Friday, May 20, 2016

Roll Up!⁺

Remember the mindblowing rolls coming up previously?

Boom! Various explosions on K2 in 2K movie Vertical Limit.

Highly explosive rolls get lifted up to K2 in a risky rescue mission to blow up a hole for entrapped mountaineers.

K2 crane lifting up some mindblowing rolls in the movie called "my life".

My mind explodes all the way up, as I remember the rolls in the given context being connected to a consciousness target described in a remote viewing session, having the greenish strangeness in the upper right, too:

The remote viewing target is represented by two upright rolls:

... and the target represented by this rolls is an angel. Oh boy!

Quick jump back to K2 & 2K Vertical Limit.

The rolls are filled with explosive snot green liquid,... ties to the remote viewing target in form, color and overall upper direction...

....- and to the unfolding K2 crane + rolls scene, having a green oak tree in the background.

K2 explosion! Good job. 
Movie mountaineers freed, mind blown. 
I feel like being dead, remotely watching all of this without being involved.

Back to remote viewing target: the angel, which also gets interviewed in the session.

The viewer concludes: "[...] In an interview, [the angel] also showed interest, non-verbal impressions, such as the "roll up to be suitable" what seems to fit his communication with non-physical entities to some descriptions of Robert Monroe, ("roll" information / energy into the appropriate form to make them compatible or mutually intelligible)."

I just received a roll from the US right before all of this happens and feel like being rickrolled by an old friend :♃)

The roll is what transports posters, information, energy, mindblowing green liquid.
Just like the role in a movie.
The role is awareness rolled.

It's a wrap, roll up⁺!

Much love,


  1. Awareness indeed, great synchs. Dennis

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  5. Wish you'd get your ass back to blogging! There's so much syncing to do and I love your videos!

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