Monday, July 25, 2011

DB E.T. - don't PANic

On July 9th, the eve before my family was to move to our new home, myself, my wife and friends went to see the movie Tree of Life.

One of the previews before Tree of Life was for the movie The Debt. I remember taking note of it at the time mainly because it starred Helen Mirren.

Alongside Mirren in The Debt is Jessica Chastain who also starred in Tree of Life, the movie I was in the theatre to watch.

Also starring in The Debt alongside Mirren & Chastain is Sam Worthington.

Sam knows lots about the Tree of Life from his explorations as a Navi on Pandora from the movie Avatar. While on Pandora he fights on side with the indigenous people to protect their own spiraling Tree of Life.

Both Chastain & Worthington being connected to the Tree of Life is a vivid sync, but it is best informed by the third star in the equation - Helen Mirren.

Mirren stars in 2010: The Year We Make Contact where she travels to Jupiter and is instrumental in igniting Jupiter as a second sun.

I find the star child on the poster of 2010 resonant with the child's foot on the poster of Tree of Life. 2001: A Space Odyssey syncs with Tree of Life even more so. The posters seems to suggest a full baby.

Helen Mirren is famous for playing The Queen in movies. She is the Queen of Hollywood. Our Jovian Queen of the Heavens. I write this post on July 26th, her birthday.

Happy bearthday Helen!

Helen Mirren voices the super computer Deep Thought in the movie Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy where she computes the answer to life, the universe and everything as the number 42.

To see one view of why 42 syncs with Jupiter check out my first sync blog post on the number 42: The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge & the Gnosis of 42.

The alchemical symbol for Jupiter (and Tin) can be seen to have 3 numbers encoded in it. This is why at least for myself, I first saw relationship between 42 & Jupiter. The three numbers being 1,2 & 4. Below is how this is so.

As Queen of Heaven, Mirren tends to see RED when her children are BAD(214). The word bad seems to resonate Jupiter by way of the numbers it's letter are in the alphabet. B=2, 1=A, D=4.

Is she the Red Queen because she is mad? Are we "IN THE RED" with her? Are we in debt to her. Of course we are. She's our Mother.

All this debt talk in the news syncs quite powerfully with the sync brightness of the upcoming movie The Debt which stars Mirren, Chastain & Worthington.

The big debt showdown in the USA that has the whole financial world on edge culminates on AUGUST 2ND.

August 2nd is also Sam Worthington's birthday.

That's the Sam that not only is a Blue Avatar, but also a Tin Man with big heart (Terminator Salvation) and of course Perseus, Son of Zeus (Jupiter), in the movie Clash of the Titans.

From a spiritual standpoint I interpret this DEBT sync web as suggesting that our spiritual debt is maxed out. Judgment time is upon us. What does this mean? It means we must face ourselves. Any debt we have is really only owed to our self. We must let it go if we want to be free. Forgive yourself and others (who are just reflections of our self).

As has been mentioned by others in the comments here, Debt is an illusion. Indeed it is. Everything we identify here is an illusion. Still perception of debt is a great teacher that helps us awaken and be free. For many people material & spiritual debt is very real. This is why it is compassionate to help those entrapped by it to let go of it.

Joy is but a moment away for all of us.

DEBT is the DB E.T., or the 42 Extra-Terrestrial.

Making contact with the Joy from on High.

I will add more as flux permits.

Peace everyone.


July 27 - 2011

I'm back. Following sync is one thing, starting to write about and lay it out, that's its own special kind of monster. Something that is harder and harder for me to do in this fast flowing world of sync racing to the singularity.

I first posted this last night, on Helen "Cosmis Queen" Mirren's birthday. I also did an Ayahuasca ceremony. Something I like to do after I manage to write a post here.

Then today as I was mulling over the syncs of this post I noticed via Wikipedia that August 2nd aka DeBt default Day & Sam "Avatar" Worthington's BDay, is the 214th day of the year.

This made my little ol' head go spinning with joy.

214 for me reads BAD, as B is the 2nd letter, A the first & D the fourth.

214 for myself suggest Juno, the feminine aspect of Jupiter/Joy.

We first connected 214 with Juno back in 2009. Here is the blog post about it.

It was not until a later date that we realized the jovian number 124 could be rearranged to 214, which alphabetically gave us the word BAD.

To give you an idea of why these numbers might resonate, here are some recent images I've grabbed from the numbers 214 or various combinations of

Appropriately so, Rep Weiner, subject of a twitter sex pic scandal, was office number 2014.
An overt BAD winks to us in that number.

Not too long ago I watched Adjustment Bureau and noticed the star Matt Damon come in contact with the jovian numbers once again.

Recently the movie BAD Teacher starring Cameron Diaz hit the the theatres. (BAD = 214).

U2 played Winnipeg recently as part of their 360 Tour. On the big screen above their stage they had all sorts of world statistics. The one for Winnipeg mentioned that our tallest building was 420 ft high.

Winnipeg's Rainbow Stage just had a run of the show CATS, and now HAIRSPRAY will run from Aug 4th to 21. The signs everywhere have 4, 2 & 1 on them. I recently noticed the sync between 42 and the show Cats from the movie Ghost.

Watching the movie GO not too long I noticed Sarah Polley be crowned by a 42.

On July 16th, or Will Ferrell's birthday, I watched the movie Semi-Pro. Of course it's loaded with jovian numbers. Below is a screen grab revealing 421 once again in close proximity.

Perhaps my favorite recent 214 is in a video made for Winnipeg's new airport opening soon.
In the video I noticed the name tag for the employee speaking has the date May 20, 2014.

In my sync video 420 Bullseye I show the Queen in the new Winnipeg airport terminal. I also connect the Queen with numbers 4,2 & 1 more so in this video.

420 Bullseye from Rough Video on Vimeo.

One last thing...

It's great that August 2nd is the 214th day of the year, but what even cooks my noggin' even more is that August 2nd, could be read 8/2 or 82.

The 8th letter of the alphabet is H.

August 2nd, or 82 then can be H2.

Things brings us right back to the Hydrogen & Water mysteries that been explored much here

Check out the post SUPER 8 for more around H & H2.

Peace In & Out for now.

Will try to come back in fill some of this out later flux willing.


Richard :-

The same day Jim uploads this post I was channel surfing and came across the movie PANic Room. It was already about half way through the film but I wasn't bothered as there was nothing better on the box.

I hopped into the scene where the panic stricken mother (Jodie Foster) and daughter (Kristen Bell) are locked away inside the Panic Room while three thieves try to figure out how to get at them.

Jodie comforts her daughter Kristen as she is on the verge of meltdown. Kristen is a DiaBETic and seriously needs her insulin...which is of course outside with the intruders.

Jodie Foster checks her daughters blood/sugar levels and see's that it's dropped to 42.

NOW is a good time for them to PANic!!!

At the end of Jims update he says:

It's great that August 2nd is the 214th day of the year, but what even cooks my noggin' even more is that August 2nd, could be read 8/2 or 82.

The 8th letter of the alphabet is H.

August 2nd, or 82 then can be H2.

If we spin Kristens watch we see that 2h (or H2) becomes 42, and makes me think that Jims noggin cooking is perfectly valid.

To top this off we see that DiaBETic Kristen Stewart connects to the 82/H2/2h/42 in more ways than one.

I like how her PANic Room mom Jodie Foster is the one who makes Contact with the DB ET's.

Notice above that Jodie is surrounded by big dishes.

I recently tweeted this next picture because I liked the way the new Battleship poster mirrored the one on 2012, and the one (marked with 42) on Kurt Russells soldier poster:

The Satellite Dish is linked to Jodie Fosters Contact with E.T's and I now realise that SHIP = dISH

The Battle Ship is also a Battle Dish, which makes me think of the recent relase of Kaptain America.

On Caps dish-shaped shield we see a Blue Sun rising.

You can find this linked to one of key figures in todays DEBT crISIS:

You can also find the Blue Sun rising from behind the Battleship/dish and young DiaEBTic Kristen Stewart:

I like how these two posters mirror each other with the diagonal stripe.

I also like the fact that Zeus/Aslan actor Liam Neeson is Captain of the Ship in the movie Battledish:

The Wheel of the Ship makes me think of the Dish of Contact.

Jupiter & Juno.

One of Jupiter's daughters was the Goddess of Chaos and PANic named Eris.

In the Greek legends Eris was always said to be a bit of a Wild One... God only knows how her child's going to turn out!

This ship might be syncing but there's absolutely no need to panic.

Deep Breaths


just checked out the latest images on and noticed two things of interest.

The first are these flying Battleships on the new poster for The Three MuskETeers:

The second is a subtle nod to the Blue Sun and Satellite Dish...

If you'd like to know more about the Blue Sun/Jupiter/Sirius connect then don't PANic. Go check out the Nature of the Beast.


  1. Awesome, awesome post. I can't believe Sam Worthington's b-day is Aug 2nd!

  2. Debt is an illusion, karma and dharma is key. Life is time sensitive. Dennis

  3. The progress of Western Civ is built upon the foundation of credit & debt (yet at our core is nothing). It is the black hole again at the center of our galaxy. Money is an abstraction that signifies a value only if we assign it, and if we worship it, it can become the beast. The Dark Ma[s]ter.

    a spiritual debt seems to me to communicate a lack of gratitude to the universe. (both Tree of Life & The New World shone through w/ a numinosity and wonder for all life. Every frame draped so lovingly with wonder and beauty. Shining.)

    life has real value. it is not an abstraction. It is built upon sacrifice--both how we eat (we are killers after all) and those that our elders have made on our behalf . . .

    Progress? at this point it's killing us. What would we barter away for something shiny [], our soul?

    if debt is a means to an end, (more stuff),
    then perhaps we need to rethink how we see the world,
    as a "thou", numinous and wonderful,
    with gratitude and thanks.
    --not as means to an end,
    but as an end to means--the only true wealth is love
    thanks Jim for this
    it made my day. . .

    Smeagol: Give us that, Deagol my love.
    Deagol: Why?
    Smeagol: Because it's my birthday, and I wants it.

    --the debt? Deagol's sacrifice. Let's destroy the fucking ring, eh?
    the gold is a metaphor anyway!

  4. @Dennis...I've felt the same strong sync connection identifying Debt as the Great (and perhaps final) Illusion.

    Btw...I think the "X" on the bottom of the baby's foot on the 'Tree of Life' poster represents the Great Celestial Conjunction of 2012.

  5. Thanks for the Wed. morning mind-blow...
    : )

  6. Thanks Jim, beautiful as always, loove the Sam connect to Avatars tree of life, amazing. Im seeing the debt set free all around me lately, reconnecting with people who ive had ins and outs with over the years this summer, and all is forgiven, Debts off, lets GO! <3

  7. Love how you connected August 2nd to 214 and Juno.

    NASA plans to launch "Mission Juno" (a spacecraft carrying a satellite to explore Jupiter) that same week on August 5th.

  8. amazing post and amazing updates, Richard. To find peace in times of turmoil (pay your DeBt) is to overcome it.