Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AmErica('s Time is coming to an in)

Yesterday, 17 October, was Erin Karpluk's Birthday. She appears on the TV show Being Erica where she is a time traveler. I enjoy staring at the shows great spiral clock poster above and meditated on it for a while.
The day before was Tim Robbins' Birthday aka Erik the Viking. Just like Erica (a female variant of Erik) the poster references time in the quote at the top "You can fight the Gods and still have a good TIME"
Robbins as Erik the Viking stands atop a mount, with his sword raised, backed by a sea serpent. We could interpret this as the sacred pillar with the rising kundalini energy, symbol of enlightenment, of which there are infinite fractals.
Here is the caduceus or Staff or Hermes (still used as a symbol of medicine) accurately associated with the chakra system, examples of interpenetrating pillar/mount iconography.
Tim is also Jacob in Jacob's Ladder.
William Blake's Painting of Jacob's Ladder depicts the visionary Stairway to Heaven as a Spiral echoing Erica's clock.
Tim Robbins stars in Mission to Mars where the DNA Spiral or Jacobs Ladder is a key plot point, as depicted on its posters.
We saw time associated to Erik the Viking and Erica. Keeping this in mind we note that Eric Bana was a time traveler in 2009's Star Trek and A Time Traveler's Wife. It seems Time is "strange attracted" to this name.
Messing around I typed in "erica" as a poster search to see what jumps out. As "erica" is in America all these "America" featuring titles came back. America is Am Erica.
Being Erica being fresh on my mind and "Being" being the same as "Am", Being Erica is exactly the same as Am Erica, right? Anyway, that America is Am Erica is very interesting...
Today I was wondering around the bookstore and noticed that Captain America aka "Man out of TIME" fits what we are talking about perfectly.
Captain America is a "Man Out of Time" as he is frozen in the past and thawed in modern times, thus being a kind of time traveler.
This happened at the end of the film version where Chris Even's as "Captain America: The First Avenger" wakes up after 70 years of being frozen, realizing this in TIME Square.
Captain America returns in 2012's The Avengers.
I browsed some more and noticed this Eric attracting to the American flag..
And this one where the AM of America is highlighted by being red, echoing my line of thinking.
Robbins aka Erik the Viking has the AmERICan Flag's Stripes coiling around him as Bob Roberts. Jacob's (spiraling) Ladder ROBBINS echoes RIBBON which the stripes resonate.

The human body is a fractal of the ascension pillar.
Now the flag of the United States looks like the Stairway to Heaven, the white and red rungs leading to the stars above.

The United States is what we get from climbing the ascension ladder. AmErica is this process, perhaps it is now time for us to see it reach its fulfillment.
America is a time machine. The Flag has 13 stripes just like the clock face has 12 divisions around a 13th central point.

The ultimate self is the 13th point, easy to forget yet central to the whole process.
Here is the same story, that of America resonating Time, via star George Clooney. He is The American and appears on a Time Magazine cover on The Ides of March poster.
George C. Scott was born yesterday, October 18th, and had the honor of appearing on Time Magazine's cover just like George Clooney.
Behind him is the film strip, another fractal of the runged stairway or sacred pillar. Cinema being interwoven with the other ladders we have seen in their function of realizing our ascension.
We would be hard pressed to find a more iconic American flag moment in cinema, then Scott as Patton.
Time is a machine and there is something being produced by it, transcending its mortal coil.
Another formidable Erik has been playing around in my mind as Magneto from X-Men.
The X-Men are superheroes whose DNA have given them special abilities via mutation. Our DNA is also giving us a special ability, enlightenment.
Michael Fassbender is Erik/Magneto in "X-Men: First Class". A major part of the narrative is the Cuban Missile crises potentially threatening the USA.
Here he manipulates the chains, another symbol of the connected DNA.
I love how Fassbender is Carl Jung in an upcoming David Cronenberg film called A Dangerous Method.
Jung coined the term synchronicity and we see him hold the cup above.

(Funny, the Cup is the vagina above while Freud's cigar is the Penis.)
In X-Men Fassbender uses his power to turn a giant satellite dish or cup.

Star Cup - C Thomas Howell from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

In Star Cup we make the same connection, between the Cup and the Satellite Dish, using C. Thomas Howell and Charlie Sheen, both in Red Dawn
I love how Sheen's films Red Dawn and Wall Street bring "occupy" and "wall street" together echoing the current movement forming around the world. CUP is inside oCUPpy.
Additions asap, flux willing..

Jake's mention of time is great "timing" seeing that X Wholly Roller db and I decided that we needed to talk a few things out in a ritual of ours called 42 Minutes. The topic of time kept coming up, and by the end of our 42 minutes we had come to the conclusion that the problem in the United States is actually one of time represented in the movie posters of movies to be released in the coming week of Oct 28.
Anonymous is a movie about the original artist who made people crazy about hidden symbols in media.
A dark shadowy figure controlling things from unseen whereabouts, a part of us all. 99% is undefinable. This above explored as well as behind the Mask of God.In Time End TimeOn a personal level I was watching The Quick and The Dead today. It has a theme of time, seeing that all the gun fights hinge on the stroke of the clock. Gene Hackman inexplicably grabs a Stars and Stripes after Sharon STONE shoots her father towards the end.Right time right place I guess.

As Will's addition of In Time highlights "Time is Money" and we see these concepts come together via Brad Pitt's cinematic imprint, being in 12 Monkey's & Moneyball. Monkey is also Money, minus the k.
Having found Pitt resonating with time we are happy to acknowledge he appears with "twice time traveler" Eric Bana in Troy.
Our Helen of Troy (who all the fuss is about) is Diane Kruger who we see "is a Basterd".
Pitt is a also "a Basterd", along with Erik/Magneto aka Michael Fassbender.
Fassbender talking to Pitt in Inglourious Basterds above.
Fassbender as Lt. Archie Hicox spends most of his screen time in a basement tavern waited on by Eric the Barman.

To the left sitting right beside Michael Fassbender is Diane Kruger as Bridget von Hammersmark.
The undercover Fassbender and Kruger must reluctantly play a drinking game with a nosy Gestapo agent.
The object of said game is to figure out the name written on a card attached to your forehead.
The Gestapo officer is "King Kong" and America is continuously brought up during his questions to solve the riddle of what his card says.
"AmErica", over and over, as Eric watches the game from behind the bar. Remember that Fassbender is Erik/Magneto in X-Men.
We saw Magneto manipulate chains and here we see another mention of the DNA echoing chains.
That King Kong is referenced here feels perfect considering the recent focus on this subject in Moonkey.
Both the DNA and Monkeys resonate evolution or the act of climbing the Stairway to Heaven.

Moonkey by the StArmy from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

When watching Moonkey the particular fractals of the ladder we encounter are the Tower and the Tree.


This morning I drew my daily tarot card and landed on the seven of pentacles.

I must have drawn this card many times over the years but today was the first time I noticed these two small figures next to the bull. One is wrestling with it, 'taking the bull by the horns', while the other seems to be dancing on it's back.

The symbolism on the card reminded me of a scene in Real Steel.

Early on in the movie Hugh Jackman's robot takes on a bull named Black Thunder.

The battle takes place in front of a large ferris wheel which ties in nicely with the 'cycles of time' theme running throughout this post.

The bull and robot wrestle about inside the ring until nature eventually takes the advantage.

The bull smashes into the tin man and comes away with a broken leg on it's horns.

The one-legged robo manages to stand up and in a futile gesture begins hopping towards the charging the bull.

Carnage ensues, the robot gets smashed up, and Black Thunder lives on to fight another day. Meanwhile a bemused Hugh Jackman is left to pick up the broken pieces and have a think about where it all went wrong.

Looking back at the tarot card we see the same thing being played out. In this instance the ferris wheel of time becomes interchangeable with the queens crown.

While reading this post it was interesting to see Jake highlighting similar imagery in this Occupy Wallstreet poster. I like how the dancer balances on one leg, just like the robo in Real Steel. Bulls-eye!

Hugh Jackmans robot takes on the Bull in Real Steel, he appears in the new Moonkey video in association with the Tower/Tree/Ladder, and he also starred in The Prestige.

In Kate & Leopold he's a time traveller, seen here with a time peace over his heart chakra:

The Occupy Wallstreet poster intrigued me because I recently wrote about the Daemon and when I first looked at the tagline my brain wanted to decipher it as 'What is our one Deman/Demon/Daemon?'.

The Golden Compass movie explores the human/daemon relationship and uses animals to help make the concept more accessible to the main stream.

The white daemon in this poster was voiced by actor Ian McKellen who also played Erik/Magneto in the X-Men movies.

While writing about the Daemon I noticed that it seems to sync with the Dark Man, or shadowy figure, similar to the one that HUGO Weaving played in V for Vendetta.

In the movie Hugo unites the people to bring down the government and ushers in a new era. All very reminiscent of the Occupy Wallstreet movement.

Huog also played the role of Agent Smith and had the ability to bend Time.

His scheming at the end of The Matrix trilogy helps instigate a 'reset', again kick-starting a whole new cycle.

To bring this full circle Hugo Weaving was The Red Skull who is seen here crowning Captain America.


  1. Just as an addition to "Groundhog day" Movieplot. Watch this one!

  2. Nice post. I enjoy the phrase "time will tell", implying it is a tattle tale.

    Eric the Red, another Viking.

  3. This is a total headtrip for me. Been syncing on time & time travel for a bit. But there's more. My mother-in-law suggested last year that I write a book for younger audiences in their early teens. I thought of her daughter (my sister-in-law) whose name is ERIKA, and immediately thought up a scenario based around her living in a world designed like a clock. What I imagined was very close to that "Being Erica" movie poster.

    Erik the Red was a persona used by Magneto in the X-Men comics
    and in the 90's X-Men cartoon he sought after a crystal that controlled all TIME and space

    PS: Also thinking of Stephen Colbert's "I AM AMERICA (and so can you!)"

  4. Before I forget, I love the Sheen "Occupy Wall Street" connection.

    Also thought you'd like to revisit Knowles' "Stairway to Sirius" in which he relates the American flag (and Obama's logo) to Jacob's Ladder:

  5. This Stairway has been on my mind. Helena Bonham Carter plays Marla Singer in Fight Club, while Tim Robbins plays Jacob Singer in Jacob's Ladder. In Fight Club Marla can be heard singing the line of the theme from Valley of the Dolls, "got to get off of this merry-go-round". Valley of the Dolls starred Sharon Tate, who was murdered by the Manson Family which connects her to Helter Skelter, a Beatles song about a spiral slide. In Fight Club when Edward Norton's character is doing guided meditation and "steps forward through the back door of the room" to find his 'power animal' he finds Marla Singer who says "Slide". This could be suggesting that the stairway is actually a slide ("No Stairway? Denied"), while the song Stairway to Heaven seems to suggest genocide whether the Piper in the song represents the Pied Piper or Pan considering the song is a response to Crowely's poem 'The May Queen' who used to be sacrificed for the crops.

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  7. Hilarious how in the 'Arthur' poster Mirren lifts Russell's hat up to the H i.e.her own name Helen. Also, the bewilderingly repetitive feathers in 'Anonymous' and 'Puss in Boots' posters entrain the feathered bird, the fiery phoenix aka Scorpio..