Thursday, July 14, 2011

Man In The Mirror (Sync Vid now with Vimeo)

Dionysus can be a way of understanding life after death. Or should I say life after life. It could be understood that Dionysus is just the substitute for the word Soul. See in these days in time we assume, having discovered so much, that anything from the past is wrong or perhaps even deceitful. This is prejudice and folly in its on right. Shutting yourself off from finding insight inside of an idea strictly because you perceive the idea as opposition leads not to victory but stagnation. Dionysus, no matter what the history and evil shit done in "it's" name, has a treasure for us. If we want it.

Dionysus was lured from his protective father by the Titans. They held a mirror to his face and pulled it out into the cosmos. He followed. Happy to have a face to play with that he identified with. The Titans turned on him ready to take out their jealousies on his being. He tried to escape, by shifting his shape into the myriad images of the constellations(of course). And when he became the Bull or Taurus. They slay him.

Zeus smelled his son burning. And in vengeance toasted the Titans. The blood of his son was mixed with the ashes of the Titans and made in to the flesh of man. Zeus can never destroy man now, because to do so would be the end of his son.

The relationship between Dionysus and Jesus is documented up the wazoo. But some ignore the implications. I will not force an interpretation on you, not me, not this guy. But I ask. Is it possible that your.... Well never mind. Its your puzzle to work out, you wouldn't believe me anyway. It's called a mystery school for a reason.

I finally am capable of video after being out of the game for more than about 3 years. This was just an attempt to stretch my wings, and if you excuse me it will probably be changed in the near future.

I plan to narrate and put up a blip for the syncwhole and produce it shortly for those who need a little help in unraveling it further. But until then please in joy.

Man In The Mirror from William Morgan on Vimeo.


  1. nazitube .. let's GO VIMEO !
    looking forward to watching this

  2. awesome! good work will. good to see your form.
    the break was well worth it. so good. thanks for the gift. can't wait to re-watch it tonight with some herbal enhancement.

  3. 42 ways to see a vid, thanks for going vimeo. Nice synch food. Dennis

  4. Robin Tunney, actress from CBS' The Mentalist, has relatives spanning politics and showbiz

  5. nice!
    you still got it. this one is golden.

  6. Marshall McLuhan and King Kong Sync

  7. Srength in Hebrew עוז‎ is OZ, whose value is 77. Interesting that when Crowley changed the Major Arcana Strength to Lust he also named the 9 of Wands Strength. This card, the Nine of Wands, corresponds to the time of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. "I'll always be a word man, better than a bird man" -Jim Morrison

  8. 'your students kill each other & their teachers. They are angry at not being taught that pink and floyd were blues singers quarantined from the source of power that would project their image as well as their sound, and those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it. ' -Saul Williams

    ...Today is a sirius scorcher, here is the secret eye can't hold just for credit:

    1: Pink Floyd's Animals & Charlotte's web.
    Start album as soon as the Paramount K2 fades.This particular album does not seem to do as well the 2nd run.
    2: Pink Floyd's A Saucer Full of Secrets & The Dark Chrystal.
    Start album as soon as Universal fades. Play on repeat 3 times, but make sure there is absolutely NO lag between runs, Eye am Sirius about this stuff.
    3: Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason & The Land Before Time (original).
    Start album as soon as Universal fades, repeat when album ends.
    4:Pink Floyd's The Division Bell & Children of a Lesser God.
    Start album when Paramount fades, repeat.
    5: V.A.S.T. Visual Audio Sensory Theater debut self titled album w/ Fantasia (original version, not the new director's cut) Start album after the conductor fades to red, and wait for the music to fade as well. This one is amazing although it aligns better the 2nd time thru. I would even recommend checking this out initially. After the dinosaurs die the camera will pan and zero in on a brontosaurus skull. Between the time of the zeroing in on the skull and the eclipse it is exactly 7 seconds. The bass should drop exactly as the water is released. You'll see what I mean if you try this.
    6: V.A.S.T. The album is called NUDE and Eye am positive it goes in sync w/ David Lynche's DUNE. This is a recent discovery, play w/ timing, and if you wish, let me know you're fidings.
    7: Believe it or not, and even if you're not a fan you gotta try this: Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar w/ Jesus Christ Superstar. Start the album EXACTLY when the blue bus' door opens. This was one of the most challenging syncs to find the right timing, but believe me it is well worth it. Repeat.
    8: Marilyn Manson's Holywood & Holy Mountain. Start the album just as Alejandro Jodorowsky's name at the end of the credits disappears. repeat. The 1st time thru is the best.

    There are only a few more, but this will hopefully keep you busy. My connection to these syncs are so intimate that they feel like my children, but it is time to share them with the Sync Whole. You have all taught me so much, Eye hope you in joy.