Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It seems like its official. I cant find Red Ice Creation's live stuff on Youtube any longer. Around the year of '08 they started doing these live shows where guest would use visual aids. Jake Kotze did this specific one about all things JC. I can understand how it can get over looked on such a new forum and am sad that I can't review it now. I do however remember somethings about it. And there is the video above expressing J.ennifer C.onnelly's involvement with Mirror's and glass that he, Jake, did around the same time. Her name being JC is fitting with all of the Mirror scenes. One could chose to find the mirror hinting at our understanding of the external world. It's the only image that we get of what our consciousness emanates from. Sense that line of thinking leads to paradox, and a myriad of philosophical questions, the mirror has stood in as a simple symbol to rely the ideas. Story's like Dionysus and Narcissus are ancient examples of this with their exclusive use of reflection and infatuation. These are the topic's of almost every savior story and capitalized by Jennifer's initials, she is Jesus tangled in the material.

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Narcissus perhaps comes from the word "Narke" and means "Sleep or numbness". In fact the root is the source of the word Narcotics as well. Above Richard Arrowsmith made a video of an artistic nature that explores these concepts again. Notice the use of mirror's and the re birth themes in The Hulk(with JC) and Avatar(by J.ames C.ameron). Once again savior story's all hold the secret to the meaning of "born again". I also like the accompanying "Dream" theme throughout Richard's video. Requiem for a Dream with Connelly explores the realm of Narcotics with the Dream Theme in the title itself. Interesting Kotze sourced this movie in his interview with Red Ice because here Connelly is seen at Conney Island on the pier, in the movie it is a symbol of the life taken away by the sleep walking world of drugs.Dark City with Connelly sees the same. In this movie, man, as a race, has been highjacked and is stuck in a labyrinth maze of city and dream scapes. The social commentary of the movie is blatant and of course Connelly is found as a goal at the end of a pier, once the bondage is broken... Once the dream is over.Connelly works at a theater in Dark City which promises the movie Book Of Dreams to come soon.D.avid B.owie tries to give Connelly her dreams within the Crystal Balls he tosses around in her earlier film Labyrinth. The Material world again paired with Dark Cities maze symbolism. Bowie appears to Connelly as a Man In Black. A theme that crosses her career in movies like The Day The Earth Stood Still, Beautiful Mind, and of course Dark City. The understanding that Dreams are at the heart of Bowie's intention doesn't deserve to be over looked and in fact he drugs her to sleep to fulfill these dreams and distract her into forgetfulness. She finds herself in a masquerade ball as we explore one of the scenes that Kotze used in his video on JC, for this particular scene ends with shattered glass.Bowie sweeps her off her feet and although this is a kid friendly movie the hint's of sexuality tight rope between subtle and subliminal. This can be associated to an initiation of sorts following secret society history and cults of Dionysus, of the mirror once again. Of course Connelly breaks the illusion and cracks the mirror but the hint of Dream is still present. A waking dream. In Requiem she is not so lucky. Identical scenario however. The individual who leads her to this initiation is one Keith David, of course he is known for showing us a reflection of our world and the ones that lie like dreams just side ways to it.


  1. Persephone


  2. Hall of mirrors! One more aspect perhaps, JC's role in 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' as the 'diplomat' for the aliens. Isn't it perfect that there she's lets say, "opposite", Neo/Buddha?

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