth, chosen of Ra"

The poster above sees the sun, or Ra appearing between Goode's partially desiccated body.  This Nvember 13 the sun has developed a large dark filament a million kilometers long.  Checking the images it looks like it's in the process of splitting itself.

Ra is depicted as an anthropomorphic falcon.  Falcon's, analogous to eagles in the sense that they are birds of prey with talons and hooked beaks.  Scorpio is known to have a dual nature, its alternate form being that of an eagle.

Ra, seen in the picture above is shown with the sun directly above him suggesting midday.  Of course an analogue clock will show midday and midnight in the same way as the following image from the cover of the final chapter in the Watchmen graphic novel shows.

This is an adaptation of the doomsday clock, the device implemented in 1947 by the Chicago based Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in response to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Its initial stetting was 11:53, 7 minutes to midnight.  The clock has moved backwards and forwards since then, in response to geopolitical events such as nuke tests and arms reduction treaties being signed.  Its most recent move was January 14 2010, back from 11:55 to 11:54.

As the analogue clock reads the same for midday and midnight, taking into consideration Ra's midday posture, the time for a split is when both hands are on 12.  Two twelves is of course 24.  The glyphs 2 and 4 being visible within the glyph that represents Jupiter,♃ .

Luna on the left, Jupiter on the right, November 8 2011
There is a species of scorpion known as the Beach Scorpion.  Scorpio's watery nature is shared with cancer and pisces.  That there is a beach scorpion is no suprise as it's been suggested that insects, bugs and arachnids evolved away from the water.  Scorpio does resemble a crustacean, linking it further to cancer, which is ruled by the moon.

Jupiter and the moon are spending a lot of time together in the night sky at the moment.  Seeing them both up there together is witnessing two suns, eluding to our actual situation - at every moment in time we are basking in the light of stars ad infinitum.


  1. as for fish and scorpio in clash of the titans they're both in, and it somehow connected lovely with avatar and worthington's dreams.. as an echo of greece, or well egypt

  2. Yea man, let the stars lead us to more and more Gnosis. Dennis

  3. Looks like there is a Jupiter type planet on the Sun filament picture......great post!

  4. Prob are aware of this but in Tarot the Death card resonates w/ Scorpio. The corresponding Hebrew letter to this card in Nun, which as a pictograph is a fish. In the Rider Tarot this can be observed as the hat of the Pope which stands before death. His hat being the representative of the Dagon Fish-God symbol, the vesica pisces, whose lobes make up the Seed and Flower of Life, hinted at in the 'Jesus fish symbol' by the continuing lines that emerge from it.

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