Sunday, April 22, 2012

Green Heart

Happy 42nd Earth Day!

Green Heart from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

Green Heart is a sync video that explores the Green theme and how it associates to JC or Christ. By doing so we notice the Green Man is the Heart at the center of the Rainbow of all creation.
That the EARTH is an anagram for HEART unveils our planet as creators externalized cherished garden of joy.
Peace in our HEART means peace on EARTH.
I made the image about a month and a half ago. It shows a "classic" sync of Jim Carrey repeatedly playing the Green Man (The Mask, The Riddler (Batman Forever), The Grinch) . Included here we notice the JC association we have with Jim Carrey carries on in another Green Man, Willem Dafoe playing green martian Tars Tarkas in JC John Carter & Green Goblin in Spider-Man while being a JC (Jesus Christ in The Last Temptation of Christ) himself.

I decided it could make a nice quick short video, like another Jim Carrey sync video I did about his repeated interacting with the MOON/NOW (NOW is MOON (M flipped and O compressed :)) called Now River.

However once starting on the project I wanted to flush out the concept expressed in the image above with all the other connections I can think of and those that arise as I put the media together.
The result is called Green Heart and some unexpected things started happening like Jupiter and Rainbows making their presence known and even helping to put the Green Heart in what I feel is its right context, the Center and Source of The Rainbow Bridge.

Hey Zeus! (a collaboration with Jim Sanders), which focuses on JC Reilly is a great companion video to Green Heart. Some moments of Green Heart are lifted directly from it.


  1. Great video! I love the touch of claymation, they're probably my favorite parts.

    PS: 9F=96, 96=the twin fish of Pisces, Pisces=JC
    (JC with the glowing heart chakra)

    1. Thanks Alan, yes the animation makes sense and feels right. Much potential for sync and fun!

  2. Holy Cow, Jake! 30 minutes. way to go bro. and i'm feelin you on the greenheart.. i've been thinking about the incredible hulk a lot recently for some reason. in a recent comic storyline, he actually cracks a planet.. curious.. the aliens call him "worldbreaker".. and he has an interesting duality with a red-colored version of himself which fits nicely with the redheart/greenheart

  3. and i like your technique here.. the language of sync is always evolving and can be so elusive, but you hit the main synks hard, and even show connections between the supporting details. well done. i was musing on a vid about Green Light synks but you captured a bunch of em here already. thank you for this.

  4. Felt really uplifted after watching this last night. Went to bed shortly after and had some potent Mask-themed dreams. Dreamt I took a razor blade and carefully peeled away layers of tape which had been covering my face. When I was finished I looked in the mirror to find that I'd transformed into the hot blonde chick/Lady in Red from Battlestar Galactica (breasts and all!). Think your vid just helped unleash my inner-female. Not sure what that entails exactly...but I like it. Cheers Jake.

    1. Great dream. Yes, I hope the video came from the heart and helps other hearts shine.

  5. Great work , Jake! Love the claymation. The Loki fridge magnets and the 42 rainbow Jupiter glyph were quite beautiful moments. Watching something I've meditated on many times before. Rainbow serpent gets a guernsey too! The magnets and the 9 link up with Steve Willner's interview that was released the same day as your video - he related 9 to Marko Rodin who invented the Rodin coil which is based on 9's and produces a magnetic vortex. Rodin claimed that his coil would make us galactic citizens.


  6. Awesome.. I really loved the green bracelet/green lantern sync with Ryan Reynolds. The green ring/thread is a token of godly powers or the connection to the gods via singularity consciousness. Green is the heart, If we follow the bread crumbs back to the Emerald city where the Tin man is looking for his heart, we arrive back home, the only place we can find Pi-ece.

  7. was thinking this as well.. the ring/bracelet as connection to the infinite. the bracelet is a closed loop.. you can twist it and get the infinity symbol. if you can, check out a new tv show called "Awake".. outside of a generally synkful premise, the green bracelet plays a key role

  8. Bravo Jake.
    Your film deserves an Oscar(the Grouch) for best picture,or at least an Emmy(emerald)Award.
    Speaking of "The Nines",have you read a book called
    "Nine Kinds of Naked" by Tony Vigorito ?

    I think you would like it.Tony claims he wrote it using only synchronicity to guide the storyline.
    I also had a lot of synchronicties involving this book in my own life;

    Especially after attending a "Day on the Green" concert starring "Steely Dan" and Steve Winwood.

  9. Jake,
    don't forget Willem Dafoe played John Carpenter in the movie "Auto Focus";
    and John Clark in "A Clear and Present Danger"

    And Bowie played Maj.Jack Celliers in
    "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence".

  10. Jake,
    I just watched the pilot episode of the TV series "Touch" and would love to see your synchromystic touch put on the symbolism and syncs in a video review of that show.
    It's a bit of a coincidence that the child's name is Jake in the show and that he wears checkerboard patterned shoes.
    Well,I think it is.And I also think the writers of this show might be secret fans of your work somehow.-)

  11. The number 9 is also connected to JC. The Roman numeral for 9 is IX -- which are the initials for Ίησοῦς Χριστός or Jesus Christ.